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    Blanka by Badmash X

    Version: 0.01 | Updated: 01/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Badmash X is forced to.. <SNAARRRL!!> ..I mean, PROUD to present..
    In collaboration with the original beast from Brazil, BLANKA..
    Blanka and Badmash X's
    The STREET FIGHTER ZERO/ALPHA3 Blanka 101 (or Blanka For Dummies)
    The Blazin Blanka FAQ [Z-ism/A-ism]
    Ver 0.01
    FAQ Author: Badmash X
    FAQ History: December 2000
    `Foreword` (Achtung)
    1 --> The intro-view
    2 --> Credits
    3 --> He3llo ever7y bodDy, .. me nam3e 's BlaNK A
    4 --> Commentary
     - basic moves & comments
     - special moves & details
    5 --> Combo craze
    6 --> Technique or not technique?
     - basic strengths & weaknesses
      . know thyself
      . know thy fighter
     - super strategies
    7 --> Time to dance, it's time to dance!!
     - the 10 rules of street fighting
    8 --> FAQ History (& other interesting stuff)
    `Foreword` (Achtung)
    This FAQ is GameFAQs-exclusive upto March 1, 2001. What this really 
    means is that if you read/are reading this FAQ anywhere at all other 
    than GameFAQs anytime before March 1, 2001 then that's not right. 
    Morally, no. Legally, whatever they say. If you wanna use this FAQ on a 
    webpage, then you may do so anytime AFTER March 1, 2001. If you wanna 
    print it in a magazine etc then ask me first, please. Unlike BLANKA, I 
    don't bite. I cannot and do not allow anyone to use/publish this FAQ in 
    a printed format and/or use it for making money whatso- and howsoever, 
    not anytime before March 1, 2001, and not anytime after March 1, 2001, 
    and not anytime on March 1, 2001 either, without having my prior 
    consent. Please refrain from plagiarizing my hard work. This FAQ is 
    self-copyrighted by me, yers truly, the one and only Badmash X.
    1 --> THE INTRO-VIEW
    After a long arduous year of chasing and struggling, I finally got a 
    chance to catch up with everybody's favorite beast from Brazil to ask 
    him a couple of questions regarding his comeback to the Street Fighter 
    games. Little did I realize what a little harmless exploratory 
    inquisition would lead to. A series of questions and answers led to so 
    much that I have decided to 'write' a FAQ from the information I was 
    able to gather first-hand from BLANKA himself! And what can be a 
    better, more in-depth SFA3 FAQ than one personally arranged by one of 
    the most fearsome characters of the game!
    X: Interviewer (lucky me) / B: Mr.Blanka
    X> Mr.Blanka, thank you for sparing some time from your hectic busy 
    schedule! I have some burning questions that I would like to ask, 
    regarding your comeback to mainstream SF!
    B> Me hope this won't take too long. Me have appointment real soon!
    X> Oh, what might that be? One of the World Warriors calling you for a 
    fierce bout?
    B> No fool! My mom make nice fruit-basket for lunch!
    X> Gee I apologize for interrupting your lunch-time like this..
    B> Don't worry, if I late for lunch, then I eat YOU!!
    X> uuhhhhh..
    B> Hahah!! that South American jungle humor! Arrh Arrh Arrh (Rolls up 
    and down where he's standing)  Yes yes ask questions, little man.
    X> uhhh of course.. umm well I'd just as well hurry up.. Mr.Blanka how 
    did you end up in SFA3, of all SF-games? What have you been doing since 
    SSF2T? And what are your plans for the future?
    B> Hmm! (thinks hard and scratches his, uh, tush) Any more questions?
    X> But you haven't answered the ones I just asked!
    B> Me don't remember saying that me gonna answer your questions!! Now 
    don't waste time, or me waste YOU!!
    B> ..hhahaha!! aarrh aarrh! Me crack me up!!
    X> I'm sure you do, Mr.Blanka, but your lunch may get cold if we spend 
    all the time today on jungle-humor!
    B> You're right, you're right! Well let me tell you.. after SSF2T 
    tournament, me went to hibernate! Then later on in summer next year, me 
    wake up and return but discover that my friends got new moves in new SF 
    sequels! New moves make all me friends real famous! So I be famous too 
    X> But people have been complaining of your new moves, Mr.Blanka, and 
    are of the view that you aren't as effective as you once used to be.
    B> Tell you what little man, you tell people to hibernate for 2 years, 
    and then start fighting the moment they wake up! Me still great as 
    before, but people don't know coz they haven't seen me for so long! Me 
    still as affectionate as ever!
    X> You mean 'effective'..
    X> How about the future? Any plans?
    B> It in my contract with CAPCOM.. but me don't know how to read..
    X> What about Zero/Alpha 3? How did you find it? Do you think you fit 
    in? How do you find the competition in that game?
    B> Arrh arrh arrh! How about we switch sides, I interview YOU and you 
    become ME, and YOU fight all over the world, get beat up to bloody 
    mess, no holds barred, and I call it A GAME!! How you feel then, little 
    X> Mr.Blanka, please, the topic, stick to the topic!
    B> Alpha 3 is great, me find it easy to fit in! GAaarr, it a bit 
    complicated with all new techniques and styles and also new warriors 
    who were not around in SF2! But me think ME IS one of the denominating 
    characters in SFA3!!
    X> You mean 'dominating' that which you are.. but Mr.Blanka, many of 
    your followers just don't plain GET you! They think you are one of the 
    weaker, less useful characters in the ..uh, in SFA3..
    B> Well tell you what little man.. what you name is? [I reluctantly 
    tell BLANKA my name] Well me tell you what Buttmunch X, me PROVE to you 
    that me still one of the greatest World Warriors! But first lemme have 
    some lunch.. wait, me come back soon!!
    X> Oh joy..
    2 --> CREDITS
    Seeing that I'm gonna be kicked out of this FAQ for sometime until 
    BLANKA gets done, I just wanna thank the following people.. and I 
    better be quick lest the beast returns!
    Mansoor – For everything dude. Well what more can I say? :)
    Umar F. – For sticking around for the past 12 years! (what a moron..)
    Suleman – For being the nice chap that he ain't & Z3 sparring partner!
    Behram  - For.. umm.. for.. for.. for-givvveeeen, not forgotten!
    3 --> He3llo ever7y bodDy, .. me nam3e 's BlaNK A
    This is BLANKA taking control over my little friend Badmouth X. 
