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    Gan/Boman by Gogashin

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    				   RIVAL SCHOOLS 
    				 - United by Fate -
    		  The Gan and Boman Strategy Guide version 1.0
    Created on April 27, 1998
    Warning : Copyright (c) 1998 by Gogashin
    This FAQ is NOT for sale nor for any profit purpose.
    Please ask the permission before distribute it on the internet.
    This FAQ is solely made for personal interest of the game.
    None any part of this FAQ is to be published on profit purpose
    articles like : Game magazine, hint books, ...etc. 
    without the approve or credit of the author !!!
    Game Introduction
    Rival Schools is a 3D game created by the CAPCOM 3D Development Team. It was 
    released last 1997 in Japan , and it reached our malls in the early 1998.
    Story : Kidnappings have occurred in 4 different schools. Police investigated 
    this and stuff, but to no avail. And so the students decided to take matters 
    into their hands. Another school became aware of this, and 2 teachers 
    investigate about this, and so starts the fighting.
    Game Basics
    1 - low punch
    2 - high punch
    3 - low kick
    4 - high kick
    s - start button
    p - any punch
    k - any kick
    2x - do twice
    u - up
    uf - up/forward
    f - forward
    df - down/forward
    d - down
    db - down/back
    b - back
    ub - up/back
    qcf - quarter circle forward; d, df, f
    qcb - quarter circle back; d, db, b
    hcb - half circle back; f, df, d, db, b
    dpm - dragon punch motion; f, d, df
    General moves
    s - taunt
    high jump - d, u
    run - f, hold f (hold second f for longer run)
    while running : p - shoulder charge (unblockable)
                    3 - slide
    	          4 - flying kick (overhead attack (hits crouching blockers))
    back hop - b, b
    standing throw (must be done while opponent is standing close) - 1 + 2
    crouching throw (must be done when opponent is crouching close) - d + 1+ 2
    air throw (must be done when opponent is close to you in air) - in air, 1 + 2
    ditch - 3 + 4 (steps to the side)
    ditch back - d + 3 + 4 (must be done close to opponent; character goes to 
    opponent's back)
    rival launcher - df + 2 or 4 (after doing this, press up to go after opponent 
    and do air Textbook Combo System)
    defensive fall, or recovery - any 2 buttons (do while falling from an attack; 
    some attacks cannot be recovered from)
    Textbook Combo System :
    ground:2x 1 or 3, burning vigor attack or 2 or 4, joystick direction + 2 or 4, 
    	special attack
    air : 4x 1 or 3, joystick direction + 2 or 4 or special attack or burning vigor 
    note : any sequence after doing a burning vigor attack most probobly won't 
    	connect, if opponent is wise.
    Tardy Counters : do an attack that requires joystick direction while blocking an 
    attack that hits.
    Parrying : do an attack that will collide with opponent's attack.
    Burning Vigor Gauge : The bars with numbers in the bottom are the burning vigor 
    gauges. The respective bar is filled up everytime a certain character attacks 
    (exceptions are Team-up Techniques and Burning Vigor Attacks), blocks, or 
    Burning Vigor Attack (bva) : each bva takes up one level of the burning vigor 
    gauge. Each character has at least 2 bvas.
    Team-up Technique (tut) - 1 + 2 or 3 + 4 : character inside attacks opponent. If 
    it connects, a series of attacks will be done by character and partner on 
    opponent. Note this : ALL TUT'S ARE BLOCKABLE.
    Character Introduction
    school : Gedo
    position : student
    The biggest and slowest character in the game, but when he lands an attack on 
    you, there goes your life. Very much like Juggernaut. Has good reach too. Not 
    the type of guy to use if you want to go keep away. Very much like a sumo 
    He belongs to the gang in Gedo high school that is formed by the big boss, also 
    known as Akira's brother. Usually likes to sleep in classes. Usually called 
    stupid, which I believe actualy depends on the person playing the game. Is in 
    the game because Akira's brother, who is his boss, was kidnapped, so Gan, Edge 
    and Akira plan to rescue him.
    school : Pacific
    position : Teacher/Preacher
    Really... he is a preacher. You'll find out when you finish the game, and also, 
    if in story mode, what he says gives a little hint. Anyway, he's a person who 
    went to Japan along with Roy and Tiffany, who are from the same school as he is. 
    I think they were representatives for something. They were about to go home when 
    Roy's father tells them to investigate the Justice High School incident, which 
    is the reason why they're here in the game.
