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    Charlie (V-Ism) by SurfBard

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 04/11/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Street Fighter Alpha 3
     Nash (aka Charlie) V-ISM FAQ
     by SurfBard <surfbard@nycap.rr.com>
     Version 0.7 (Last Modified 11 Apr 1999)
     http://www.gamefaqs.com - http://www.fighters.net
      OK, this FAQ was basically started because I used Nash (Charlie, I will
     refer to him as Nash for the rest of this FAQ) with V-ISM on a whim and
     really liked what I saw, for some reason. Anyway, if you have any
     V-ism combos please do not hesitate to send them in so I can check them
      This FAQ may be redistributed in its entirety electronically as long
     as full credit is given and this text file is not altered in any way,
     shape or form. Please contact me if you wish to reproduce this by
     any means other than the Internet. I'm not making any money here, why
     should you?
     v0.7 4/11 Corrected some VC hit numbers and damage amounts.
               Started work on the three V-ism style types, Mid-Field,
               Corner, and Brutality.
               Started work on the VS Character Strategy section.
               Minor corrections: move names, executions.
     v0.6 4/10 Added four VC's, plus descriptions of good attacks to use
               during VC's.
     v0.5 4/10 The FAQ is born.
      ub  u  uf      To the left is the default joystick for player one.
        \ | /        The FAQ will be referring to numerous joystick
     b -- n -- f     positions, corresponding such that "f" is forward,
        / | \        "b" is back, etc.
      db  d  df
     P               any punch
     K               any kick
     PP              any two punches
     KK              any two kicks
     PPP             all three punches
     KKK             all three kicks
     LP              light punch (jab)
     MP              medium punch (strong)
     HP              hard punch (fierce)
     LK              light kick (quick)
     MK              medium kick (long)
     HK              hard kick (roundhouse)
     <C>             charge following direction for 2+ seconds, eg <C>b would
                     call for a backwards charge.
     _               essentially means "or", eg b_f would mean you can press
                     either back or forward and get the same effect.
     +               "in conjunction with", eg f+HP would mean press forward
                     and hard punch to get the effect listed.
     ^               move has to be done directly after preceeding move.
     Forward Dash             f, f
     ^ Dash Knee              ^ K
     Sonic Boom               <C>b, f+P
     Flash Kick               <C>d, u+K
     Sobat                    f_b+MK
     Stab Kick                f_b+HK
     Hard Backhand            f+HP
     Alpha Counter            HK while crouching
     VC Activation            P+K
     -Move Descriptions-
     Forward Dash (f, f)
     This is pretty self-explanatory. Nash dashes forward to deliver
     whatever punishment you have deemed necessary more expeditiously. Tap
     back quickly to cancel the dash.
     Dash Knee (K while in Forward Dash)
     Nash throws a quick knee while dashing forward, covering alot of ground.
     Sonic Boom (<C>b, f+P)
     Nash's projectile move. Easy to throw out as a counterattack after
     blocking. Also useful for keeping opponents a healthy distance away
     until you can hit them with something more powerful. The Sonic Boom can
     be jumped over, and in some instances, dodged (see Zangief, Cody, etc).
     Flash Kick (<C>d, u+K)
     Also referred to as the Somersault Shell. Nash delivers a very powerful
     upwards attack that is useful for taking out airborne opponents, also
     fun to use in close and during V-ism strike (see below). The Flash
     Kick is also a good bet when you've successfully blocked a low attack.
     Sobat (f_b+MK)
     The Sobat is easily my favorite of Nash's arsenal, maybe because of
     the distance it covers, possibly because of my excessive, maniacal
     usage of it during V-ism combos. At any rate, Nash hits the opponent
     with a jumping sidekick, which can be done either forwards for
     a malicious offensive or backwards for a hit-and-run effect.
     Stab Kick (f_b+HK)
     Nash attacks with a hard-hitting kick, not terribly impressive
     otherwise. Good range, and can be linked into the end of some
     V-ism combos.
     Hard Backhand (f+HP)
     Reminiscent of M. Bison's (er, Balrog's) powerful punches, Nash
     spins around and strikes with a hard fist. Also an interesting move
     to throw into a V-ism combo.
     Alpha Counter (HK while crouching)
     When done at the right moment, the Alpha Counter delivers some damage
     and renders the opponent's attack useless. This is the same as the
     Alpha Counter from the beginning of the series.