    Actually him type this FAQ as me dictates to him! As you can see, me 
    don't know much typing. Maybe because there no computers in the deep 
    jungles where me live. And no electricity either (other than me own). 
    And just no nothing, other than fruits! Arrrh arrrh!! This is fair 
    after all, coz people like you (readers) and Badman X control ME and my 
    friends at the arcades and on your consoles, and now it time for me to 
    return the flavor <he means 'favor'> as I dictate to my little friend 
    here, and him type for me! Arrr arrr arrh!!
    Me sure you all know about BLANKA. That is ME. Me is BLANKA, the green-
    skinned beast from Brazil. The other green-skin monster is The HULK, 
    but him cute puppy compared to me! Also, HULK not in SFA3; him in 
    'Marvel Vs.' series. But me, BLANKA, only SF-exclusive! Like this FAQ 
    only GameFAQs-exclusive!
    Me here to show that me still one of the top-of-the-line contenders in 
    SFA3. If you want story and background information, me blood-type, 
    height, weight, age, birthday and other junk, then it not in this FAQ.. 
    me don't remember that thing, that for Mom to remember, and she at home 
    preparing fruit for dinner.
    <And I'm Badmash X. I'm here typing for this green goof 'coz he doesn't 
    know how. I wish I were speaking for him too, for as you can see, his 
    English leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway how can I argue with him at 
    any point, after all, he knows more than I do since he's one of the 
    characters in the game. All I do is jam on the buttons! ..I often jam 
    with The Corrs too, but oh well, better get back to typing before he 
    bites my head off or something!
    Ohh and since I'm typing, I'll take care of typos that MAY have been 
    made were BLANKA typing, what with his mammoth claws. But I have to 
    stick with his lousy grammar, since it gives this FAQ that raw-feel to 
    it ..also BLANKA threatened to break my arm without asking me if I make 
    corrections without asking him ..hold on now, he's been staring quietly 
    at the screen for quite sometime..>
    B> Snort snort.. what you type so much for? Me speak that many words?
    X> Uhhh.. ummm.. so how was umm lunch?
    B> Never mind, let's teach the peoples why I'm best..
    4 --> COMMENTARY
    <Here is a legend of the SFA3 button-layout & some abbreviations>
    LP, LK = Light Punch (Jab), Light Kick (Short)
    MP, MK = Medium Punch (Strong), Medium Kick (Forward)
    HP, HK = Hard Punch (Fierce), Hard Kick (Roundhouse)
    3P, 3K = Punch x 3, Kick x 3
    fwd, dwn, bk, up = forward, down, back, up (on the d-pad or stick)
    ARK = Akuma, Ryu, Ken
    B> Now me tell you about the 6 buttons in detail..
    -> Basic Moves & Comments
    [Far Standing]
    LP = A quick slap that hits straight ahead.
    MP = A quick claw-chop with decent range, but hits high mostly.
    HP = A powerful inside-out claw that hits VERY hard! Arrh!!
    LK = Quick jab mid-kick. Me prefer power-attacks better!
    MK = 
    HK = Me classic flip-kick, hitting just like SF2. Old is gold!
    Usually me finds myself using all attacks during fights, but more power 
    attacks than jabs and 'tick' attacks. That because me basic strength 
    lies in my strength! Me rely on HP and HK to deal maximum damage 
    quickly, but not only standing attacks, mind you! Mix up all attacks, 
    sometimes high, sometimes low (so that opponent has to block fast and 
    differently time to time), but keep attacking all the time!
    When opponents start poking, use HP to shatter their dreams (and also 
    teeth). LK also handy to counter-hit opponent's pokes, but HP still 
    more powerful though slow. Timing is everything. Use LP to keep 
    opponent at bay from distance, but the only downpoint of LP is that it 
    hits high, so if opponent blocks low, LP will go over their head! Not 
    good! So remember to mix up your moves all the time, sometimes 
    standing, sometimes crouching, sometimes jumping etc.
    [Close Standing]
    LP = (Same as Far Standing LP)
    MP = Real lightning fast 2-hit head-butt! Comboable on first hit!
    HP = (Same as Far Standing HP)
    LK = 
    MK = Quick double-knee attack to opponent's midsection!
    HK = (Same as Far Standing HK)
    Once upon a time like me mention before, mix up all attacks. Close 
    attack help to push away opponent who get too close, and also to combo 
    a special-move to deal more damage! However, again and again and again 
    my advice to you is to understand that ME is pure 'strength' character! 
    Power attacks are all that matter, not combos, just like good old days 
    (SF2).. the only new thing these days is that me don't lose Mommy any 
    more in every ending!
    [Crouching] -hold DWN & press a punch/kick button-
    LP = A claw to the shin. Not too fast, not too slow.
    MP = Quick lunging claw to the shin again!
    HP = Classic powerhouse claw POW!! straight to the kissah!
    LK = Quick jab-kick to the shin again.
    MK = Quick comboable semi-sweep! Me strongest combo-arsenal!
    HK = SF2 foot-sweep again! Why learn new moves when old are perfect!
    It not too complicated to understand my low-attacks; this is where me 
    excels, but not in low-attacks themselves alone! Like I already said, 
    mix up all attacks! Very vital to understand this! So when you switch 
    between high and low attacks, opponent get real frustrated and then 
    make silly mistake! Rraaaooggh!! <rolls up and down>
    Use low-MK to combo cleanly and easily into Rolling Attack! Also use 
    low-MK to poke at opponent from decent distance! Use low-HP to demolish 
    opponent from really REALLY far away, and if your timing is great, then 
    low-HP can also knock opponent out of their attack, like RYU's 
    "HadOOOken HadOOOken HadOOOken". Also if timed right, it can be an 
    effective anti-air move! Low-MP also attacks from neat distance 
    AaarRRh, but me have to lunge a bit forward to attack, and getting back 
    to my stance can take almost a milli-second, which MAY be more than 
    enough time for GOOD opponents to land their move on ME!! Grrr! Me hope 
    to improve this attack real soon!!
    But remember VERY IMPORTANT since me is a BIG guy, it easy for opponent 
    to see what attack I getting ready to throw! So don't throw moves on 
    random, try to attack in CALCULATED manner, just make it LOOK like 
    you're playing a guessing game! Be ready for opponent's next attack A 
    FULL SECOND before him do it, so that you ready to counter it! Smart 
    opponent can destroy me low-HP if they saw it coming early!
    [Jump-In Attack] -hold UP/FWD or UP/BK & press a punch/kick button-
    LP = Not powerful at all, so forget it.
    MP = Again not powerful. An elbow/forehand chop to opponent skull.
