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    Ken by Jusaki

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    Street Fighter Alpha 3: Ken Masters Guide!
    Published by Jusaki!
    Contact me at --> jayswift@bigfoot.com
    HomePage --> http://maximum.gamespage.com 
    Table Of Contents
    Introduction ->       About Ken
    Legend  -->           What Ken can Do
    Moves -->             Ken's Moves
    Combo's -->           Ken's Combo's
    Strategy's -->        Ken's Strategy's
    The End -->           The End
    Well Ken is not the best character in Street Fighter Alpha 3 but hey he is my 
    favorite and he will Always be my favorite. Well Ken is one of the only 
    character that can really Utilize all of his ISM's because against the Fast 
    Characters he should use X, because Ken is already Slow so he Should at least 
    do some damage. Anyway I can't give out all of Ken's Strats now. This is just
    The intro you have a basic Idea of Ken Lets get on with it! 
    HP- Fierce Punch - Hard
    MP- Strong Punch - Medium
    LP- Jab Punch - Weak
    HK- Roundhouse Kick - Hard
    MK- Forward Kick - Medium
    LK- Short Kick - Weak
    F- Forward
    D- Down
    B- Back
    U- Up
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward - D,DF,F 
    QCB- Quarter Circle Back - D,DB,B
    DF- Down Forward Crounching
    DB- Down Back - Down Block
    UF- Up Forward - Front Flip 
    UB- Up Back - Back Flip
    ()- Charge
    *- Do Quick
    +- Press
    XAV  Fireball --> QCF+P
    XAV  Dragon Punch --> F,D,DF+P {It is easier to do this just forward and then 
    a fireball}
    XAV  Helicopter Kick --> QCB+K {Can be done in the air}
    XAV  Roll --> QCB+P {Use the Weak one when you are close }--> {You can get 
    hitwhile you do this}
    XAV  Forward Topple --> QCF+Start
    XAV  Over Head Kick --> F+MK
    XAV  Straight Roundhouse --> F+HK
    XA    Shoryureppa --> QCF,QCF+P
     A      Shinpuujinrai Kyaku --> QCB,QCB+K
     A      Shinryuuken --> QCF,QCF+K {Mash on the buttons for extra hits}
    I   - Jumping HP, Low HP, Fireball [XAV]
    II  - Jumping HP, Low HP, Shoryureppa [XA]
    III - Jumping HP, Standing HP, Shoryureppa [XA]
    IV  - Jumping HP, Low MK, Fireball [XAV]
    V   - Jumping Helicopter kick --> (If opponent is in the air), Then when you 
           Land Dragon Punch [XAV]
    VI- Low WP,Low WK, Shoryureppa [XA]
    VII- Juggle Combo! 
    Standing Fierce and if you get the counter hit follow with Dragon Punch [XAV]
    VIII- Standing Fierce, Shinryuuken, (Mash all the buttons) [A]
    Not that many strategy's right now because Ken is just to good Nah just 
    joking but right now my Competition is stiff. But the biggest Strats I can 
    give you is that if you are fighting a fast Character use [X-ISM] because 
    there speed will over power you. But if you have [X-ISM] you Have the damage 
    advantage over them.
    And if you like doing tons of combo's [A or V] ISM is the Mode for you. If 
    you are a beginner try [A or X] but if you are more advanced use [V] and then 
    send Me the killer custom combo's.
    Strategy's Vs Human Opponents!
    Vs Ryu -(With A-ISM Ken)-
    Stay away from him keep him at a safe distance use your Standing Roundhouse 
    not (F+HK) do that kick to keep him at bay (Don't get to predictable with 
    that kick) Don't jump at him a lot because most Ryu players love to Dragon 
    Punch there Opponent out of the air . When you jump at them with a Hurricane 
    Kick and you Land close and they don't react fast enough hit them with 
    Shinryuuken Super Combo . Keep the Ryu at a safe distance when you feel him 
    getting to close pull off the roundhouse or do a low short, low short and if 
    a low short connects, link it with a super combo.
    Vs Ken -(With A-ISM Ken)-
    Ken is Ken's easiest opponent because they do just about the same things.
    Make sure you fake at you're opponent a lot so that he can do mistakes
    Like pulling off a dragon punch for no reason and then you counter with a
    Super Combo or with a High Damaging combo. Also do the same things you would
    If you was fighting Ryu. Because Ken and Ryu are not the same but some things
    Work against both of them. Like the Low Short into the Shinryuuken.
    Vs Chun-Li -(With X-ISM Ken)-
    It is best to use X-ISM Ken because Chun-Li has a speed advantage over Ken so
    At least with X-ISM you can drain the girl. Things to remember Chun-Li can 
    Perform her Super Kicks Super Combo and then when that is done she can do
    Either the Lightning Kicks or The Rising Kick so make sure you block all of 
    That and if she does the lightning kick after that do a Alpha Counter you get 
    a Hit but you drain your Guard Meter. Most Chun-Li players like taking out 
    your Guard meter and then when they break it they like doing a Super Combo. 
    So the Best Strategy I can give you against fighting Chun-Li is to Make her 
    Block the Low Forward, 2-1 that with a fireball, and then the F+HK, this will 
    take a lot off of the guard meter. But if you hit her with the Low Forward do 
    the Sho-Ryu-Reppa Super Combo it takes off a chunk of energy. Also stay close 
    to Chun-Li she is real sneaky when she is away from you.
    Vs Sakura -(With X-ISM Ken)-
    The only thing I can tell you about Sakura is that she is Quick she is so 
    Quick That she can hit you and you won't even know until she whips out the 
    Super Combo. So let me tell you the best things to do against her. The most 
    important thing to do is make sure your Guard and Energy Meter is always 
    higher than hers. Like that you can put pressure on her. When you have that 
    down hit her with this Low Forward, 2-1 that with a fireball, and then the 
    F+HK, then Throw another Fireball most likely the Fireball will hit her and 
    then you turn up the pressure again. Stay on her don't give her room to 
    breath. And if you can do this the Low Short into the Shoryureppa do it. 
    Hitting her with all you got is the KEY!!
    The End!
    Well thanks for checking out my FAQ! Go check out Maximum Street Fighter it 
    is located at http://maximum.gamespage.com Well that is all for now. Laterz 
    FAQ copyrighted by Jusaki 1998. All rights reserved. Send me an e-mail at 
    jayswift@bigfoot.com ! Laterz! If U have extra strategy, send them in and I 
    will update the Ken Masters FAQ! Ok seeya!

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