    Compared to his size, he's quite agile. Quite a heavy hitter also. He has no 
    projectile moves, so he is best used when close to the opponent.
    Character Moves 
    standing in front : grabs opponent by the head, headbutts opponent twice, then 
    slams opponent to ground face first
    standing in back : grabs opponent under his arm by the back of opponet's head, 
    then Gan jumps forward, still holding opponent's head, and slams opponent
    crouching : jumping piledriver
    air : much like Ryu's leg roll
    Taunt : rubs his chin
    Overheads (moves that will hit crouching opponents, even while opponent is 
    blocking) : b + 2 or 4
    Launcher : df + 2
    Starting Pose : Will stand up from a sitting position.
    Winning Poses : Do a sumo stomp
                  : Laughs then swings his arm
    Special Moves
    Gun Stabbing : qcf + rapid p
    	Gan will do thrusts on the opponent. If not rapid punch, he only does it 
    twice. Press puch rapidly to hit more, although not all attacks may hit. good to 
    use for Tardy Countering.
    Rough Wave Stomping : qcf + k
    	Gan will raise his foot forward, then stomp the ground. Some wave will 
    then be emmitted from his foot and travel a small distance before stopping. 
    Comes out slow. Never ever tried to use this move in my later matches. May be 
    used to attack a downed opponent anyway.
    Rock Smashing : dpm + p
    	Gan will jump up a little with his hands on fire, positioned initially by 
    the back of his head. He will now land with his hands arcing from the back of 
    his head to the ground in his front. Very much an anti-air attack maneuver. Can 
    be used as a Tardy Counter.
    Clapping Hand Destruction : qcb + p
    	Gan slaps his two hands for some distance in his front. Does a helluva 
    damage. Although comes out slow, it can be used for keep away purposes.
    Tai Arashi : hcb + p
    	By far my favorite to use when on the ground and has no levels in my 
    burning vigor gauge. First he rushes forward, trying to grab opponents leg. If 
    successful, he will then swing the opponent to one side, swing the opponent to 
    the opposite side, swing opponent above his head then slams the opponent on the 
    ground. He laughs mockingly while doing this.
    Ganshi Kudaki : in air, qcf + p
    	Gan falls from the air with his fists out front. Best air combo ender. Has 
    a fast recovery too.
    Ganshi Otoshi : in air, qcf + k
    	Gan will fall from the sky with a flaming butt. has a very long lag time. 
    Can be used as an air combo ender, just be alert for sudden attacks by the 
    Burning Vigor Attacks : 
    Super Gun Stabbing : 2x qcf + p
    	Gan will go to a stance for the charge then does a five hit gun stabbing 
    (unlike normal gun stabbing, after the second have a higher chance of hitting) 
    with flames emmitted from his hand, forming a crecent of fire in his front every 
    gun stab. Best used if you want to do a Tardy Counter Burning Vigor Finish, and 
    also if you're afraid to do the other bva. Also does lots of damage.
    Funkazan : 2x qcb + p
    	If you want to amaze people by showing them that you're using Gan, this is 
    the bva for you. Gan rushes forward, trying to grab the opponent's leg. If he 
    manages to grab hold, he will slam the opponent to one side, then to the other, 
    slams the opponent to the first again, then to the other again (note: he laughs 
    mockingly while doing this) then do a Tai Arashi (still has the laugh). Does a 
    hellot of damage. Did I mention he's holding the opponent by the ankle (even in 
    the Tai Arashi).
    Team-up Technique : Kakazan : Partner will attempt to grab opponent by the legs 
    then catapult (hurl to the back) opponent, who will then be curled into a ball. 
    Gan will then jump to the opponent, grab opponent by the leg, then, while 
    laughing mockingly, windmill slams (spins whatever he will slam once by his 
    side) the opponent, face first to the ground by his partner. The partner will 
    then hold the arms of the opponent and they will proceed to slam opponent's 
    belly to the ground 3 times. In the end, the opponent will flip back to a face 
    up position. One of the advantages of this move is that it is a low attack, and 
    people seldom block low. Also, this move makes the opponent end up in the front 
    of the partner, so partner can follow up some attacks.
    Throws : 
    standing in front : puts opponent like a crossbeam on his back, then jumps and 
    slams opponent on the ground.
    standing in back : German Suplexes the opponent
    crouching : jumping piledriver? (or tackle?)
    air : leg roll like Ryu's
    Taunt : does an action somewhat saying "Oh, is that all?"