    HP = This move me has perfected to perfection! Best jump-attack!!
    LK = 
    MK = I also practiced a lot with this move, it real handy now!
    HK = Classic jump HK again! With these around, who needs new moves?
    It not too complicated to understand my 'straight-up' jumping-attacks. 
    Just jump straight up and hit any attack you feel like. Me give you one 
    good reason why me never jump straight up: You want to win or what?! 
    Since it utterly useless to jump straight up, me give you better 
    advice: jump INTO opponent.
    The things I been noticing since good ol days is that me jump is truly 
    unique! Surely this may sound ecological <uh.. egotistical> ..whatever, 
    the thing is that my jump is amazing if used wisely! Use it sparingly, 
    but never hesitate to jump since me practice lotta jump-attacks in me 
    spare-time! Powerful attacks like jump-HP and HK can break thru almost 
    any gucking thing opponent will throw, but not those Super Pyjama Bros' 
    Dragon Punches, and similar attacks, if they timed it right. Me jump is 
    one of the most unique ones, coz of me strong legs, me jump higher than 
    virtually anyone else in SFA3, plus me land from jump very quickly too, 
    so use jumps often! Also jump back to escape from opponent's attacks on 
    a regular basis! This really annoys em ggaahaha!!
    The main thing to keep in uhh.. umm.. er.. <"mind"> ..yes yes thank you 
    lil bro, I keep losing that! So keep in mind that the timing for my 
    jump-attacks varies against person to person, and most of all, every 
    time you jumps, you got to time my attacks differently because it not 
    necessary to do a combo every time you jump-attack! If you jump and hit 
    HP, let's say, and after 3 seconds or so you need to do it again, your 
    opponent MAY see the jump early and may suddenly counter-attack! 
    Remember me is a BIG character, and what's worse is that me is GREEN, 
    so easier to identify me everywhere, aarhh aarhh!! So the point me make 
    here is that if you jump and land HP successfully, then move back or 
    jump away or something, and then decide to jump-HP once again, but when 
    you jump you see opponent get ready for your jump-HP this time, then 
    you can either jump and simply air-block –OR- hit HP a little early 
    (instead of deep) so that you hit opponent's 'head' and not 'chest' 
    ..of course this way you can't combo, but at least you got a clean 
    jump-HP hit which does massive damage + also mess up opponent's anti-
    air attack hahaharrrahhhrr!!!
    Also, me jump-MK is a very handy-dandy quick kick, but not as powerful 
    as jump-HK. Jump-HK is QUICK, so you must time it very precisely. As 
    for jump-MK, it stays 'out' for longer than jump-HK so timing it is 
    easier! Both jump-kicks hit almost straight below, so use jump-HP to 
    win almost ALL air-to-air wars! Me mastered jump-HP for all air-to-air 
    -> Special Moves & Details
    ELECTRIC SHOCK: Tap any Punch button quickly & repeatedly
    ROLL ATTACK:    Charge Bk (2 seconds), hit Fwd + Punch
    VERTICAL ROLL:  Charge Dwn (2 seconds), hit Up + Kick
    BACKFLIP ROLL:  Charge Bk (2 seconds), hit Fwd + Kick
    BEAST SLIDE:    dwn/fwd (diagonal) + hit HP
    BEAST DASH:     bk OR fwd + hit 3K
    *ROLL SMASH:    charge bk (2 sec), tap fwd-bk-fwd + Punch
    *HOMING MISSILE: Charge Down/Back for 2 seconds, then quickly move 
    Down/Forward-to-Down/Back-to-Up/Back + Kick (smooth motion)
    NOTE: Please see that motions described in some moves listed above 
    indicate a 'smooth roll of the thumb' & not tapping the keys, unless 
    indicated. Eg: [down-to-forward] does not mean tapping the down-key and 
    then the forward-key, but a smooth rolling motion from down to forward.
    - Electric Shock is classic move, but now it even better than before! 
    Use this to 'suck in' many opponent's attacks (just the way Dragon 
    Punches do), and the best part, it destroys almost all attacks from 
    above! Electric Shock great anti-air, especially if timed perfectly 
    i.e. at the very last moment, just when opponent is right 'inside' me! 
    Also great for block-damage, use this to finish off opponents stuck in 
    corners with zero-life as they get up from the ground! Arrrh arrrrh! 
    But beware, it can be 'broken' by some low-kicks ^_^'
    - Roll Attack!! RooowwWWrr! My trademark move! Destroy all opponents 
    faster than speed of sound! Me come rolling into opponent at breakneck 
    speed, and if it connects, then opponent reels back a bit & me ricochet 
    off em and land a little distance away from em! Beware, Roll Attack 
    don't ever knock down opponent! Some opponents can hit me while me is 
    'recovering', but only SOME of em, and besides me can jump away quickly 
    after landing from Roll Attack!
    Also beware: DON'T EVER SHOW opponent that me is charging up for Roll 
    Attack! Always keep charging when me is jumping or dashing or attacking 
    etc, but DON'T FOR HECK'S SAKE just keep crouch-blocking or walking 
    back to COUGH COUGH 'surprise' opponent with Roll Attack! That only 
    fool's way of doing this move!
    If opponent jump at me, use Roll Attack with LP to hit them out of the 
    air no matter what attack they throw! (except for Supers) Also note the 
    distances of each Roll Attacks with each of the 3 punch buttons, coz 
    this very important! (LP goes a short distance, while HP Roll Attack 
    goes all the way to the other end of the screen)
    Another thing to note is that if Roll Attack is blocked, me goes quite 
    a way back after ricocheting off of opponent's body! Only a select few 
    (opponents) know how to counter-attack a blocked Roll Attack, so that 
    also major plus!
    - Vertical Roll nice anti-air roll that I learnt back in SSF2. It still 
    as effective as back then, only bad thing is that other Street Fighters 
    now know how to air-block :(  What a pi$$ off aarrggg!! But this good 
    against opponents who jump and attack, coz they always get hit out of 
    their jump-attacks! But IF they DON'T attack, they CAN air-block 
    Vertical Roll.
    If Vertical Roll misses, me goes a bit forward in the air, but then me 
    drift back and land at the spot from where me took off, so there are no 
    chances of landing 'over' opponents if they a bit close.
