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    Hideo (US) by RPajooh

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    Legal Stuff: This faq must not be used under any circumstances.  If 
    anyone wishes to use these faq, they must first get my permission. 
    Basically, don't take credit for other's work, but please print it!  
    Anyways.  Faq created by: Richard "RYU" Pajooh   RYU5@prodigy.net 
    Basic Moves:
    F = Forward
    DF = Down Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down Back
    B = Back
    UF = Up Forward
    UB = Up Back
    U = Up
    LP = Light Punch
    LK = Light Kick
    HP = Hard Punch
    HK = Hard Kick
    * = Indicates move can be done in air.
    . x 2 = Means motion must be done twice.
    Special Moves:
    Angle Seihaken: D, DB, B + P
    Seihaken*: D, DF, F + P (can be done three times in air.)
    Jicchokuken: F, D, DF + P
    Shinenkyaku: D, DB, B + K
    Dart Kick: D, DF, F + K (must be done in air, motion can be repeated 
    three times.)
    Burning Vigor Attacks:
    Shimazu Seihaken: D, DB, B x 2 + P
    Shin Shoryuken: D, DF, F x 2 + P
    Team Up Attack:
    Shin Seihaken: LP + LK or HP + HK
    1. WP, WP, HP, F + HP.
    2. WP, WP, HK, HP Seihaken.
    3. WP, WP, HK, HK Shinenkyaku.
    4. WP, WP, HP, F + HP, HP Seihaken.
    5. WP, WP, HP, F + HP, HK Shinenkyaku.
    6. WP, WP, HP, DF + HP, U + WK, WP, HP, F + HP.
    7. WP, WP, HP, DF + HP, U + WP, HP, SP Seihaken.
    8. WP, WP, HP, DF + HP, U + WP, WK, HK Shinenkyaku.
    9. WP, WP, HP, Shin Shoryuken.
    10. WP, WP, HP, F + HP, Shin Shoryuken.
    11. WP, WP, HK, Shin Shoryuken.
    12. WP, WP, HP, F + HP, Shimazu Seihaken.
    13. WP, WP, HK, Shimazu Seihaken.
    14. WP, WP, HP, F + HP, WP Jicchoken, (if opponent does not safe fall), 
    Shimazu Seihaken.
    15. Team Up Attack, (if opponent does not safe fall, Shimazu Seihaken.
    16. WP, WP, HP, F + HP, Shin Shoryuken, (if opponent does not safe 
    fall), Shimazu Seihaken.
    17. WP, WP, HP, F + HP, Shin Shoryuken, (if opponent does not safe 
    fall), Team Up Attack (has to have long reach), when opponent 
    lands, Shimazu Seihaken.  Madness!!!!!
    Advanced Strategies: 
    Seihaken: 8/10
    Hideo charges back and launches a blue fireball.  Hideo has the best 
    fireball in the game.  Not only is it fast, but it's powerful and goes 
    across the entire screen.  You can get you opponent frustrated by 
    throwing Seihakens all day.  Just don't do this up close; make sure you 
    have some distance from your opponent.
    Air Seihaken: 8/10
    Hideo jumps in the air, waving his hands, which launch a barrage of 
    fireballs.  The great thing about this version of Hideo's fireball is 
    that you can do three in a row.  Also, it is easy to combo one of these 
    in.  If the first fireball connects on a standing opponent, the next 
    two should as well.
    Angle Seihaken: 5/10
    Hideo throws a blue fireball, but at an angle.  This can keep jumping 
    opponents at bay, but not many people will jump in to start a combo.  
    If they do, then they have something far nastier than Hideo's fireball.  
    You can combo the Angle Seihaken, but just for looks.
    Jicchokuken: 8/10
    Hideo does a classic "Ryu" Dragon Punch.  It hits only once, which is 
    good, because it gives your enemy less time to counter.  Also, you can 
    combo a Shimazu Seihaken after it.  You can start a fireball war with 
    an opponent, and when they jump in, do a Jicchokuken.  Be careful if 
    you miss though, because it will leave Hideo wide open.
    Shinenkyaku: 8/10
    Hideo spins in the air, legs extended, doing (as usual), a classic 
    Street Fighter move.  It racks up about 3 or 4 hits, and is his best 
    ground combo finisher.  It does decent damage, and you can combo a 
    Shimazu Seihaken after it.  Probably his best special to use after a 
    Tardy Counter.  Hideo remains fairly safe when doing one of these, but 
    try to avoid it against expert players, unless in a combo.
    Dart Kick: 6/10
    Hideo jumps in the air, creating a blue flame around his leg and does a 
    bunch of well, dart kicks.  This move is safe to do, and has incredible 
    speed and reach.  Most likely, however, only one hit will connect.  A 
    decent air combo finisher at best.  You can start a ground combo with 
    this, by doing one Dart Kick.
    Shimazu Seihaken: 8/10
    Hideo does a super version of his Seihaken.  It gets 5 hits, and has 
    great speed and priority.  Unlike Batsu's super fireball, this one can 
    be comboed in easily.  This one is great after a Tardy Counter too.  
    Use this Burning Vigor Attack often.
    Shin Shoryuken: 9/10
    Hideo takes another one of Ryu's moves.  Hideo does a three hit "Dragon 
    Punch", launching his opponent in the air.  This move does insane 
    amounts of damage, especially when it is comboed in.  It can start a 
    massive combo, such as Shin Shoryuken, Team Up Attack, Shimazu 
    Seihaken.  It will eat through most attacks.  Make sure you're up close 
    when doing this, because sometimes it will only hit once or twice, 
    leaving your opponent a chance to counter.  It will also hit most 
    opponents who decide to lie on the ground.  
    Shin Seihaken: 8/10
    Hideo's partner does a three hit hurricane kick, then leading do a 
    dragon punch, into a double super fireball.nuts!!!!!  It does a little 
    more damage then most Team Up Attacks.  It has a decent start up, which 
    is a jump kick.  Sometimes, it will not connect with opponents who are 
    Hideo is one of the best, or the best, period.  All of his moves do 
    huge amounts of damage and have priority over most attacks.  He 
    probably has the two best supers in the game, the Shimazu Seihaken and 
    the Shin Shoryuken, which can be comboed in easily.  For a middle aged 
    man, Hideo sure is fast.  He can keep up with anybody.  Hideo has 
    amazing ground and air combos.  He can finish someone off in one 
    friggin combo!  Hideo is great against experts and beginners. 
    Especially, beginners, because if they haven't learned to Safe Fall 
    yet, they can kiss their butt goodbye.  Hideo can play a close up game 
    or a far distant fireball game.  His weakness is that some of his 
    moves, such as the Jicchokuken, leave him open.  Just remember to time 
    your attacks.  If must learn only one combo, make sure it's the WP, WP, 
    HK, Shin Shoryuken combo.  Not only is it easier then most of his 
    others, but does about 50% damage.  

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