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    Rose (V-Ism) by TS

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 10/26/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter Zero 3 Rose (V-ISM) Character Guide
    For the Arcade and Sega Saturn
    by TS
    Version 3.5 (Completed 10/26/00)
    If you're gonna read about V-ISM Rose, then why not learn from the best V-Rose 
    player on the planet!?  How, you ask, did I become the best V-Rose on the 
    planet?  ...because I'm the only one on earth who plays as her...
    Anyway, In my attempts to make my Rose playing a little more well-rounded, I 
    decided to tool around in V-ISM a few months back, and see if I couldn't find 
    something.  No infinites or 80% VCs here (I don't think), but if you're one of 
    the 10 people on the planet who plays Rose in any ISM in SFA3 semi-regularly, 
    then you might find this a little interesting.  You all feel free to tell me if 
    you can't get these to work, or have some suggestions...   By the way, I'm using 
    the SEGA Saturn version (the one that's most like the Arcade version out of the 
    3 available), on the default damage setting (2/4).  tsdcs@hotmail.com, if you 
    need to mail me...
    And just to make things clear...
    JP= Jab Punch (weak punch)		SK= Short Kick (weak kick)
    SP= Strong Punch (medium punch)		FK= Forward Kick (medium kick)
    FP= Fierce Punch (hard punch)		RK= Roundhouse Kick (hard kick)
    d= down (direction you push to do a crouch)
    b= back (away from opponent)
    f= forward (towards opponent)
    d/f= the direction between down and forward
    d/b= the direction between down and back
    u= up (direction you press to jump)
    p= any punch button
    k= any kick button
    360°= A move performed by rotating the joystick/directional pad in a circle
    qcf= quarter-circle forward- rolling the joystick/directional pad from down       
    to forward in one motion- standard Ryu fireball motion (d, d/f, f)
    hcf= half-circle forward- rolling the joystick/directional pad from back to      
    down, to forward in one motion (b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
    qcb= like "qcf," but starting from down and leads to back, instead of forward
         (d, d/b, b)
    VC= Variable Combination- Combo done while V-ISM shadows are active.
    OC= Original Combo- Pretty much the same as above.  Technical name for VC.
    VC1= V-ISM combo activated by pressing JP and SK
    VC2= V-ISM combo activated by pressing SP and FK
    VC3= V-ISM combo activated by pressing FP and RK
    Table of Contents
    I.  Important Legal Stuff
    II.  Second-Level Basic Gameplay Info
         1. Guard Protection
         2. Air Blocking
         3. Juggle System
         4. Counter Hits
         5. Recovery Rolling
         6. Damage Reduction
         7. Priority
         8. Button Release Method
    III.  About Rose
         1. Character Data & Information
         2. Misc. 
    IV.  Special Moves
         1. Soul Spark
         2. Soul Spiral
         3. Soul Throw
         4. Soul Reflect
         5. Zero Counter
         6. Chouhatsu (Taunt)
    V.  Standard Moves and Ratings
         1. Jab
         2. Strong
         3. Fierce
         4. Short
         5. Forward
         6. Roundhouse
         7. Throws
    VI.  Combos
    VII.  A Word on V-ISM
    VIII.  Rose's VCs
         1. Anywhere-To-Corner
              A. How To End This Combo
              B. Standing FP Variants     
         2. Corner Juggle Variants
              A. VC3 Jump-In
              B. VC2 Double SP Juggle
              C. VC1 Soul Spiral
              D. VC1 Soul Spiral Fierce Juggle   
         3. Works in Progress
              A. Soul Spark Corner VC
              B. Confusion VC
    IX. Basic Strategies
    X. Versus Tactics
         1. Adon
         2. Akuma
         3. Balrog
         4. Birdie
         5. Blanka
         6. Cammy
         7. Charlie
         8. Chun Li
         9. Cody
         10. Dan Hibiki
         11. Dhalsim
         12. Dee Jay
         13. E. Honda
         14. Evil Ryu
         15. Gen
         16. Guile
         17. Guy
         18. Juli & Juni
         19. Karin
         20. Ken
         21. M. Bison
         22. Rainbow Mika
         23. Rolento
         24. Rose
         25. Ryu
         26. Sagat
         27. Sakura
         28. Shin Akuma
         29. Shin Bison
         30. Sodom
         31. T. Hawk
         32. Vega
         33. Zangief
    XI. Misc. VCs
         1. General VCs
         2. Scrub Torture VCs (Pseudo-Infinite Combos)
    XII. Closing and Thanks
    XIII. Revision History
    I.  Important Legal Stuff
    Check this out.  All the stuff in this document is protected by international 
    copyright law.  Seriously.  So don't take credit for anything in this guide, 
    because it isn't yours.  Give credit where credit is due, and don't try to say 
    you don't remember where you read it and therefore couldn't give credit, because 
    this is seriously the only V-ISM Rose FAQ on the planet at the time of it's 
    writing.  It can't be published or distributed anywhere in any form, by anyone, 
    other than on a freely accessible website, without the express written 
    permission of myself, Tryce Sanders (tsdcs@hotmail.com)
    It can be found at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), and will soon be, or may 
    be currently, at my webpage, http://anubis916.freeservers.com
    Street Fighter, and all characters and names associated with the game are 
    trademarks of Capcom of Japan, and Capcom of America.
    II.  Second-Level Basic Gameplay Info
    I'm assuming the reader all ready knows how to perform the basic actions of 
    Street Fighter Zero 3, such as blocking, jumping, walking forward, and so on.  
    The following are some of the slightly more advanced techniques available in the 
    	1. Guard Protection-
    Guard Protection is similar to parrying in the SF3 games, though not nearly as 
    useful. It protects the Guard Crush (GC) gauge from being drained as much when 
    you block.  It's done by tapping away, or diagonally down-away (same direction 
    you would hold for a crouching block) from your opponent as their attack hits 
    you.  You'll not only block, as you would usually, but you'll flash blue for 
    each hit that was successfully Guard-Protected.  Can be done while airborne, and 
    if you need to practice this, CPU Sagat's Tiger shots work very well for this 
    purpose.  You need to Guard Protect low (by tapping down/away on the controller 
    or joystick) for low attacks, such as sweeps, low Tiger Shots, and pretty much 
    anything that could still hit you if you were crouching.  Also note that because 
    different characters have different collision detections and blocking frames 
    (basically meaning they block differently), Guard Protecting a fireball from Ryu 
    for example would not have the same timing with Rose as it would with Zangief.