    - Yes it goes over fireballs and projectiles if timed right, but that 
    not the only use of my Backflip Roll. It also handy for surprises and 
    wake-ups against opponents who anticipate Roll Attack, e.g. who throw 
    counter-Roll move of their own just when you hit 'fwd + punch' only to 
    find the Backflip Roll smashing them! ('fwd + kick' instead of punch) 
    Hahaaarr!! Though me prefer to avoid this move, coz if it blocked, then 
    me don't know what the hell to do! Who cares, use my other jangli moves 
    - Beast Slide awesome new move! Me learn this move coz it sometimes 
    difficult to confuse opponents with same old moves that can be simply 
    blocked high, so Beast Slide help by being QUICK, adds another (semi) 
    long-range move to me arsenal, and packs quite a wallop as well!! Use 
    it to suddenly surprise opponent who keep blocking high & also against 
    those who keep attacking and attacking continuously, so that Beast 
    Slide smacks em down to kiss the ground! It also goes under some 
    fireballs, so that also big PLUS for me! Who said I suck!?! RRAARRGH!!
    - Finally to keep pressure on opponent all the time, I learn the new 
    Beast Dash! Use this to do a QUICK hop either forward or back. Me 
    cannot attack during it, but once me lands, me can do any damn thing me 
    wanna! Plus recovery time is instantaneous, so the moment me feet touch 
    ground, me free to do anything! This move major boost to my already 
    perfect arsenal, so use Beast Dash freely, but don't overdo it! 
    Remember, power-attacks only, me gotta get in those HPs and HKs most of 
    the time!
    Also when me is close to opponent, use Beast Dash to hop 'over' 
    opponent and go to the other side! This handy to suddenly confuse 
    opponent, specially if they blocking or attacking low, so when me get 
    to other side, they actually holding 'forward' & are asking for it!! 
    - *SUPER COMBO: The *Super Roll Smash is great to cream opponents 
    who've been set up! Once you do the motion, me will roll straight up 
    and fall back to the ground and then zoom-zoom towards opponent! But if 
    you press and HOLD the Punch-button, then when me land from the 
    straight-up roll, me will start 'charging up' like that Sonic the 
    Hedgehog before he zoom-zooms away hahaharrh!! The longer you hold the 
    Punch-button, the longer me will 'charge' but after 2-3 seconds me has 
    to just release all the power gathered while charging!
    If opponent jumps and attacks after you do *Super Roll Smash, me will 
    pass underneath them without even looking at em! So one good reason to 
    hold the Punch-button is that if opponent jump-attacks (or just simply 
    jumps) then he/she will be hit by the 'charging' roll and will be 
    knocked 'up' in the air! NOW when you release the button (make sure you 
    time it right!) me will roll full-speed ahead and drill into em for 
    multiple hits before they hit the ground! Gaaarrrh damage-fest!!
    Another good thing about 'charging' the *Super Roll Smash is that if 
    opponent attack me (with almost any darn thing) on the ground while me 
    is 'charging' then him/her will be hit and knocked up in the air! This 
    is very useful counter-hit *Super Roll Smash!!
    - *SUPER COMBO: The *Super Homing Missile is okay but me still in the 
    process of improving it technically. It damage more than hell itself 
    but it kinda like 'brawn over brain' ..anyone can easily block it, but 
    it is unblockable if opponent is also jumping or in the air for some 
    reason. (e.g. missed Somersault Kick or Drag.Punch etc)
    In this Super Combo, me will jump to the top of the screen and shake it 
    as some fruits fall from the skies. Don't ask me why, I just eat it and 
    am grateful for that! Anyway if you keep tapping the buttons, more 
    fruit will fall to the ground. And then when there no more fruit up 
    there, me lock on to opponent and nose-dive head first into 'em for 
    some tremendous damage! And as for the fruits, it lie on the ground for 
    some time, so me can kick or punch it towards opponent for some more 
    damage (if they get hit by it). Of course opponent can also kick some 
    fruits towards me, so watch out. Melons are damn heavy.
    There some technique involved in kicking the melons as well. <snicker!> 
    What you laughing at? < uh.. sorry!> FOol!! Anyway, me juggle opponent 
    into air if they get creamed by melons, so keep Roll Attack handy to 
    add 1 more hit if you get the chance!
    5 --> COMBO CRAZE
    Like it or not, the only MOST USEFUL combo me got is..
    Jump(attack), dwn/bk(diag) MK <2-in-1> Roll Attack (HP)   [3 hit]
    You can use any jump-attack (jump-HP is best) but the last two-hits of 
    this three-hit combo are all that really matter. Time the combo 
    properly, there's no need to hurry up, so take your sweet time. That 
    the best part about this combo, it most effective and real easy to pull 
    off. You can hit dwn/bk(diag) MK and wait for that liiiiittle time 
    before you complete the Roll Attack. Plus you can even hit dwn/bk(diag) 
    MK from its maximum range/reach and still get a 2-hit combo with HP 
    Roll Attack!
    If you do it hurriedly, me will cancel dwn/bk(diag) MK and go into 
    Backflip Roll instead of Roll Attack, which is B-A-D. If you too slow, 
    then nothing happen after dwn/bk(diag) MK. Timing is everything, so do 
    it right: not too quickly, not too lazy!
    Other combos (that are not as useful)
    Jump(attack), stand-MP <2-in-1> Roll Attack          [3 hit]
    Jump(attack), stand-MK <2-in-1> Roll Attack          [3 hit]
    Jump(attack), stand/dwn-LK <2-in-1> Roll Attack      [3 hit]
    Please note that you DON'T always HAVE to NECESSARILY jump to do a 
    combo. Just use every opportunity you see to get in any basic-move 2-
    in-1'd into Roll Attack. E.g. the moment you see opponent get into dwn-
    MK range, just use the good ol dwn/bk(diag) MK <2-in-1> Roll Attack! 
    Get those hits in, win the damn fight!!
    NOTE: Stand MP and MK from close are 2-hits, but only the first hit can 
    be 2-in-1'd into the Roll Attack.
    Me admit, me not much of a technical fighter, unlike some of my 
    opponents who rely thoroughly on technique (Fei Long, Karin, Guile, 
    Sagat and Nash to name a few) but where me lack depth in technique, me 
    make up for in power and raw damn strength! Opponents like Pyjama Bros 
    can certify this! hahaharrrh!!
    Anyway since me lack in this department, me leave this in the expert 
    hands of Badboy X who's been typing since lunch like a ummm uhhh like a 
    errrr ahhh well just READ whatever he writes dammit! and lemme go have 
    some dinner!!
