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    Balrog by The V

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    This FAQ is by "The V", 10-27-01, Version 1.1. Copyright 2001. No part of
    this document can be reproduced and distributed via means mechanical or
    otherwise FOR PROFIT without the consent of the author. Reproduction and
    distribution for any other reason is welcome so long as the author is given
    appropriate credit.
    All games, characters, names, etc. are trademark and property of their
    respective company, Capcom.
    Comments can be sent to viwong@interchange.ubc.ca
    Revison History
    10/27/01 - Version 1.1
    -major move description additions
    -minor re-organisation and editing
    -more strategies added
    10/16/01 - Version 1.0 complete.
                              Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3
                               Z/A-ISM M.Bison/Balrog FAQ
    1 Introduction
      1.1 Biography and background
    2 Basic Commands
      2.1 Legend
      2.2 Standard Moves
    3 Move List
      3.1 Special
      3.2 Supers
      3.3 Regulars
    4 Combos and Strategies
      4.1 Some Combos
      4.2 Tips and Strategies
    5 Miscellaneous and Closing
    This is a FAQ on the arcade A-ISM version of the character M. Bison/Balrog
    for Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 (SFZ/A3). In this game M. Bison/Balrog plays
    similar to his Street Fighter 2 through Street Fighter 2 X/Turbo
    incarnations (SSF2TX/T); however, with a heavy loss of normal moves. In
    SSF2X/T, he had different animations for many of his punches, which were
    lost in this version. Although, not a top ranked character, with high
    damaging hits and one devestating super move, he can win a few matches.
    Nevertheless, he remains a fun character to play as he is easy to learn and
    his moves possess some interesting properties.
    Before you can play M. Bison/Balrog in the arcade, you first need to select
    him. To select M. Bison/Balrog in the arcade version, your machine has to
    have a blue title screen. This means the secrets have been time released.
    Put in your credits and press start. Hilight Karin, while holding start for
    5 seconds. Then, still holding start, move to any random select box and hit
    a button, M. Bison/Balrog should appear.
    Name: M. Bison (Japan), Balrog (USA)
    Birthday: 09-04-68
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 250 lbs
    Blood Type: A
    Fighting Style: Boxing
    Homeland: USA
    Allied with: Vega/M.Bison
    Game appearances: SF, SF2-SSF2X/T (5 games), SFZ/A3 (1 games), Capcom Vs
    SNK, Capcom Vs SNK 2.
    M. Bison/Balrog was a big league boxer until he was exiled from boxing for
    being excessively violent and finally killing somebody in the ring. Without
    a league to fight in, he entered the original SF tournament to make money
    for a living. Later on he would be noticed and recruited by Vega/M. Bison as
    a member of Shadowlaw. Despite the SFZ/A3 ending, M. Bison/Balrog did not
    betray Vega/M. Bison in the official storyline. He would remain loyal to him
    and would become one of the three lords of Shadowlaw (in the Japanese
    storyline, Sagat is not a lord of Shadowlaw - his story was changed from
    what it was in SF2-SSF2X/T). M. Bison/Balrog appears to have a strong belief
    in the American dream.
    *The background information presented above was mostly from a message board
    posting form Saiki. If anyone wants the original thread, simply e-mail me.
    2.1 LEGEND
    Control positions
    U - UP         UF - UP FORWARD
    D - DOWN       DF - DOWN FORWARD
    B - BACK       DB - DOWN BACK
    Combo shorthand (where X is a button).
    -> - BUFFER TO
    + - LINK TO
    j.X - JUMP IN WITH X
    s.X - STANDING X
    BLOCK - When attacked high, hold B. When attacked low, hold DB.
    AIR BLOCK - When attacked in the air, hold B or DB.
    GUARD METER PROTECTION - Perform a BLOCK or AIR BLOCK just before an attack
    hits. If done properly, your character will flash blue.
    ZERO/ALPHA COUNTER - When blocking and attack hold F and press HP and HK
    together (not available in X-ISM).
