Review by djinni204

"Bigger and better"

Wow.Just wow.This game so totally rocks! And I love it. I used to think that nothing could ever beat the first metal slug, but I guess I was wrong. This game is like the first one, except this is more fun to play.

The game's graphics is AWESOME. It's like a big box of eye candy. Probably the best one I have ever seen for a long time, ever since the first metal slug. Everything is detailed and you can tell that the game maker spent a good amount of time to make sure that the we, the players will enjoy this game immensely. Props to the graphics department for having a job well done.

The sounds of this game is quite good.The explosions, guns firing, actually everything is pretty much taken into consideration, so you wouldn't be complaining about lousy sounds.
The game's music isn't bad either, in fact it kind of gets you into the mood to kill. Well killing the enemies in the game that is.

The controls on this game have not really changed since the first one. You still need to just know three buttons. One for jump, one for shooting/slashing the enemies and one for metal slug attack.The joystick is used to maneuver your character towards the enemies and also to dodge enemy bullets and almost everything they throw at you. And actually that's the most tricky part.

The game play is quite simple really. First you chose any of the lead characters and you get to control them through various missions or what you call as stages.Here you will battle and face all these nasty enemies, which can be a soldier, a tank, a helicopter etcetera and you need to destroy or eliminate them while you side scroll through the stage.
After you reach a certain distance or point, you will find a stage boss whom is harder to defeat than the ones you have previously faced. All you got to do to remember is that bosses have a certain pattern on which they move, so capitalize on those.

This game's re playability is a perfect 10, as it is never make you bored even after at least 10 times going through this game. In fact, I still do play this game after all this year and I can honestly say that I still enjoy this game almost as much as I did the first time. So if you are looking for a game that won't get you bored, then this game is for you.

Over all this game is definitely worth playing. Even if you haven't played any metal slug games yet, you would definitely find this game quite entertaining and maybe addictive in some way and I would definitely not blame you if you did.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/18/03, Updated 12/20/03

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