    ..finally ..some English!! In the end it all comes down to who's the 
    winner.. & who's the loser.. So who IS the better fighter? Well, what I 
    like to think is not who won or lost in the end, but who managed to 
    OUTPLAY his opponent. This again does not mean that the winner 
    outplayed the loser. For all you know, all it took to turn the tide was 
    a jab-kick before the time ran out!
    What I'm trying to get at here is that this FAQ isn't gonna tell you 
    HOW to WIN, but how to manage to outthink, outsmart & outplay your 
    opponent with the mighty beast BLANKA! For this purpose you must 
    understand that BLANKA is BLANKA! He's no RYU or KEN or GUILE or FEI 
    LONG etc and hence you have to accept him as he is, realize his 
    weaknesses & capitalize on his strengths. But even before you do that, 
    you have to realize YOUR OWN weaknesses! This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
    - So what counts as a weakness? First of all, some real expert players 
    can often clearly read your gameplan if you keep foot-sweeping them 
    5-10 times in a row (sarcasm alert!). In other words, you have to keep 
    mixing-up your attacks & revising your strategy from time to time and 
    should never follow a certain fixed pattern.
    - Do not fall into traps. You should realize that your opponent is as 
    human as you are (sometimes) & will adopt tactics that will tilt the 
    match to his favor, just the way you plan to do! E.g. RYU throws a 
    fireball & you jump over it, but get hit by a Dragon Punch. Again. And 
    again. And again. See a pattern? Your falling into this (old-school 
    fireball) trap it is not a good thing.
    - Anticipation is the key to victory. If you PREDICT your opponent's 
    next move successfully, you'll find yourself countering it almost 
    automatically, like a natural reaction. However, if your opponent 
    anticipates your attack beforehand, you're gonna be in a world of hurt! 
    Anticipation is a major factor in a 2-player fight, and it will feel 
    natural after (a LOT of) practice. If opponents keep anticipating all 
    your attacks every time you try to do something, then uhh well as they 
    say, it's back to the drawing board..
    - Finally, the set-ups! Over the years I've learnt quite a lot about 
    these 1-on-1 games, mostly by watching others play or being beat up by 
    them ..er, I mean fighting against them.. and the most important lesson 
    I've learnt is that you don't stand a chance if you can't set up your 
    opponent into making mistakes. You have to make sure that YOU aren't 
    being suckered into a trap, because the purpose of setups is to inflict 
    maximum damage unto the uh sucker.
    - Keeping in mind the last two points, remember that anticipation & 
    setups go hand in hand, but these are again NOT THE ONLY METHODS that 
    will lead you to victory. Keep moving around & keep ATTACKING from time 
    to time, e.g. using BLANKA's low-MK/HP pokes and standing-HP etc etc 
    backed up faithfully by Roll Attacks etc etc, & try to counter almost 
    anything with all he got! And remember, "GRABS ARE FAIR!"
    - Keep both eyes (or as many as you have) open ALL THE TIME during a 
    bout. Remember, you CANNOT afford to laze around or slacken at ANY 
    point in this game, coz the tide can turn pretty unexpectedly. I know 
    this 'coz it's happened to yers truly & I've paid for my mistakes 
    dearly. Lazing around & intentionally trying to give your opponent a 
    chance is not an option, unless you're some sorta expert (in which case 
    you don't need to read this FAQ). Either that, or your opponent is 
    already KO'd.
    - You must have a solid purpose behind pressing each button or 
    executing any move that you do. This may seem to sound stupid, but it 
    isn't. Don't go on jumping into your opponent without having a good 
    idea of WHY THE HELL YOU JUST JUMPED first :)
    - Remember that as a general SFA3 rule, whenever you're jumping into 
    your opponent, the moment you press up/forward, move your thumb to the 
    down/back position to assume the air-block, so that if your opponent 
    decides to counter-attack you before you know it, his attack may be 
    blocked (if possible – e.g. mistimed Dragon Punches can be blocked, but 
    of course the "deep" ones can't). In addition, soon after you land from 
    the jump, you will have charged any of BLANKA's special or super moves! 
    Don't be surprised; this IS the way to jump!
    - Keep in mind the option of air-recovery and ground-roll, coz it all 
    differs from situation to situation. At times you'll be hit out of your 
    jump and will fall back to the ground. Well you have to recover from 
    that fall and smash your opponent from the air, but sometimes you'll 
    find the need to roll back into em to cream em from the ground. The 
    air-recover helps you to recover & counter-attack while you're falling, 
    instead of taking extra hits (no, it is NOT possible to be juggled 
    infinitely, unlike some bogus 2D fighting games, and I DON'T mean the 
    VS.series). So air-recover as much as possible, and soon it will feel 
    only natural. Once you're hit and are falling to the ground head-first, 
    hit all 3 punches (while you're falling) to recover, then prepare to 
    counter-attack! The ground-roll is similar to the SFA2-recovery i.e. 
    the moment you hit the ground, you roll up to your feet. The timing is 
    easier now in SFA3: all you have to do is to simultaneously hit all 3 
    kicks (3K) when you take a hit, or air-block an attack, and are falling 
    back down to the ground. Yes, though it is possible to air-block 
    anything and ground-roll the moment you land back to the ground, it is 
    NOT possible to air-recover from any air-blocked attack. You must be 
    HIT out of your jump in order to air-recover.
    So now you know where you're making mistakes. Accept the fact that once 
    you know your mistake & you still repeat it, then you're just dumb and 
    stoopid! Why don't you just go play some brainless loser 1-player-only 
    sleep-inducing RPGs instead..
    ..hehehe just kidding! Never mind that, I was just testing some of 
    BLANKA's jungle-humor.. now you know how I felt ;)
    - Down on the ground, BLANKA's basic attacks mainly revolve around his 
    handy low-MK & stand-HP, but that's about it. His main advantage lies 
    in charging up for that damn fast Roll Attack of his, and hence 
    confusing opponents into anticipating em wrongly! Make sure that you 
    try to use every single dirty tactic you can think of to LURE your 
    opponent into doing what you want em to do, and this is the true key to 
    victory with BLANKA! This is possible if you're doing the right thing 
    at the right time, and if you KNOW what you're doing as well! Try to 
    use his quick high jumps, jumping attacks and hi-damage standing basic 
    moves (HP) as much as possible. Always keep that Roll Attack charged up 
    for any & all occasions, and be prepared to swap it for BLANKA's *Super 
    Roll Smash for maximum damage. And always keep in mind, you gotta try 
    to anticipate your opponent's next move instead of waiting for em to do 
    - Remember once again that BLANKA is one of the best when it comes to 
    grabs/throws, so try to make FULL use of this ability, especially after 
    the old-school style faked LP-Roll Attack that made BLANKA famous! Also 
    the moment your opponent gets kicked out of the grab, make sure you 
    have the Roll Attack ready to hit em once more if they tech-hit or 
    something and are still falling back to the ground! (you may swap Roll 
    Attack with jump-HP)
    - BLANKA's basic air-defense on the overall includes (almost) every 
    basic attack in his arsenal, even his LP, provided you do the right 
    move at the right time. This is very deep since this varies from 
    situation to situation.
