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    Chun-Li by LBL

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 09/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Chun-Li Guide- Version 0.3
    By: LBL Copyright 2003.
    Version 0.1- Initial version.
    Version 0.2- Final version, fast ain't it?
    Version 0.3- Final final version.  Finally.
    I.    SFA 3 BASICS
    II.   CHUN-LI
    VI.   COMBOS
    I.  SFA 3 BASICS
    In Alpha 3, after selecting your character, you get to select an "-ISM" 
    or mode of play.  Each one has its strengths and weaknesses.  This 
    guide is mostly written for playing Chun-Li in A-ISM, but the general 
    strategies should be adaptable for any ISM.  Here's a description:
    X-ISM:  In this mode, your character loses the ability to air block, 
    alpha counter, taunt, and roll.  They have a predetermined Super Move 
    that utilizes the entire super meter.  Overall, X-ISM deals out and 
    takes in more damage per hit than A or V and have longer guard bars.  
    In X-ISM, Chun-Li will be dressed in her classic SF2 Chinese Dress 
    instead of her Alpha suit.  She has different special moves in X-ISM 
    and plays rather well too.  X-ISM is generally for beginners to the 
    game because the handicaps they have put them at an extreme 
    disadvantage against VCs, but X-Chun is one of the best X-characters.
    A-ISM:  This mode is like the previous Alpha games.  A-ISM characters 
    can air block, perform alpha counters, taunt, etc.  They have 3 levels 
    of super meter to work with.  Level 1 supers are done with (the motion 
    for the move) + jab/short, level 2 with strong/forward, and level 3 
    with fierce/roundhouse.  Also, if you have 2 levels of energy, you can 
    do a level 2 super with fierce/roundhouse. A-ISM is best for Chun-Li 
    since she'll have better defensive moves than in X-ISM, and her VCs 
    aren't that great.
    V-ISM:  V-ISM characters have all the ability of A-ISM characters, plus 
    certain controllable limbs at any distance, but they do not have super 
    moves.  Instead, their energy bar is used for Variable Combos 
    (VCs/Custom Combos) that can be done by pressing a punch and kick 
    button of the same strength simultaneously (like jab + short).  VCs can 
    only be done when the bar is at least 50% full.  Upon activation, your 
    character is invincible proportional to how full your meter was.  
    Unlike in Alpha 2, your character does not speed up (considerably) 
    during a VC and you also can jump and move backwards.  Also, your last 
    trailing image can also hit your opponent.  The time between when you 
    strike and your shadow strikes is determined by which buttons you used 
    to activate the custom.  Jab + Short will make the image hit almost 
    right after you hit the enemy, while Fierce + Roundhouse will delay the 
    image.  Chun-Li does not particularly excel in V-ISM, because she lacks 
    a good mid-screen and all-purpose VC, and the ones she does have are 
    not that great. V-characters do the least damage per hit, but they're 
    VCs hugely makes up for this minor fact.
    "Classic" Mode/No ISM: This not-so-secret-anymore "-ISM" is time 
    released in the arcades, but can be accessed thorough the World Tour 
    Mode on the Playstation.  Supposedly, your characters act like X-ISM 
    characters except they can't recover from air juggles.  But 
    consequently, it is near impossible to juggle these characters anyway.  
    "Classic" characters also do not have a super bar but do tremendous 
    damage with their attacks.  You have no guard meter also.  To access 
    this mode, hold down the Fierce + Roundhouse buttons before you begin a 
    game.  There is no practical reason to choose this mode other than 
    "Low Guard" Mode: This is another secret -ISM.  Your character has only 
    1 block (not including the "curve" block) in his or her guard meter and 
    can therefore be guard crushed quite easily.  To access this mode, hold 
    down the Jab + Short buttons before you begin a game.  Afterwards, you 
    will be able to select from the 3 normal -ISMs.  The only possible 
    reason to choose this mode would be for Karin's 99% throw/Vega 99% 
    airthrow glitches.
    "Mazi" Mode: In this mode, if you lose just one round, you lose the 
    entire match.  I think you take more damage in this mode too.
    New to Alpha 3 is the Guard Meter.  Each time you block an attack, this 
    meter will deplete.  The amount depleted depends on what strength of 
    attack you blocked and whether you blocked right before the attack was 
    about to hit you.  The length of the meter depends on which character 
    and "-ISM" you are using.  When the entire meter is depleted, your 
    character is temporarily stunned (even in the air).  Afterwards you 
    will lose 1 "block" of the meter and it will reset.  The Guard Meter 
    will refill automatically throughout the round.  Your guard meter is 
    also used for Alpha Countering.
    If you hit an opponent with an attack while they're in the middle of 
    their own attack, you will do more damage and score a counter hit. 
    Counter hits are very useful as they stun the enemy longer than normal 
    and thus allow for certain moves to combo when they normally wouldn't 
    off a regular hit.
    U- Up
    D- Down
    F- Forward
    B- Back
    DF- Down Forward
    DB- Down Back
    UF- Up Forward
    UB- Up Back
    QCF- A quarter circle forward (D, DF, F)
    QCB- A quarter circle back (D, DB, B)
    HCF- A half circle forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
    HCB- A half circle back (F, DF, D, DB, B)
    DP- Dragon Punch motion (F, D, DF)
    P- Punch, PP- 2 Punches
    K- Kick, KK- 2 Kicks
    (air)- this move can also be done in the air
    LP- Light punch/Jab
    MP- Medium punch/Strong
    HP- Hard punch/Fierce
    LK- Light kick/Short
    MK- Medium kick/Forward
    HK- Hard kick/Roundhouse
    VC- Variable Combo/Custom Combo
    AC- Alpha Counter
    Throw- F/B + PP (air), F/B + KK (air)
    Tech Hit- F + PP when being thrown
    More Damage/Less Damage- Rapidly shake joystick when doing/being hit 
    with a multi-hitting hold 
    Air Juggle Recover- PP when hit in air
    Roll Recover- KK when hit in air or after airblocking
    Alpha Counter- Block, then F + P&K of same strength (uses up one block
         of the guard meter), Alpha counters use up 1 level of super energy 
         in A-ISM and 50% of the bar in V-ISM 
    Taunt- Push Start (or Select in Playstation)
    II.  CHUN-LI
    Five years have passed since this game was first released.  Four years 
    have passed since I last touched this FAQ.  A lot of things have 
    changed, but I don't think my love for Streetfighter will ever end.  
    Waiver maybe, but never die completely.  I do have to say that without 
    Kaillera, I don't think this FAQ would ever have been updated.  For 
    those who don't know what Kaillera is, it's online emulation.  Yes, you 
    can actually play a decent fighting game (or most any arcade game; 
    Simpsons or D&D anyone?) online these days.  The experience isn't quite 
    the same, and you will soon grow to hate lag, trash-talkers, and sore 
    losers, but the positives outweigh the negatives.
    I'll be a Chun user for life and she's my best character in SFA3.  I 
    give you early warning though: you probably won't be liked much for 
    using and winning with Chun-Li.  Your winning tactics will be called 
    skill-less, despite the fact that you win.  You will accused of winning 
    with a scrub character; despite the fact that the game plans of most 
    body-splashing-random-fiercexN Zangiefs or most V-Akumas and V-Sakuras 
    are equally simplistic.  But learn to ignore them as we all have.  I 
    will admit that Chun is very easy to learn and probably one of the 
    easiest characters to pick up and use well for the amount of work you 
    put in to her  (personally I think Zangief gives out a much bigger 
    reward for the same small amount of work to put into him).  
    "A trained monkey can win with Chun-Li" is not an uncommon phrase.  But 
    this FAQ will hopefully take your Chun from monkey level, to at least 
    to chimpanzee level, and maybe even human level as well.  Enjoy.
    Crouching- Use to stop throw attempts, when getting up, and in linking 
    combos.  In panic situations, like when you and your opponent recover 
    at the same time and are right next to each other, mashing on crouching 
    jab might save you.
