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    Shoma by SMiko

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    ***Rival Schools: United by Fate/Shiritsu Justice Gakuen***
    *Shoma (Syoma) Sawamura FAQ version 0.3*
    -Best Viewed with Courier New Font-
    By: Shoma No Miko 
    (contacts listed below)
    And the web page still hasn't been made.. -_-
    NOTICE: This FAQ is NOT to be used for money-making purposes.As always, 
    all characters are properties of their respective owners. Don't sue me, 
    I'm poor!
    ANOTHER NOTICE: If you want to use my FAQ for your page, read my new 
    "Posting" section listed somewhere below.
           1) FAQ Updates/Changes
           2) Contacts and Acknowledgements
           3) Introduction
           4) Shoma Bio
                a) Profile
                b) Personality
                c) Story
                d) Endings
           5) Basic Game Controls
           6) Moves List
                a) Special Moves
                b) Burning Vigor Attacks
                c) Team-Up Attack
           7) Some Combos
           8) Home Run Mode
           9) Miscellaneous
          10) Posting
          11) Info needed/ Hopeful updates
    1) FAQ Updates/Changes
       -Changed Introduction
       -Added/Removed addresses from contacts
       -Some changes to Basic Moves List
       -Fixed Special Moves List errors
       -Added a Strategy section
       -Put more stuff into the bio (actually, I just added his ending 
       -Put a Home Run Mode section
       -Changed thanks & contributors list.
       -Added a "posting" section
       -Fixed Info needed/ Hopeful updates section
    2) Contacts and Acknowledgements
    These are all the people,companies,magazines, etc., that have helped me 
    put this FAQ up 
    . Thanks to you all! =)
       -Absolute Zero's Rival Schools Page
       -Fighters' Edge
       -Game Pro Magazine
        (http://www.gamepro.com) or AOL Keyword: Game Pro
    Hm, well, lately I've signed up for like a million new e-mail accounts 
    (it's addictive)so the contacts are changed here. Please make it seem 
    that you're e-mailing me about this FAQ so I can avoid accidentally 
    deleting it (especially on the AOL address!). Thanks.
         1) SakuraIso@aol.com
         2) Sakura_Isozaki@saitou.zzn.com
         3) Maki@saitou.zzn.com
         4) Maki@belldandy.zzn.com
         5) ShomaNoMiko@TheGym.net
    3) Introduction
    The purpose of this here FAQ is to provide somewhat of a strategy for 
    the Rival Schools character Shoma Sawamura -my favorite character, tied 
    with Daigo Kazama. Now that the PSX version is out in the States (Sans 
    "School Life Mode" which really sucks), this FAQ will be geared towards 
    it rather than the arcade. Thanks to school... I haven't updated this 
    FAQ in like 4 months! GACK! Well, I finally took some time to NOT be 
    lazy or busy with work to update this FAQ. Lemmie know if there's 
    anything you might want me to put into it.
    Many players of the game overlook Shoma because of his partners (face 
    it, Natsu and Roberto aren't really that good...) or because of his 
    appearance (i.e, the bat makes him look like he'd be a SLOW 
    character,swinging that around). But in reality, Shoma, in MY opinion, 
    is one of the best characters.He's rather powerful despite his 
    dimunitive size and he swings that bat around pretty fast. His air-
    combos are pretty good too. 
    Anyways, I hope the FAQ helps you in anyway possible with this guy. 
    Translations aside, I tried very hard to make it understandable for you.
    4) Shoma Bio
    Sawamura Syoma "Bakurestu Suragga"
    Shoma (Syoma) Sawamura "Explosive Slugger"
    a) Profile
    SEX: Male                BIRTHDATE: October 10th
    ZODIAC: Libra            BLOOD TYPE: O
    HEIGHT: 162 cm           WEIGHT: 57 kg
    B-W-H:  92-78-80         RELATIONSHIP: He argues with Natsu Ayuhara
    LIKES: Baseball          DISLIKES: Big people, basketball, volleyball
    SKILL: Baseball          SCHOOL:  Gorin
    GOOD SUBJECT: P.E        BAD SUBJECT(S): Math,English
    CLUB: Baseball club      PART-TIME JOB: No time!
