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    Rolento by Kao Megura

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    This guide has a companion file, the "Street Fighter Alpha 3 FAQ", which
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    This file was originally an incomplete SFA2 guide that I just beefed up
    with some A3 information.  It's really only for people who maybe don't
    know this stuff about Rolento.  In other words, I never intended it to
    be a high-quality guide. ;)
      - The Story
      - The Moves
     Once a captain in the Vietnam War, Rolento employed cruel tactics
     against the enemy and was eventually discharged.  However, his lust
     for blood had not been sated and he fell in with a formidable gang
     called Mad Gear that was terrorizing Metro City.  The Mad Gear gang
     was later eradicated when their leader was killed by the mayor of
     Metro City, Haggar, and his allies Cody and Guy.  Rolento seeks
     revenge against Cody and Guy for what they have done, but he also
     feels that he should become the new leader of the rebuilt Mad Gear
     gang instead of Sodom.
     Rolento originally appeared in the side-scrolling Capcom beat-'em-up,
     Final Fight.  He later appeared in Alpha 2 and is now in Alpha 3 with
     few changes (most of them good).  Manga fans may have noticed that
     Rolento bears a more than similar resemblance to the Providence Leader
     from "Fist of the North Star".
     This section shows how to do Rolento's moves and what they look like.
     It then explains their effectiveness and uses in battle.  For the
     punches and kicks, these are listed from far range ONLY.  I haven't
     had much of a chance to test nor examine his close-up attacks.
     Light Punch                    Press LP
       If done while standing, crouching, or jumping, Rolento pushes his
       staff forward horizontally.  The range is very short on all versions
       save the jumping one.  You can combo the standing or crouching
       version into the attack of your choice.
       The Light Punch is the only Punch attack that Rolento can combo moves
       into.  However, it's far more useful for snuffing attacks up close,
       and for applying pressure to opponents.  Rolento's LP takes a hefty
       chunk off of the Guard Power Meter, which also makes it highly
       valuable as a way to quicky Guard Crush your opponent.
     Medium Punch                   Press MP
       If done while standing, Rolento turns his back to his enemy and
       thrusts his weapon behind him at a 45-degree angle upwards.  If done
       while crouching, Rolento holds his rod before him and spins it around
       quickly for three hits.  This version has a very long range.  If done
       while jumping, he does the same thing, but holds the rod beneath him
       before he spins it around.  The jumping version can cross up, but the
       timing is difficult.
       Although the standing Medium Punch can be used as anti-air, you'd be
       much better off with using Rolento's superior standing Hard Kick.
       The main asset of this move is that when done crouching, it has an
       incredible range and can flat out trade hits or beat many attacks.
       Plus, even if blocked, it's multi-hit capability insures that you'll
       be pushed back enough to avoid any sort of serious retaliation.  When
       you want to poke and pressure your opponent without getting too close,
       the crouching Medium Punch is the way to go.  The jumping version is
       also great because it provides Rolento with defense from anything
       short of an anti-air special move.  One way to really hassle your
       opponent is to High Jump over them and raze their heads with the MP
       while doing so.
     Hard Punch                     Press HP
       If done while standing, Rolento quickly raises his weapon above his
       head and smacks it downward very quickly.  The range on this move
       is very long, and it can hit twice.  It has two hit points; one while
       it it starting to come down and one just before it hits the ground.
       If done while jumping, Rolento does a similar attack, but swings it
       before him so that it has a fan-like hit range that extends a bit
       above and below him.  If done while crouching, Rolento leans forward
       on one knee and swings the rod horizontally forward.
       The bulk of Rolento's brute force comes from his Hard Punch.  The
       standing version provides both an excellent offense and defense,
       since the range will swat out most incoming attacks, even jumping
       attacks, and it does good damage.  The jumping version also has a
       great range and can be used to snub air attacks and do some
       retaliation of your own.  Especially when combined with the Mekong
       Delta Escape, the jumping HP can be used to hamper and intimidate
       opponents by repeatedly swatting at them.  Last but not least is
       the crouching variety, which is Rolento's single most damaging
       crouch attack.  If that's not good enough, it has even more range
       than his crouching Medium Punch!  Another good poking tool, the
       crouching HP really shines as a follow up to a ducking Punch or Kick;
       even if you miss, it's still a great way to apply pressure (this
       works especially well with his crouching MP, since a sloppy opponent
       can take or block the MP but they'll still be close enough to eat a
       crouching Hard Punch afterwards if they don't block again).