    Standing- Use as an anti-air to start a counter juggle.  Like all anti-
    airs, it's distance dependent, but you MUST learn this move.  It is 
    your lifesaver, and many times your only hope, in V-Akuma and Zangief 
    fights.  The standing jab is your "secret" anti-air, since they will 
    not expect it.  And it is your mission to make sure they learn to fear 
    Jumping- A weak downward punch.  Don't use this, you have better air 
    Crouching- One of your zoning moves. Its priority is good; it is 
    cancelable into specials and your kick super, and links into itself on 
    counter hit.  It is also a good anti-cross up when you are getting up 
    or caught crouching.  If timed right, Chun can duck the cross up attack 
    and hits them on the way down with it.  Also stick it out to hit 
    whiffed limbs or kara-cancel into her fireball.
    Standing- A quick, outreached arm forward.  It combos quite nicely and 
    has very good reach.  It should also be used to hit whiffed limbs and 
    it also anti-airs most things that her crouching roundhouse cannot.  
    Finally, this move is Chun's BEST anti-cross up when she is standing.  
    Walk under them and nail them with a standing strong before they reach 
    the ground.
    Jumping- An aerial upwards punch.  Since her punch is aimed upwards, 
    this is not a good jump-in attack, but it's a good air-to-air attack, 
    especially after a counter hit juggle to keep them in the air.  Use to 
    stop air attacks.
    Crouching- A long-ranged ducking punch.  Since it's pretty slow and not 
    cancelable, its uses are limited.  Probably only good for guaranteed 
    damage when you can't reach them in time for anything else, or on sure-
    fire counter hits (like vs. Dhalsim's standing roundhouse).
    Standing (far)- A long-ranged standing punch.  She will aim upwards.  
    Although this cannot cancel, it serves as an excellent anti-air move 
    when people jump at you from far away and you know your low roundhouse 
    can't hit it.
    Standing (close)- One of THE abuseable Chun-Li move.  This move is 
    incredibly meaty, meaning it will stay on the screen for a LONG time, 
    added to the fact that its priority is very very good.  Use this after 
    a cross up in your mix ups, use this on someone getting up, use this to 
    combo, use this juggle in the corner.  In V-ISM, this is one of her 
    controllable limbs. Learn it and love it.
    Jumping- This is your best jump in when you have a guaranteed combo.  
    Air-to-air, it's okay.  For air-to-air battles, it's better to jump 
    AWAY with this move to cover you.
    Crouching- A quick low ankle kick.  Use in mainly in ticks.
    Standing- A quick kick straight forward.  Use to combo into her kick 
    super and to tick randomly.  It's a pretty good anti-ticking move, as 
    it goes over most low attacks.
    Jumping- Chun's notorious cross up and jump kick.  It has ungodly 
    priority, able to hit most everything out of the air and beat out many 
    special move anti-airs as well (Charlie's Flash Kick).  But it's main 
    and most deadly purpose is to cross up and it is VERY easy to do so 
    with it because it's hit box is so large.  Cross up and cross up often 
    whenever you have the opportunity and if you are to ever meet someone 
    in the air, jumping short is your best bet to win.
    Crouching- Chun-Li's infamous crouching forward, except it's not so 
    dangerous or menacing this time around.  It's fairly fast and has very 
    good range, but it's not cancelable into anything.  Use to poke at 
    someone when you know you can't get closer to do more damage and to 
    poke or maintain a safe distance.
    Standing (far)- A kick upwards.  It can anti-air, but only when fully 
    extended and only at the tip.  Best used to maintain a certain distance 
    to gauge your other anti-airs.
    Standing (close)- A short ranged, bent, vertical kick.  It is 
    cancelable, but her strong is more practical.  I heard it can be an 
    anti-air/anti-cross up for when your opponent is straight up on top of 
    you and right over your sprite, but that situation doesn't happen 
    enough to me for me to test it out.  This is a controllable limb in V-
    Jumping (straight up)- This was her Alpha 2 jumping straight-up 
    roundhouse.  Best used to intercept mid-air attacks or make them air-
    block it to force them from getting closer to you.
    Jumping- Her classic air kick which looks exactly like her jumping 
    short.  Like the short, it has extreme air-to-air priority and will 
    beat almost everything it meets in the air.  It's best use is probably 
    as a safe jump AWAY move, to nail long range fast jumpers (like 
    Rolento's jumping jab).
    Crouching- Chun-Li's sweep and one of her most hated moves by her 
    opponents because it is almost stupidly too good.  The priority on this 
    move is godly.  It is basically your poke, your anti-poke, your anti-
    air, and set-up move all in one.  You can ALMOST use it as freely as 
    you want against beginners or the stupid, but you MUST learn what it 
    can and cannot beat.  It's semi-slow on recovery, so don't be baited 
    into using it in bad situations.
    Standing (far)- A new roundhouse kick.  Very nice speed and range.  
    This is a good zoning move, best used at its max range.  This will keep 
    them from jumping (because if they tried they'd jump right into it) and 
    it will pass over some low attacks as well.  Use discretion though, 
    because it is not failsafe and hardly abuseable.  Best used to keep 
    them on the ground.
    Standing (close)- Well, this is her old standing roundhouse originating 
    all the way back to Super Street Fighter 2.  It's a completely vertical 
    kick and decent anti-air, because it's a bit slow coming out.  Just be 
    careful of what distance this or her far roundhouse will come out.  
    This is a controllable limb in V-ISM.
    Jumping (straight up)- This is like her old jumping straight up 
    roundhouse.  Chun will awkwardly stick one leg out at a 90 degree angle 
    and do a flip kick.  Basically an air defense, although not to useful 
    Jumping- A double hitting air kick.  This should NOT be used as a jump-
    in attack because it often misses and is virtually impossible to hit 
    deep with.  Use this in air juggles after a counter hit for it's double 
    hitting ability to keep them in the air and guessing whether to flip 
    out or not.
    Chun-Li can jump off of wall corners.
    TAUNT- Push Start (or Select in Playstation) [1 hit]
    Chun-Li will tilt forward and smile with one arm behind her back and 
    one leg in the air.  She will do a little slap with the other hand and 
    say, "Gomen Ne!" [Sorry].  Like most taunts, you should only use this 
    when far away and preferably after hitting them with a super move.  
    Chun-Li's taunt is one of the few that actually damages the opponent, 
    so if you really want to piss someone off, try to hit (or better yet 
    kill) them with the taunt.  Surprisingly it can anti-air (not well, but 
    better than expected), so that's a good insulting way to kill someone.
    BODY PRESS THROW- F/B + PP (air)
    This is her classic throw she's had since she first appeared.  You will 
    need to learn to add her throws in her mix up/cross up games and her 
    air-throw is a potent weapon to intercept jumping opponents that attack 
    late or don't air recover flip when countered.
    ALPHA COUNTER (A-ISM)- Block, then F + P&K of same strength [1 hit]
    This looks like she's throwing a fireball/her Palm Thrust (in X-ISM).  
    Like all Alpha Counters, it does pathetic damage and its priority is 
    not too hot, but don't underestimate ACs.  They are your friend in 
    stopping blocked VCs from hurting you and can are almost never 
    expected, which make them great for round-winning hits when both 
    players have no energy.
    ALPHA COUNTER (V-ISM)- Block, then F + P&K of same strength [1 hit]
    Chun will do her crouching forward.  This Alpha Counter is much better 
    suited to deal with blocked ground attacks rather than blocked jump-
    ins.  Same uses apply: to save you from blocked VCs, blocked death, or 
    unexpected game-winning hits.
    STOMP KICK- (air) Hold D + forward [1+ hit]
    Use this after you've bounced off a wall.  It has good priority, but is 
    hardly a good combo starter (this isn't Marvel vs. Capcom).  Try to hit 
    airborne opponents with this as it can be done multiple times in the 
    air for good damage.  Also good for a mix up jump in.
