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    Akuma by JYoung

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    ----This Document Copyright 1998 Jason Young----                      
    Jason Young
    Version: uno
    Berfore I get started, I would just like you to know that I "will not" write
    any backround info (where he came from, origins, etc), general moves (advance
    gaurding, air recover, ect), or his ending (beat it yourself).  What I will
    give is some very heavy strategy, like combo's and fake outs, things that will
    help you beat out your friends.  I decided to write an information page on
    Akuma because, well, there's too few out there on him.
    Attack Keys
    P= any punch                   PP= any two punch buttons       PPP= any three
    punch buttons
    WP= weak punch (Jab)     MP= medium punch (Strong)      HP=hard punch (Fierce)
    WK= weak kick (short)	   MK= medium Kick (Foward)       HK= hard kick
    K= any kick                      KK= any two kicks                    KKK= any
    three kicks
    Directional Keys
                                                                       u= up
                                      ul/lu= diagonaly up/left        ur/ru=
    diagonaly up/right 
    		                 l= left                           n= neutral
    r= right    
                                      dl= diagonaly down left        dr= diagonaly
    down right 
    										     d= down
    -If in upper case, "hold" that           
    qcf= quarter circle foward (d, df, f)          qcb= quarter circle back (d,
    db, b)
    hcb= half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)       hcf= half circle foward (b, db,
    d, df, f)
    -General Info-
         If people see you use him, they're probably going to blab on how cheap he
    is, or how he never changes from game to game.  The truth is, Akuma is the
    most well rounded character in the game!  He hurts alot like Ryu but keeps
    decent speed like Ken (and has his wild kicks, too).  The only thing that
    might hurt you is the incredible damage that he takes.  If somone nails you
    directly, you'll notice that the damage seems to keep draining away.  So if
    you don't like damage, don't choose him.  
    X= available in X-ism     A= available in A-ism     V= available in V-ism
    Gou Hadouken -XAV-  
     A decent fireball.  This move is useful against turtlers (people who keep
    blocking) and for a decent game of keep-away.  Akuma recovers from this move
    faster than Ryu and it has a tendency to knock down an opponent on a minor or
    major ground counter.  This move can also easily set up for a juggle and in
    useful "in" a juggle as well.
    Zankuu Hadouken -XAV-   
    in air, qcf+p
    This move has a unbelievable start-up delay and I only recomend you use this
    at certain times.  He does two hand movements in the air before letting out a
    fireball the floats diagonally down/foward.  Plan carefully before you use
    this move.  This move is also a result of one of the cheapest tactics I've
    ever seen.
    Shankunetsu Hadouken -XAV-
    Akuma's flaming fireball hits multiple time when MP or HP is used.  It does
    very good chipping damage (or block damage), and if blocked, leaves you
    relatively save from a counter attack.  Works very well in combo's.
    Gou Shouryuken -XAV-
    f, d, df+p 
    Despite what anyone will ever tell you, the WP "Dragon Uppercut" (as it is
    also known) is stronger and causes more damage than MP or HP does.  The WP
    version can cause an instant loss of more than 15% of your life bar and can
    set up juggle really good.  Also, the WP version has him invincible from any
    ground attack while rising and invincible from any air attack when coming down
    (except supers).
    Tatsumaki sen-pu Kyaku -XAV-
    This is "the" best move in the game to set up juggles.  This move is also
    known as a "Hurricane Kick".  You can juggle a "dragon uppercut", a fireball,
    another "Huricane Kick", any of his standing moves (except WK) and, although
    difficult, any normal air attack.  If any expert is using him, watch him fly
    around with this move.  This move can also be done in the air.
    Zenpou Tenshin -AV-
    I personaly never saw this move (or pulled it off, by that matter) with my own
    eyes but I'm pretty sure it exists (it's in so many move lists and there's
    even a name for it).
    Ashura Senku -XAV-
    f, d, df+PPP/KKK or b, d, db+PPP/KKK
    This is his teleportation move.  He is completely invincible while performin
    this move.  The KKK version doesn't teleport himj as far as the PPP version.  