     Light Kick                     Press LK
       If done standing, Rolento delivers a quick knee strike.  This move
       has a very short range and cannot be comboed--it's pretty much
       useless.  The crouching version is a low foot strike that is fast
       and comboable.  The jumping version is a horizontal kick that's
       marginally useful in close air to air situations.
       Rolento's Light Kick is probably the least used move in his arsenal.
       It can't do anything that the Light Punch or Medium Kick can do
       better, and with more range.  However, the jumping version can be
       used to hit a jumping opponent who is on the same level as you are in
       the air, and all Light Kicks are very fast to come out.
     Medium Kick                    Press MK
       The standing Medium Kick is a mule kick done at a high angle.  It's
       useful for quickly hitting someone out of the air.  The crouching
       version is a ducking boot kick that is long and can be comboed, plus
       it's not much slower than the ducking Light Kick.  Jumping, this is
       a downward-angled leg attack that works best when your jumping
       toward an opponent on the ground.  It can also be used for cross-ups.
       Although the Hard Kick provides better and more reliable air defense
       than the Medium Kick, Rolento's MK does come out faster and is
       therefore useful in close quarters or as a late counterattack.
       The same applies to the jumping version.  The crouching variety,
       though, is crucial in Rolento's combos as it is comboable and has
       great reach (especially when used alone for poking or punishing your
       opponent for making a mistake).
     Hard Kick                      Press HK
       The Hard Kick emulates both the standing and jumping Medium Kick.  It
       has more priority, and more lag, but if you have the time to do it,
       it's better than using Rolento's Medium Kick.  The standing version
       not only has a lot of range, but it's perfect for anti-air attacks
       and for snuffing out your opponent's attack if you're within range.
       Crouching, this is a sliding kick which is not only a tad faster than
       the crouching Hard Punch but is also useful for tripping someone.
       Rolento is left open if it's blocked, though, and the range is not
       significantly better than the Hard Punch.
       Rolento's standing Hard Kick ranks right along with his standing Hard
       Punch.  It's his best anti-air move, it frequently out-prioritizes
       any attack your challenger can muster, and it's got great reach.  The
       jumping version also does hefty damage, and it's angle makes it
       perfect for starting a jump-in combo or for snubbing out your foe's
       attempts at counterattacks.  The crouching version needs to be used
       with caution.  It's useful for hitting an opponent who isn't too
       close to you, but it's not exactly safe.  You can do better with
       Rolento's ducking Medium or Hard Punches.
     Carnal Carry                   Press b / f + PP when near  (air)
       Rolento grabs his challenger and tosses them forward.  If you're
       not close to them, he'll perform a missed grab attempt and be left
       open to attack while doing so.
       This throw isn't very noteworthy, and should generally be skipped
       for the useful Deadly Package when possible.
     Deadly Package                 Press b / f + KK when near
       Rolento ties a string of grenades around his enemy and quickly
       leaps past them as the grenades explode.  As with the Carnal Carry,
       he will perform a missed grab attempt if you're not within range.
       Although this move seems to make you switch places with your
       opponent, Rolento in fact ends up on the same side of the screen
       when he finishes this throw.
       The nice thing about this throw is that because it seems like Rolento
       is switching directions, your opponent may have a hard time Tech
       Hitting it.  Plus, they have to Tech. Hit before the grenades
       explode, so they need to act quickly or else they'll take full
       damage.  Be crafty with this move and try throwing both forwards and
       backwards to confuse your enemy all the more.
     (Chouhatsu = Taunt)            Press Start once (only in A- or V-ism)
       Rolento takes a mine from his holster and tosses it along the ground.
       The grenade then explodes a moment later.  The range on this move is
       not very far, and if an opponent is near the grenade when it explodes,
       they are hit for approximately one pixel of damage.  Note that it is
       impossible to defeat your challenger with the grenade no matter how
       low his/her life is (this holds true for all taunts).  Although
       Rolento can only taunt once per round in A-ism and V-ism, he can
       taunt repeatedly during a V-ism Custom Combo.