    FLIPPING NECK BREAKER- Hold DF + roundhouse [1 hit]
    Do you remember this move in Champion Edition where no one knew what 
    side she would come down on?  Well, it's not quite as confusing as it 
    used to be, but it's still good.  For one thing, it's a top town, and 
    so opponents must block this high.  You can use this to flip over 
    fireballs and hit people.  It can also be used to start juggles.  Be 
    careful though, it's quite slow and can be punished by smart opponents.  
    Also be careful of not accidentally doing this when you want to sweep 
    instead.  Finally, it's a good move to use to ESCAPE your opponent's 
    cross ups.
    FLIP KICK- Hold DF + forward [1 hit]
    Another returning move.  Its usefulness is limited, however, because 
    even if it hits, by the time she flips back to the ground some 
    opponents may have already recovered.  It's best not to use it too 
    much.  But it can be used for mobility, such as to avoid a jumping 
    opponents jumping attack by flipping away and attack them in their 
    LIGHTNING KICK- Rapidly tap K [1+ hit]
    Chun-Li's trademark move, well I think so.  Tack this on in combos to 
    drain off their energy.  It's most likely to be blocked, but that's 
    it's main purpose anyway.  It's a good juggle if you hit someone out of 
    the air with a jumping forward and they don't flip, they'll fall right 
    into the Lighting Kick for another juggle.
    RISING KICK- Charge D, then U + K
    [Short- 1 hit; Forward- 2 hits; Roundhouse- 3 hits]
    Basically her air-defense.  It's quite reliable as far as anti-airs go.  
    If you want to anti-air with this, use the short version because it has 
    the most invincibility and do it AS LATE AS POSSIBLE.  You can wake up 
    with this move when getting up if you expect them to stick something 
    out.  Just be careful of being baited.  Again, I suggest the short 
    version if you intend to use it as a wake up.  For combos, use the 
    Roundhouse version because it hits the most.
    [Note: X-ISM Chun-Li can only do the Rising Kick as a Reversal.  
    Meaning the only times she can do this move is when getting up, right 
    after blocking, or right after landing when after getting hit in the 
    KIKOKEN- HCF + P (A&V-ISM only) [1 hit]
    Okay, so everyone's fireball except for the shotos (Sakura included) 
    got raped in terms of damage (just look at poor Rose).  There's still a 
    few uses for this guy though.  First, be careful of her recover time!  
    Chun probably has the worst recovery time on a fireball in the game, so 
    only throw one out when you know that it will be safe like if you know 
    they will block it/get hit by it.  Never combo it when they are in the 
    corner, they will recover in time and nail you.  Jab will go 95% of the 
    screen, strong will go about 80% of the screen, and fierce will only 
    travel 60% of the screen before disappating.  Combo it only when you 
    know it will push them back far enough so you can recover in time.  
    Kara-cancelled fireballs are good to use when you are up close, more on 
    that later.
    AXE KICK- HCB + K (A&V-ISM only) [1 hit]
    Chun-Li's main top-down.  It's very quick with minimal (but still 
    existing) delay afterwards.  Use this on turtling opponents who keep 
    blocking low or on someone getting up.  The first few frames of this 
    move are invincible and therefore it can be used to pass through 
    fireballs easily.  Because of it's invincibility, it can also be used 
    as an unorthodox anti-air and anti-poke move too.  Time it as late as 
    possible to take full advantage of her invincibility to pass through 
    their attacks and you will nail them in their recovery (I've seen this 
    move beat out Rose's Level 3 Aura Soul Throw super!).  Try not to be 
    too predicable or abusive with this though, because its slight start up 
    delay might give it away.  Also if blocked or hit, you will both 
    recover at the same time, so make sure you stick out something FAST 
    afterwards (low jab, maybe strong).
    PALM THRUST- Charge B, then F + P (X-ISM only) [1 hit]
    I think they just forgot to program the fireball in, but that's just 
    me.  Use this in your X-ISM combos, plain and simple as it is very 
    damaging.  It has recovery time when blocked, so be careful of it.
    SPINNING BIRD KICK- Charge B, then F + K (air), (X-ISM only)
    [Short- 2 hits; Forward- 2 hits; Roundhouse- 3 hits]
    Her old useless helicopter kick is back, except this time it's not 
    useless!  Although you can't combo with it, this is a very important 
    move for X-ISM Chun-Li.  First, it's a good air-defense tool when used 
    properly.  It's first few frames are invincible, and can be used as a 
    surprisingly good wake up move.  Second, it has got to be the best 
    chipper in the game!  Catch someone airblocking this move and watch the 
    life drain.  It's a good anti-air, but only vs. certain characters 
    (Dhalsim).  Just don't be too reliant on this move because it can be 
    ducked under and punished easily when expected. The air version is 
    basically useless.
    [Level 1: 5 hits; Level 2: 7 hits; Level 3: 10 hits]
    Puffball super.  Used to anti-air, plain and simple.  Level 1 is 
    vulnerable low, Level 2 is vulnerable low towards the end, Level 3 is 
    completely safe in the front.  Just be careful of people jumping over 
    you making you miss completely.  Try to do it as late as possible for 
    the full hits too.  It has ever so slight start up in the beginning, so 
    make sure they are not TOO close to the ground when you start it, 
    otherwise they'll land and be able to block.
    SENRETSU KYAKU [Thousand Burst Kick]- Charge Back, then F, B, F + K
    [Level 1: 5 hits; Level 2: 6 hits; Level 3: 7 hits]
    Kick super, and you don't have the luxury of her easy QCFx2 Houyokusen 
    motion. Nope, you're stuck with the charge motion Senretsu here. It has 
    fantastic range (the Level 3 goes almost across the entire screen) with 
    no recovery time afterwards and is pretty damaging as well.  That means 
    that if it is blocked, you set up a mindgame as to whether to attack 
    (crouching HK, MP, etc), throw, Rising Kick, wait, etc. It has lots of 
    invincibility frames in the beginning and can easily pass through both 
    regular and super fireballs.  You can wake up with this if you suspect 
    your opponent will try a ground attack.  Finally, this is her combo 
    super, so learn how to fast.  This is her X-ISM super.
    HAZAN TENSHO KYAKU [Supreme Heaven Kick]- Charge DB,then DF, DB, UF + K
    [Level 1: 7 hits; Level 2: 8 hits; Level 3: 9 hits]
    Anti-air super #2.  The motion for this super gives everyone a hard 
    time.  Everyone has their own methods, but the motion I have the most 
    consistent success with is found in Greg Dawson's Z/A-ISM Combo FAQ.  
    Basically, if you know how to do Spinning Piledriver motions (360s), 
    you're set.  Charge down-back, then do the Spinning Piledriver motion 
    starting at towards, then sweeping to up (270).  This is the better 
    anti-air super because the Kikosho can sometimes get beaten (like vs. 
    Zangief). This will almost never be beaten by any non-VC jump in.  The 
    only downside is that it has a difficult motion and if blocked or miss 
    will leave you more open.  Just crouching is often jump bait, so if you 
    are comfortable with this motion, fire this super off right before 
    their attacks hit you and enjoy the supreme satisfaction of seeing them 
    Cut down to the basics:
    1) Jumping MK, standing MK, Lightning Kick 
    Easy 3 hitter. Jump in with MK and ram on it.  The standing MK is 
    needed to combo, but this is more of a set up.  If the Lightning Kick 
    is blocked, it's a good set up to make them jump at you afterwards.
    2) Jumping MK or HP, standing HP or crouching MP, Kikoken or Palm 
    Crouching MP is easier, standing HP is more damaging.  Be careful of 
    the recovery time on the Kikoken even when it hits, so don't use it 
    when they are in the corner.
    3) Jumping MK or HP, crouching MP, HK Rising Kick 
    Use this when you have a surefire jump in combo and you don't have 
    enough meter to tack on a super.  You must charge for the Rising Kick 
    as soon as you begin jumping.
    4) Cross up LK, standing HP/MP/crouching MP, Kikoken 
    Simple cross up combo if you know it will all hit.  Although in truth 
    it is better NOT to combo into the fireball and continue with your 
    cross up mind games after the fierce/strong.
