Review by KasketDarkfyre

"Way too easy....if you don't cheat..."

I've seen plenty of strange games in my time, from rafting games to bicycle games that don't make any sense. I'd have to say, that Arm Champs II is the weirdest, and most pointless game that I've ever played or seen. The cabinet is more or less a small screen with a huge pneumatic arm attached to it. The entire basis of the game, is to pin the machine arm down for a three count, and go through the different opponents that range from ultra easy, to ultra hard! While this may seem interesting, it's more or less a way to test a person's strength, and their scruples about cheating their way past the computer.

-Game Play 6/10-

Really simple. You lean over the machine, grab ahold of the arm and when the announcer says go, put all of your weight behind your arm and pin the computer. If you really want to do something like this, you could go and find friends who would offer more challenge and be fair about it than this game! Where it goes wrong, is the fact that you can take both hands, and pin the computer with a three count and the machine doesn't know it. If you can take down the highest opponent, you go into a strength test, which can be easily won with the two hand method!

-Control: N/A-

It's original, I'll give it that. A giant arm sticks out of the front of the machine, and it's up to you and your own strength to pin it down. Simple, effective, and easily defeatable!

-Audio 6/10-

There isn't much in terms of music, and the only sounds you hear is the announcer, and the crowds cheering you onto victory! Even though this may be enough for some, most gamers will look at that and shake their heads as well as walk away from the machine! It's really that simple.

-Visuals 6/10-

The creator must have been betting that everyone would be looking away from the screen while trying to pin the computer! The visuals are basic, and even choppy with some different opponents. There are no stages, no backgrounds, just the ugly face of your opponent staring back at you as you wrestle them into the ground!

-Quarter Crunching 1/10-

This is a one time through kind of game that is more or less there to impress the girls or your friends with your manly or womanly strength. With the lack of action or for that matter, purpose, Arm Champs II is a once over and then off to another machine!

-Overall 6/10-

Innovative, but ultimately boring, Arm Champs II belongs in truck stops or honkey tonk bars where bull riding is the event of choice. Speaking of which, maybe I should put one in my bar, might make some money that way! With that aside, Arm Champs II represents a failed attempt at something challenging by making it way too easy to cheat and win. Even though most people wouldn't cheat, there are a large number who would just to get the best score on the game. Talk about cheap!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/27/01, Updated 09/27/01

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