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    Zangief by BChen

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 10/22/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    				   Street Fighter Alpha 3
    				  ---Zangief FAQ v0.2---
    			   Benjamin Chen (bechen@ic.sunysb.edu) 
    	       This FAQ is for personal use only.  It may not be changed 
    	       in any way shape or form.  It can be used and distributed 
    	       freely, but please give credit where credit is due.
         Version 0.1 -  First attempt at an FAQ.
         Version 0.2 -  Fixed typos and grammatical errors.  Added info on st. 
         jab, and versus strategies.
    1.  General Overview
    	I'm assuming if you’re reading a Zangief faq, you should be familiar 
    with the Street Fighter basic game mechanics.  If you’re not familiar with 
    them, I suggest you learn the basic gameplay mechanics with a less advanced 
    character.  Try the shotokans first and when you get the basic gameplay down, 
    then comeback to this faq.  (I can't believe I'm pushing players towards the 
    shotos.  =P)  Well anyways,  Zangief is a great character to use.  He has 
    amazing comeback power, and has a huge advantage against people that have 
    never played a competent Zangief before.  So let’s get on with it.  
    2.  Legend
         These are the following terms I use.
    		d = down
    		u = up
    		df = down forward.  As in crouching but stick is towards the 
    		db = down back
    		uf = up forward
    		ub = up back
    		jab = light punch
    		strong = medium punch
    		fierce = heavy punch
    		short = light kick
    		forward = medium kick
    		roundhouse = heavy kick.  Sometimes these are abbreviated.
    		cr. <button> = crouching and the button
    		st. <button> = standing while pressing that button.
    3.  Basic Attacks
    	Standing attacks:
    		Jab :  A quick overhead chop.  Very effective anti-air if you 
    nothing else is working for you.  Especially deadly if you have a super 
    charged up.  You can just do a st. jab, and then the level 3 aerial russian 
    slam to catch em and take off a fat chunk.  Credit to CDDude228 and EvilMadCow 
    for yelling at me for underrating this move.  Of course I went out and tried 
    it and it works very, very well.
    	     Strong :  A high horizontal chop.  A decent move to juggle if you 
    have nothing else.  If someone jumps at you and you cr. strong them as 
    anti-air, you can st. strong them if they flip out in the corner.  Of course 
    you can do other things to juggle them too.  I haven't really incorporated 
    this move into my game too much.  If anyone has any suggestions to its use, 
    feel free to mail me.
    	  Fierce :  A high horizontal straight out power punch!  Slow, but 
    effective.  I use it to tack on an extra hit if my opponent decides to PP flip 
    out without sticking something out.  Pretty useful.  It also works as anti-air 
    if you anticipate their jump and they're jumping from afar.  Takes off a fat 
    chunk of damage.
    	  Short :  A little kick where Zangief sticks out his foot.  Pretty 
    useful in hitting ground attacks.  Stick these out randomly sometimes if your 
    opponent is walking back and forth playing annoying ground game.
    	Forward :  A straight out waist high kick.  A very, very, very useful 
    kick.  I cannot emphasize how much I love this thing.  It is quick.  It is 
    excellent for ground game. If someone sticks something out or tries to jump 
    with this thing in their face they'll get stuffed.  Stick these out randomly 
        Roundhouse :  An arcing double kick.  Think of this as a breakdancing 
    kick.  It can hit twice.  I use this as anti-air sometimes.  This does have 
    one use that I really, really love.  I use this move alot in my corner spd 
    trap guessing games.  More on this in the how to land your spd section :).
    	Crouching Attacks:
    	 Jab :  A quick mid-level stab.  I love this thing.  It is quick and 
    has good priority.  Repeated cr. jabs combo also.  Very good if you think your 
    opponent is going to cheap you.  Good at pressuring in the corner and 
    confusing.  Decent in setting up guard crush opportunities also.
        Strong :  A punch arcing upwards.  I use this move a lot for anti-air if 
    they jump from afar.  The problem is some attacks such as, shotos air 
    tatsumaki’s, Blanka's jump in roundhouse, seem to beat this.  Blanka just 
    beats you, while the air tatsumaki's sometimes pass over it.  After some 
    experience you’ll be able to tell when to use it though.