    5) Jumping MK or HP, standing HP/MP/crouching HP, Senretsu Kyaku, 
    1. HK Rising Kick
    2. crouching HK
    3. Palm Thrust
    4. Air throw 
    5. Hazan super
    6. Taunt (!)
    Comboing her Senretsu kick super is going to take practice.  All I can 
    say is make sure you don't do the motion sloppy, and can "feel" the 
    motion of toward, back, toward before you press the kick.  The juggles 
    at the end are all location and distance dependent, and whether or not 
    they flipped or not.  Use judgment on which one is appropriate.
    6) Jumping or crossup LK, standing LPx3, standing LK, Senretsu Kyaku
    Her 1337 combo.  I dunno how practical it is to do in a real match, as 
    I have better luck comboing her kick super off of strongs, but if you 
    can do it, more power to you.  Juggle as necessary afterwards.
    V-ISM Chun-Li ain't great.  She has 2 decent and practical VCs, one of 
    which isn't all that practice IMO.  But if you must pick her:
    1) (corner) VC3, HP Kikoken xN
    You must do the fireballs repeatedly and RAPIDLY.  Her best and most 
    useful VC.  Beware of Alpha counters, which can be mostly avoided if 
    you do the fireballs from max distance.
    2) (anti-air) VC1, crouching HK xN
    Ghetto bootleg CvS2 style VC.  You have to catch them in the air, and 
    then just rhythmically hit roundhouse for the hits.  You can do a nice 
    chunk of damage before they fall to the ground.
    Dramatic Battle allows you to choose 2 characters to fight 1 computer 
    character (and the odds are HEAVILY on your side since you have 2 
    health meters while the CPU only has 1).  A second player can control 
    your second character.  If you've beaten both the Ken/Ryu and Juli/Juni 
    scenarios, you'll be able to choose your own 2-fighter teams.  Choose 2 
    Chun-Li's in any -ISM, find a buddy to control the 2nd Chun-Li, and get 
    ready to perform the 99-hit Lightning Kick Combo of Death!
    LIGHTNING KICK DEATH COMBO [a.k.a. Meatgrinder]
    Surround the enemy with a Chun-Li on both sides, then let loose with 
    the Lightning Kick!  The forward version is easiest to use.  The 
    opponent will be pushed back and forth between the Chun-Lis and can't 
    escape!  The maximum number of hits the combo meter registers is 99, 
    but if you begin this "combo" on a healthy opponent, you'll get more 
    than 99 hits.  I really have to thank the person on Gouki's Page of 
    Whatever's Message Board for this one. (Sorry, I forgot your name.  Who 
    first posted it?  I believe it was one of the regulars.)  I read his 
    post about him and his sister doing this for 60+ hits and tested to see 
    if I could get more hits.  Actually, you can do this combo with 2 E. 
    Hondas or 2 Gens (or a combination of Chun-Li/E. Honda/Gen), but Chun-
    Li's Lightning Kick is more stylish than those stupid slaps (IMO).
    Crouching HK
    Standing far HP
    Standing far MP
    Standing LP
    Jump straight up MP
    LK Rising Kick
    Kikosho super
    Hazan super
    Air throw
    Jumping/cross up LK
    Jumping MK (good for combos or jumping away)
    Jumping HP (combo starter when guaranteed)
    Jumping MP (juggle and anti-air)
    Jumping HK (juggle)
    Standing close HP (meaty)
    Standing MP (anti-air, anti-poke, anti-crossup)
    Crouching HK (all purpose)
    Crouching MP (anti-poke)
    Crouching MK (reach)
    1. Probably the 3 best moves you need to immediately learn when playing 
    Chun-Li is: her cross up LK, her standing close HP, and her crouching 
    HK.  We'll first look at the all important cross up jumping LK.  First 
    the most opportune time to cross up is when you knocked someone down 
    and they're getting up.  First, it's just easier to time a cross up on 
    someone getting up, and second it's hard for anyone to know which way 
    to block.  Another good time to try for a cross up is when you see 
    someone crouch.  Crouching opponents are easier to cross up too and you 
    should take advantage of that (just make sure you're not being baited 
    to jump).  You can cross up a standing opponent, but it is considerably 
    harder to time and judge the distance.  Just make yourself aware of 
    when to cross up and try to often.  Also remember that her jumping LK 
    in general is a great move to jump in with because it has awesome 
    priority.  If you mistime your cross up, a jumping LK isn't such a bad 
    thing either.  Just don't be to jump happy, or you'll be antiaired 
    2. The standing close HP.  This attack is so meaty and has so much 
    priority, and it annoys so many people.  It's great to combo with, but 
    it's real use is in conjunction with her cross up.  Cross up with her 
    jumping LK, do a close standing HP when you land, and let the mindgames 
    fly.  This is also a great move to use on someone as they are getting 
    up.  If they mistime their wake up, it'll get eaten by Chun's meaty 
    standing fierce and you begin the cross up/mind game nightmare all over 
    for them.  Plus just a few repetitions of cross ups and standing 
    fierces will drain their guard bar FAST.  So use standing close HP 
    after a cross up, as a meaty attack when they wake up, to punish 
    recovering moves (missed uppercuts for example), and to begin the cross 
    up/mind game cycle all over again.  Generally don't combo a fireball 
    afterwards because continuing the cross up game is more useful and 
    damaging in the long run.
    3. The crouching HK.  Her sweep, her glorious, wonderful sweep.  You'll 
    love this move, your opponents will hate this move, but you must know 
    when to use this and when not to.  Thankfully, most of the time, it's 
    okay and safe to use it.  This is a good poke, it's an awesome anti-air 
    (her best all purpose), and great to use in conjunction with her cross 
    up games (cross up LK, standing HP, crouching HK does a lot of damage 
    if hit and a lot of guard bar crushing if blocked and can be repeated 
    again).  But you NEED to know what moves beat this and learn not to be 
    TOO reliant on it as an anti-air.  In general, it's a good move to 
    stick out because it beats so many things.
    4. The standing and crouching MP.  You have achieved monkey skill level 
    with just the cross up LK, standing close HP, and crouching HK and will 
    probably win a good share of games with just those 3 moves alone.  You 
    need the standing and crouching MP to bring your game a step up into 
    chimpanzee level though.  First, the standing MP move is very fast and 
    is a great poke.  Sometimes it's better to use than a standing HP after 
    the cross up LK because you can do 2 or 3 standing/crouching MPs in 
    place of 1 standing HP, leading to more mind games.  Plus its good (and 
    necessary) to mix up your attacks.  Standing MP barrage is just that.  
    Continue to walk up and poke them with standing MP, and then mix up 
    into a throw or begin her cross up game all over again.  Her crouching 
    MP is good to stick out after you've gone out of range from making them 
    block a standing HP or standing MP after the cross up.  It will stop 
    most things they try to stick out to hit you.  It's also just a good 
    poke and anti-poke in itself.
    5. Throw, both ground and air.  Throws themselves are used to punish 
    the overly defensive and thus are GREAT in Chun-Li's mix up arsenal 
    because most of the time they'll be blocking your non-stop crossup, 
    standing MP barrage offense.  Putting a throw in here or there will 
    keep them on their toes and make them edgy.  The expect a standing 
    HP/MK or crouching MP/MK/HK and get a thrown instead.  When they start 
    expecting the throw, you go back to sticking your high priority normals 
    in their face.  Air throws are good for surprises.  Jump at them and 
    air throw them once and a while and they will almost never suspect it.  