    THROW - When close to opponent hold F or B and press PP or KK
    TECH THROW - When opponent attempts to throw, hold F or B and press PP or
    AIR RECOVERY - When knocked into the air, press PP. Hold F to recover
    slightly towards the opposition and hold B to recover slightly away from the
    GROUND RECOVERY - Press KK when knock down or after an AIR-BLOCK. Hold F to
    roll behind an opponent (not available in X-ISM).
    TAUNT - Press start buttton (not available in X-ISM).
    COUNTER HIT - Hit an opponent while before they finish the animation for a
    DAMAGE REDUCTION - Wiggle the controller and rapidly press the button while
    you are being hit. If done correctly, your character will flash red.
    DAMAGE REDUCTION (HOLDS) - Wiggle the controller and rapidly press the
    button while you are in a hold. If done correctly, your character will flash
    red (not available in X-ISM).
    STUN OPPONENT - Repeatedly get successful hits on your opponent. When
    stunned the opponent will have "birds" around his head and is completely
    helpless for a period of time.
    STUN RECOVERY - Wiggle the controller and rapidly press the button while
    DAMAGE INCREASE (HOLDS) - Wiggle the controller and rapidly press the button
    while you are performing a hold. If done correctly, your character will
    flash white.
    TRADE COUNTER HIT - If you are COUNTER HIT, you have a tiny window of time
    to force your would be disrupted move through. To do this hold any direction
    while receving a counter hit and press a button. If done properly your
    character will flash red and the attack will complete.
    GUARD CRUSH - Repeatedly force your opponent to block to decrease his guard
    meter to zero. When this occurs the opposition is momentarily open for
    3 MOVES
    M. Bison/Balrog has in his arsenal some pretty effective special moves. Many
    of them are very quick, high damaging, and combo friendly. They are meant to
    be used in a "mix-up" fashion, always keeping your opponent guessing. He has
    several surprise moves which should be used when the opponent leaves you an
    NAME: Dash Straight
    COMMAND: Hold B (2 Seconds), F + P.
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog slides forward with a fast lunging punch.
    FUNCTIONS: Combo finishes, some anti-air, guard crush damage.
    COMMENTS: This is an excellent combo move as it is very fast, has good range
    and the damage is not bad. It can be comboed off light and medium attacks.
    When timed correctly, especially if an opponent is jumping towards you to
    gain ground, you can use this to knock them out of the air. This move when
    used in combos will give enough recovery time so you will not be punished by
    a counter attack. One weakness of this move is if blocked deep you are very
    close to your opponent which is not ideal if you are facing grapplers or
    characters with punishing supers. Against a high priority move (e.g.,
    Zangief's Double Lariat) this move will be stuffed every time outside a
    NAME: Dash Upper
    COMMAND: Hold B (2 Seconds), F + K.
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog slides forward with a lunging uppercut.
    FUNCTIONS: Anti air, combo finishes.
    COMMENTS: Almost as good as the Dash Straight (not as much range) with many
    of the same pitfalls. This is an excellent anti-air move. If the opponent
    jumps at you or jumps straight up this move wil be able to tag them. Be
    careful of opponents who want to jump behind you becuase if you dash too
    early you will miss the opponent completely. For variety, finish combos with
    this move or the Dash Straight.
    NAME: Dash Ground Straight
    COMMAND: Hold B (2 Seconds), DF + P.
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog slides forward and ends with a ducking punch to
    the legs of the opponent.
    FUNCTIONS: Knock-down attack, combo finishes.
    COMMENTS: This is another move that you'll use often. You want to mix this
    move with the Dash Upper and Straight, if you plan to attack with specials
    outside of combo range; although, I advise you don't do this often because
    you will be predictable. This move is best used in combos and when as a
    surprise move when your opponent jumps behind you. Many people think you
    lose your charge immediately if they switch sides with you but they fail to
    realise you turn around automatically, so if you finish your motion, even
    when your opponent is behind you, you will do the move in the appropriate
    direction. The key is not to panic when someone jumps towards, if you stand
    to block, you will lose your charge. Look carefully where his/her jump is
    directed at. Note: For cross ups, it is possible that the Dash Upper and
    Dash Ground Upper are better choices, but I have yet to verify this.