       Fierce :  A straight punch at mid-level.  This move has very long reach. It 
    does good guard crush damage, and good damage.  It can stuff shoto fireballs 
    if timed well.  It does leave you a bit open though.  Watch out for shoryukens 
    and shinku hadokens which will trade hits.  It has more range then shoto cr. 
    roundhouses so its useful if they are playing close range fireball, cr. 
    roundhouse, top-down games.
      Short :  A ground kick where ‘gief slides his foot across.  Doesn't have 
    good reach, but works well in SPD ticks (More on that later).  It's quick and 
    thats about it. 
    Forward :  Looks just like the cr. short.  This has a bit more reach and is 
    slower in coming out.  Does more damage too.  I don’t really use this much.  
    Except as a mix up sometimes in spd traps in the corner.  Again more on that 
    Roundhouse :  Looks like the short and forward.  Again, more reach, more 
    damage.  It knocks down too.  Use this in ground game.  Knock em down and then 
    go for a crossup etc.  Typical cr. rndhse use.
           Jumping Attacks:
    Jab :  I'm combining both jump up and jump forward attacks in one section.  
    Both jump jabs look the same.  They are quick punch stabs with decent 
    priority.  The damage doesn’t make them worth it though.  Use it when nothing 
    else is working for you.  The strong will usually have high enough priority 
    Strong :  Both strongs look the same also.  Use this when all your other 
    attacks are beaten in an air to air situation.  This has good priority and 
    does better damage then the jab.
    Fierce :  The jump straight up one is a punch with a trajectory going 
    downwards.  The jump towards is a straight out punch that has amazingly good 
    reach.  I use this to hit fireball chuckers from afar.  This has very good air 
    to ground priority.
    Short :  Both versions look the same.  Its a straight out kick.  Think of an 
    upside-down L.  Decent air to air but damage doesn’t make it worth it.
    Forward :  Looks like the short.  Again its decent  and damage isn't that bad.  
    There are just so many more better things to use though.
    Roundhouse :  A full body kick.  Think of a spear with Zangief's feet as the 
    point.  Very good air to air kick with good priority.  Doesn't have as much 
    hitting surface area though.
           Special Basic Attacks:
    		Here's where Zangief really shows his stuff.
    Body Splash :  An aerial splash.  Do this by jumping back or forwards and 
    pressing d + fierce.  I love this attack.  This has amazing air to ground 
    priority and has insane hit surface area.  Beats a lot of characters' cr. 
    fierce air counters.  Use this often!!!
    Double Knee Press :  Another insanely useful move.  Do this by jumping back or 
    forwards and pressing down and either short or forward.  I use the forward 
    version a lot.  This has insane priority.  I press the button at the start of 
    the jump.  This move'll beat Dhalsim’s limbs and this is important cuz this is 
    one of the only ways you can get in on Dhalsim.  Use this to beat Sodom's 
    anti-air scrapes too.  It'll at least trade if timed correctly.
    Headbutt :  Jump straight up and press up + fierce.  This move dizzies if you 
    hit them twice in a short amount of time.  Yes, twice!!!!  Amazing.  Use this 
    as an anti jump in air to air counter.  Again this has insane priority and 
    does amazing damage.  
    Trading hits with it is the best cuz sometimes the other guy won't know what 
    you used.  
    Then they'll jump again and you can just use the headbutt again.  Then watch 
    their face as their character is dizzied.  
    Russian Kick :  df + forward.  A very good long range kick with good recovery 
    time.  I use this to poke from far away cuz it can snuff fireballs well.  
    Learn to incorporate it in your ground game mixups.
    4.  Sure Killing Techniques
    	Here is where the fun begins!!!  This is where Zangief's power arsenal 
    begins.  Here is the ammunition to strike fear into your opponents hearts 
    (unless hes using dhalsim, then you pray!).  
        Spinning Pile Driver :  360 + any punch
    THIS IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER MOVE!!!  This is what distinguishes Zangief 
    from the rest of the crowd.  The actual motion isn’t really a 360 degree 
    movement.  The way I do it is f, df, d, db, b, ub, u + punch.  So its 
    really only a 270.   Learn this from both directions.  I will discuss how to 
    use this move in the strategy section.