    Actually, it usually prompts them to attempt to return the favor, which 
    you can easily anti-air.  Just remember to include throws in your 
    6. The mix up.  Okay, so you have your weapons: cross up LK, standing 
    HP, crouching HK, standing MP, crouching MP, and throws.  Now you use 
    your imagination and mix them all up to confuse and frustrate your 
    opponent to death.  You might try the basic: cross up, standing HP, 
    crouching HK, and repeat the process with another cross up.  Maybe 
    after the cross up you go directly into a throw instead.  Maybe you 
    want to do TWO cross ups one right after the other before you start 
    mixing up stuff on the ground.  Maybe cross up LK, standing MP, walk up 
    throw?  The possibilities are endless and you need to experiment to 
    keep them off guard and guessing what you'll do next.  Don't forget you 
    have her Axe Kick overhead, Flipping Neck Breaker overhead, Head Stomp, 
    and other special moves I haven't mentioned that you can always 
    implement into your mix up games as well.
    7. The wake up game.  Okay, so you've unfortunately been knocked down 
    and you're getting up.  What are your options?  Well, you could wake up 
    with a LK Rising Kick.  That will hit them if they try to attack you 
    with anything that doesn't have invincibility including jump ins.  You 
    could try waking up with super.  Kikosho and Hazan will nail them 
    whether they jumped at you or where close to you on the ground, 
    Senretsu will only get them for full damage if they were still on the 
    ground.  Maybe they are waiting for you to wake up with something so 
    they can punish you?  In that case, you could get up and immediately 
    throw them.  You need to learn what your opponent tends to do and wake 
    up accordingly.
    8. The wake up game part 2, their wake up.  Okay, so you're doing your 
    job and you knocked them down (be it through a throw or hitting them 
    with your crouching HK).  What to do?  Begin a cross up is usually the 
    best option because it's hard to anti-air right and leads to big damage 
    if it's successful.  You can also do a meaty standing HP to begin your 
    cross up/mind games again whether it hits or not.  But what if they 
    have a full meter or a reliable dragon punch? You could get 
    uppercutted, supered (Ken's Shinryuken), or worse VCed.  This is where 
    you want to bait them and look like you're moving into attack, but 
    actually do nothing.  If they eventually learn to throw your baits, 
    next time actually go for the cross up or meaty attack.  And finally 
    don't forget the random walk up throws and the scrubilicious super 
    right over their body when they get up.  Doing a super right on top of 
    them at the last minute is a beginner tactic, but it sure as hell isn't 
    expected and bound to get someone at least once for a good-sized 
    humiliating chunk of life.  Again, watch what your opponent does and 
    adapt.  Do they always wake up with supers?  Wait it out and bait them.  
    Do they always do nothing?  Go for the cross up or walk up throw?  Do 
    they actually learn and mix up what they do when they wake up?  Well, 
    then it's a guessing game for both players, and that's where the game 
    gets really fun.
    9. Punishing mistakes.  Okay, so your opponent just missed a fierce 
    Uppercut.  What's the best course of action?  Well, I would probably go 
    for a standing HP, and begin a cross up game.  What if I block Ken's 
    Uppercut super? I would most likely start charging as I'm blocking, and 
    punish with a crouching MP xx Senretsu on their way down.  Point is, 
    you have to know what you can do, do it quickly, and do it in time.  
    Sakura activates her VC and misses her uppercut, what to do?  Obviously 
    something fast that will hit her out of her VC as quickly as possible.  
    Crouching MP maybe?  Just know to react fast and know your distances is 
    what I'm trying to say.
    10. Kara-canceling.  It's not a huge part of my game, but it's pretty 
    useful when I use it sparingly.  Basically kara-cancelling is used to 
    cancel ANY whiffed normal move into a special move or super.  It's 
    really hard to do with moves that don't cancel normally (like Chun's 
    crouching MK), but it is easy to do with normally cancelable moves 
    (like Chun's crouching MP). Basically I when both me and my opponent 
    are up close, but not at point blank range, I like to kara cancel my 
    low MPs into MP Kikokens.  What it does is if they stick out any moves, 
    the low strong will most likely eat it up, and if they tried to jump at 
    me when I stuck out the low strong, they will be hit or forced to block 
    the fireball, keeping them grounded.  It's a useful tool to implement 
    in your ground games.
    11. Juggling.  Chances are, you'll probably get lots of good juggling 
    opportunities when using Chun.  Why?  Well her meaty standing HP on 
    counter hit sets up for very nice and painful juggles, and if you mix 
    up like I do, you'll get quite a few of those.  Her counter hit 
    standing LP anti-air sets up for juggles too.  Also counter hit jumping 
    LK or MK when they are in the air leads to juggles.  So what to do when 
    they juggle?  Well, you have to see and take note of what your opponent 
    likes to do.  If they don't recover at all, well happy birthday to you.  
    You have plently of time to walk up and hit them with another fierce, 
    roundhouse, super, air throw, etc.  If they flip, you would probably 
    want to walk towards them and nail them again with an anti-air 
    crouching HK or standing HP or jumping MP or jumping HK leading to 
    another juggle.  If they're the roll happy type, remember that you can 
    throw them out of their rolls and crouching HK them too before they 
    finish rolling.  Just don't let them roll behind you and mess you up.
    12. Jump bait.  Chun has a lot of damaging anti-airs, but you need 
    people to jump at you for them to work, right?  Well, most good players 
    won't blindly jump at you, you gotta trick them, or bait them to jump.  
    You will soon learn most good people will like to jump at you or cross 
    up you when you crouch.  In fact, one of the best times for you 
    yourself to cross someone up is when they crouching.  So what good 
    anti-air options do you have if they jump at you when you're crouching?  
    Well, you have your crouching HK, crouching MP, and Rising Kick.  But 
    they can get beat out consistently at certain ranges.  The best 
    damagers for a baited jump while you're crouching are your Kikosho and 
    Hazan supers.  That will teach them.  Also, a blocked Lightning Kick 
    combo usually baits people into jumping at you too.  Take advantage if 
    the opportunity arises. 
    13. Putting it all together.  There's no one way to play Chun-Li, and 
    everyone plays her differently.  Just make sure you're always mixing 
    things up, be aware of your opponent's super bar and what he/she can do 
    with it at the moment, and play smart (you know, like don't jump at V-
    Akuma with a full bar, don't try to crouching HK anti-air Zangief for 
    the 100th time when its failed 99 times earlier, etc.).  Ignore 
    everyone's and anyone's complaints about your fighting style and win.
    1. RYU
    Fireballs: Know what distances are safe to jump over and crossup/combo 
    him and what distances allow him to uppercut you in time.  If you need 
    to get close, but you're at a distance where he can uppercut you if you 
    jump, remember her Axe Kick can go through fireballs.  He really 
    doesn't have an excellent counter to your cross ups except a timed 
    Dragon Punch, Hurricane Kick super, or VC.  If he's meterless, I say go 
    for the cross up despite the uppercut threat, it's more in your favor.  
    Hurricane Kick: you can duck it and crouching HK it right at the END, 
    before he lands.  Don't mistime because he recovers quick and can hit 
    your crouching HK on recovery.  His jumping HK beats your crouching HK 
    anti-air cleanly 90% of the time or trades in his favor.  Use another 
    anti-air like standing MP or standing far HP.  On his jump in Hurricane 
    Kick, either walk under it and hit it with standing MP or use time your 
    standing MP to hit it our of the air.  If you get caught in his cross 
    ups, Flipping Neck Breaker out or Alpha Counter the normal after his 
    cross up jumping MK.  Obviously avoid jumping at metered V-Ryu, 
    although his midscreen is screwed up more times than the other V-top 
    tiers.  Alpha Counter blocked VCs if you're being drained of life.  Use 
    your crouching MP to catch his whiffed pokes.  When you do your cross 
    up game, I suggest using more standing and crouching MPs rather than 
    your crouching HK.  Ryu's sweep is faster than yours and can 
    consistently beat yours if you try it after you make him block a 
    standing HP.