    So what are these situations? Well, it's a really long list, but let's 
    see what I can come up with. I'll list as many "basic" situations as 
    possible, & will attempt to give the most effective counters to them as 
    well. Don't memorize this, please, it's just a guide, & besides, 
    situations tend to vary with each passing second. SO IT ALL REALLY 
    ANTICIPATION. <--These really are golden words, so try to keep 'em in 
    mind almost all the time.
    (this is gonna be the layout)
    x. situation
    -	your response/counter-attack
    -	alternate response
    -	alternate response, and so on.
    1. Opponent jumps AND ATTACKS
    -	timed HP or HK
    -	jump-in (or back) with HP
    -	LP-Roll Attack or Vertical Roll or Electric Shock
    -	*Super Roll Smash (hold punch!)
    -	block (shucks!)
    2. Opponent jumps AND DOES NOT ATTACK
    -	stand-LP / MP / HP / HK
    -	Roll Attack or Vertical Roll or Electric Shock
    -	*Super Roll Smash (hold punch!)
    -	straight-up Jump-HK
    -	jump AT THE LAST MOMENT and air-throw
    3. Opponent jumps AND ATTACKS VERY EARLY (mostly grabbers)
    -	straight-up Jump HK (or) Jump-in (or back) HP
    -	stand LP / MP / HP / HK
    -	Roll Attack or Vertical Roll or Electric Shock
    -	*Super Roll Smash (hold punch!)
    -	wait for opponent to land, then combo him
    4. Opponent jumps FROM A DISTANCE
    -	timed standing/low-HP
    -	timed Roll Attack
    -	anticipate it and jump-HP opponent first!
    -	anticipating a long-range attack? Counter with jump HP
    -	jump QUICKLY into opponent (DON'T attack) & grab upon landing
    -	move farther back, use low-HK to sweep em upon landing
    5. Opponent jumps FROM UPCLOSE
    -	move / dash under opponent & counter-attack from behind (MP/HP)
    -	stay down and hit MK when he lands behind you (beware cross-ups)
    -	Roll Attack or Vertical Roll or Electric Shock
    -	*Super Roll Smash (hold punch!)
    -	jump back with HP or HK
    -	HP Roll Attack away to the other side!
    6. Opponent attempts cross-up
    -	timed crouch LP/LK/MK (may trade hits, really tough)
    -	jump 'into' opponent with HP, then jump away away away!
    -	Electric Shock!
    -	Beast Dash to 'escape' (heheh) then stand-HP to smash em!
    -	block (if getting up)
    7. Opponent keeps poking
    -	hit opponent's 'punch' or 'kick' with Roll Attack or..
    -	..stand-HP, Electric Shock, or *Super Roll Smash!
    -	timed crouching HP/MK/HK (from a distance)
    8. Opponent sits right there
    -	start poking with low-MK & stand-HP (keep charging in between)
    -	go near opponent & move back & forth & wait for him to mess up
    -	(if you're moving back & forth) suddenly Beast Dash & bash em!
    -	LP-R.Attack from afar, then go & grab as Roll doesn't connect!
    -	crouch and wait(near) & if opponent flinches: *Super Roll Smash!
    9. Opponent is getting up
    -	jump in very late with MK (to counter counter-attacks!)
    -	wait to the very last moment, then go and grab!! (use wisely)
    -	keep walking into opponent, then let em have stand-HP!
    -	stand a good distance away from em, and hit HP for counter-hit!
    -	fake LP-Elec.Shock from distance, then low-HK em as they attack!
    -	fake an early low-HK whilst charging, and as it misses, get ready 
    to Roll Attack as they try to hit you out of the missed low-HK!
    -	fake a walk-in throw, and Beast Slide as they block high!
    10. YOU jump in with HP or MK or HK
    -	if it connects, follow with the combo
    -	if it connects, hold on just a bit, then grab opponent
    -	if blocked, push opponent back with LP,LK (combo @last with MK!)
    -	if blocked, act like yer gonna grab or somethin, then use Dash!
    11. YOU jump in very early with HP or MK or HK
    -	blocked or not, jump back HP immediately!
    -	if you expect a nasty attack upon landing, escape with Dash
    -	grab (use rarely 'coz they learn quickly! & expect this yerself!)
    -	slight Electric Shock for temporary relief!
    -	just one crouch LK, then go & grab
    -	if blocked, act like you're gonna grab or somethin, then Dash!
    -	low-MK, then prepare for counter-hit *Super Roll Smash!
    Needless to say, the situations are almost limitless, so every 
    situation will demand something different. If anyone out there in the 
    world agrees with me, then I'll be a happy Badmash. Now I'm not gonna 
    list down any more situations coz that won't be fair for YOU. Trust me! 
    If you want to have the fun that SF is all about, then go ahead & play 
    the game like it should be played! WITHOUT any guides or walk-throughs, 
    etc! I mean, I NEVER knew how to Dragon Punch until AFTER ONE YEAR of 
    playing SF2-Turbo on my SNES!! ONE WHOLE &#%$@ STUPID YEAR!!!! No 
    guides, not even the manual, no nothing! It was fun.. maybe that's why 
    I appreciate the game so much.
    If you manage to keep these pointers in mind, you will ALWAYS know what 
    you are doing & where you stand (that is, at beginner, intermediate or 
    expert level). You will then automatically know in the back of your 
    mind just by looking at what your opponent is doing, that if they're 
    doing so to make you attack, or just wasting time, or preparing to 
    suddenly attack as you come jumping forward etc. At this point you will 
    also realize how to counter-attack appropriately, as you can easily 
    predict your opponent's next move. Well, somewhat. Don't worry, this is 
    a tried and tested technique. Really. I tried it myself!! ..on my 
    OK here we go, the strategy-bit! There won't be any crap like how to 
    beat a certain CPU or human opponent etc, but just some info and 
    insight (as much as I know) on BLANKA's moves, and the major plan of 
    action that you should be sketching during a fite..