     VC Activation (P+K)
     This is where it all starts. Nash charges up (stops any other action
     on the field momentarily) and a second Nash follows him around,
     shadowing his every move for the duration of the V-ism bar's usage.
     The V-ism combo can be activated at any time when Nash's V-ism bar
     is at 50% or above, the higher the bar, the longer the V-ism combo
     lasts. The V-ism combo can be activated in midair, as well. If
     Nash cannot block while performing a V-ism combo, and if he is hit
     the combo will stop and the V-ism bar will drop a bit.
     -VC Strikes-
      Nash's V-ism combos should consist of a few staple techniques, which
     contain the following moves:
      * Flash Kick (<C>d, u+K)
      Here, the flash kick is used as the end-all-be-all juggle starter and
      a generally good way to tack on four solid hits to any V-ism combo.
      IMPORTANT: The Flash Kick charge time during a V-ism combo is MINIMAL.
      Take as much advantage of this as possible by linking the Flash Kick in
      without as much trouble as normal.
      * Dash Knee (f, f, K)
      The Dash Knee is Nash's longest-range attack, and is VERY helpful in
      keeping juggle combos alive right to the far corner.
      * Forward Sobat (f+MK)
      The Sobat can also be used as a slightly shorter, but better looking
      and slightly more damaging alternative to the Knee.
      * Sonic Boom (<C>b, f+P)
      The Sonic Boom, when used correctly at the end of a V-ism combo,
      can tack on an extra two hits as well as providing a good show for
      anyone watching... did I mention it looks cool?
      IMPORTANT: The Sonic Boom charge time during a V-ism combo is MINIMAL.
      Take as much advantage of this as possible by linking the Sonic Boom in
      without as much trouble as normal.
      Another thing to remember about the V-ism combo activation is that the
     lesser strength buttons (LP+LK) cause less "shadow delay". With LP+LK
     the delay is just a fraction of a second, while HP+HK the delay would
     be significantly longer. I have found no real practical uses for a
     HP+HK activation other than a staggered, layer-style attack.
      Nash has three major types of V-ism combo strikes that he can use,
     which are the Mid-Field Juggle, Corner Juggle, and Brutality styles.
     Below are descriptions of each and potential combos/ideas for combos.
     =Mid-Field Juggle=
      The following combos should be used when the opponent is midway
     between the two corners of the field. Your primary goal here is to
     get the opponent into a corner so you can proceed with the next
     combo style, the Corner Juggle.
     Command                                     MaxHits Damage Difficulty
     <C>d,u+K, f+MK, <C>b,f+P                      07      31      Beg
     <C>d,u+K, f,f,K, <C>b,f+P                     07      32     Beg
     <C>d,u+K, f,f,K, <C>d,u+K, f+MK, <C>b,f+P     12      40+     Int
     <C>d,u+K, f,f,K, <C>d,u+K, f,f,K, <C>d,u+K    15      44      Int
     =Corner Juggle=
      As you may have guessed, the Flash Kick is particularly lethal in
     the corner, where you don't need anything (like the Dash Knee) to
     string more than one Flash Kick together. With one V-ism bar, I have
     gotten a 28-hit, 56-damage combo composed of corner Flash Kicks and
     a few stray Step Kicks and hard hopkicks at the end, without much
     effort at all.
      I have classified this V-ism combo style under this name simply
     because, when done properly, the result looks much like an old-school
     Mortal Kombat type "brutality" finisher. The key here, as with all
     V-ism combos, is to not let your opponent breathe. The following moves
     should be used here for a grounded strike, in no particular order:
     (Forward) Sobat (f+MK), Roundhouse (HK), Hard Backhand (f+HP),
     Hard Sweep (d+HK), Sonic Boom (<C>b, f+P)
     =Anything Else?=
      I will be developing a more comprehensive list of possibilities for
     V-ism combo attacks and putting them here. Do you know of any? E-mail me
     and they just might show up here.
     -VS Character Strategy-
      Within the next few revisions I will be writing up some specialized
     strategy for battles against specific characters. If you have any
     suggestions or particular problems with using Nash against certain
     opponents please don't hesitate to e-mail me.
     I would like to thank:
      Kao Megura <kmegura@yahoo.com> for his great SFA3 moveslist.
      Waleed Aaron Mahdi <middlekick@hotmail.com> for his Nash Z-ISM FAQ.
      The whole cast and crew of #tkn on EFNet for uh... something. Greetz.

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