    2. KEN
    Most Kens are what I term: Bezerkers.  They will go into bezerk mode, 
    air Hurricane Kicking like crazy, randomly Dragon Punching or supering, 
    throwing in top down kicks, etc.  Unfortunately, berserkers fair better 
    than they should because Ken's Hurricane Kick is very good and recovers 
    quickly, his supers are damaging and easy comboable, and his top down 
    kick is fast and can catch you off guard.  But if you take these 
    bezerkers on calm and collectively, you should always win.  The 
    Hurricane Kick: It's a good jump in, and hard to anti-air, and eats 
    your crouching HK, and eats all your air-to-air moves; so NEVER try to 
    crouching HK his jump ins because his Hurricane will beat it and his 
    jumping HK will beat it and never try to attack Ken in the air when he 
    has the opportunity to bust out an air Hurricane Kick.  Anti-air ground 
    Hurricane Kicks with a crouching HK towards the end like Ryu.  Counter 
    air Hurricane Kicks and jump ins with standing MP.  If your Ken likes 
    to Hurricane Kick behind you, either walk under and standing MP or 
    crouching MP to hit him before he recovers.  Fireballs, not as bad as 
    Ryu's, but again learn the distances.  Dragon Punch, don't get hit by 
    the fierce version, it hurts.  But a baited Dragon Punch is good opener 
    to begin your cross up game.  Speaking of cross up games, be careful 
    that his Shinryuken super can stop your cross ups, but he has to time 
    it perfectly.  Also if you're caught in his cross up, try Flipping Neck 
    Breakering out of there or if he goes for a top down, be aware and 
    quickly crouching MP to hit it.  Most Kens are played in A-ISM, I don't 
    have much experience with V-Kens.  The main thing in this fight is to 
    be aware of his air Hurricane Kick.
    3. AKUMA
    First let's deal with the lesser threat Akuma, A-Akuma.  It's very 
    similar to the Ken fight, except his Hurricane Kick isn't as good.  
    It'll still eat your jumping attacks and crouching HK, so deal with it 
    with standing MP.  The air fireball isn't a big problem to deal with, 
    you can jump up and hit him with a jumping LK if you see it coming.  
    And the Raging Demon is joke, you can jump out on reaction or even kick 
    super (either one)/Rising Kick it if you're charged.  Okay, now the V-
    Akuma menace.  The Dive Kick: if he uses it from far away, standing MP 
    anti-air it; if he uses it from close up, standing LP (yes, standing 
    jab) it, then juggle afterwards on counter hit.  Akuma's LOVE to jump 
    at you when you crouch, so crouching while you have the meter to 
    Kikosho is great jump bait.  I good zoning strategy I was taught was to 
    use standing HK to keep him at a good distance and crouching HK his 
    follow ups after you zoned with the standing HK.  Again, never jump at 
    V-Akuma capable of Vcing you for big damage; although I give you 
    permission to if he's not in the corner, has only 50% and you have 
    enough life that you think you can survive the VC and empty his bar for 
    the next round.  Remember: standing MP or LP the Dive Kick or Demon 
    Flips, standing HK zone, crouching HK counter-poke, crouch jump bait 
    anti-air.  When he's meterless, cross up into mindgames like you're 
    MvC2 Magneto!
    4. SAKURA
    Just remember: DO NOT JUMP AT THIS BITCH WHEN SHE CAN VC.  Her standing 
    HK is beaten by your crouching MK, crouching MP, or crouching HK.  Her 
    jump ins can be anti-aired as usual, and crouching HK actually anti-
    airs most of her jump ins clean.  In the air, just be careful of her 
    jumping LK, it rivals yours as an air-to-air attack, though yours 
    should beat it more often.  Once she's meterless, go crazy with your 
    cross up games.  Use your standing and crouching MP more on the ground 
    to beat her pokes.  If she misses her VC, make sure to Alpha counter to 
    avoid block damaged and guard crushes.  More info on this fight would 
    be helpful, since I don't know it too well.
    5. ZANGIEF
    I absolutely HATE this match.  I don't get it, so many people complain 
    Chun-Li is a scrub character and turn a blind eye to Zangief, when he's 
    just as scrubtacular as Chun, IMO moreso.  But what simple little he 
    has, it's good, very very good.  And worse, it works very well against 
    Chun.  So what will most Zangief's do?  Repeaded body splash or jumping 
    fierces to get close.  Standing or crouching fierces on the ground to 
    hit your pokes.  KKK Lairat any and all jump ins.  Kick into SPD, FAB, 
    or get close enough to VC.  The bad thing about the match?  Your anti-
    airs are very VERY VERY distance dependent in this match, and a failed 
    anti-air means you're dead.  If there was only one match in the game 
    where I had to convince you to learn proper anti-air distances, it'd be 
    this one.  First I want to give you this analogy that has greatly 
    helped me in this match up.  Think of Zangief as Sentinel, and think of 
    Chun-Li as Storm. And in SFA3's universe, Storm must run away from 
    Sentinel.  That is your mentality: Zangief should work his fat Russian 
    ass off to get anywhere near Chun-Li and it is your job to run away and 
    whittle down his health and the timer in the process.
    Anti-airs.  You cannot use crouching HK liberally in this match.  In 
    fact, I'd say 90% it'd get beaten clean and lead to your death.  The 
    only times it'd hit is in those guaranteed times when Zangief becomes 
    desperate at trying to get near you and jumps from way farther than he 
    should, then you can crouching HK his (probably) jumping roundhouse 
    without trading.  So you have these options:  Standing far HP, standing 
    far MK, standing LP, standing MP, Kikosho, air throw.  Use standing HP 
    when Zangief jumps from around YOUR crouching MK range and learn this 
    distance.  If he splashes, he will get hit clean and you can chase 
    after him with a juggle crouching HK or jumping MK into Lightning Kick 
    chip.  BUT, his jumping HP will beat your jumping HP, here you have to 
    time it so that he lands on a fully extended standing MK and at the tip 
    of your foot.  And remember that lovely crouching jump bait.  Crouch 
    and watch him try to splash him and bust out your Kikosho.  This is 
    scary, but you must learn this too: walk under him when he splashes and 
    either standing MP him or better yet standing LP him for a counter hit 
    into a jumping juggle.  You must the distance of when it is safe to 
    walk under a splash, because it is one of the key ways to run away and 
    also one of the key ways to damage him.
    Okay, this match is all about running away and running that timer down 
    while keeping Gief away in the process.  If you want to play it 
    completely safe, try not to get into this anti-air distance guessing 
    game, and just run away.  When you predict he's gonna jump (and you 
    must be right on this), meet him with a jumping MK which will beat 
    anything he has in the air and then mash on MK for Lightning Kicks when 
    you land.  If he doesn't flip, he'll fall into it, if he does, you're 
    safe and can continue to run away.  When you reach the corner, wall 
    jump and AIRBLOCK his KKK Lairat and continue to run away.  Trust me, 
    he'll try to Lairat you, and you'll airblock it to safely reach the 
    ground.  Once you land, you can safely get in ONE crouching *MK* 
    (that's one crouching forward) before you run away again.  When he 
    starts wising up to your wall jumping and airblocking his Lairat, then 
    instead of airblocking it after a wall jump, walk up and throw him.  In 
    fact, walk up throws will catch a LOT of Zangief players off guard 
    because they don't expect people to do that.
    For zoning, standing HK is good once in a while to keep Zangief at a 
    distance.  Don't do more than one standing HK in a row because after 
    the first one, most Giefs will take it as a signal to jump in: which 
    should be a signal for you to walk under him and standing MP, LP, run 
    to the other side, etc.  Never NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER try your cross up 
    games on Zangief because his KKK Lairat eats ALL your jumpins clean, 
    (well, not never ever, but at least not until you taught him NOT to KKK 
    Lairat blindly, and you can only stop him from KKK Lairating by 
    continually airblocking them.) Remember airblocking his jumping attacks 
    allows you to counter roll (push KK), use that to surprise him.  And 
    your jump back HP will beat his splash if you find yourself in that 
    V-Zangief, well not only do you have his damn midscreen Lairat VC to 
    worry about while running away, he's got a set up blocked Glowing Hand 
    VC that leads into his SPD etc.  If he does the Glowing Hand VC, block 
    the first Glowing Hand and **IMMEDIATELY** Alpha Counter to prevent the 
    SPD.  There's so much I can write about this match, cause I've fought 
    it so many times and I'm constantly learning.  I hope this will give 
    you a foundation for this uphill battle.  Did I mention I hate Zangief 
    with a passion?