    V-Rose doesn't exactly take GC damage like X-T. Hawk, so you might want to take 
    this up if you do decide to learn V-Rose.  Every little bit helps...  It should 
    also be noted that there is partial auto-blocking in SFA3.  For instance, let's 
    say you block a Shin Psycho Crusher from Shin Bison.  after you block the first 
    hit, you can press any button or direction you want, and you'll still be 
    blocking the others.  So you could just wiggle the joystick, so to speak, and 
    Guard Protect a lot of the hits from the move.
    	2. Air Blocking-
    To put it simply, ground based attacks can NOT be air blocked.  Two characters 
    are in the air.  One throws out a Fierce punch, and the other blocks.  Fine, 
    happens all the time.  But if one character is standing on the ground and tosses 
    out a Fierce that touches the second character, the second character takes 
    damage.  Period.  Ground-based moves can't be blocked, wich includes some 
    specials, and any standing or crouching normal moves that will make contact with 
    the opponent (ie. Ryu's standing Short Kick wouldn't work, but his Crouching FP 
    Super Combos (or "Super Moves," if you prefer) can not be air blocked in SFZ3 
    either, with a few exceptions...  The only ones I remember off of the top of my 
    head are Charlie/Nash's Sonic Break (Sonic Boom super), and Gen's Shitenshuu 
    (death touch super).
    	3. Juggle System-
    Whoo boy.  If you want a ton of info. on SFA3's juggle system (basically when, 
    and how you can be hit while in mid air) you might wanna go read James Chen's 
    game guide for SFA3...  It will give you a lot of information, and the whole 
    game will make more sense after reading it.  Anyway, here's the summary- a 
    character can be juggled a pretty much infinite amount (air-recovery prevents 
    this, of course), but a character can only be hit once after being knocked 
    airborne in the corner.  For example, Ryu and Akuma are fighting, and Akuma is 
    in the corner.  Ryu does a Jab Dragon Punch and it hits, knocking Akuma into the 
    air.  Ryu then hits Akuma with a crouching Jab, before Akuma could recover.  
    That's it.  He can't hit Akuma with another jab, or any attack.  Normally.  But 
    another thing about the juggle system is that special move combo attacks only 
    seem to count as one move.  So if Ryu tried JP Dragon Punch, crouching JP, 
    crouching JP, it wouldn't work, because the second crouching JP wouldn't hit.  
    He COULD however, do: JP Dragon Punch, crouching JP, RK Hurricane Kick.  The 
    Crouching JP is two-in-oned into the Hurricane Kick, so it only counts as one 
    That said, I'd like to point out that most of this doesn't really apply at all 
    during a VC (Variable Combination- combo done with V-ISM shadows activated).  
    But I'll explain that later...or at least try to...
    	4. Counter Hits-
    A Counter Hit, is when you hit someone while they're in the middle of doing a 
    move.  A Counter Hit does more damage than if you were to hit the person 
    normally, and you also have more time to attack them.  You know one happened 
    because there will be a louder smack than usual when you hit them, the screen 
    will flash white for a split second, and "Counter Hit" will appear on the 
    screen.  Akuma and Rose are in a match, for example.  Akuma tosses out a 
    fireball, which Rose jumps over.  She hits him with a crouching SP, and is 
    rewarded with a Counter Hit, because Akuma was still stuck in the fireball pose.  
    But because a Counter Hit gives you more time to attack, she could now do a RK 
    Soul Spiral, which would be to slow normally, and have it combo.  The harder the 
    hit, the longer the period of attack is lengthened, and a Counter Hit made with 
    a RK or FP will knock the opponent into the air, where you can hit them again.  
    Sweeps though (which I believe would be a crouching RK for every character but 
    Gen in Ki Ryuu [kick style]), just do more damage though, and don't give you a 
    chance to hit the enemy again.  It's also important to note that regular attacks 
    vs regular attacks can provide a Counter Hit, but hitting someone out of a 
    special move doesn't always mean you'll get one.  For instance, hitting Zangief 
    out of his running bear grab thing, won't get you a Counter Hit.  And some 
    normals AND specials require you to them out of the move early to get one.  Not 
    as simple as it sounded before, is it?
    Counter Hits are Rose's FRIENDS.  Crouching SP x2, SK Soul Spiral and b+FP, FP 
    Soul Throw, etc are good things to have around, and both require Counter Hits.
    	5. Recovery Rolling-
    Also called "Ground Recovery."  Done by pressing two kick buttons at the same 
    time after someone makes contact with you in mid air.  You roll along the ground 
    when you land, instead of just lying there.  You can roll behind the opponent by 
    holding the directional pad/joystick toward them as you press KK/roll.  Can't be 
    done after throws/holds, and a few rare occasions; remember that you can pretty 
    much always roll when an attack makes contact with you while airborne, but not 
    always when an attack SENDS you airborne.  But if you air block something, you 
    can still do the Recovery Roll.
    Good move, if you know when to use it.  Remember you can only do it AS YOU TOUCH 
    THE GROUND, and not before- this is an escape/confusion/surprise technique.  So 
    if you're looking to get out of a juggle, just go with the standard Air-Recovery 
    (press two punch buttons at the same time after being hit in the air) instead.  
    Can get you into and out of a ton of trouble if you do it at the wrong time 
    though.  Also, for some reason the GC gauge will flash if you hit the ground, 
    and don't either air-recover, or roll before you get up.  Don't know why this 
    	6. Damage Reduction-
    Damage Reduction is basically just mashing the buttons rapidly, and wiggling the 
    hell out of the joystick/directional pad to reduce the damage you take.  Can be 
    done to any move, be it normal, special, super, or VC.  You know you've done it 
    because your character will flash red for a spit second for every hit you 
    successfully damage reduce.
    Go for it.  No reason not to do it, really, especially if it's a close match.  
    It works best with supers that hit rapidly (Z/A-ISM Ken's Shinryuken, 
    Juli+Juni's tag team super, Chun Li's rising kick super, etc), and can have a 
    SIGNIFIGANT result on their damage.  Impossible on some supers though, like 
    Gen's Zan'ei, and all grab Super Combos.
    	7. Priority-
    Ken jumps at R. Mika with an FK.  R. Mika does a crouching SP, Ken gets hit, and 
    R. Mika doesn't.  Why?  PRIORITY.  Some moves have a ton of it, and some have 
    next to none.  That's the best explanation I can give.
    	8. Button Release Method-
    Called "The Negative Edge."  Ever since Super Street Fighter 2, Capcom has had 
    an alternate method of performing special and super moves in their games.  Ryu's 
    fireball is the easiest example.  Instead of doing qcf and pressing a punch 
    button, you can do qcf and release a punch button.  But since this could get in 
    the way, if you wanted to do jump-in FP, crouching JP, FP fireball, you could 
    just hold down the Jab button, and, and complete the fireball motion by pressing 
    FP, so you don't accidentally get a JP fireball.  I personally find this whole 
    thing a little annoying, but it does help with doing some combos (though rarely, 
    in my opinion).  The button release method also works in V-ISM: You can just 
    hold down a punch and kick button of the same strength (while doing something 
    else, obviously), and release them at the same time to activate a VC.