    Tenma Kuujinkyaku
    jump foward in air d+MK
    Some versions require you to press "df" instead.  This is a very good move
    that I consider cheap for the fact that it's nearly impossible to counter.
    Bassically, he dives diagonolly down/foward with a kick a recovers almost
    instantly.  Does anyone know how the counter this move?
    Hyakki Shuu -AV-
    qcf, uf+p
     This is a multi-part move...keep going
    After Hyakki Shuu...
                    l`````````````````l```````````````````           l
    -Hyakki Gou Zan         l             -Hyakki Gou Shou Press-
    -Hyakki- Gou Sai-        
    Do nothing                V               Press K after
    Press P after       
                          -Hyakki Gou Tsui - 
                           Press Kick after when close   
    -Super Moves-	
    Metsu Gou Haduken -AX-
       qcb, qcb+p	
    His super fireball is toned down greately from Ryu's.  Unlike Ryu's, there is
    no speical attribute about it.  The damage is pethetic and anyone with half a
    brain can block this move.  Take my advice an don't use it. 
    Messatsu Gou Shouryuu -AX-
    qcf, d, df+p
    This is his best super.  It juggles perfectly and does good damage.  Unlike
    Ken, however, he isn't invincible during this move.
    Tenma Gou Zankuu
    in air qcf, qcf+p
    This has a terrible start-up delay and rarely hits.  It does good damage but
    isn't worth the effort.  Pull it off wisely.
    Shun Goku Satsu 
    WP, WP, f, WK, HP
    Also known as the Raging Demon, this has easily become the most famous super
    is Street Fighters history.  This move is unblocable but does a petetic amount
    of damage and requires all three super bars.  Use it when they're sure to die.
         Akuma, like many other street fighters, has a combo system.  Here's the
    deal:  Follw the graph below.  As long as you start with a "starter" or a
    "hyper linker", you can follow up with a "linker" to "ender", just end, or
    just stop the combo.  A juggle can be automatically preformed ar anytime
    during the combo unoptionaly, so I just graphed that a juggle can be preformed
    anytime.  A juggle can be preformed with certain moves of his, though.   
               -------hyper linker-----      \  
    	     l               l              l           \     juggle
              V              V            V         /
    	starter  >  linker  >  ender    /
    Starters          Hyper Linkers          Linkers          Enders
    Any jump in     D+WK                      D+MK/WK      Dragon           WP-
    Uppercut        Uppercut
                          D+WP                      MP/WP
    d+MK/WK                                                             Hurricane
    Hurricane Kick 
                                                          D+any P          Kick
    d+any P 	
                                                          HP if close
    -"Juggles" are reffering to moves that can create a juggle
    -A "Hyper Linker"  is a single move that can be preformed repeatedely if done
    -"Supers not include"
    -Personal Favorites-
    Although you can create your own comboes with the combo meter above, here are
    some of my favorites!
    D+WK 2-5 times  >  D+HK
    Quick and effective when they keep rushing at you.  Take notice at the combos.
    This one starts with a Hyper Linker and ends with an ender.
    D+MK  >  Fireball
    Whether its a flaming or just a normal, make sure the fireball is not the WP
    version because they'll recover before it reaches them half the time.  Try
    adding a Jumping HK before to make it even more deadly.  Possibly the most
    useful combo in his arsenal.
    Jump Kick with HK  > land >  D+MK  >  MK-Hurricane Kick  >  HP-Dragon Uppercut
    If all goes well, there should be 7 hits in all.  If you suck at the F, D, FD
    motion, you can substitute the MK-Hurricane kick with a HK version to get
    three hits instead of two (but you have to saccrifice the Uppercut) or just do
    a fireball as they come back to earth.  His Hurricane always juggles if hit
    but do not preform it if the're crouching on the HK starter.
    Jump Punch with HP  > land >  Super Fireball/Super Uppercut
    The easiest way to combo in a super.  Very nice damage (toned down a bit) but
    hard to connect on expierienced players.  Must be preformed very quickely. 