    6. DHALSIM
    I think this is a pretty even match.  Dhalsim's drills eat most of 
    Chun's anti-airs and he anti-air Chun very well too.  But, Chun can 
    nullify most of Sim's long limbs with her standing MP and Level 1 
    Senretsu, and once she DOES get in and gets her cross up game going, 
    it's very difficult for Sim to get her off his back.  First test your 
    waters.  See if your Dhalsim knows how to anti-air you or not.  They'll 
    most likely be using the chop or Yoga Thrust (or the better ones, chop 
    comboed into Yoga Thrust).  You have to standing MP poke and bust out 
    Level 1 Senretsus your way to get close to him and get that all 
    important cross up.  Once you do get the cross up, stay on him like 
    glue by using your standing and crouching MP after the cross ups rather 
    than the standing HP and crouching HK (they are too laggy and allow for 
    him to escape easier).  Don't jump at a full metered Sim, his Flame 
    Super anti-airs really well.  Keep a look out for his limb patterns.  A 
    lot of Sims like to end their poke patterns with a standing HK to 
    prevent jump ins.  Be on the lookout for when they stick it out and 
    counter with your crouching HP (yes, crouching fierce) to major counter 
    his standing roundhouse.  Once you get your cross up game going, be on 
    the look out for Sims who try to escape by air throwing your next cross 
    up attempt or teleporting.  Air throws can be anti-aired on the way 
    down or attacked early/late; teleports if predicted correctly will give 
    you another cross up/mix up attempt.  Just remember that once you're 
    in, you do not want to let this freak escape you.  Rush him down and 
    don't let up; you want his stupid wife to be constantly crying and 
    never clapping.
    7. GUY
    This is a good match for both characters.  Both are highly offensive, 
    both rush down like crazy, and both can nullify each others best 
    attacks.  Things to keep in mind: Guy's crouching kicks go under your 
    crouching HK and hit it clean, so don't use it too much unless you are 
    guaranteed the hit.  Guy's elbow drop will beat your crouching HK anti-
    air, so don't use it then.  Guy's Rushing Punch super gives him a frame 
    advantage after you block it, and he will most likely: Hurricane Kick 
    super your retaliation attempt or throw you if he thinks you'll block; 
    try your best to predict what he'll try to do and act accordingly (most 
    likely he'll try the Hurricane Kick first then the throw the second 
    time, you can alternatively AC him to avoid the scenario if you like).  
    Guy can Final Fight chain into his Kick super or air throw you into his 
    kick super in the corner, so don't let these things happen (especially 
    be on the lookout for the throw into super when you're in the corner).  
    He has an unblockable super throw that he will most likely use on you 
    getting up; thankfully it has REALLY bad range and you can tell it's 
    coming by the way he poses for a split second when the screen flashes 
    and hit him out of it with crouching MP.  Plus if you see the screen 
    flash when he's that close on you while you're getting up, you can 
    safely assume he's trying for the unblockable and crouching MP to hit 
    him out.  After a successful cross up, Guy is usually so small that 
    your crouching CLOSE HP doesn't come out, but rather the far one, which 
    leaves you open.  So what do you have?  Well your cross up games still 
    work, but you have to be careful jumping around too much because his 
    Hurricane Kicks and special air grap gets you easily.  But once you do 
    cross him up, he has little to do afterwards.  Go for the standing and 
    crouching MP barrage after the cross up rather than the usual standing 
    HP and crouching HK (remember, ease up on the crouching HK in this 
    match).  Crouching and standing MP in general are very good poke tools 
    and beat most of his best pokes cleanly.  Standing HP and standing MP 
    should be your main anti-airs.  Senretsu through his crouching MK sweep 
    attempts or slides.  Lots of Guy players love they're meaty crouching 
    MK when you're getting up: Senretsu/Rising Kick wake up time!  And 
    don't forget crouching to jump bait him into elbowing: Kikosho!  
    Standing and crouching MP will win you this fight, don't let up when 
    you got him blocking them.
    8. CHARLIE
    This match should be in your favor.  Your jumping LK will beat his jump 
    ins and anti-airs clean, and he can't really stop the cross ups into 
    your standard mix ups once you start going.  Crouching HK works very 
    well in this fight to anti-air him.  Shouldn't be too much of a 
    9. KARIN
    Should be Chun's fight, but just a few things to keep in mind.  After a 
    blocked hop kick, be prepared for a possible punch super.  There is no 
    way for Karin to know whether or not to bust out the punch super or 
    not, it's all anticipation on her part.  But most Karin's will bust it 
    out anyways since most people do indeed try to attack her after they 
    block a hop kick.  Just be careful of that trap.  V-Karin as her OTG 
    throw VC, but she really can't get in that well on Chun to be able to 
    use it in the first place.  Your anti-airs (crouching HK and standing 
    MP) knock her out of the air her clean, even her jumping short.  And 
    she can't really stop your cross ups and mix up game.  Just be careful 
    of the Hop Kick trap and you'll be okay, and possibly her flying 
    overhead after a blocked Rekka Ken chain (but you can clearly see her 
    flying in the air and can react to it in time if you see it coming).
    10. GEN
    Offensive monster.  Things to watch out: Waterfall kick anti-air, you 
    can't beat it, don't try to.  Standing HK anti-air, and if you flip, 
    you get juggled again, repeat; make sure you ROLL instead of flipping 
    if you get caught in that.  His cross up into super, which hurts.  Make 
    sure you anti-cross up him with your standing and crouching MP when 
    necessary.  Crouching HK works on most of his jump ins, the ones that 
    don't use standing MP.  Once you get him in your cross up game, use 
    more standing and crouching MPs rather than your standing HP or 
    crouching HK.  More help on this match would be appreciated because 
    it's a hard one for me too.
    11. BISON
    You kinda have to play this one by ear.  I don't have a set strategy, 
    because most Bisons are very random and Magneto-like.  Your jumping LK 
    and MK should beat most of his air-to-air attacks, and crouching HK is 
    a good poke and friend.  Once you get the cross up game and 
    standing/crouching MP barrage started, he can't really do anything 
    about it other than maybe teleport away, which if you predict will just 
    start the process all over again for him.  You can standing MP his 
    stomps and jump ins cleanly.
    12. SAGAT
    Sagats bezerk too.  A lot of them like to just keep jumping at you with 
    his short and mindlessly try to combo into his Tiger Raid super whether 
    his attacks hit or not.  Against his jump ins, go for standing MP as 
    the anti-air rather than your crouching HK.  Be careful of flipping out 
    into a Tiger Shot super.  He can't really stop the cross ups either 
    once started.  Just be mindful of the bezerkers.  V-Sagat, don't let 
    him get you in the corner.  Fight him mid-screen.
    13. CHUN-LI
    Mirror match, and one I hate.  I used to lose this mirror match so much 
    on Kaillera, but I've gotten sound advice from a very well respected 
    player and have now fair much MUCH better.  There are some really nasty 
    Chuns on the net, most don't know how to handle the mirror match, and 
    some take it personally when they lose too. I'm guessing they probably 
    realize that (gasp!) they might not have the best Chun on the net; not 
    to say mine is, but she's pretty damn good.  Part of me wants to 
    divulge how to deal with them, but then I'd almost be debunking my own 
    Chun in a way.  I guess email me for the vs. Chun strats if you need 
     _/ COLORS _/
    In the arcade, your character's color is limited to what -ISM you 
    selected, and determined by what button you chose your -ISM with (punch 
    or kick).  The Playstation version allows any colors to be chosen for 
    all ISMs, and is determined by what button you used to select your 
    character.  Chun-Li has 2 new colors in the Playstation version of 
    Alpha 3 that were not available in the arcade.  Chun also has 2 
    different outfits (one for X-ISM, the other for A&V-ISM).