    Has a quick temper and hates to lose.  Has a strong sense of justice, 
    but because he's so impulsive, he's always failing. Because he causes 
    wild fights during matches, he's not really a member of the Gorin High 
    School Baseball Team. He's extremely self-conscious about his 
    shortness.He always fights with Natsu, who is tall and tries to make a 
    fool out of him. Turns out, Natsu was an old friend from childhood, and 
    now that she's become more of a woman, her casual actions have caused a 
    lot of tension...
    His older brother, an ace pitcher from the same school, Shuichi, was 
    attacked by someone. To clear his brother's humiliation of being cut off 
    from being able to join a pro baseball team, to find out the truth, and 
    for revenge, Shoma goes to raid other schools.
    Shouma, Natsu, and Roberto go home. Peace was restored to Gorin High 
    School, but Shouma's brother's condition (his broken arm actually) 
    worsened. The game doesn't tell how, but Shouma knows why and he must 
    keep fighting to help him or something. Ick. This really IS a bad 
    Shouma, Natsu, and Roberto are in their uniforms in the hospital, 
    visiting Shuichi. Shouma apologizes to Shuichi for fighting and not 
    being there to protect him during the time of the incident. Shuichi 
    reassures him that he'll heal soon but not in time for pro baseball, so 
    he'll go to college first. He tells Shouma that he can be the first in 
    the family to become pro. Shouma doesn't believe him because he thinks 
    he's too short. Shuichi says that Shouma has gotten taller and pretty 
    soon he'll be as tall as his "girlfriend" Natsu (who is like 5'11" by 
    the way). Enraged Shouma runs out of the room chasing Roberto, who's 
    teasing him. Shuichi mutters something about Shouma's temper control 
    while Natsu just stands there looking at him.
    5)Basic Game Controls
    DF.......Diagonally down-forward
    DB.......Diagonally down-back
    QCF......In a continous motion, go from D,to DF,to F
    QCB...... " ", go from D,to DB,to B
    HCF...... " ",go from B,to DB, to D, to DF, to F
    HCB...... " ",go from F,to DF, to D, to DB, to B
    Shoma, like every fighter, has 4 different types of basic attacking 
    which every player should know, otherwise, they should not play this 
    game! They are:
    Weak Punch.......WP
    Strong Punch.....SP
    Weak Kick........WK
    Strong Kick......SK
    Shoma can execute these moves to move around on the "field". Not only 
    does it serve as an offensive strategy, it's good for defense. If you 
    STILL have trouble understanding when and where to use these, I 
    recommend going through Hayato Nekketsu's Training Mode on the Evolution 
    High Jump.......D,U
    Mid-Air Jump....When knocked into the air,press any 2 buttons together
    Run.............F, Hold F
    Hop Forward.....F,F
    Hop Back........B,B
    Upper Sidestep..D,WK+SK
    Shoulder Ram....While running press P
    Slide...........While running press WK
    Drop Kick.......While running press SK
    Rival Launcher..When close, DF+SP or DF+SK
    Block...........Press B
    Tardy Counter...Block then execute a special move
    Knockdown Recoveries
        Roll Back...Press B
        Roll Front..Press F
        Stand.......Press U
        Side Roll...Press D
        Attack......Any attack after intial recovery
    Along with those basics, Shoma also has throws. To execute a throw, 
    stand close to your opponent and press WP+SP. To escape a throw, execute 
    a throw. Got it? And to throw crouched opponents, simply press Down and 
    WP+SP. To escape a crouched throw, press Down and execute the throw; 
    it's very tricky and difficult to master (even with Hayato training). As 
    a standing throw, he picks the opponent up as if he were practicing, 
    then he hits them with his bat. Crouched, he powerbombs them. And from 
    behind them, he performs a German Suplex.
    Taunting with Shouma can be performed (on the home version) by going to 
    the OPTIONS menu and setting your KEY CONFIGURATIONS, and place a TAUNT 
    button somewhere on your controller. I usually set it on my L&R buttons. 