    Overheads : b + 2, f + 4
    Launcher : df + 2
    Starting Pose : punches air twice, then goes into position
    Winning Poses : Punches a lot of times before ending in a puching position
    		  : Fixes his coat
    Special Moves
    Great Upper : qcf + p
    	Boman will do an uppercut. If you follow up with another Great Upper, he 
    will do another uppercut, and it will connect. Using the high punch version 
    causes him to back up first before continuing, and doing it again will just be 
    like normal.
    Haymaker Straight : during second Great Upper, qcf + p
    	Boman will do a flaming punch straight towards the opponent. This will 
    still hit, so doing the qcf + p motion 3 times will cause him to do a 3 hit 
    Great Rush : dpm + p
    	Boman will punch 4 times to the air. A good anti-air maneuver. A follow-up 
    punch downwards is done if you press punch again, or maybe if you use the high 
    punch version.
    Great Lariat : in air, qcf + p
    	Boman will do a 2 hit Spinning Lariat, much like what Zangief does. After 
    doing this, the opponent will somekind of stay in place for a while, so he will 
    land near you when he lands.
    Burning Vigor Attacks
    Haymaker Rush : 2x qcf + p
    	Boman will ask for praises for the charge up, then walk towards the 
    opponent while punching 7 times. This move follows the opponent, so if opponent 
    sidesteps, the sidestep is no use.
    Haymaker Cross : 2x qcb + p
    	Much like Zangief's Siberian Blizzard. Boman will kneel on on knee, then 
    rise up doing a 5? hit flaming spinning lariat. There will be some energy 
    eminating from the ground to the foot of Boman, but it does not matter. It's 
    just energy that can't damage.
    Team-up Technique : Double Power Buster : This is one of the heaviest hitters in 
    the game. First partner will do a spinning uppercut. If it connects, partner 
    will first go back into a stable position, which is the moment Boman appears. 
    They will then jump after the opponent, and, while they are falling, they will 
    grab the opponent's arms, then the legs, then curl the opponent's body so that 
    the legs are going to be above the oppponent's torso (much like a more curled 
    power bomb positoin). When they land, the effect woulb be like the back is being 
    stretched to the limits and so crack the back of the opponent, thanks to the 
    help of gravity.
    Character Strategies
    So now we go to the strategies. We'll focus on these 2 characters. If you are 
    going to use the team of these 2 characters, the machine you're playing must 
    already be in Free Select mode (look at the secrets part of this FAQ). In 
    selecting the 2 characters, select the 2 in any order, although I prefer Boman 
    to be the first, since it's much easier to use him.
    Now to the strategy part. Let's start with Boman. First launch the opponent with 
    the launcher. Go after the opponent. Once you meet the opponent on your way up, 
    start with 3, 3, 1, Great Lariat. The first kick will hit the opponent, then you 
    will start falling down, although you rise a little after the hit, then do all 
    the other attacks on your way down. The trick here is to keep pressing 3 after 
    the first until the second kick hits, then immediately low punch the opponent. 
    The Great Lariat will just come after. You may want to start the motion during 
    the low punch, which is more preferable, but after won't make any difference. 
    The opponent will get knocked into the air a little, so you reach the ground 
    first. Then go forward a little, wait for the opponent, then launch the opponent 
    when the opponent hits the ground, or maybe just near the ground, then air combo 
    him again. Do this combo 3 times in a round, and your opponent will have life 
    that is just right for a tut. So do a tut (in this case, Kakazan) and you'll win 
    in notime! But watch out for the following : Batsu, Tiffany, Hideo and Kyoko. 
    After the Great Lariat, they'd recover and attempt to dodge your next launcher 
    by doing a Shooting Star Kick, Exciting Kick, Raieishuu, or a Kaishin, or maybe 
    even do a Full Force Guts bullet courtesy of Batsu, or Seihakens from Hideo. The 
    thing here is just be alert, and follow them, or in case of the projectiles, 
    block them then Tardy Counter them as early as possible (especially Batsu). If 
    they still manage to evade, just wait for an opportunity, or if you're gutsy, 
    attack immediately with the launcher.