    1. PUNCH- Sky blue Chinese dress (Her classic SF2 punch costume)
    2. KICK-  Pink Chinese dress (Her classic SF2 kick costume)
    1. PUNCH- Blue athletic suit with blue top (standard Alpha suit)
    2. KICK-  Pink athletic suit with pink top
    1. PUNCH- Purple athletic suit with white top (XvSF Alpha kick costume)
    2. KICK-  Green athletic suit with white top
    1. SQUARE- Sky blue Chinese dress
    2. X button- Pink Chinese dress
    3. TRIANGLE- Purple Chinese dress
    4. CIRCLE- Green Chinese dress
    5. R1 button- Forest green Chinese dress
    6. R2 button- Yellow Chinese dress
    1. SQUARE- Dark violet athletic suit with violet top (new color)
    2. X button- Teal athletic suit with teal top (new color)
    3. TRIANGE- Blue athletic suit with blue top
    4. CIRCLE- Pink athletic suit with pink top
    5. R1 button- Purple athletic suit with white top
    6. R2 button- Green athletic suit with white top
    Chun-Li is the ICPO's special detective assigned to Shadaloo.
    With management corruption, she was powerless as an official.
    So, she works in cooperation with Charlie to defeat Shadaloo.
    Now they take separate paths as they attempt to find M. Bison.
     _/ GAME DIALOGUE  _/
    (Mid-boss, with Birdie, 5th round)
    Chun-Li: Excuse me...  May I have a moment of your time, Mr. Birdie?
    Birdie:  You...?  What does an agent of Interpol want with me?
    Chun-Li: We have confirmed that you are involved with Shadaloo!
             Now...  Tell me where the Shadaloo bases and M. Bison are!
    Birdie:  Heh heh heh...  And what if I refuse?
    <after the fight>
    Chun-Li: This is what happens when you don't cooperate!  Now, talk!
    Birdie:  Blast it!!
             I'll never talk!  Now bug off!  I have business in Thailand...
    Chun-Li: I appreciate your cooperation, kind sir!
    (Fight with Cammy, 9th round)
    Chun-Li: ....?!  Who are you?!
    Cammy:   You... must not interfere...  We were born... to serve...
             ...to serve... Master Bison...!
    Chun-Li: What's the matter...?!  Are you okay...?!
    Cammy:   No...  I will... destroy you...!  Fear...  Death!  Murder!
    (Fight with Juli and Juni, 10th round)
    Bison:   Hmm... A problem has arisen... She has become aware of 
    Chun-Li: How could you do such a thing to a little girl...!!
    Bison:   Relax my dear, [sic] The show must go on...
             Now my pretty dolls...  Entertain my guest...!  Attack!
    (Fight with Shin Bison, 11th round)
    <This battle has a special introduction sequence.  Bison will be 
    floating down to the ground surrounded by Psycho energy flames.  Chun-
    is holding a gun pointed in his direction.  After the dialogue is over, 
    Chun tosses the gun aside (why I have no idea) and the match starts.>
    Chun-Li: These children...  They are innocent!  How could you?!
             Your acts are unforgivable, Bison!!
    Bison:   Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!  You amuse me child!
             Okay then...  I'll let you earn the right to be my guinea pig!
     _/ ENDING _/
    Chun-Li: Drug trafficking...  Illegal arms possession and   
             manufacturing...  That list of charges is enough.  
             I'm arresting you now! What...?!
    <Bison gets up>
    Bison:   Wa ha ha ha ha! I am immortal! 
             As long as hatred and fear exist... I will live forever...! 
             Now is the  time that you will be erased from existence! 
             I will bestow terror upon the weaklings of this world! 
             I'll prove my strength by destroying you with fear!
    <He flies off>
    Bison:   Mwa ha ha ha ha!!
    <The next scene shows Charlie in a jet>
    Charlie: Chun-Li! Can you hear me? This is Charlie! 
             It seems that our situation is critical! 
             Bison is planning to use Psycho Power to destroy the capital!
    Chun-Li: I'll pursue him...
    Charlie: You sneak into the base and try to find a way to stop him.
    <Outside the base>
    Chun-Li: This is Shadaloo's top secret base. 
             Something must be here! 
             There must be something I can do to stop this madman!
    Chun-Li: Maybe...?! Maybe I can use this!
    <Outside a robot comes to life and shoots a laser at Bison who is still
    flying through the air>
    Bison:  Mwa ha ha haa! You are weak! 
            Witness your destruction! Whaaat...?!! No...It can't be...!
    <Bison blows up and the place gets nuked. The next scene is Charlie's
    Charlie: Chun-Li, can you hear me?! This is Charlie! 
             We did it!  We did it...!! 
             He couldn't have survived such a large explosion! 
             Yes...! At last...We've destroyed him!
    <Outside where Chun-Li finds a dizzied Cammy>
    Chun-Li: Are you okay?
    Cammy:   Ugh...Oh...What happened to me?
    Chun Li: It's okay now. The nightmare has ended! 
             But my job is not yet finished. 
             My fight to strike down the evil individuals like M. Bison...  
                has just begun... 
             Yes... This is only the beginning!
     _/ WIN QUOTES _/
    "Fighting ability is important...  Handcuffs only go so far!"
    "My strength must have been something you weren't ready for!"
    "So do you have anything to say in your defense?"
    "Speed is sometimes more important than strength!"
    "Oops! I'm sorry if I hit you there too hard."
    "I need a vacation! Being an inspector isn't easy."
    A&V-ISM: Chun will clean off the sole of her shoe, tap it three times 
             on the ground, and begin to fight.
    X-ISM:   Chun will clasp her hands together and bow at her opponent.
     _/ WIN POSES  _/
    Chun-Li has 4 different win poses.  However, only three of them can be 
    manually selected by holding down a specific button after winning a 
    1. LP or LK (Respectful Bow)
    Chun-Li will face forward with her legs apart and arms crossed in front 
    of her, then bow to the player.
    2. MP or LK ("Ha ha ha ha! Yai Ta!"
    Chun-Li will jump up and down laughing, make a peace sign, and end by 
    saying "Yai Ta!" (Okay!)
    3. HP or HK (Chun-Li Kicks)
    Chun-Li will kick 3 times and hold a pose.  The pose is the same one 
    she uses when she starts the Senretsu Kyaku in the Vs. series.
    4. Win a perfect veictory ("Gomen Ne!")
    This is Chun-Li's "secret" win pose and she will only do it after 
    winning a perfect victory which cannot be selected.  It is the same as 
    her taunt.
    X.  THANKS
    1. John Lakin
    He gave me cool combos, VCs, missing quotes, strategies, and the entire 
    ending.  Thanks a lot.
    2. Barret72@aol.com
    The person who prompted me to write a Chun-Li FAQ.  He was really nice 
    and complimented me on my FAQs. Really without him, this FAQ might've 
    never existed.
    3. Greg Dawson
    If you hadn't noticed, Greg is a major contributor to all of my FAQs.  
    Mucho thanks to him (especially for teaching me how to do the Hazan).  
    Go read his stuff!
    4. The Mysterious Person on GPOW
    A lifetime ago I used to visit Gouki's Page of Whatever's Message 
    Board. One day, I read a post that described the Dramatic Mode Death 
    Combo.  I forgot who posted it though.  Thanks anyway.
    5. Apoc
    For all the help on the SFA3 threats and taking time to answer my PMs.  
    Thanks for the Chun help, and ALL the info was gold.  Thanks.
    6. Kaillera comp
    All the worthy competitors on Kaillera who gave me good matches and a 
    fun way to pass my boredom.  ggs.
    If you want to use this FAQ, just email me at lelbx@hotmail.com and 
    I'll be happy to give it to you.  Just give me credit for my work.  
    Also e-mail me if you want to contribute/correct anything.
    Do not use this FAQ for any kind of profit whatsoever (like you could 
    anyway).  Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter characters are all 
    copyrights of their respective trademarks.  Disregarding this warning 
    will result in absolutely no harm to you, but you will be a bad person.

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