    NAME: Dash Ground Upper
    COMMAND: Hold B (2 Seconds), DF + K.
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog slides forward, and from a crouch ends with a
    lunging uppercut.
    FUNCTIONS: Combo finishes.
    COMMENTS: I don't use this move much. I find that there is no big difference
    between it and the Dash Upper. However one might use it similar to the Dash
    Ground Straight but for cross ups, but I have not verified if this works. I
    do know you can finsh combos with this move, but I don't have much to say
    about it.
    NAME: Buffalo Head
    COMMAND: Hold D (2 Seconds), U + P. (Reversal only)
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog laughs and springs up with a head charge.
    FUNCTIONS: Wake-up move.
    COMMENTS: You can only use this move when knocked down and coming out of
    block stun or hit stun. This sas a very good anti-air in SSF2 & SSF2X/T.
    Unfortunately, as a reversal only move in this game it is not as effective.
    The best way to use this move is to use it sparingly as a wake up tactic.
    You want your opponent to forget it exists and carelessly jump at you when
    you're down. Remember that it can be used if you are hit (usually only when
    not a deep hit) and when coming out of a block. Surprise the opponent and
    switch the momentum of the match.
    NAME: Turn Punch
    COMMAND: Hold PPP or KKK then release.
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog turns around, mutters a number or says "Final",
    and then performs a lunging punch.
    FUNCTIONS: Counter attack.
    COMMENTS: This is M. Bison/Balrog trickiest move to use. The longer you hold
    the move the more damage (both regular and block) and range it will have.
    This move has 10 levels and at 43 seconds (of real time) the move is maxed
    doing close to 55% damage. The trouble is you lose 3 buttons when using this
    move and it is not worth charging unless you're willing to wait for the
    higher levels (the low levels are really slow and low damaging). In
    addition, there is no guarantee it will hit even when fully charged. If you
    do use this move, be patient and let it go when (if) your opponent leaves a
    juicy opening.
    3.2 SUPER MOVES:
    NAME: Crazy Buffalo
    COMMAND: Hold B (2 seconds), F, B, F + P.
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog slides forward and performs multiple Dash
    Straights. He will end the move with a turn punch at higer levels.
    FUNCTIONS: Combos, Counter attack, guard crush.
    COMMENTS: This super is good. It is very safe and quick. Whether you want to
    use it depends on your play style. If you're strategy revolves around
    hitting with a high damaging super, you probably won't use this move and
    save all three levels for the Gigaton Blow. If your strategy is geared
    towards guard breaks, this is the super to use. It is fast and has much of
    the same properties as the Dash Straight; however, during this move you can
    press and hold K to make him do Dash Uppers instead. You can switch back to
    Dash Straights be pressing and holding P. The Crazy Buffalo does not do huge
    block damage damage by itself, but when used in conjunction with standing
    HP/HK and low HK, it will be enough. You want your opponents guard meter to
    be flashing then break his or her guard with this move (depending how low
    you can get the meter, choose between level 1 or 2) and then go back to work
    with lowering the guard meter again and repeat.
    NAME: Gigaton Blow (level 3 only)
    COMMAND: Hold B (2 Seconds), F, B, F + K.
    DESCRIPTION: M. Bison/Balrog winds up, flashes, and unleashes with a
    devestating straight punch.