       Taunting, for those of us who can appreciate it, is a good way to
       express your feelings towards your opponent and to show that you're
       not afraid to take risks.  With Rolento's taunt, one can also try
       and sucker his opponent into taking an unwanted hit and throwing them
       off balance.  True, his taunt does miniscule damage, but as it didn't
       hit in SFA2, it's easier to get your opponent to ignore it than you
       might thing.  It also works well against nervous challengers; toss
       one out and watch them backpedal in an attempt to get away.  I like
       following this with a Mekong Delta Attack or Escape (followed by a
       Hard Punch), because they will most likely be blocking the taunt
       and will have to take the M.D.A. hit.  If I think they may not block
       it and instead try to jump or get away, the M.D.E. is a good way to
       keep them in check.
     Patriot Circle                 qcf + P  (perform 3 times in all)
       Rolento swings his weapon, a flexible rod, around him in a circle.
       Repeating the motion makes him to twirl it around his body again,
       while doing it for a third time makes him hold the rod forward while
       it spins.  Surprisingly, it doesn't matter what button you use, as
       they don't affect the speed of the move or damage it inflicts.  If
       you care to do so, you can use different buttons for subsequent
       attacks.  This move hits 11 times in all (4/4/3, for each time the
       command is input).
       The Patriot Circle is Rolento's sole attack-oriented move.  It's not
       good for much else, unlike the rest of his attacks.  Unfortunately,
       the damage it does isn't that great, and even then, each hit will
       give your opponent a hefty increase to their Super Combo / Custom
       Combo Gauge.  That's only if you can get the P.C. to connect--it's
       slow and the only way to insure that it connects is to combo it.
       Even then, if you don't belt out the rest of the commands quickly,
       your opponent can recover and do anything to Rolento that he or she
       pleases.   If you do this move and it doesn't hit or is blocked,
       you're also left open to just about anything and everything.
       Generally, you shouldn't use this, not even in a combo--even with no
       SC energy, a simple jumping HP to crouching HP still does sizable
       damage and gives your foe less SC / CC energy.  If there is a use
       for the Patriot Circle, it's that it does take a hefty chunk of block
       damage and can be used to kill an opponent with just a bit of life
     Stinger                        f,d,df + K, then press any button
       Rolento leaps into the air with a brace of knives in one hand.  At
       any time during his upward or downward descent, pressing any button
       makes him flip in air and hurl a knife forward.  This move hits one
       time only.  The button used affects the angle at which the knife is
       tossed (LP/LK for a steep descent, MP/MK for a more angled descent,
       HP/HK for a much more horizontal descent).  You can throw a knife
       just after jumping by doing (f,d <press Kick> df + K).  Don't worry
       about the first Kick press as it will be canceled in favor of the
       Stinger rather than result in you sticking out a ducking kick.
       The Stinger provides a sharp contrast to the Patriot Circle in that
       it's arguably Rolento's best special move.  You can use the jump to
       evade low attacks or projectiles, then respond with a knife attack
       from just about anywhere on the screen, thanks to the controllable
       ranges of the knives.  Simply using the jump part is useful to psyche
       out your opponent into thinking that you're going to toss a knife.
       Not only is it hard to punish a well-timed Stinger, but you can use
       this move constantly to keep the rain of knives constant and furious.
       While this move doesn't do a lot of damage in and of itself, plugging
       your opponent with several knives will do a lot of damage in the long
       run.  The knives are too fast to be used as "follow-up" like Dhalsim's
       Yoga Fire or Charlie's Sonic Boom in most situations.  However, in
       the corner, it's possible to follow an HP Stinger with a crouching
       punch or kick (save LK) with a bit of practice.  The one fault of the
       Stinger is that the knives can be stopped by _normal_ attacks.  On
       the bright side, if your opponent mistimes their punch or kick,
       they'll end up taking the Stinger right in the arm or leg.  On the
       bad side, a character with a well-ranged punch or kick can use it to
       foul up your Stinger tosses repeatedly.  Also, unlike in SFA2, Rose
       can now absorb and reflect a Stinger (although they're always
       reflected horizontally).
     Mekong Delta Attack            Press PPP, then press P
       Rolento will flip backward when PPP is pressed.  Pressing P again
       during the flip makes him tuck into a ball and roll forward quickly.