       Running Bear Grab :  360 + any kick
    A good move to use.  From far away, Zangief runs towards his opponent and then 
    grabs him.  Always use the roundhouse version if you are gonna use this move 
    from far.  The short close one has some spd setup uses too.  From up close he 
    does a double body slam.  Again I’ll explain it’s uses in the strategy 
       Banishing Flat:  f, d, df, f + any punch
    Zangief does a glowing backhand.  This move is useful also.  Again I'll 
    discuss it in the strategy section for landing spds and fabs ( spinning pile 
    drivers and final atomic busters).  But use it to kill projectiles and to 
    work your way in against fireballers.  
    This move has more priority then you think.  It works very well against Sagat.
       Lariat:  3 punch or 3 kick
    This move is great for anti-air if the opponent jumps at you as you're getting 
    up.  It also is invulnerable to fireballs.  The kick version is quick and 
    doesn't leave you open to sweeps.  The punch version is more forgiving on the 
    passing through fireball timing since it lasts longer.  Certain well placed 
    air attacks will beat this however.  Be careful of using this if you're in a 
    tight situation.
    5.  Supers
    	Zangief only has 2 supers but both are useful and deadly.  Learn how 
    to use them both and when to use them both!
      Final Atomic Buster :  720 + any punch
    Not a true 720 motion.  I usually do my normal pseudo 360 motion and add in a 
    full 360 and then press punch.  Since this move incorporates the up position 
    without the pressing of a button, you can only do this super off a jump in, 
    buffer it in while you're in block stun, hit stun, or in a moves mid 
    animation.  Basically anything that prevents you from jumping (yes even 
    including the taunt!!!).  This move beats a lotta things.  Pretty much all 
    basic attacks, some non-invincible sure-killings, and a small amount of 
    supers.  Plus it has amazing range.  I’ll go into the details of landing this 
    super and how to use it in your game in the strategy section.
    Aerial Russian Slam :  d, df, f, d, df, f + any kick.
    Zangief flies in the air and snatches him outta the air and proceeds to slam 
    him to the ground.  This super is hard to land because it won't work in 
    certain situations.  
    Sometimes it just magically passes through ur opponent.  As mentioned before 
    you can do the level 3 version of this super after you hit them with an 
    anti-air st. jab.
    6.  Strategies
    Zangief's strategy is very simple.  Do more damage to your opponent then he 
    does to you.  At every opportunity, you want to land your most powerful 
    option.  First thing you gotta do is feel your opponent out.  See what kind of 
    style they use to fight your Zangief.  Usually, there are 3 different styles 
    that I see when people fight my Zangief.  
    Those are run scared, offensive, and defensive counters.  The run scared is 
    what most of the inexperienced players do after you land that first spd.  The 
    offensive style is what a lot of non-shoto players use (occasionally you'll 
    come upon an offensive shoto), and the defensive counter style is what a lot 
    of the experienced players use.  
    	A.  How to land your Spd.
    The first method to learn would be how to use your spd offensively, which is 
    basically to jump in.  On the jump-in, you got three options: 1. Jump in and 
    do nothing and spd.  2.  Jump in with an attack and then spd.  3.  Jump in 
    with an attack, do a ground attack and then spd.  Basically, the only way to 
    escape this is to either counter the jump-in, do a well timed attack right 
    before the spd comes out, or to jump away.  You can obviously see the problems 
    that they would have.  If you get them with a surprise jump in, and they don't 
    try to counter, they can either expect and block, or expect a jump in spd and 
    jump away.  If they block and you jump in and spd they get caught.  If they 
    jump away and you attacked with something like a normal jump fierce which has 
    insane range, they get hit.  If they do guess correctly and you go for 
    something like a splash, and they block you have another option.  If your 
    splash was deep enough, they don't know whether to block or jump.  If they 
    block you might spd.  If they jump they won’t be blocking and they'll get 
    nailed by an attack.  So heres your basic options.  Your best jump in is 
    either your forward knee press or your splash.  Use the splash to cross-up.  
    Use this jump in to counter non-shoto air counters.  Then just spd or cr. 
    short or cr. jab and spd.  Then mix it up everyone once in a while with just a 
    plain ol' jump in spd.  