    FUNCTIONS: Wake-up, Counter attack, combo finish, just plain finish the
    COMMENTS: This move is why I began using M. Bison/Balrog. This move is very
    high damaging and is very fast after the initial wind up. I know of only one
    combo to use it in right now, but it's best outside of combos as you get the
    full damage. If you see and opening this is the move to super to use. If hit
    clean, the opposing sprite will flip around in circles. If blocked it still
    does very good guard meter damage. The only problems with the move is the
    initial wind up in which you are open to sweeps and the fact that it is lv3
    only. This means you get one shot only and if you miss it is a complete
    As I hinted at in the intro. M. Bison/Balrog does not have a wide variety of
    regular moves. All his jumping regulars have the same animation. They differ
    in duration, damage, and priority only. He has no regular move variants when
    up close either. That is, his standing and crouching punches are the same
    regardless if he is positioned close or far to the opponent. Because of this
    I'm simply going to lump his light, medium and heavy attacks together to
    save time.
    Punches his fists together.
    Z/A-Ism - Does a Buffalo Head.
    V-Ism - Does a low HK.
    NAME: Head Bomber
    COMMAND: When close to opponent, F or B and PP
    DESCRIPTION: Clutches the opponent and delivers a series of headbutts.
    FUNCTIONS: Anti-blocking.
    COMMENTS: Make sure you use the damage increase function for holds.
    NAME: Kuuchuu Head Bomber
    COMMAND: When close and in the air, F or B and PP
    DESCRIPTION: Grabs the opposition in the air and headbutts him or her once.
    FUNCTIONS: anti air-blocking.
    COMMENTS: None.
    LP/LK - M. Bison/Balrog does a typical boxing jab. This is a very quick high
    priority jab. Very good combo intiator as you can sneak in three of these
    then finish with one of his specials. Also you can use it as a last ditch
    anti-air if the opponent jumps in right on top of you. Against the CPU, you
    could continuously hold F and press LP/LK and get pretty far in the game
    (much like Rolento).
    MP/MK - M. Bison/Balrog does a quick standing upper cut. You can buffer his
    specials from this but the timing is a bit tricky. Not bad as an anti-air.
    The priority is quite good, but due to the lack of range, I don't use it
    HP/HK - M. Bison/Balrog performs a long ranged straight punch. This move is
    very good for poking. It has good damage (both normal and guard meter) and
    range but it's priority is not that good and it has lag. It is vulnerable to
    jabs and will be beaten by some higher priority normals. Be very carfeful
    not to be predictable against Dragon Punch wielding characters and watch out
    for sweeps. Best to hit the opponent with the very tip of the punch. I tend
    to use it when the opponent is a full HP/HK away or after a jump in with a
    medium attack.
    LP/LK - M. Bison/Balrog does a quick stiking aerial gut punch directed about
    45 degrees towards the ground. Good priority and damage is not bad for a
    light attack, but not a move that is used often.
    MP/MK - Same animation as above. This move retracts later than the light
    version and again has good priority and is quite quick. Use this for jump
    ins then follow with a combo or standing HP/HK. This way if you hit you do
    some damage and if blocked you are pushed away far enough to avoid
    retaliation and will do good guard damage. Other notetable feature of this
    move is it can be used in cross ups fairly easily; although, as a charge
    character it is harder to fully take advangtage of a successful cross-up.
    HP/HK - Same animation as the two above. Longest duration and the most
    damage. This is the best jump in attack to initiate combos, but has the most
    lag. The timing for a successful hit is a little different from the medium
    version which is I personally prefer the medium attacks for jump-ins.
    LP/LK - M. Bison/Balrog does a crouching version of the standing LP/LK. Same
    properties and uses.
    MP/MK - Same animation as the above but a bit more lag and damage. It has
    better range and is M. Bison/Balrog's best low poke. It can buffer into all
    his specials except the Turn Punch and Buffalo Head. Use this move often at
    intermedite range and if it connects, buffer to a special.
    HP - Finally a variant! M. Bison/Balrog does a crouching upper-cut. Probably
    his best anti-air normal and it does good damage. You can combo this move
    into the Gigaton Blow, but not into any specials.