    III.  About Rose
    Firstly, I'd just like to say that you might want to learn how to use Rose in Z-
    ISM or X-ISM, before moving on to V-ISM.  That said, here's some information 
    about the character...
    	1. Character Data and Information-
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 54 kg
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Character Story from SFA3:
    "Rose is a mysterious woman who wields the mystic 'Soul Power.'  She feels
    that Doomsday is fast approaching.  She must seal Bison's power, even at
    the cost of her life.  What fate awaits her in the end...?"
    	2. Misc.-
    Win Quotes:
    -A life shrouded in darkness is spent searching for the light...
    -Every action has the potential to fill or empty one's heart.
    -Fate is fate, whether or not you choose to accept it!
    -I must continue on this path... Even if I must sacrifice myself!
    -If existence is a nightmare, one can only hope they are dreaming.
    -The twinkling of the stars speak of you future...
    -Win or lose, you only achieve victory if you keep your soul!
    -You may know your fists, but how well do you know your heart?
    Win Poses:
    You can determine win poses in SFA3 by holding certain buttons after winning
    JP: Rose crosses her legs, closes her eyes, stands waving her finger and says 
    "Mada mada ne," meaning "You're too slow."  I'm gonna go ahead and assume she 
    means slow physically...
    SP: Rose stands with an outstretched arm and her scarf hanging from her hand 
    while a sphere of energy dances around it, grins and says "Yaru Janai," 
    meaning "Not bad."
    FP: Rose does the same finger wave from her JP pose, but with semi-transparent, 
    illusory images of herself on either side of her.  All three do the finger wave 
    in unison, and Rose says "Soreja dame," meaning "That won't do."
    SK: Rose creates a double of herself, and both lean against the backs of each 
    other.  The original Rose turns her head towards her unconscious opponent and 
    asks, "Daijobu?" meaning "Are you all right?"
    FK: Rose creates a tarot card even taller than herself out of seemingly nothing.  
    The card spins around to show it's face, "The Fool," and hides Rose from view as 
    it does so.  It rotates again, and as it reaches it's side, disappears.  Rose 
    can now be seen in a fancy gown and is holding a tarot card in one hand, six in 
    the other, and one in her cleavage.  She says, "Ciao!"  The character portrait 
    by your health meter also changes a bit when you do this pose.
    RK: The wind begins to blow harder, and rustles Roses hair and scarf.  She looks 
    down at a tarot card she had pulled, and says "Nattenaiwa..." (meaning "I'm not 
    sure...") as she lets it fall from her hand.
    Special: After either beating Shin Bison in Dramatic Battle with a partner, or 
    after beating Shin Akuma in Final Battle mode on the Saturn version, Rose does a 
    win pose similar to her FK one, except as the card obscures her, it simply 
    blinks out of existence and she is nowhere to be seen.
    IV. Special Moves
    	1. Soul Spark (hcf+p)-
    Rose's only projectile.  FP is pretty fast, SP is ok speed but slower, and of 
    course JP is the slowest.  FP Soul Sparks cannot be combo'd, and the SP ones can 
    only be combo'd off of a standing/crouching FP.  Interesting thing about this 
    move is that it pushes the opponent back whether or not the actual spark hits 
    them.  There are short wind-up periods before the Spark is released, with the JP 
    version having the shortest wind-up, and the FP one having the longest.  So a 
    crouching SK, followed by a JP Soul Spiral wouldn't combo, but it would push the 
    opponent back a few steps if that's what you were looking for.  The FP version 
    pushes the opponent to the other side of the screen, but has the longest wind-
    up, so it can be seen coming and avoided if you're looking for it.  The SP 
    version pushes the opponent almost the same distance and has a shorter startup, 
    and the JP version pushes them back to a little further than the middle of the 
    screen, and has no significant delay on startup.  The recovery time for after 
    the move doesn't vary much between the three versions, but since your Spark is 
    around a shorter time to "protect" you at varying speeds, depending on the 
    strength of the punch button used, the JP version will appear to be the safest.  
    Again, sans Counter Hits, the JP version can be combo'd off of any 
    standing/crouching JP, crouching FK, or a Crouching/b+FP.  The SP version will 
    only combo off of a b+FP or crouching FP, and the FP Soul Spark can't be combo'd 
    in to.
    	2. Soul Spiral (qcf+k)-
    The move where Rose drills the opponent with her shawl.  SK version hits once, 
    FK hits twice, and RK hits three times.  Recovery time after you've finished the 
    move is very evident here, as the RK version takes forever to recover.  Not much 
    difference in terms of damage between the three.  sK version can be combo'd in 
    the same ways as a JP Soul Spark, and the FK and RK version combos the same as 
    the SP Soul Spark does.  In my opinion the RK version is pretty much NEVER to be 
    used outside of combos, and the SK version will pretty much always follow a 
    hitting crouching SP.
    	3. Soul Throw (f, d, d/f+p)-
    Just a note- You will literally need psychic powers if you expect to 
    successfully do this move more than 2 times a round, without hitting the 
    opponent first.  Rose's Soul Throw is a good move.  Good damage, good range, 
    good speed.  But if you miss it, you can expect to take however much damage the 
    opponent wants to dish out.  Terrible recovery, on any version of the move.  As 
    far as vertical range, all versions go to the top of the screen.  For 
    horizontal, the FP version covers about half the screen, the SP does about a 
    fourth, and the JP version goes almost straight up.  Basically, you can use the 
    Soul Throw whenever your opponent is in the air.  Your opponent jumps, and you 
    do a b+FP into a Soul Throw.  It will work, Counter Hit FP or not.  Pretty much 
    any time they're in range, you can get them with the Soul Throw.  ...Of course 
    there's always an exception.  You can NOT throw an opponent while your VC 
    shadows are activated, but you can throw them directly after they end.  For 
    instance, you can juggle an opponent in the corner to a point where they can no 
    longer be hit with a VC.  But it doesn't matter, because if the last legal hit 
    leaves them in the air, you can still grab them with a Soul Throw if they're in 
    range.  The Soul Throw doesn't technically count as a "hit," so it doesn't 
    	4. Soul Reflect-
    Not to be used unless against projectiles except for the FP version, and even 
    then, only in combos.  All versions of the move are fairly quick, and none 
    really has any really bad recovery time to speak of.  Though since the JP 
    version is the least capable of attacking, I guess that would mean it's the most 
    vulnerable.  The JP version is a very useful move, an absorbed projectile boosts 
    the meter quite a bit.  The following (only one) Soul Spark you do after 
    absorbing a projectile with the JP Soul Reflect will also do some extra damage, 
    and I've also stopped E. Honda's FP head but with it, though it does take some 
    timing.  The SP version reflects the projectile horizontally.  Interestingly 
    enough, if two Roses reflect a Soul Spark back and forth, it will fly faster 
    than it did originally.  The FP version, in addition to being the only one 
    suitable for a combo, reflects projectiles at a more upward angle.  A projectile 
    reflected with a FP Soul Reflect, followed by a jumping RK isn't a bad idea.  
