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    Sagat by SPeh

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Steven Peh, Iax_Ikurachi@hotmail.com, 2/2/99
    Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Steven Peh
    This guide is for private and personal use only.  It can only 
    be reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, 
    may be altered as long as this disclaimer and the above 
    copyright notice appears in full. This guide is not to be used 
    for any commercial/profitable/promotional purposes; this includes 
    being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or 
    being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way. This guide was 
    created and is owned by me, Steven Peh <Iax_ikurachi@hotmail.com>.
    Any and all copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are 
    not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Please give credit where 
    it is due.
    The Street Fighter game series are (c) Capcom of Japan and (c) 
    Capcom of America.
    Keo Megura    -    kmegura@yahoo.com
    Game Faqs     -    www.gamefaqs.com
    The combos in this guide are all original (especially
    V-ism Sagat's 19+ hit super combo), in that I learned and discovered 
    them by my own at home.  Any similarities are purely coincidental. 
    Any duplication without proper credits is prohibited. However, 
    the names for the basic moves are not mine and was "taken" from 
    Kao Megura's faq from www.gamefaqs.com And now, on to the moves 
    and combos..
      Common Terms-
        ,    -   used to seperate moves in succession
        +    -   used to group moves in concurrence
        (air)-   can be done in the air
        X    -   X-ism Mode
        Z    -   Z-ism Mode ( or A-ism Mode for some )
        V    -   V-ism Mode
        (LV#)-   Level of Super
        x#   -   Repeat # times
        P    -   Any Punch
        K    -   Any Kick
        LP   -   Light Punch
        MP   -   Medium Punch
        HP   -   Heavy Punch
        LK   -   Light Kick
        MK   -   Medium Kick
        HK   -   Heavy Kick
      Direction Pad/Stick-
        ub  u  uf
          \ | /
        b --c-- f
          / | \
        db  d  df
      Frequent moves-
        QCF  -   d,df,f
        QCB  -   d,db,b
        HCF  -   b,db,d,df,f
        HCB  -   f,df,d,db,b
    Basic Moves List
      Tiger Shot (XZV)                      QCF + P
        This is Sagat's fireball move. This move hits high, so it will 
        miss if opponents kneel down.
      Ground Tiget Shot (XZV)                QCF + K
        This is the same as Tiger Shot only it hits low. Wouldn't it be 
        kewl if Ryu/Ken/Akuma learns this move? =P
      Tiget Uppercut/Blow (XZV)           f, d, df + P
        Heh Sagat's pathetic attempt at immitating a Shoryuuken. But I 
        gotta admit this is a very cool to look move. X-ism Sagat's Tiger 
        Uppercut hits twice for all Punch level.  Z-ism Sagat's Tiget 
        Blow has variable hits, as follows: 1-hit for LP, 5-hit for  
        MP, 7-hit for HP. As for V-ism, I didn't bother to check =P.
      Tiger Knee Crush (X)                   QCF, uf + K
        His leaping knee attack. Man this move went from awesome to 
        pretty much useless. I remember when this move skips over 
        fireball in SF2.
      Tiger Crush (ZV)                       f, d, df + K
        Well Z-ism and V-ism version of Tiger knee Crush. Hits once.
      Fake Kick (ZV)				     MK x2
        Fake Kick =)
    Super Move List
      Tiger Cannon (Z)               		QCF, QCF + P
        Sagat's Super fireball. Avoidable if opponents kneel down.
      Tiger Raid (Z)  				QCB, QCB + K
        Sagat's Super Smelly Feet, just kidding. More like his fire kick.
      Tiger Genocide (XZ)               	QCF, d, df + K
        A combination of his Tiger Knee and Tiger Uppercut. Hits for a 
        maximum of 14-hits. 
      Angry Charge (Z)			QCF + Start at Level 1
        New move. No comments.
    Z-ism Sagat Combo List
      3-hit - uf + HK/HP, d + MP, Tiger Shot/Ground Tiger Shot
        This is the standard combo.
      3-hit/7-hit/9-hit - uf + HK/HP, f + MP/LP, Tiger Uppercut (LP/MP/HP)
        Well depending on which Punch level you use the hit count will be
        different. (yeah like i want to do a 3-hit when i can do a 9-hit).
        However, the 3-hit has its advantages in that if you execute it 
        too slow and the opponent was able to recover, then it doesn't 
        leave you too vulnerable to retaliation because the LP version of 
        Tiget Uppercut is very low and recovers very quick.
      9-hit - uf + K, d + MP, Tiger Raid (LV3)
      14-hit - f + MP, Tiger Uppercut + MP, Tiger Genocide (LV3)
      15-hit - uf + HP/HK, f + LP, Tiger Uppercut + MP, Tiger Cannon (LV3)
        Well this is a nice combo since it doesnt requre opponent to be 
        in the corner.  However, tis very difficult to master =P. Again 
        you have to time it so that you executed the Tiger Cannon the 
        moment Sagat lands after the Uppercut.
      16-hit (corner only) -  uf + HK/HP, f + LP, Tiger Uppercut + HP x2
        Heh, tis a juggle!
      19-hit (corner only) -  uf + HK/HP, f + LP, Tiger Uppercut + HP, 
    			  Tiger Genocide (LV3)
        Well, this is also another insane juggle. Note, you must time the 
        Tiger Genocide right in order to get the full 19 hits.  The best 
        time is to time it such that the Tiger Genocide is executed when 
        the opponent is almost down to the ground.  One more thing, 
        Sagat's Tiger Genocide is 14 hits alone, so technically it should 
        be 23-hits total but for some reason I can never get the full 14-
        hits when doing this combo.
    X-ism Ryu Combo List
      3-hit - uf + HK/HP, d + MP, Tiger Shot/Ground Tiger Shot
        This is the standard combo.
      4-hit - uf + HK/HP, f + MP/LP, Tiger Uppercut
        Well X-ism Sagats uppercut only has 2 hit regardless of punch 
      6-hit (corner only) - uf + HP/HK, f + LP, Tiger Uppercut x2
      14-hit (corner only) - uf + HP/HK, f + LP, Tiger Uppercut, 
                             Tiger Genocide
    Juggle Notes
    Well one new feature in SFZ-3 is juggle opponents (Believe it or not 
    juggles have been present since SF3 new generation).  However one 
    must note that another new feature of SFZ-3 is the ability to break an 
    air attack.  This means that an opponent can recover instantly when hit 
    in the air.  Hence opponents can actually (although very very unlikely) 
    escape from juggles. Most of Ryu's juggle are very close to the ground 
    and are executed very fast so its pretty much
    impossible to break away. However there are some characters juggle that 
    are very easy to break away from. One good example here is Z-ism Sagat's 
    uppercut. His Tiger Uppercut launches the opponent way high up and give 
    them enough time to break the fall. Although you can still juggle with a 
    Super Move (since you can't block Supers in the air) it really throws 
    your timing off. Most Supers tend to move in a forward motion (except 
    maybe projectile Supers), so if your opponent recovers and you execute 
    your Super too early, you'll end up in the corner with your opponent 
    standing safely behind you!
    V-ism Notes
    Heh, what can I say, V-ism sucks! =P. Don't think i'll be covering any 
    V-ism guides at all. Maybe when I discover an insane combo then i'll add 
    in a section.
    Keo Megura    -    kmegura@yahoo.com
    Game Faqs     -    www.gamefaqs.com
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