    First off, here is a HUGE hint: always charge dwn/bk(diagonal) instead 
    of just simply walking back for 2 seconds. And an even bigger hint for 
    never missing the *Super Roll Smash: charge dwn/bk(diagonal), then 
    quickly move from there to [dwn/fwd]-[dwn/bk]-[fwd] and then hit Punch. 
    By doing so BLANKA will seem to be sitting right there like a moron, 
    looking on & doing nothing, and hence your opponent will never realize 
    that you're actually doing the Super and will think you're just 
    turtling & waiting for em to attack first! This method also ensures 
    that you accidentally don't jump up when going fwd-bk-fwd. The best 
    time to do the *Super Roll Smash is when you anticipate your opponent 
    to attack you e.g. Ryu to throw low-MK followed by a big fat 
    "HadOOOken" so just when you think his MK will hit you, you should 
    already have done the *Super-motion. Voila, leave your opponent stunned 
    and destroyed beyond belief :) Anticipation baby, anticipation! Look at 
    that exasperated look on your opponent's face and tears run down 
    his/her cheek coz they can't hide it! Can't fight it! So go on, go on, 
    come on, leave em breathless when you land a well-anticipated counter-
    hit *Super Roll Smash without their knowing it!
    BLANKA (like NASH) is one of those fighters who can be a total regular 
    genuine major pain when it comes to attacking. I mean he can total ANY 
    opponent at all, but this is only possible if you don't have any kinda 
    fear of some specific fighters (CPU or human), like say ARKs, in your 
    mind! If you think grabbing is unfair, then I wish you the best, now go 
    read some other FAQ! But if you agree with me (unlike, um, everyone) 
    that "grabs happen," then good on ya! Don't base the fite on grabbing 
    opponents though, and don't get moody & angry if you get grabbed, and 
    whenever you get the chance to grab, don't pass it up! Combined with 
    his hi-damage and hi-priority attacks, super speed-jump, and that nasty 
    unpredictability (don't charge bk by holding 'BACK'!!), BLANKA's a 
    tough customer when he really gets into it, because that's all he needs 
    to demolish all competition: a constant flurry of poking attacks & 
    jumping attacks (not extremely frequent though), as he destroys all his 
    opponents' moves with his high-damage higher-priority fists! Use the 
    Roll Attack to zip here and there, hitting all jumping opponents from 
    afar and –better yet- from upclose, surprising the crap outta em! Keep 
    your opponent pinned and have em block everything (or get a counter-hit 
    every time they attack BLANKA hahaah!!), then surprise em with a grab 
    here and a (low) Beast Slide there (trust me please, grabs always 
    happen, and they are FAIR). And the best part, one of BLANKA's best 
    setups is that after you're done attacking, try to get close to your 
    opponent (but not too close) and just sit there and do nothing, so that 
    the moment your opponent reacts, all you have to do is unleash the 
    counter-hit *Super Roll Smash and then start all over again!
    BLANKA is probably one of the best when it comes to defense, mostly 
    because of his classic air-defense moves (HP, HK, low-HP, Electric 
    Shock, Roll Attack, *Super Roll Smash). They take a bit practice to get 
    used to in the beginning, but that's not a problem since they are the 
    same as classic SF2. And anyway later on you'll realize that you 
    shouldn't get into the habit of playing defensive in the least! If 
    you've got your gameplan right (which should constantly keep changing 
    during the fite) you won't have a chance to block until after you've 
    won and the fight's over! So BLANKA hereby orders you to set his 
    opponents up as much as you possibly can coz his advantage over most of 
    the other characters is DAMAGE and PRIORITY and that damn quick jump, 
    among other things! Don't fret about setups, ANYONE can DREAM up 
    setups, but the real thing is IF your opponent got suckered into it or 
    1.	LP Roll Attack from afar (preferably when opponent is getting up 
    from the ground), but make sure it DOESN'T connect, then go up and 
    grab as they look towards thinking of what to do after 'blocking' 
    the Roll!
    2.	LP Roll Attack from afar (preferably when opponent is getting up 
    from the ground), but make sure it DOESN'T connect, and keep 
    charging [dwn/bk] all the time, then wait for opponent to attack 
    while charging all the time. Then the moment opponent flinches (or 
    you anticipate it), follow through with *Super Roll Smash! (hold 
    that button!)
    3.	LP Electric Shock from close, but make sure it DOESN'T connect, and 
    keep charging [dwn/bk] all the time, then wait for opponent to 
    attack while charging all the time. Then the moment opponent 
    flinches (or you anticipate so), follow through with *Super Roll 
    Smash! (hold that button!)
    4.	Go a bit near (crouching) opponent and hit HP (but make sure they 
    don't sweep you first as you get close to em) then follow with any 
    move you want, e.g. low-HK, Slide etc. Also, remember that BLANKA's 
    HP is long-range (well it IS!) and it packs a WALLOP, & if your 
    opponent attacks you, there is a possibility that the HP will get a 
    counter-hit in your favor!
    5.	Walk into opponent, then Dash at the last moment as opponent attacks 
    you. Grab em and charge bk all the time while BLANKA dines. Then as 
    he kicks off, and if opponent air-recovers, follow through with Roll 
    Attack or jump-HP! But you have to read your opponent's gameplan 
    before you try this risky stunt! Then try to grab again & repeat!
    6.	This is another classic! Once you have an opponent block low-MK, 
    then instead of doing anything else, just wait for BLANKA to 
    recover, keep an eye on opponent, and if they try to do something 
    (except Super Combos please) then simply hit stand-HP for a massive 
    counter-hit! Of course there are a lot of options instead of stand-
    HP, such as Roll Attack, *Super Roll Smash, Electric Shock etc get a 
    counter-hit heheh!!
    Like I said before, these are NOT the ONLY setups that BLANKA's got, so 
    you can think up some of your own which are WAY more effective! And 
    PLEASE don't try to memorize these coz they're supposed to JUST HAPPEN 
    once you get into it. Anyhow, all these things matter a lot during a 
    fight, & once you're REALLY into it, you'll be surprised at what you 
    can do in just 99 seconds! Here's something else that counts a lot: the 
    air-recovery counters!
    So if you're hit and falling...
    1.	and opponent jumps after you, you can recover and hit HP or MK or HK 
    immediately, 'coz if they jump to attack, BLANKA's attack (HP/HK) 
    will cancel their move out & smash em, or if they plan to air-throw, 
    BLANKA's attack (MK) will hit em while as they "elevate".