    Take note that with the exception of Dan's Shinkuu Gadouken, Rose's Soul 
    Reflects will not work on ANY super projectiles and she WILL be hit-  It will 
    just do one less hit than normally.  Also, Cody's Bad Stone can not be reflected 
    or absorbed, it just falls to the ground.  The all of the Soul Reflects can be 
    combo'd off of a crouching/Standing/Standing b+SP, and crouching FK.  They would 
    in theory combo off of a standing b+FP or crouching FP, but the moves push the 
    opponent back out of the range of the Soul Reflects.
    	5. Zero Counter (f+JP+SK or f+SP+FK, or f+RK+FP while blocking)-
    Use Zero-Counters with a lot of caution when playing as Rose, especially in V-
    ISM.  To do Zero Counter, you need at least one spare block on your GC meter, 
    and at least 50% of your OC gauge (V-ISM super meter), because this is what it 
    takes away when you do one.  Rose's Zero Counter (a.k.a. Alpha Counter) is a 
    crouching RK in V-ISM.  ZCs don't do much damage in general, and this one is 
    no different.  Good range though.  The purpose of this move is usually to stop 
    block-damage VCs and Super Combos.  Or to just knock someone out of a VC, 
    because once the character is hit, a VC will immediately  stop.  As your GC 
    gauge is restored at the beginning of every round, you shouldn't be hesitant to 
    use this if you really need to.  There are VCs in the game that do 30% block 
    damage, and also given the fact that 360° throws can be ticked into during a VC, 
    be aware that you will have to learn 
    it sooner or later.
    	6. Chouhatsu (Start on the Arcade version, your choice on the Saturn ver)-
    No practical use, whatsoever.  Actually, that's not true- I DID dodge a Spinning 
    Pile Driver from Zangief with it.  He just did his missed throw animation...  
    I'm sure there's some way to make in invincible like that, but I don't know how.  
    Rose crosses her legs, closes her eyes, stands waving her finger and says "Mada 
    mada ne," just like in her JP win pose.  She steps to the side a little, but 
    this is still not enough to dodge anything, sans glitch.  Does zero points of 
    damage.  Still love it though.  You can taunt once per round, and however many 
    times you want during a VC.  You can actually taunt after beating the opponent 
    with a VC, for as long as the background is still that purple/blue color.  It's 
    a little slower than most taunts though, so you won't be able to use it often 
    without getting clobbered.
    V.  Standard Moves and Ratings
    	1. JP-
    Standing- Seems to work pretty well as anti-air, but not much use otherwise.
    Crouching-  Quick, and a good poke.  Can't really be combo'd off of, but it has 
    good priority, so there's a chance you could follow it with a crouching SP and 
    combo off of that.  3 or so crouching jabs isn't a bad attack for GC purposes, 
    and if you don't get a counter hit, you really don't have much else you can do.  
    One of Rose's better moves, and even goes through some super moves (Rolento's X-
    ISM/Z-ISM super, for example).
    Jumping-  Not bad for jumping toward your opponent when you're both airborne.  
    Quick and has nice  priority, but you probably won't be using this as much as 
    some other attacks.
    	2. SP-
    Standing-  not a real great to use outside of combos.  Priority isn't too good, 
    and it's not all that fast.  Not one of Rose's better moves, in my opinion.
    Standing b+SP- Pretty much the same as above, but quicker, with a touch more 
    priority, and with less range.
    Crouching-  Ah.  Probably Rose's main attack.  Pretty much the best move to 
    throw in combos she has next to a crouching/b+FP, but this is much safer.  Links 
    into a JP Soul Spark, a SP or FP Soul Reflect, an SK Soul Spiral, or if the 
    crouching SP is a counter hit, an FK or RK Soul Spiral.  Very good poke, and 
    whether or not it lands as a Counter Hit, you can combo off of it.  Crouching SP 
    (Counter Hit), crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral, should pretty much be getting used 
    whenever you land one of these on a Counter Hit (and don't have your VC meter 
    charged at the time).  You could also substitute the second crouching SP and SK 
    Soul Spiral, for a crouching RK.  Even though it won't combo from any range 
    other than point blank, it will push the enemy away (if that's what you want), 
    and take a chunk of the enemy's Guard Crush meter.  You can also follow the 
    crouching SP with a crouching JP or SK without needing a Counter Hit.  Works 
    well as anti-air against SOME attacks (Cammy's jumping FP for example), thought 
    not well at all against others.  I sometimes, when far away from the opponent, 
    just throw out repeated crouching SPs or SKs, just to charge the meter (she can 
    toss them out faster than I initially thought, with the right timing).
    Jumping-  Not too great a move.  Not REALLY bad, but probably the least useful 
    of all of Rose's jumping attacks.  Pretty decent range, but priority isn't all 
    that great, mostly because of it's angle.  Nice for an air-to-air attack, but 
    Rose has better.  Misses crouching opponents completely.
    	3. FP-
    Standing-  probably one of Rose's worst normals.  Her standing FP in V-ISM 
    should pretty much never be used.  OK damage, but too slow, and doesn't combo 
    into anything.  Seems all right for keeping your opponent back, but she really 
    has better ways of doing this.  This is the move where she flings her shawl at 
    you...not to be confused with...
    Standing b+FP-  This is what would be, in any other ISM, Rose's close standing 
    FP.  But because standing normal moves are for the most part under your control 
    in V-ISM, getting this move requires you to hold back when you press FP.  Pretty 
    good move.  Works fairly well as anti-air, if you get the timing right, though 
    like any standing attack, it works better against some jump-ins than others.  
    Keep in mind that most characters can evade this move completely, by just doing 
    a crouching block.  So unless you start a combo where the opponent is standing, 
    you should consider using a crouching SP instead.  Also, if the opponent does a 
    jump in, and you nail them with this move, you will be rewarded with a Counter 
    Hit, and be able to grab them with a Soul Throw, which you can't do without the 
    Counter Hit.  As a matter of fact, any time you nail anyone with a Counter Hit 
    FP, of either the b+FP, or crouching FP variety, you can catch them with a Soul 
    Throw before they can recover.  Important to know.