    Taunting increases your Burning Vigor Meter but it leaves Shouma wide 
    open, as with any other character. A good time to taunt is after you've 
    nailed your opponent with a Burning Vigor successfully OR when they're 
    like on the other side of the screen. =)
    Shoma has 2 Burning Vigor Attacks. What's that? A special meter that is 
    similar to the meters on SF Alpha. When on level 1 or higher, Shoma can 
    perform a "Super" Move. The B.V Meter has 9 levels and they're carried 
    over in between rounds but not fights. To increase the meter, do one of 
    the following:
        Get hit (Don't wanna do that!)
        Perform Special Moves
    Though it doesn't pertain to Shoma, several characters (Hinata and 
    Natsu) can team-up to help raise the meter by about 5 levels. 
    When Shoma's B.V meter is AT LEAST on Level 2 (for the confused: when 
    you see your partner's face by your B.V meter and it says "READY!") he 
    can team-up with his chosen partner.If Shoma is the one fighting the 
    move depends on the character you picked as his partner. His partner can 
    either tag-team with Shoma to beat the opponent (like Unmasked Akira's 
    EVA rip-off), raise Shoma's B.V meter(like Hinata's Cheer up), or even 
    restore some of his lost health (like Tiffany's *bleh* kiss).If Shoma 
    ISN'T the main character, his Team-Up is Grand Slam (listed below) and 
    it's an attack. The best time to perform a Team-Up is when your opponent 
    is wide-open or when you're in close and rising at the same time.
    6) Moves List
    a)Special Moves
    (Super Heavy, Fast ball) 
    Shoma pitches a rather small baseball as a projectile at his opponent. 
    It's fast,strong, and has lovely reach.It can be done in mid-air and it 
    will aim diagonally downward.
    This is one of the, if not the, best projectiles in the game. Once, I've 
    won a round by standing a good distance away (the other side of the 
    screen, I believe) and just kept pitching at my opponent. Cheap huh? =P 
    Despite all the good points, the pitch can be "nullified" by Natsu's 
    Serve and Roberto's Soccer Kick because of their awkward angles. Shouma 
    has a better range than the both of them though. =)
    Dai-Kaiten Dahou
    (Big Rotating Batting Style)
    Shoma swings his bat around pretty quickly and bats his opponent away. 
    This is better done nearby since it hits twice. I've noticed that this 
    move works the best as a Tardy Counter than a normal move itself. You 
    might disagree though..
    Satsujin Suraidingu
    (Homicide Slide)
    I don't know why they call this "Killer Slide". Shoma doesn't even 
    slide! He just leaps up with a quick horizontal kick.
    Go-kai Lead 
    (Dynamic Lead)
    B + WK + SK 
    At the beginning of the move, Shoma looks like he's taking off for a 
    base (he looks so adorable!). You have one of two options: If you press 
    Weak Kick after, he will perform a sliding kick. If you press Strong 
    Kick after, he will perform "Satsujin Suraidingu". The slide usually 
    catches people off guard but it has poor range.
    Ippon Zuri Da-ho
    (Fishing-like batting style)
    Shoma lifts his opponent up with his bat through their stomach, and then 
    bats them away.I hardly used the move when I first started playing as 
    him but now I use it a bit more often.  
    b)Burning Vigors
    (Done when meter is at level 1!)
    Bunshin Makyu
    (Illusionary Diabolical Pitch)
    Shouma throws a baseball that appears to be like about a hundred of 
    them, at his opponent. It hits for up to a maximum of 4 hits. This move 
    is also one of the best because projectile supers are good for catching 
    opponents at long distances (and this one can be done in mid-air!). And 
    it does INCREDIBLE damage...
    Ho~mu Ran Dahou
    (Home Run Batting Style)
    Shoma does a souped up version of the "Dai Katen Dahou" here, batting 
    his opponent away. It looks pretty painful. I've noticed that sometimes 
    when the opponent is hit,they either fly back A WHOLE DAMN LOT or fly 
    back as if they were hit by a normal move. This B.V can be seen coming a 
    mile away so the best time to perform it, generally, is as a Burning 
    Vigor Tardy Counter. If your opponent still doesn't fall for it, try 
    nailing them as they land from a jump. If that STILL doesn't work, go 
    for Bunshin Makyu. =)
    c)Team-Up Attack
    Gurandu Suramu
    (Grand Slam)
    WP+WK or SP+SK
    Shoma's partner knocks the opponent up into the air and leaps up after 
    him or her. At this time, Shoma is on the ground with his bat ready. His 
    partner spikes the opponent down at him.Shoma then bats the opponent THE 
    HELL AWAY with his bat. This is one of the more painful looking ones 
    along with Boman's Backbreaker and Raizo's team-up and it does decent 
    7) Some Combos
    Yield: 3 hits
    Yield: 3 hits
    WP,WP,Hold F,SK
    Yield: 4 hits
    WP,WP,SK,Hold F,SP
    Yield: 4 hits.