       If he hits, he rebounds backwards before landing.  This move hits
       one time only.  The button used for the roll affects how far forward
       Rolento will move for the roll.
       This move is often overlooked, and for good reason--it seems highly
       punishable, and is, if used to counter an attack.  However, using
       it in anticipation of a high attack or projectile makes it a perfect
       weapon for medium- or long-range offense.  When Rolento rolls
       forward, he can pass under practically any projectile.  Since it's
       one of Rolento's few ground-based moves, it also works well in place
       of a jump attack or other airborne move, especially if your opponent
       has a good anti-air move.  If you think your opponent may use a
       projectile, do the flip.  If they haven't thrown one yet, simply go
       back to whatever you were doing--the flip is fast and won't leave
       you open unless your opponent is fairly close.  But if they are in
       the midst of a projectile toss, press P before you land and you'll
       hit them squarely, usually for a Major Counter if you're fast enough.
       Best yet, Rolento does a pretty big rebound off the attack, even if
       it's blocked, so that you'll be a bit safer even if you mess up the
     Mekong Delta Air Raid          qcb + P, then press P
       Rolento tucks into a ball and rolls backward.  Pressing P during his
       roll makes him leap forward with an early jumping HP attack.  This
       move hits one time only.  The strength of the button used for his
       roll determines how far backward he moves.  The strength used for
       his leap attack determines how far forward he will jump.
       The Air Raid is a commonly-used Rolento move that is far too
       predictable and is generally not recommended in most situations.
       The first part of the move is a highly controllable and very handy
       backward roll; it can be used by itself for quick escapes and makes
       a good alternative to the Mekong Delta Escape if you don't want to
       flee by air.  It's especially useful if your attempt at a combo is
       blocked; two-in-one your attack into the Air Raid to get out of there
       fast.  The second part of this move, done during the roll, is not
       very useful due to the fact that Rolento performs the Hard Punch very
       early in his jump.  This means that you'll miss someone on the ground
       if you're not careful.  Basically, you should only attempt the Air
       Raid if your opponent is throwing a fireball and you're already
       rolling, if they're jumping towards you and you're already rolling,
       or if you need to escape or make some distance and they leave
       themselves open to a smack on the head (like if they taunt or miss a
       special move).
     Mekong Delta Escape            qcb + K, then move b / f + any button
       Rolento leaps back very quickly until he reaches the wall behind
       him, then leaps off it and jumps forward.  At this point, any button
       can be pressed to make him perform a standard jumping attack.  This
       move does not hit at all, otherwise, pressing P / K hits one time,
       except for MP which can hit up to three times.   The button used for
       his jump has no effect on how far he moves; instead, you can control
       the distance of his jump by holding back or forward.  This move
       cannot be combined with the Trick Landing move or Spike Rod attack
       (but I think you can use the Spike Rod from it in X-ism).
       The Mekong Delta Escape is a good example of the dual functionality
       of Rolento's moves.  Most obvious is that you can use this move to
       get away from your opponent fast--you move so high that only a good
       anti-air move will be able to hit you, and since the distance you
       can jump is controllable, you can escape even from a corner and
       cross all the way to the other side of the screen.  The other use
       is pure offense and one of Rolento's best ways to both cause damage,
       start combos, and generally pester the hell out of his competition.
       Almost like a superior Air Raid, you can use the Escape followed by
       a well-placed Hard Punch to hit someone out of a projectile or
       special move attempt from anywhere on the screen.  Because you can
       alter the distance that Rolento travels while in air, you can use
       this move repeatedly even when your opponent is expecting it--just
       hold back to completely dodge their anti-air attempt or press
       forward to shoot past them.  Even if they block your attack, the
       range of the jumping HP lets you take the block and still land with
       enough distance between you and your opponent so that they can't do
       anything serious to you.  You should mix this strategy with the
       Stinger attempts so that you can dominate the air.  If you get a
       hit with your jumping HP, combo into a ducking HP for a nice two-
       hitter or do a ducking MK into a Take No Prisoner for a damaging
     High Jump                      Tap db~df,ub~uf
       Rolento will plant his weapon into the ground and use it to pole
       vault forward or backward in a very long but shallow jump, depending
       on what combination of down and up directions you use.  This move
       does not cause damage normally, however, you can perform any standard
       jumping attack during it (1 hit for all buttons but MP, which hits
       up to three times), as well as the Spike Rod or Trick Landing.  You
       can use the High Jump to begin a jump-in combo as well, just like
       the Mekong Delta Escape.