    Crouching-  Bad range, speed is okay, and the priority is nice.  But the range 
    is really, really bad.  You literally can't hit someone with it unless you're 
    RIGHT next to them, or they're jumping at you.  You can't even fit it in combos 
    all of the time, because of the range.  Fit it it where you can, as it DOES do 
    more damage than the crouching SP, but is less safe if you miss.
    Jumping-  Pretty nice for jump-ins, ok range too.  Lacks a little priority, but 
    still not a bad move.  The timing is a little weird on it though.
    	4. SK-
    Standing-  Not a great move.  The only use I can think of for it would be to 
    throw it into a confusion VC, because people would be unsure of whether or not 
    they should block high or low.  But since Rose really doesn't have any genuine 
    overheads (meaning any attacks that have to be blocked high), this is still a 
    fairly useless move.  At least it looks cool...
    Crouching-  It's a nice poke, and the fact that an attack has to be blocked low 
    is always a plus.  More a keep-out move (toss it out when your opponent get's 
    too close), actually.  A bit quicker than the crouching JP, though the range 
    seems to be a little less.  Unfortunately, it doesn't combo into anything 
    without a Counter Hit, and it can't chain into itself.  You could be crouching 
    close to an opponent and do crouching JP x3 or 4, but that wouldn't work here.  
    Upon Counter Hit, you might just want to toss out a crouching SP, into a SK Soul 
    Spiral, or a crouching FK/RK if you're looking to push somebody away.
    Jumping-  The angle of this move is what makes it good.  Range is bad, but the 
    vertical range is pretty excellent.  Might want to use it for anti-wake up 
    (stick it out so they are forced to block it instead of attacking immediately 
    when they get up), though it's a little fast for that, meaning you'll have to 
    have excellent timing to pull that off.  Not always great as a jump-in per se, 
    but something just to stick out to ward off attackers if you jump in their 
    direction and do a tiny bit of GC damage.  Not to be used exclusively (or even 
    that often at all), but it can be worked in here and there, and in some matches 
    more than others. 
    	5. FK-
    Standing-  A decent move.  Can't combo into anything, but such an unorthodox 
    move that it warrants use once every two hundred matches.  Range isn't too 
    great, but the priority is good, and it's quick.  In my opinion it will always 
    get you style points.  Goes over sweeps.
    Standing b+FK-  Not much use either, that I know of.  Probably goes over 
    sweeps, but doesn't combo into anything.  A bit slow on start up (still faster 
    than the standing FP), almost seems to be a decent poke (though more of a keep-
    out move) when used at the right range.  Not bad as anti-wakeup.  Style points 
    here too.
    Crouching-  Similar to Rose's crouching SP, but little quicker and keeps the 
    opponent back better.  Not as good as the crouching SP for combos, but can be 
    tossed in them, if only for variety's sake.  Quick, good priority, pretty good 
    poke, and if it lands on a Counter Hit, you might want to just go with a 
    crouching RK, though I suppose you could probably go with a Soul Spiral if you 
    Crouching d/f+FK (slide)-  Good range, but can get you both into and out of 
    trouble pretty easily.  Helps get past airborne overheads like Cammy's Hooligan 
    Combination (the thing where she jumps at you and grabs you with her legs) and 
    to a lesser extent, Akuma's Hyakki attacks (his qcf, u/f+P overhead moves with 
    the palm/leg).  Priority on this move is pretty good, but recovery time is BAD.  
    Even if you HIT the opponent with it, they still have time to  attack you before 
    you recover.  Interesting way to dodge some jump-ins though...  Not a bad move 
    for trying to get in close if you're far away, and goes under high Tiger Shots 
    from Sagat.
    Jumping-  One of Rose's best jumping attacks.  Good range, pretty decent  
    priority, not bad speed.  Though only being medium kick, the damage is average, 
    this is what you will probably want to use for jump-ins.  So you're not hitting 
    the opponent with a medium kick by itself, so the damage is less of an issue.  
    Can also be used as sort of an aerial poke, and it's basically  a more 
    horizontal version of Rose's jumping SK, making it pretty easy to hit people 
    	6. RK-
    Standing-  Fairly good keep-out move.  Excellent range (the best of any of 
    Rose's normals, and has one of the longest horizontal ranges in the game), nice 
    priority, but it's a little too slow on start up to be a truly great move.  
    Also, you're vulnerable to jump-ins when you do it, so keep that in mind.  Good 
    move to do at the beginning of a round.  If it lands on a counter hit and takes 
    someone off of their feet, you might want to follow it up with a JP Soul Spark, 
    which they'll have to block/dodge unless they activate a Super move of some 
    sort.  Either way, you get to keep them out.
    Standing b+RK-  One of those moves that SHOULD be an overhead, but isn't.  
    Pretty quick, and an okay move for anti-air, because it it's such a good move 
    vertically that you can actually sometimes hit people out of their attacks 
    before they press an attack button.  For instance, Rose can't get past Sakura's 
    jumping FP (well actually, Rose's crouching SP works, but just not reliably.  
    So, lets pretend for a moment that it didn't work at all here).  Once Sak has 
    her FP thrown out, none of Rose's attacks will knock her out of it.  But, if you 
    hit her with a b+RK as soon as her jump is in your range, it will knock her out 
    of the move, because she has either not completed, or started the attack yet.  
    Not much use otherwise, except for tricking people into thinking you're gonna do 
    the Soul Piette.  Again, one of those moves that, in my opinion, warrants use 
    just because it's so unorthodox.  Nice range, pretty  quick.
    Standing f+RK ("Soul Piette")-  This move doesn't have a ton of use outside of 
    VCs.  Moves Rose towards the opponent a step, but her FK slide is pretty much 
    always better for that anyway.  Slow recovery time, and not to be done often as 
    a normal move.  Can dodge things rarely, but her FK slide is still better.  Can 
    often be done after winning a round though, if you wanna smack your K.O.-ed 
    opponent in mid-air.
    Crouching-  Very nice range, fair speed.  Can't be used too often, do to the 
    fact that the opponent will often be either too close or too far.  Can be used 
    after a Counter Hit made by any normal move (with the exception of a FP/RK) just 
    to push the opponent back.
    Jumping-  Has it's high and low points.  Good range, okay speed, nice priority 
    (due to it's angle), but misses most crouching opponents completely.  Jumping 
    straight up and doing this move is not a bad idea to keep opponents at bay, but 
    realize that you are very vulnerable on your way down in some situations.  
    Pretty good for air-to-air situations, but for jump-ins other than [Jump-in RK, 
    crouching RK], you'd probably want to go with the FP or FK instead.  Seems to 
    have a little less priority than the jumping FK, but it has the most horizontal 
    distance of any of Rose's jumping attacks, and there will be times that this 
    will be the only jump-in that you can land because you are too far away.