    Now the way to land your spd defensively is the most fun.  When you rip an 
    opponent out of their move with and spd and look at the expression you can't 
    help, but laugh.  Against inexperienced players that don't know to come in 
    with deep jump in attacks just block their high attack and then instantly spd.  
    Grab them off a non-deep cross up.  Grab em after blocked tatsumaki's.  My 
    favorite is to grab Ken after blocking his shinryuken.  Thats pretty much what 
    you need to know for the spds.  Try using moves that move you forward and if 
    they block don’t leave you open.  Try banishing flatting them as they get up 
    but have the flat be too early to hit and then grab em.  
        B.  How to land the FAB
    This is what you use for your comeback power.  The level 3 FAB takes off a fat 
    chunk of energy.  Never ever use the level 2 unless you're desperate for the 
    win.  Use the level 1 for the extra priority.  Use the level 3 to punish and 
    end the game.  Well... the best way to land it for a guaranteed grab is to use 
    the fab defensively.  If you’re quick enough, do the fab off a non deep jum 
    in.  Do it off a blocked tatsumaki.  And it is really really easy to do it off 
    a blocked shinryuken :).  But if you are going to use it offensively the best 
    way is to fool em.  Do a couple of jump splash, cr. shorts and then jump 
    Then when you think they think you’ll jump again, do a splash, cr. short,
    You can try a double knee and then straight into an fab.  Try a missed 
    banishing flat into FAB.  Do anything you can that will guarantee that you 
    land this super.  Taunt and then do this if you have too!!!!
    	   C.  Zangief mix up games.
         You got em trapped in the corner.  Now what do you do?  Try a splash, cr. 
    sort, splash, cr. short, jump in with nothing then spd.  That pattern works 
    well on people.  
    If the people are wise to your fab/spd attempts and start jumping up or away, 
    do a splash, cr. short, pause and wait for them to be near the height of their 
    jump and grab em with a level 3 aerial russian slam.  If they are in the corner 
    and you don't have a super use a st. roundhouse.  The cr. strong doesn't work 
    too well for this.  Just mix it up as best you can and try to destroy them.
    	D.  General Strategies
    		Feel out your opponent.  From my experience, if they like to 
    play defensively, your whole game should be based on surprise jump-ins.  Use 
    the ground game technique.  Then when you think they will try and retaliate 
    with something like a cr. roundhouse or something jump in and destroy em.  
    That works best on defensive players.  
    On shotos just anticipate a fireball and jump from close to 3/4 of the screen 
    away with a jump fierce.  Or if you’re closer then that jump in spd/fab.  Cr. 
    fierce works very well on shoto scrubs.  Lariat through fireballs.  Except for 
    Sagat's where you have to banishing flat them, or do a anticipated jump-in.  
    Against offensive players, that like to jump, get them to play air to air game 
    with you.  The only way alot of characters can beat your air to air game is to 
    jump with an early attack.  Fool them into doing this and then spd them.  
    Use cr. strong and st. roundhouse off a lured jump-in.  If they knock you 
    down, and go for a crossup do a lariat as a get up.  If their guard meter is 
    in danger, I like to do splash, 2 cr. jabs, then splash, cr. short, spd. Or 
    instead just jump again and just spd.  Remember your air headbutt dizzies in 2 
    hits if done in succession.  Use this to your advantage.  Get offensive 
    players to be afraid to jump in.  And then go for your standard spd/fab 
    guessing games.  This should be enough for you guys to get a good solid start 
    with Zangief.
    7.  The different isms.
    	I haven't played any of the ism’s besides x, a, and v.  So I don't 
    know how well the secret isms work with Zangief.  But here are some tips 
    when using the other isms.  
    When using X:  Try not to jump as much.  The banishing flat motion is 
    changed to f, df, d.  He has an excellent air counter.  Just press f + fierce.  
    Its an on the ground headbutt.  It also works very well as a tick into an fab 
    or spd.   His normal moves do insane damage.  
    Land a simple cr. fierce and laugh at the damage you do on them.  This faq 
    is centered around my favorite ism which is a-ism so there isn't much I 
    haven't already mentioned..  