    Now for Gan, it's basically the same. You launch the opponent, do the same low 
    attack sequence as Boman's (3, 3, 1) then do a Ganshi Kudaki, which will cause 
    the opponent to go flying down the ground. Although it only does a few hits, 
    it's still fun to see Gan air combo. Then when you land, press forward and wait 
    for the opponent to recover the attack, then launch the opponent again! Don't 
    worry if you're not close, Gan has a very big fist and very long arms, so it 
    would still hit. There are only a few complications: it's hard to time it so 
    that you would hit the air combo, for some characters only. And also, Gan is 
    slow. Anyway, if you got your opponent's lofe bar to a level where you can do a 
    Funkazan and kill the opponent, IF YOU ARE GUTSY, DO IT. It would keep the 
    people amused. How to set it up? After the air combo, when you land, run towards 
    the opponent and wait for the opponent to recover. Time it well that when Gan 
    attempts the grab the opponent would already be standing, but not yet ready to 
    attack. Then after the attack do a flying kick on the opponent, or much amusing, 
    Anyway, if you're the cheesy type, you may try to use Great Uppers to Haymaker 
    Straights for Boman, and Gun Stabbings or Clapping Hand Destruction for Gan.
    Character Endings
    Gan : Gan will be sitting down by the stairs reading a book by his fingers (the 
    thumb and the index, one per hand). Edge will see Gan and tell him that how come 
    Gan is reading the books Gan used to lie down on during class hours. Gan 
    explains that Akira said that if he wanted to get some respect, he would have to 
    study harder and read books. Edge will then say that he does not know how long 
    Gan can last like this. Gan will continue reading until he gets a little angry 
    and then rips the book with his fingers while he has a funny face. The screen 
    will then black out and Akira (without mask) will say "No!" and will explain to 
    Gan that the books are being paid for, so they should not be destroyed. Gan then 
    proceeds to say something like he cannot get any respect, then Edge will then 
    laugh his head off. (I was just wondering : if Gan is big like that, how come he 
    can't get any respect? Nahh... his brain is just not in the right place. Brains 
    and brawn cannot mix!)
    Boman : Tiffany, Boman and Roy will be sitting down in the airport and Boman 
    will say that he's not going to go back to the States. He says he's going to 
    stay in Japan as a preacher. Tiffany asks why. Boman explains that there are 
    some bad people in Japan, but there are some good people too. Roy and Tiffany 
    will then say goodbye to Boman. Then the screen will black out. 
          Batsu : It's not over yet!?
    Too bad! Boman has decided to give them free english lessons, and they fell for 
    it! Now they are going on a fund raising campaign on the streets, collecting 
    money from the people, who will then drop the money on the boxes they are 
    carrying. The characters appearing here (from left to right) Boman, Batsu, 
    Hinata, Natsu, and a sleeping Gan. They will then shout "Plesase help us in our 
    fund raising campagn!" Boman will ask them to repeat and they will repeat adding 
    "Save us from him!" in the end. (Who the hell is the him? Hyo?)
    Secrets and Codes
    Move Camera : After you won the match, hold start and move the joystick. Hold 
    start early or you will be warped to the next match and won't get to use the 
    Free Select : after 336 hours of installation, this will automatically be 
    implemented. The game will always be in free select afterwards.
    Evil Color : hold start while selecting your character. Can only be used when 
    free select is available.
    Raizo and Hyo : After 168 hours after free select is available, Raizo and Hyo 
    will be available to your use. If you select them as a team, you will have a 
    story. Raizo and Hyo will then be available in the following days.
    Sakura and Akira without Motorcycle Suit : After 168 hours of Raizo and Hyo 
    being available for use, a new hidden row with 2 boxes can be reached above 
    Raizo and Hyo, or below Hideo and Kyoko, with Sakura being on the left, and 
    Akira w/o armor on the right. You can't actually see the selection boxes, but 
    they're there. 
    Special Thanks
    Thank you to Darklancer and his FAQ, which is also here in Gamefaqa, which is my 
    source of moves. (Darlancer's e-mail : lancer@pacific.net.sg)
    Thank you also to Chinaman's faq, which is also in this site, since that's where 
    I learned how to air combo. (Chinaman's e-mail : harper@uclink4.berkeley.edu)
    And also thank you to CAPCOM for producing such a wonderful game. 
    And also Gamefaqs for posting this FAQ.
    This FAQ is creadted by Gogashin, who can be reached at gogashin@hotmail.com. 
    Any comments or suggestions please send it here. 

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