    	7. Throws-
    Standard Ground Throw ("Soul Drain")-  press f or b+PP while standing or 
    crouching.  Nice range, and being a throw, the speed and recovery time aren't 
    too bad.  If you think someone is going to throw you, you might want to attempt 
    the throw just for the tech-hit.  But you can pretty much always poke with a 
    crouching SK/JP/JP/FK instead.  Depending on what direction you press to 
    initiate the throw, you can determine which side you land on, and is therefore 
    not a bad move for getting out of the corner (though you could also start a VC 
    if you had enough on your VC gauge).  Nice Damage, but I don't know about 
    priority, and seeing as how one person would just Tech. Hit the other's throw, 
    it really doesn't seem to matter a ton.
    Air Throw ("Soul Fade")-  press any direction other than u or d, +PP while 
    airborne.  Okay Range, and just looks cool.  I like to toss this in the end of 
    VCs whenever possible...  Regardless of what direction you press, doing this 
    move will always make you switch sides with the opponent.  As with the Soul 
    Drain, button mashing during the move won't increase the number of hits, but 
    will make it harder for the opponent to button-mash to reduce the hits/damage.
    VI.  Combos
    In this section, "/" means "or."  For instance "Standing/Crouching SP" means 
    "Standing SP, or Crouching SP."  Also, "Crouching SP/FP" means "Crouching SP, or 
    Crouching FP."
    -Crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral:
    Pretty simple.  You poke someone with the crouching SP, and if it lands you go 
    into a SK Soul Spiral.  Not a ton of damage, but quick, and it will take the 
    opponent off of their feet.
    -Crouching SP, crouching SK, JP/SP Soul Spark:
    Pseudo-combo.  The JP or SP Soul Sparks don't really combo, but this is just to 
    push the opponent back some.  Fairly useful, and you can switch the crouching FK  
    for the crouching SK, if you want some extra GC damage.
    -Crouching/Standing SP, FP Soul Reflect:
    Opponent has to be close for this to work, but it's a good way to both push them 
    back, and take them off of their feet.  Leaves them much farther away than the 
    crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral
    -Crouching SP (Counter Hit), crouching SP/FK, SK Soul Spiral:
    Rose's crouching SP has good priority- so good, that there's a good chance that 
    you'll be getting Counter Hits if you know when to stick it out.  Wait until the 
    Counter Hit crouching SP is over, toss out another, and follow it with an SK 
    Soul Spiral.
    -Crouching SP (Counter Hit), Crouching RK:
    Another Pseudo-Combo, sorta.  The two hits won't actually combo unless you're 
    really close, but even if you're not, you can toss out the crouching RK for GC 
    damage.  Be careful though, because there's a little bit of recovery time after 
    the crouching RK, and someone with a really quick super, or someone who knows 
    what they're looking for can attack you afterward.
    -Crouching FK, JP Soul Spark:
    The crouching FK has a lot of distance on it, and it combos with a JP Soul 
    Spark...not sure what else to say about it...
    -Crouching JPx3:
    I end up doing this combo at least once per match, blocked or not.  Don't know 
    why.  It's quick, it's easy, and I dunno.  Anyway, on to the next.
    -Crouching SK/JP (Counter Hit), crouching SP/FK, SK Soul Spiral:
    The crouching SK is quick and has good priority as well, so if it lands on a 
    Counter Hit, the crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral is a good way to go.
    -Crouching SK, Crouching RK:
    I don't think this combos, even on a Counter Hit SK.  But This is just for GC 
    Damage, really.
    -Crouching FP (Counter Hit), FP Soul Throw:
    Basically the same as the combo above, but the opponent doesn't have to be done 
    while your opponent is airborne.  A Counter Hit crouching FP will take the 
    opponent off of their feet, and allow you to Soul Throw them.
    -Jumping FK/RK/FP, crouching SP/FK, SK Soul Spiral:
    Basic jump-in combo for Rose.  I personally use jumping FK, crouching SP, and SK 
    Soul Spiral, because of the range and angle of the jumping FK.  Using the juming 
    FP, roughly 27 damage points, and 20% damage.
    -Jumping FP/RK/FK, b+FP, RK Soul Spiral:
    I like to go with a jumping FP.  Be warned though, Roses b+FP misses crouching 
    opponents entirely.  Roughly 33 damage points, and 23% damage.
    -Jumping RK, crouching RK:
    Good because you can be far away when you do it.  Not much else to say about 
    -Opponent in air, standing JP/b+FP/Crouching SP/FP, JP/SP/FP Soul Throw:
    This combo is basically about hitting the opponent with something that can be 
    cancelled into a Soul Throw, and then doing a Soul Throw.  For instance, for 
    Cammy's Jumping FP, you might want to use a crouching SP.  But for say a missed 
    FP Dragon Punch, where you were right under the opponent and they're still in 
    the air, you'd probably want to go with a crouching FP, then a JP Soul Throw (a 
    FP Soul throw would miss).  Since Soul Throwing every time someone jumps would 
    get you killed (mainly cause you'd miss, and they'd kill you), this combo is a 
    good idea.
    -Opponent in air, jumping FP (Counter Hit), FP Soul Throw:
    If you hit your opponent with a Counter Hit (FP or RK especially) while you're 
    both in the air, you'll have time to land and grab them with a Soul Throw.
    -Opponent in corner, jumping FP/FK/RK, crouching/standing SP, FP Soul Reflect, 
    crouching/standing SP, RK Soul Spiral:
    Nice combo, good damage.  The jump-in can't be too deep, or the FP Soul Reflect 
    will miss.  Also, because of that Button Release Method thing, I usually go with 
    "jumping FP, d+SP, d, d/b, b+FP" instead of the normal 2-in-one method.  Using 
    the jumping FP, roughly 49 damage points, and 34% damage.
    -Opponent in corner, jumping FP/FK/RK, crouching SP, FP Soul Reflect, standing 
    b+FP/crouching SP/FP, FP Soul Throw:
    The jump-in has to be sort of shallow, but still hit low enough to combo with 
    the crouching SP.  The last hit before the Soul Throw has to keep the opponent 
    high, so it's important that it hit as quickly as possible.  Not extremely 
    difficult, but doing this combo with the b+FP is probably about as hard as any 
    of Rose's combos get. The larger the character, the easier this combo is to do 
    on them.  Using a jump-in FP, and a b+FP before the FP Soul throw, this combo 
    does roughly 56 damage points, and 40% damage.
    All percentage figures are taken from Sodom, who takes a little less damage per-
    hit than "average."  For example the exact same combo above that I did on Sodom, 
    would do 62 damage points, and 45% damage, if done on Juni, who takes below 
    average damage.