    Finally, V-ism.  Out of these 3 isms v-ism is the best to beat dhalsim.  Blow 
    through an attack when you get a chance.  The only v-combo I know is in the 
    corner, jump and activate v with the 2 middle buttons, then do a splash, 2 cr. 
    shorts, into a fierce banishing flat, splash, 2 cr shorts, flat, etc and 
    continue.  It works only decently.  Supposedly no-ism is very good against 
    dhalsim, since you can turtle all you want and not get guard crushed.  
    So try and learn many different styles with Zangief.
    8.  Versus Strategies
    	Okay, as per request, here is the start of the versus strategies.  I 
    in no way claim to be any type of masterlevel Zangief.  This just comes from 
    personal playing experience.  I seem to be pretty successful locally with my 
    gief.  I am always open to criticisms and suggestions, improvements, etc...  
    So I'll just start off with a few matchups I'm familiar and what little I know 
    about what was requested.
    	1.  Ryu
    	Ryu is a matchup you are bound to see many times.  So I started off 
    with this one.  I can pretty much use any ism I want.  I generally use only 
    two though.  As always watch how he plays.  If he likes to jump in or walk 
    towards you a lot it should make your life a whole lot easier.  Poke him with 
    the forward russian kicks to snuff fbs.  Watch out for dp's though.  Try and 
    get surprise jump-ins.  If you anticipate a fireball, jump in and spd/fab. If 
    you're out of range try a j. fierce, cr. rndhouse.  After the cr. rndhouse 
    either go for a crossup splash or walk towards him and block and then counter 
    what he throws out.  Generally not a tough fight unless you get into a rut.  
    You can usually take off more damage then he does, so just use your power to 
    your advantage.
    	2.  Akuma
           Play him like Ryu.  Definitely watch out for his hell murder though. If 
    he knocks you down, roll at all costs if he has a level 3 and likes to do the 
    Instant Hell Murder.  Its a free 50% for him if you don't roll.  Other then 
    that, cr. strong his air fireballs and play your normal style.  Akuma 
    shouldn't be that tough considering he takes enormous damage.
           3.  Ken
          This fight can be one of the more annoying ones.  With Ken's excellent 
    ground game, he can force you to jump too much.  If you're playing a-ism, a 
    good Ken will constantly poke you with st. rndhse's and f + rndhse.  Both do 
    very good guard crush damage.  If you use no-ism you don’t have to worry about 
    guard crush.  You should always watch how you flip out, but when Ken has you 
    in the air in the corner, be extremely careful how you flip out.  You don't 
    wanna eat a super on your way down.  Not too tough though, just your typical 
    shoto fight if you can beat his pokes.
    	4.  Dhalsim
    		This is an extremely tough fight to win.  I always use no-ism 
    Zangief against Dhalsim.  This is one of your toughest fights.  I always 
    start off the round by jumping backwards.  Just sit there in cr. block.  
    Block any and all limbs that come your way.  If he walks towards you, which 
    generally doesn’t happen, wait till he gets close.  Do quick double lariats to 
    beat what he does.  If he short slides, block and spd/fab quick if you can.  
    Watch out for short slides into fbs.  If he mummys or drill kicks you, either 
    block and spd, or do the 3k lariat.  If he pokes you with limbs block the 
    limbs.  If he fbs from far, jump in with the double knee which beats whatever 
    he sticks out, and then either do a quick double lariat, or pause and wait.  
    Then start all over again.  Still and extremely tough fight though.  Just get 
    as much experience as you can, and you'll slowly refine your anti-sim 
    technique.  Good Luck with this one :).  Mail me with results, success 
    stories, beat downs and anything else good.
    	5.  Gen
    		Gen can be tough to beat depending on the other players style 
    of play. Generally if the Gen plays in the 3 punch style it can be a little 
    easier.  The 3 punch style has to use the reverse waterfall as his anti-air.  
    Pressure 3P style Gen, with the usual stuff. If he knocks you down and goes 
    for a crossup do a quick double lariat.  If you knock him down, always go for 
    the crossup.  Gen has a tough time defending and punishing against crossups.  
    3K style Gen should be played a little more defensively.  Block snake drills 
    and spd/fab.  If he jumps on your head or off the wall just block and spd.  