    WP,WP,SP,Hold B,SP
    Yield: 4 hits.
    WP,WP,SP,Hold F,SK
    Yield: 5 Hits (Last hit takes off two hits).
    Jump in downwards with SP, Hold D,WK,"Dai Katen Dahou" with SP (F,QCF+SP 
    in case you forgot).
    Yield: 4 hits.
    WP,WP,SP, Hold DF,SP,Hold U,WP,WP,WK,SP,Hold F,SP
    Yield: 9 hits.
    Hold DF,Hold U,WP,WK, "Bunshin Makyu" (QCF,QCF+SP)
    Yield: About 7 hits.
    WP,WP,SK,Hold DF,SP, Hold U,WP,WK,"Bunshin Makyu"(QCF,QCF+SP) 
    Yield: 9 hits.
    This can only be done if your B.V meter is at least level 1. The last 
    hit takes off 3 hits.
    8) Home Run Mode
    When I put my FAQ up in Gamefaqs, I placed in it that I needed help in 
    getting to Home Run mode on the Evolution Disk (U.S version). Thanks to 
    two sweethearts(Kevin 'Genryu' Eav and Christopher Rasin), I finally got 
    it. ^_^ If you haven't got it, here's what you do:
    Simply beat the 1p Mode on the Evolution Disk with Shoma and any other 
    team-mate (I used Roberto just in case) with the hardest Difficulty Set. 
    You can change that in options. I don't know if it matters since I've 
    only done it once, but I also got Shoma's Good Ending just in case. To 
    get good endings, beat Raizo or the person whom you fight last, with a 
    Team-Up Attack. When you're done, Home-Run Mode should be on the mode 
    select screen! Now you can play it as much as you want!
    My best score is 600-something. Sucky ne? Yeah well, I honestly prefer 
    the Service Mode (Natsu's Volleyball Game) over the Home Run game. To 
    get that, do the same as you would to get the Home Run Mode, but use 
    Natsu instead of Shouma.
    This section was made for information that could not fit any place else 
    in this FAQ.
    Hey, I got some translations (kinda wonky, I suppose; my Japanese ain't 
    all that)!Any extra translations are appreciated! 
        -(When Shoma wins a match, and he rubs the back of his head) "Uh 
    oh..I've done it again..!"
        -(When Shoma is knocked out) "You stupid bastard!" (Bakayarou)
        -(In Home Run mode, when he does poorly or does not beat a record) 
    "Uh oh..."
        -(During said move...) "Illusionary Diabolical Pitch!" (Doesn't it 
    sound better as Bunshin Makyu?)
    Shoma's voice actor Uueda Yuji (last name first, first name last). Eh, 
    not important, but heck, maybe you might wanna know one day.
    10) Posting
    Alot, ok, maybe not ALOT, of people have been reading this FAQ because 
    of the e-mails I always get about updates. ^_^; That's good. I love 
    feedback! I also love knowing when someone is going to use my FAQ on 
    their page. I 99.99% of the time say, when ASKED FIRST, "Sure. Put it on 
    your page. Just gimmie credit." This is my first FAQ and when I 
    distributed it out, I didn't know about people.."borrowing" my FAQ and 
    not telling me about it until I either discover it on their page first 
    or I get e-mail months after they placed it on their page. So to put it 
    shortly, ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST! Thank you.
    11) Info needed/ Hopeful updates
    -EVEN MORE combos
    -More translations
    -More Home Run Mode Info
    There Mom! Are you happy!? I updated the FAQ!
    Motto for the time being: "AKU! SOKU! ZAN!" - Saitou Hajime, RK.
    --Shoma No Miko =)
      February 11th 1999.

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