    VII.  A Word on V-ISM
    No, seriously, for those of you who don't know, I'll go through some of the 
    basic attributes of V-ISM.  First of all, the invincibility.  You are 
    invulnerable for a small period of time when you start a VC.  The time is 
    significant on the arcade and Saturn versions of the game, but is greatly 
    reduced on the Dreamcast and PlayStation versions.  This is VERY important, and 
    a large contributor to why V-ISM is the best mode for some characters.  For 
    instance, Dhalsim is in the corner, and Ryu (in V-ISM) is approaching.  Dhalsim 
    trys to hit Ryu with a close crouching FP when he gets in range.  Ryu starts a 
    VC, and Dhalsim's crouching FP goes right through Ryu and misses him completely.  
    Dhalsim then eats a VC that does 70% damage, courtesy of Ryu.  Ouch.  The 
    invulnerability also works through jump-ins, special moves, and Super moves.
    Another aspect of V-ISM, though this isn't particularly important to Rose, would 
    be chains.  While a VC is activated, you can link any move into any other move, 
    though you or the opponent still gets pushed back afterward.  Want to stick a 
    Crouching RK right after a crouching FP?  Sure.  Want to do a crouching JP right 
    after a standing SP?  Useless, but go ahead.  Any move, into any other move.  
    And this is possible because of...
    Almost no recovery time.  Most apparent with normal moves, but also works, to a 
    limited degree, for specials.  Once you complete a special move, you can 
    immediately start another move, and you don't even have to complete the move if 
    it's a normal one.  You can, for instance, combo two Soul Piettes right after 
    one another, even though the Soul Piette has a substantial recovery time outside 
    of a VC.
    Extended juggles.  You can juggle an opponent in the corner until the VC runs 
    out, or with some characters, all the way across the screen.  In theory, if the 
    VC shadows lasted forever, you could juggle them until K.O.  The "limit" rule 
    for the juggle system doesn't apply when a VC is active.
    And finally, taunting and increased speed.  You are significantly faster than 
    normal while a VC is activated.  Also you can't taunt as many times as you want, 
    until the OC gauge is empty.
    VIII.  Rose's VCs
    Just a note- you can start one of these after a lot of Rose's normal combos.  
    For example, do the second-to-last combo in the Combo section, and instead of 
    the Normal move + Soul Spiral at the end, activate a VC, and go into combo #2b 
    listed here in the VCs section.  
    This, however, is just a list of VCs, which is confusing enough as it is.  Also, 
    I would like to clarify that things in parenthesis are repeated the indicated 
    number of times.  For example, "(VC1) B+FP (SK Soul Spirals)x5," would mean 
    activate a VC by pressing JP and SK, do a b+FP, followed by five SK Soul 
    	1. (VC2) Anywhere to Corner-
    This is assuming you're starting from a cornered position, but will work 
    anywhere (hence the name).  If you're opponent is close, activate VC2, and:
    Crouching strong, [SK Soul Spiral, Soul Piette (towards + RK)]x4, *X*.  Roughly 
    60% damage, max, and I think 75 points of Damage.
    		A.  How to End This Combo
    First of all, *X*.  When I do this VC, *X* is generally: 
    Missed Soul Throw, and then [crouching FP, missed LK Soul Spiral] until the VC 
    runs out.  B+FP works also, instead of just the crouching FP.  But, depending on 
    where you start the VC, the move that lands them in the corner might be an SK 
    Soul Spiral, and that is bad.  In that situation, *X* would be:
    Soul Piette, missed Soul Trow, [Crouching FP, SK Soul Spark]x?? until VC ends.  
    Another way to end the VC (there are many), would be to hit them with a 
    crouching FP just as the meter runs out, do a jumping (straight up) RK, and then 
    a FP Soul Throw.  I also like to do it with the Soul Fade (regular air throw) in 
    place of the jumping RK, just for style points.  It should be noted, however, if 
    you do the combo any way other than just using the Crouching FP, SK Soul Spiral 
    until it ends, they can flip out.  So in the way I listed above, with the 
    crouching FP at the end, followed by a Soul Fade, the opponent could, in theory, 
    air-recover before the Soul Fade.  Chances are they wouldn't, but they could.
    Anyway, I'd like to point out that this combo isn't the easiest in the game at 
    first.  It takes a little timing (different timing on different characters, 
    actually), and also a basic understanding of how things work for bot Rose and V-
    ISM in general (I highly suggest you read James Chen's SFA3 combo FAQ.  A3 makes 
    a lot more sense once you have).  Though hopefully you either had enough all 
    ready, of have learned a thing or two from reading this FAQ.  
    The trick to it, by the way, is interrupting the last one or two frames of the 
    Soul Spiral with the Piette, and the last frame of the Piette with the SK Soul 
    Spiral.  I'm sure it's not the most useful combo in the game, but I discovered 
    it (I hope), so if nobody else chooses to use it, I'll still will.  One of the 
    best combos Rose has period, IMO, and especially in V-ISM.  The timing, while 
    pretty individual between characters, is more or less the same.  There are some 
    exceptions though, as doing it on Charlie and Balrog seems especially difficult, 
    and doing it on Blanka and Chun Li seems easier than with other characters.  
    Also, depending on how far away you are when you hit them with the last Soul 
    Piette, you may need to do a FP Soul Throw...it all depends on distance.  The 
    Soul Throw just keeps the opponent from air-recovering, so it's important that 
    you land just a little sooner than they do, so you can hit them and continue the 
    VC.  The point is, find a home version of the game, and practice the Soul Piette 
    part of the VC in Training Mode.  Takes a little getting used to.  And you MUST 
    get the first Soul Piette up right after the first Soul Spark, because some 
    characters seem to fall to the ground faster than others (Zangief for example).
    Also, the reason I chose to start the combo with a crouching SP, was 
    because A) it's Rose's best poke, and B) a crouching Feirce lacks range, and 
    might actually get a counter hit and mess up the combo.
    One last thing about this combo though, is that a SK Soul Spirals (the ones at 
    the beginning, that hit) are sometimes interchangeable with a Soul Piettes.  For 
    example, instead of:
    Crouching SP, LK Spiral, Soul-Piette, LK Spiral, ....etc., you could do:
    Crouching SP, LK Spiral, [Soul-Piette]x2, LK Spiral.  
    Soul Piettes do 1 or 2 points more damage than a SK Soul Spiral, so I'm not sure 
    many points this combo would do if done for absolute maximum damage.  Just find 
    whichever configuration works best for you.
    		B.  Standing FP Variants
    A variant of this combo is:
    (activate VC1/3) Crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral, Soul Piette, [standing/b+FP, SK 
    Soul Spiral]x?? until VC is over.  Doesn't leave them in the corner, but does 
    about the same damage as the Anywhere-to-Corner I explained above.  The b+FP/SK 
    Soul Spiral version will push the opponent further than just the standing FP/SK 
    Soul Spiral one.  If you're going by which VC looks the coolest, I'd just have 
    to go with the standard VC (the first one listed), but if you want to use these 
    instead feel free.