    You can counter his jump-ins with cr. strong or lariats or st. jabs.  His jump 
    in 3K is slow so you have plenty of time.  Just be careful of that crossup.  
    Make sure you can block it well.  If you’re playing against an expert Gen, 
    never ever let him cross you up if possible.  Any crossup in any style will 
    either lead to ground chain super, and then a juggle of his choice, or st. 
    jab, cr. short, level 3 snake bite.  This is Gen’s come back power.  His 
    ability to knock off 50-60% of your energy off a single crossup or cr. jab.  
    Just be careful.  It might be smart to play no-ism since Gen has no super that 
    does multiple hits if blocked except for the death touch.  Therefore you can 
    block without fear of guard crush.  
    	6.  Sodom
    		This fight isn't as bad as it used to be since you can duck 
    under his strong scrapes now.  Still be careful since his 360 beats your spd 
    and fab.  Sodom’s 720 is quite annoying also.  Be very, very offensive against 
    Sodom.  Your splash up close beats all so air attacks.  From far his j. rndhse 
    beats you though.  Try early j. strongs, j. jabs, or j. short to beat his j. 
    rndhse.  If you can predict his scrapes beat them with a jump in forward knee 
    press.  Overall just try and stay on top of him.  If he starts jumping up and 
    down and hitting rndhse and if you’re using x-ism just walk forward and do the 
    ground headbutt (f + fierce).  This works well as a mini anti-air.
    	7.  Vega
    		I haven't had too much experience with this fight so if anyone 
    has any strategies or wants to correct any mistakes I made please, please 
    e-mail me.  You'll get your credit too :).  I’ve only played like 2 Vegas, and 
    both weren't good.  All I did was try and stay on top of him.  J. fierce 
    seemed to work well.  Ground headbutts in x-ism worked well too.  Mail me 
    with strategies if you know this fight well.
    	8.  Chun Li
    		X-ism or no-ism work well for me here.  No need to have any 
    finesse in this fight at all.  Watch out for her throw.  And splash from afar.  
    Your splash trades with her cr. rndhse, so you wanna do as much damage in that 
    trade as possible.  You can fab her out of the startup of her spinning bird 
    kick.  Other then that watch out for her j. fierce cuz its hard to anti-air 
    it.  Tough fight, but with a high damage character like x or no-ism gief you 
    can muscle your way out.
    Well, that's it for this revision.  In the next one, I'll have more specific 
    stuff for the different isms, more versus, and hopefully a little more 
    experience under my belt with gief too.  I do have something new to add before 
    I go though.  A crossup splash, cr. jab, st. short, fierce banishing flat, 
    leaves you a perfect opportunity for a fab or spd.  If they are in the corner 
    a jump in splash, cr. jab, st. short, fierce flat lets you pull out a jab spd, 
    Again if you have anything to add please mail me.
    ----------------------------------------Thanks to---------------------------
    	My parents for just being them.  My brother for being my sparring 
    partner.  Rob Monti for being a cool manager and annoying Sodom player.  Keith 
    and Joey for being crazy funny guys.  All my close, close friends for being 
    just that.  You know who you guys are ( even though I doubt you guys'll be 
    reading this, poke poke Dorothy).  Thanks to Danny Lopez for showing me that 
    there are other good players on Long Island.  And to Kevin Wong, and though 
    you prolly don't remember me Tony "Chun" Lim, for being in my opinion the 2 
    best SF players on Long Island.  Friggin like 30 game win streaks.  
    Finally, (I've saved the best for last) to Vivian.  For being there for and 
    with me the past few years.  We've had our arguments and everything.  I still 
    love you Viv.  Oops, I forgot someone.  Thank you for reading my crappy FAQ.  
    Please forgive it's quality.  This is my very very first one.  You made it to 
    the end!!!  Oops!! I forgot to give an insane amount of credit to the SFA2 
    Versus Strategy Guide.  If you don't have this book, get it.  It is by far, 
    the best strategy guide on the planet.
    If you have any suggestions or comments or just wanna yell at me for a crappy 
    FAQ you, can e-mail me at bechen@ic.sunysb.edu.  Any additions and corrections 
    are welcome.
    This document Copyright 1998 Ben Chen.

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