    HK - M. Bison/Balrog does a low punch to the opponents legs for a one-hit
    knock-down. This is M. Bison/Balrog's sweep. I underestimated this move
    greatly. It is an excellent low poke on par in range and priority with Chun
    Li's low HK and it is very fast. Use this move often and mix it up with low
    medium attacks and standing hard attacks. It is best to hit right at the tip
    of the punch to avoid retalitory strikes.
    4.1 Here are some combos:
    -s.LP/LK X 3 -> Dash Straight or Upper
    -c.LP/LK -> Dash Straight or Upper
    -s.MP/MK -> Dash Straight or Upper
    -c.MP/MK -> Dash Straight or Upper
    -j.HP/HK + s.LP/LK X 3 -> Dash Straight or Upper
    -j.HP/HK + c.MP/MK -> Dash Straight or Upper
    -j.HP + c.HP -> Gigaton Blow
    -(Corner only) j.HP + c.LP/LK x 2 -> Crazy Buffalo (lv 2) -> s.LP/LK ->
    Crazy Buffalo (lv 1).
    -(Corner only) j.HP + c.HP -> Crazy Buffalo (lv 3) + s.LP/LK -> HK Dash
    --General "Guard Breaker" approach--
    M. Bison/Balrog is a heavy hitter. His strengths lie in his high damage and
    reach. Taking advantage of both these attributes you can break someones
    guard often and then punish them with your damage. To break the guard meter,
    you want to poke with your Standing HP/HK from a distance and after a
    jump-in. Even if the moves are blocked the opponent's guard meter will
    decrease quickly (a HP/HK takes about one block of guard meter). If you see
    an imminent guard crush, do a low level Crazy Buffalo. This is an excellent
    choice as you will break the guard and deal some damage. Then repeat with
    the pokes and break the guard again with another Crazy Buffalo and so on. It
    will become easier and easier to break the guard as the guard meter shrinks
    each time you successfully max it out. If you are more patient, break the
    guard completely then hit with a Gigaton Blow. Defensively, when being
    pressured or at close range use LP/LK and MP/MK instead to poke the
    opponent. These moves are quick and have good range so you can push the
    opposition away safely. If any of these low strikes connects though, buffer
    to a Dash Straight, Dash Upper, or Dash Ground Straight to switch back to
    the offensive. Your standing MP/MK is a decent anti-air but the low HP is
    best. Use the Buffalo Head as a wake up move.
    --General "Turn Punch" approach--
    For those of you who want to utilise the Turn Punch, I suggest charging
    before the round starts and charge with PPP because even though you lose the
    low HP, you can always subsitute it with the Dash Upper or Ground Upper.
    Moreover, you still have access to the Gigaton Blow. To make your charge
    worthwhile you want it at the highest level you can get. (In future updates,
    I'll provide a chart of the times required for each level). You, in essence,
    are storing up for a second rate Gigaton Blow that does not require a
    charge. While storing the Turn Punch try to get in close and poke with low
    MK and low HK. The objective of these pokes is to get some damage if
    possible but more importantly to frustrate the opponent so they, hopefully,
    will leave and opening for your Turn Punch or Gigaton Blow. Alternatively,
    you could try turtling and hope your opponent slips up and gives you an
    opening that way. I don't think you can charge the Turn Punch between
    -Although you can switch from Dash Straights to Dash Uppers while doing the
    Crazy Buffalo, abstain from doing it too much. The transition animation can
    leave you open to counter attack. E.g., I switch to Dash Uppers while
    hitting Sagat with a lv 3 Crazy Buffalo and got a Tiger Uppercut for my
    -You can charge the Turn Punch before the round begins. You even get extra
    charge time against the computer during dialogues.
    1. Not entirely sure which was the the true reason, but either for legal
    reasons or censorship (as Mike Tyson was going to jail around the time SF2
    was to be released) the American version of the game changed M. Bison to
    2. M. Bison/Balrog was initially Mike in the original Street Fighter.
    Thanks for Reading!

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