    2.	and opponent keeps walking towards you, you can recover and hit HP 
    or HK to hit directly underneath you & try to follow with a combo 
    (or better yet, Dash ahead & grab)!
    3.	and opponent does some special move (Dragon Punch, Somersault Kick, 
    Tiger Uppercut, etc), you must recover and block it. If it's badly 
    timed, you can block it, otherwise..oUCH! Or you may risk a timed HP 
    which can counter-hit some special moves, but your timing counts. 
    Jump HP is da bomb!!
    4.	and opponent does a Super Combo, you may recover and attempt to 
    block it, or just take it like a man.. er, beast.. some Supers are 
    blockable so I'd advise you recover and block as many as possible. 
    Some Supers are breakable with recover-HP (or jump-HP) but that 
    depends who's dishing it out to ya!
    X: There you go, Mr.Blanka, sir.. all done!
    B: Big deal, Badbreath X! You take 1 week for just these few lines?!
    X: Why ya no good lousy @#$%@&$#!!!!
    B: Raahhaawggh!! Rawaauuugh!! Raaawaauugh!! Me crack me up!!
    Well, there you have it, folks! That one way of fighting ME WAY!! The 
    BLANKA-way! Me sincerely hope you enjoyed this FAQ & found it 
    informative & resourceful. IF me receive enough response & new ideas & 
    encouragement, who knows! maybe me might convince other World Warriors 
    (like me old friends Vega, Balrog, Honda, Guile etc) to write their own 
    FAQs! With Badmash X the-boy-wonder handling typing of course!
    X: Whaaaat?!?!?! I QUIT I QUIT!!! (runs away to airport)
    B: Haahahahrrrggh!! Some people! Don't got no sense of humus! Oh well 
    time for lunch, time for lunch!! Raaooughh!! (rolls away)
    Please direct your e-mails (if any) to omar_ken@yahoo.com
    Finally, at last, and NOW! Now that you're ready for the real fight, 
    don't EVER forget these top-10 EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RULES:
    10. Do NOT base the fight on connecting Super Combos only
    9. Keep the time-factor in mind from, er, time to time
    8. Don't LOOK at your life; have an idea of how much is left!
    7. Don't LOOK at your Super-meter; have an idea of it
    6. PLEEEASE keep moving around, don't just sit there!!
    5. Puh-LEEEAASE keep mixing up your attacks!
    4. Don't WAIT for your opponent to attack; ANTICIPATE the next move
    3. Set up your opponent CONSTANTLY & make your own openings!!
    2. Keep your eyes ON YOUR OPPONENT, not on your own fighter!
    1. CAPCOM rules
    December 19, 2000 --- found the spirit (& BLANKA) to begin this FAQ
    December 20, 2000 --- more info posted in the Commentary section
    December 23, 2000 --- came back after short break of SFA3 & StarCraft
    December 24, 2000 --- FAQ almost complete. No I'm not on drugs etc.
    December 25, 2000 --- StarCraft sucks!!! So damn @#$%ing impossible!!
    December 25, 2000 --- the end. I'm back home. Peace at last..
    December 26, 2000 --- minor tweaks. Yay, SF-Zero is on TV tonite!
    December 30, 2000 --- well I think it's quite complete now..
    Eid Mubarak, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take your pick.
    Gratitude re: this FAQ ->
    Capcom of Japan
    The genius behind BLANKA
    The other genius, who got him prepped for SFA3
    Nintendo, for everything
    Andrea, Caroline, Sharon & Jim - The Corrs
    Mansoor, (yeah yeah yeah)
    Suleman (haaaa.... hOOOOOOO!!! Lag gya na patakha! Ehh!!)  //\\
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    -[ BOOKS ]-
    Some books I recommend..
     IT – Stephen King
     THE HOBBIT – J.R.R.Tolkien (and some of his other fantasy stuff)
    Worst Book of the Year: Desparation (Stephen King)
    Better Book of the Year: Rose Madder (Stephen King)
    Best Book of the Year: I'm still writing it..
    Best Artist of the Year (Music): The Corrs
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     IN BLUE – The Corrs
     THESE DAYS – Bon Jovi
     GUNDAM W soundtrack – Two Mix
    Worst Artist of the Year:
    BS.Boys, Wastelife, Ricky Moron, N'Stync, 98.Dungarees, Bozozone, Ricky 
    Moron, Britney (BS), Christina Uglyera, other boybands, girlbands, 
    child & teen sensations, Ricky Moron, rap artists (except Will Smith), 
    heavy metal/grunge bands, 'comeback' artists and bands, Ricky Moron.
    Really Really Sucks Album of the Year: Crush (Bon Jovi) 2000
    Best Artist of the Year: The Corrs
    Best International Artist of the Year:
    Jangli Jaggas (www.mp3.com/jagga) & Two-Mix   (it's a tie)
    -[ GAMES ]-
    Worst Toy Oops I Mean Console of the Year: PlayStation
    Best Console of the Year: DreamCast
    Best Overall Game of the Year: Street Fighter Alpha 3
    Best Artist of the Year (Music): The Corrs
    -[ MOVIES ]-
    A bunch of really good REALLY RECOMMENDED flicks..
     LETHAL WEAPON 1-4: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci etc
     ALIENS: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Beihn, Bill Paxton etc
     NAKED GUN 1-3: Leslie Nielsen etc
     BACK TO THE FUTURE 1-3: Michael J.Fox, Christopher Lloyd etc
     CHARLIE'S ANGELS: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu etc
     BEDAZZLED: Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley
     TRUE LIES, PREDATOR: Two of Arnie (Schwarzenegger)'s better flicks
     GHOSTBUSTERS 1: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis
     GROUNDHOG DAY: Bill Murray (hilarious, but the ending is weak)
    Some recommended (but old) anime:
    Patlabor, Project A-KO, Street Fighter II The Animated Movie, Cyber 
    City Oedo 808, Gunsmith Cats, G.S.Mikami, Street Fighter II'V, 
    DragonBall Z, Ranma, Slayers, You're Under Arrest, Street Fighter Zero
    -=BEST Movie=- of the Year: CHICKEN RUN!!
    Worst Movie of the Year: Mission Impossible 2. Or the Matrix.
    Actor of the Year: Mel Gibson. Gibson over Hanks anytime anywhere!
    Actress of the Year: Tom Cruise & Brad Spitt  (it's a tie)
    Much Better Actress of the Year: Sandra Bullock
    Best Artist of the Year (Music): The Corrs
    ..acha BAS yaar, bohat hay hehehehh
    Best Artist of the Year (Music): The Corrs..

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