       Rolento's High Jump is an insanely powerful move.  It's speed lets
       you use it to hit people out of projectiles and other attacks, or
       you can jump backward to safely evade just about anything short of
       an SC projectile.  If that wasn't good enough, it can be used to
       start a jump-in combo.  Along with the Mekong Delta Escape, this
       basically means that Rolento can plant a combo on his challenger's
       sorry behind from anywhere on screen, at any time.  Because the jump
       is high enough to pass over any character at it's apex, you can use
       it to hit them, and if they block, you'll still land on the other
       side.  From here you can stick out an attack that they'll have to
       quickly block or else end up taking the hit.
     Spike Rod                      Jump, d + MK
       During a jump, Rolento sticks his weapon beneath him.  Not only does
       this alter the direction and distance of your jump, but upon landing,
       Rolento will use the rod like a pogo stick to hop forward  (this is
       not true in X-ism, supposedly).  You can continuously tap d + MK while
       he hops to pogo forward continuously.  This move hits once both from
       the air and while hopping on the ground.  You can follow this move
       with the Trick Landing, if you wish.
       The Spike Rod is pretty much pointless.  Although one would intially
       think that you could use it to abruptly halt a jump attack (say, if
       your opponent was going to try and hit you in air or counter with some
       other powerful attack), the fact that you hop forward once you land
       is just as risky as continuing the jump without attempting to air
       block.  Your enemy isn't knocked down by the Spike Rod, either, so
       chances are that 9 out of 10, they'll recover while you're still
       hopping and can hit you with a swift attack.  The pogo jump is good
       for pestering somebody if they're almost dead (but it doesn't do block
       damage), but this move is really too risky to be used.
     Trick Rod                      f + MK
       Rolento plants his weapon in the ground and climbs atop it in a parody
       of the Spike Rod attack.  This move hits once, but the range is very
       bad and requires you to be reasonably close to your enemy.
       The Trick Rod is amazingly useless.  You have to be very close to hit,
       the lag on the move is bad, and as long as you're getting in a hit,
       you should have gone for an HP or Take No Prisoners, anyway.  Just to
       infuriate my opponent, I'll sometimes goad them on by doing this
       repeatedly from a safe distance. :)
     Trick Landing                  As you land from a jump, press KKK
       As he lands, Rolento will bounce off the ground using his flexible
       rod and then land a short distance behind him.  This move does not
       cause damage, and you cannot follow it with the Spike Rod.
       The Trick Landing is not really worth the trouble it is to time it
       correctly.  If used sparingly, you can use it to evade someone who
       jumps towards you as you land from a jump, or to back off if you
       jump in at somebody who then backs off.  But since you don't travel
       back very far and because the bounce is so slow, you'd probably be
       better off blocking.
     Take No Prisoner               qcf,d,df + P  (his X-ism Super Combo)
       Rolento crouches down and sends a tripwire running along the ground.
       If his opponent is touched by it, they are dragged into the air and
       hang suspended from a hook being held by an El Gato.  Rolento lets
       them hang for a moment, then flicks the wire with his fingers and
       lets them fall.  This move hits once, and must be blocked low.  The
       higher SC level you use, the more range the tripwire has (at Level 3
       or in X-ism, it has a full-screen length).
       This move inflicts incredibly high damage, off of one hit, to boot.
       This means that all you have to do is make sure it connects and then
       reap the rewards.  The huge range and the fact that it must be
       blocked low are also some of it's advantages.  However, it can be
       jumped over quite easily, and it's very quirky too, meaning that what
       looks like a sure hit may end up in you wasting precious SC energy
       for nothing in return.  Even worse, because of the previously-
       mentioned erratic hit detection, you can only stick the Level 1
       version of it in combos--anything higher and it misses entirely.
       However, you can still use this Super Combo as a stand-alone move
       with a lot of success.  Like Rolento's other moves, it can be used
       against missed attacks, someone tossing a projectile, etc., because
       of it's range (which is pretty far even on Level 1 or 2).  Try to
       force an opponent into blocking high if they are playing cautiously,
       then let loose.
