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"Definitely better than the first!Highly addictive!"

Ok, Metal Slug was a hit! It was so popular that many lined up to play it. When it came out on playstation, it was selling like hotcakes! So, now that Metal Slug 2 is out, is it worth the wait? Well, let's see. Firstly, you get to use more weapons. Secondly, you get to use one of four different character. Thirdly, it's harder and has six brand new missions. Fourthly, you can not only use tanks, you can also use planes, camels etc. Coolness! Ok, from my point of view, the graphics for this game gets a ten as it has improved. More colours, more realistic people and machinary. People look cooler than the first Metal Slug when they die. You can see water and all sorts of stuff coming out. You can even shoot people when they are dead to get more points! Some of them even try to crawl away to escape getting shot. When you die, you can see the soldiers laughing at you, isn't that cute? When you use certain weapons, your characters look really cute. An example is the lazer beam. When fired, your character's hair starts to stand up! Your characters can even become fat! Although more powerful, your character is slower and gets tired easily. You can even see them panting for air! Next, the music and sound fx. This is a game meant to let you relax, so the music adds more life to the game, plus is also vital for gamers to be glued to the game. It's nice to listen to. The sound also has improved from the first game. There is more than one scream when people die now, not like the first one. Sound of guns being shot also sounds more realistic. Hear sounds from a hand gun to a lazer beam! Just too cool! Now comes the gameplay. How addictive is this game? Well, I'd give gameplay a ten too! Excellent, really keeps you glued to the screen and makes you come back for more! If you can use lazer beams, rocket launchers and flame guns etc, plus, can turn fat by eating too much and turning more powerful and last but not least, can not only use tanks, but use airplanes and camels etc, why wait! I highly recommend this wonderful game. Overall, this game gets a ten!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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