    MK-Hurricane Kick  >  Super Fireball/Super Uppercut
    This is a fairly easy way to combo in a super but not as easy or effective as
    the one above.  The Super Fireball/Super Uppercut is a juggle so you'll have
    to delay a split second before the supers.  Very flashy!  
    WP-Draggon Uppercut  >  Super Uppercut/Superfireball
    Terribly difficult to connect.  This will only work with the WP and must hit
    2-3 times on ground or once on a jumping opponent.  There is little time to
    juggle so it must be preformed very quickly.  Even if they do a Quick recover,
    you'll be fairly safe from a counter attack.  Very damaging.
    MK-Hurricane Kick  >  Raging Demon
    This will connect as long as they don't quick recover.  Heck, even if they do,
    they still get nailed with it half the time!  You have to time this move
    right.  Delay the Super for about half a second.
    Jump Punch with a HP  > land >  D+WK 3-5 times  >  D+HK
    This is a "dizzy" combo.  If you connect with all five WK's, you're gauranteed
    that your opponent will become dizzy.  If you connect less than three times
    then it has little chance of working. 
    Ready to piss of some opponents?!!!
    - Use the standing WK a lot because It can only be crouched blocked, making it
    one of the trickiest moves in the game (because few moves hit down when you're
    - When you know they have to block, do a Flaming Fireball with HP to chip a
    little bit of life and you'll be safe from a counter attack because by the
    time all three hits are blocked, you would already be recovered.
    - When ever you jump back, do an air fireball to prevent an anti-air move.
    - if your jump in attack of any kind fails, immediately press F+MP to prevent
    "most" counter attacks.  This move cannot be blocked couching.
    - If you accidently preform the wrong special move, you can cancel it by
    taunting (pressing the start button).  This can only be used once per round.  
    - Don't use his Dragon Uppercut more than his normal uppercut (D+HP) because
    the normal uppercut has a better chance of trading hits with an anit-ground
    - The instant you see a "flash", you know somone preformed a major counter and
    if your opponent is hurling, you can juggle em', so instanly pull of a Dragon
    Uppercut or a Jumping HK to deal some decent damage.  If they quick-recover,
    throw a fireball and they won't be able to  block it half the time.
    - If you see a flash and you're the one hurling, press PPP to quick-recover.
    Don't preform a move afterwards or you won't be able to block until you touch
    - Instead of using his teleport, roll (b, db, d+HP).  It's quicker and harder
    to counter.  "DO NOT", however, roll on Zangief or on Rainbow Girl.
    - If you're meeting an opponent in air, use HP because chances are, you'll
    beat em' out (unless its Bison, Sagat, or Sakura, then you just block).
    - Every time you're near but not that close, do a WK-Hurricane kick.  They'll
    ussually try to counter attack it but you'll recover in time to counter attack
    -Cheap Tactics- 
    ~These are really cheap so I suggest you don't use them on a human opponent~
    - jump towards them or straight up and do an air fireball then the instant you
    touch ground, teleport behind em' and either throw or combo or do something to
    take advantage (you can roll instead of teleport, which makes it even more
    - Go near em' and jump toward+HK/WK/WP and when you land, thow your opponent.
    The HK/WK/WP must hit them "while rising".  This prevents them from turning
    around even after you touch ground behind them for a while, making it nearly
    impossible to counter attack.  Whether they're hit or they block the rising
    move, this will still work.
    - This ones costly but...jump toward them and do a WP Super Air Fireball, the
    instant you land, Jump straight up and do another one while rising.  The
    instant you land, do it again.  After the third WP Super Fireball, they'll be
    gaurd crushed (unable to block) an do as you will on them :-)  (this one
    requires them to block all the supers.  although you'll look stupid throwing
    out supers you know they'll block, you won't look so stupid when they can't
    -How to beat Akuma!!!-
    TOO BAD CAUSE I AIN'T GONNA TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    --I give credit to the arcade computer because thats where I got most of the
    --I give thanx to that dude at the arcade that gave me some tactics (I never
    learned his name)--
    --I give thanks to CAPCOM for wasting my money--
    --I give Thancs to the crew at Gamesages and IGN64--

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