     Steel Rain                     qcf,d,df + K
       Rolento balances several knives on the end of his weapon and then
       flicks the rod to send them vertically into the air.  They fly off
       screen, then fall down two seconds later over the head of his enemy.
       Although the knives do home in on Rolento's opponent, it is possible
       to avoid them by using a move such as a teleport or other ability
       that lets them move quickly away from their position.  After Rolento
       throws the knives into the air, both he and his opponent can move
       around and attack normally (but he cannot use SCs <?>), until they
       fall.  The knives must be blocked high, and hit more times at higher
       levels (4/6/8 (?), respectively).
       This new addition to Rolento's arsenal is pretty handy.  Since the
       knives must be blocked high, you can launch them, then walk forward
       and use the Take No Prisoners within range.  If they block low or
       jump, they eat the knives, if they do nothing, they get garotted by
       the tripwire.  Because there is lag on this move, it's suggested that
       you do it when far away or in a situation where you can't be hit
       back.  Since your opponent is forced to deal with the threat of the
       knives that will be falling in about two seconds, you can use that
       time to beat a hasty retreat, get close and poke at them, or even
       use the Patriot Circle to inflict block damage.  You can't combo off
       the knives if they hit, but that's a minor complaint considering the
       damage this move can cause.
     Mine Sweeper                   qcb,qcb + P
       Rolento gets down and rolls backward quickly while lobbing out
       grenades.  He then gets into a crouch and fiddles with his weapon
       while the grenades go off, one after another.  If an opponent blocks
       this attack, they may still be pushed toward Rolento by the exploding
       grenades.  Even if Rolento is hit out of this move, any grenades he
       managed to toss beforehand can still hit his enemy.  The higher SC
       level you use, the further backward Rolento rolls and the more
       grenades he tosses.  This move hits more times at each level (2/3/4).
       Rolento's Mine Sweeper is a purely defensive move.  Like the Steel
       Rain, it can't be comboed.  And chances are that if you pull one
       off out of the blue in an attempt to be sneaky, you'll only succeed
       in wasting your power and having your enemy block and end up right
       next to you, where they can start pressuring you.  So, you need to
       think defensively.  The Mine Sweeper is great at catching a jumping
       attack--even if they hit you, you'll end up trading hits because
       any grenades you tossed can still go off and hit them.  And at higher
       levels, it's far more likely that they'll end up being thrown across
       the screen by repeating blasts of exploding shrapnel rather than
       kicking you out of your SC attempt.  The only time when a jump-in
       attack will almost always work is if they hit you with a cross-up.
       The other time when you can put the Mine Sweeper to good use is if
       you end up close to your opponent after a jump or similar aerial
       manuever and want to prevent them from hitting you.  You can do the
       motion for the Mine Sweeper as you land and then press Punch to do
       it the moment you touch ground, or simply block or use a crouching
       kick to either defend or poke them before they can hit or throw you.
       Since your enemy will in all likelihood end up right next to you
       once the move finishes, you can try poking with a low LP or MP as
       they get up, use a Take No Prisoner, or anticipate their recovery
       attack, block it, and attack them in return.
     Alpha Counter                  While blocking, f + same P + K at once
       This move requires Rolento to have at least 1.5 (half) of his Super
       Combo Gauge full (in A-ism), or a third of his Custom Combo Gauge
       full (in V-ism), to be used.  When performed, Rolento performs the
       third and final part of his Patriot Circle for a three-hit attack.
       The buttons used don't affect this move in any way.  Note that when
       you use an AC, your Guard Power Meter will permanently decrease by
       one notch for the rest of that battle.
       It's bad enough that Alpha Counters cause so little damage, but now
       in Alpha 3 they also have the added drawback of reducing your Guard
       Power Meter.  This means that you should only AC as a last-ditch
       escape against a trap or good pressure game, or if your opponent is
       practically dead and you need to beat them quickly before they
       finish you off.  Luckily, Rolento's AC has good range and is pretty
       likely to hit when performed, unlike some other character's ACs.
     Special thanks to Bakasama <bakasama@aol.com> for the throw names, and
     Todd Dwyer <winstar@bellatlantic.net> for info. on Rolento's X-ism
     Spike Rod.
     "Take no prisoner!  No mercy for the memory." - Rolento
     Unpublished work Copyright 1998-2001 Chris MacDonald

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