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"Crap Kombat"

As fighting games go, you always look for something that has some sort of innovation or something new to bring to the table. Aggressors of Dark Kombat brings nothing to the table but a ton of problems that doesn't seem to have an end in sight, and continues to perplex me to this day! How could anyone conceivably create something like this and be able to live with him or herself? In this particular fighting game, you'll find eight characters, with the only one that I seem to recognize as Fuuma from World Heroes, as unnamed combatants in some sort of tournament working towards some sort of goal. While this may seem vague, and it is, I couldn't make heads or tales of the story line or anything else for that matter!

Show Me A Fighting Game…

With a side scrolling type of game play, you control one of your unnamed characters through an area that resembles Final Fight, and pick up weapons to use against your opponents as you traverse through the stages! While this may seem pretty cool, you've got some in-battle issues that you have to recognize in terms of having to use button combinations to grapple with your opponent, which turns into you throwing them, or them throwing you. However it turns out, the only thing that I ever got was that I got tossed like a rag doll each and every time! Actual special moves are far and few between, because to be honest, I couldn't find a one anywhere in the game, and all of my previous fighting game experience told me to use Street Fighter control actions, but to no avail!

The battle system that you have at your disposal is nothing special and if you can figure out just how to use it and be successful in order to win the match, then you’re a better fighter than myself. When you go into the combinations, you have to include different jumping and attacking buttons in order to gain hits that will help you to defeat your opponent. The further you get into the game, the more intensive the fighting becomes, which means that you have to learn how to fight with the character and against your opponent who obviously has no problems like you do. The amount of skill that is required here is more than is really needed for a simple fighting game.

A huge issue is that this particular fighting game has a jump button. Any fighting game that I've ever played has never had a jump button included in its command listing, and this one does? For something like that, you really have to take a look back and try to see just what it could be used for! The control overall was slow and sluggish, and without any clue on how to do special moves, I was left with punching my opponent which didn't do much good after thirty seconds as the computer handed my ass to me in short order. The need for a move sheet is imperative for ninety percent of the fighters that you have available and if you have any hope for fighting the boss characters, then you’ll need to learn just what can and cannot be done.

Commonplace Fighters In A Boring World…

Stereotypical fighters in a rather uninspired visual landscape, you’ll find that there isn’t much that you can look at and enjoy. You've got Fuuma, who I recognize, and a few other characters that really don't stand out because their designs and details don't do much to leave an impression! From what the computer was doing, the special moves look more or less early Fatal Fury days, but without the excitement or visual flare that you would expect from games of that type. The battlegrounds are also sparsely detailed, and really don't leave an impression either. To this reviewer, it's a disappointment in general to not have anything that stands out when the game is supposed to be revolutionary. This combination of lack of character designs and lack of detail in the backgrounds, you’ll find that this game is no match for any of the fighting games that we have on the market these days.

I Wish I Was Deaf…

Poorly done voice acting, which comes out as blaring and way loud to the ears! The stage music also runs the same way, with the music being little more than rock-pop hybrid crap that makes you want to plug your ears. The sound effects sounded decent, and really, that was the only thing that actually sound all right with the sound here. The overall lack of audio ability in an arcade fighting game is what makes older titles like this laughable at best. Compare the music, if you would, to the sound your teeth gritting on sand, and that nerve-racking shiver you get when you feel it. Now when you try to find the impressive parts of the audio in Aggressors, you’ll find that there is nothing that you will find redeeming in the way that the audio is presented to you, which makes for a torturous time before moving onto to the nearest modern fighting game machine.

Make It Stop…

This is one of the poorest arcade titles that I've ever had the displeasure of playing! If you're into getting your butt spanked every time you play a hybrid fighting game, then this one is for you! Without the listing of special moves, and the constant attempts to reach the next level, even though you can't get all that far into the game, you'll find that this is a quarter eating machine, put here solely to feast on your gluttony of punishment! If there had been some minor tweaking with the control, the visuals, the audio, the game play and, well hell...if the game had been made completely different than it had been, it probably would be worth playing, but unfortunately, Dark Kombat needs to be locked in a trunk, and tossed over a cliff, cause it's pure based crap!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/04/01, Updated 02/23/03

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