    	2. Corner Juggle Variants-
    		A.  VC3 Jump-In
    (VC3) Jump in FP, crouching SP x2, SK Soul Spiral, crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral, 
    [Standing back + FP OR crouching FP, JP Soul Spark (most will miss)]x??, until 
    VC ends.  Not sure about the damage, seems to be about 50%, give or take.
    I'm pretty sure you're able to do something after the VC, but like I said 
    before, my fingers are kinda slow.  Also, I'm not sure about character sizes, so 
    you might have to replace the crouching SP x2 at the beginning with either a 
    regular crouching SP, or a crouching JP, followed by a crouching SP.  If you 
    have to resort to just the crouching SP, then note that the combo can be done in 
    VC2 and VC1 as well as VC3.
    		B.  Double SP Juggle
    (activate VC2) Crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral, repeat from beginning until VC 
    ends.  About 45%, max.
    Not a terribly damaging VC, but pretty useful, since Rose's best poke is (I'm 
    pretty sure) her crouching SP, it has a pretty good chance of hitting the 
    opponent.  It's not exactly a crouch-cancel infinite, but 40% off of a crouching 
    SP is better than nothing.  The combo is really, REALLY simple.  You just miss 
    every Soul Spiral after the first, and concentrate your timing on hitting the 
    opponent with the SP.  It's important not to get overzealous, because you may do 
    the Soul Spiral motion too quickly, and miss the opponent all together.
    It's also important to mention, that if you time your crouching SP late enough, 
    you can hit the opponent with not only the crouching SP, but the VC shadow of 
    the previous one as well, and every SP will score 2 hits instead of 1.  Really 
    good if you wanna either show off, or get you're score high.  A shame though, 
    this VC doesn't work on Ryu, Ken, Dan, or Akuma, so you'd have to switch to VC 
    "D" listed in this section (does more damage, but just doesn't look as cool)...
    		C.  VC1 Soul Spiral
    (activate VC1) Crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral x2, [crouching SP, SK Soul 
    Spiral]x??? until VC ends.  About 30-35% damage.
    Pretty much the opposite of combo B.  You focus on hitting the enemy with the 
    Soul Spiral instead of the crouching SP.  Pretty much all Rose VCs are ambigous 
    though, so there are different ways of doing this.  You could actually just do 
    "(VC1) [Crouching SP, SK Soul Spiral x2]," from the beginning of the combo till 
    the end of it.  I couldn't get more than 21 hits from this combo, so if anyone 
    knows a way to get more damage, let me know...  Anyway, this combo is basically 
    just for getting a flashy K.O., in my opinion.
    		D. VC1/2/3 Soul Spiral Fierce Juggle
    (activate VC1/2/3)Crouching SP, FK Soul Spiral, [Away + FP and/or crouching FP, 
    JP Soul Spark]x??, just before VC ends throw up Crouching FP, followed by an Air 
    The crouching FP, air throw isn't really necessary, but like I said, I like to 
    end VCs and/or rounds with her air throw when I can.  The opponent can air-
    recover before you can land the throw, but it's really dependant on the 
    opponent, whether they will or not.  You could also do a straight up jumping 
    FP/RK, followed by a Soul Throw.
    	3.  Works In Progress-
    		A. Soul Spark Corner VC 
    There's a V-ISM Rose combo against Dhalsim and Birdie, that goes like:
    (VC1) FK slide, JP Soul Spark, repeat.
    Well I could never do that, so I tried to find another way to work the Soul 
    Spark into a combo.  I think I've succeeded.  The bad news?  I 
    can't do this one either.
    Anyhow, it goes
    (VC1) Crouching SK/JP, JP Soul Spark, Soul Piette, repeat. ??% damage.  
    Seems to work, though because of my slow fingers, I've never been able to get it 
    past 7 or so hits.  Seems pretty good for Guard Crush (meaning to empty the 
    opponent's GC gauge) purposes, though for that I really like to use VC2 instead 
    of the JP/SK activation.  Could someone tell me if this thing works, and if so, 
    on who?  Thanks.
    		B.  Confusion VC
    Ah yes, yet another Combo in Progress. I'm not the world's best Rose player 
    (outside of V-ISM that is.  Muwahahahahahahaheheheheheho), but I KNOW she can do 
    something cool here.  What I have so far is...
    Opponent in the middle of the screen(VC3), close crouching RK, Soul Piette, FK 
    slide, [the part where the combo gets cool].  
    I seriously have no idea what to stuff in that last part.  Or if I should change 
    the order of the last 2 moves, or what...if anyone has an epiphany, feel free to 
    chime in.
    IX.  Basic Strategies
    Crouching SP.  CROUCHING SP!!  Seriously, this is a move I find myself using 
    quite often.  Fairly quick, good priority.  Combos into a lot of things.  Can be 
    used as reliable anti-air against some attacks (Cammy/Charile's Juming FPs, I 
    think Bison's head stomp, etc), and is important in VCs.  If I know I'm gonna 
    land a Counter Hit, for instance if M. Bison teleports right behind me, then 
    I'll usually go with a crouching SP (Counter Hit), crouching SP, FK Soul Spark.  
    Suppose I could start a VC, but come on.  He's really not worth the trouble.  
    It's also good for "zoning" purposes... For example David Sirlin, one of the top 
    players in the country in SFA2, would get a certain distance from his opponent 
    with Rose, and just sit there.  If the opponent tried to stick out any normal 
    move, he'd hit them with the crouching SP, because it's priority would be 
    greater.  And then he'd follow it with a Super...but that's not gonna work as 
    well for V-Rose.  Ah well.  Anyway, you just sort of trap them like that, and if 
    they jump, you Soul Throw, blah blah blah....
    Like any character in a fighting game, there are 3 ways to play Rose.
    Defense machine.  Only making a move when your opponent makes a mistake.  
    Of course, in V-ISM, attacking a character who is capable of starting a VC and 
    going through your attack to land a VC, qualifies as "a mistake."  I 
    think this mode is actually pretty good for X-ISM Rose, though the lack of Zero 
    Counters and air blocking hurt her turtling significantly.  Turtling is good for 
    any ISM Rose, but it really depends on your opponent whether turtling is the 
    most effective way to beat them.  Lots of jumping back and tossing out SK/SP/RKs 
    in this style.  Also a lot of anti-air moves into Soul Throws.
    Hyper Offensive- 
    All out, bum rush ass whipping.  NO.  Not too good for Rose.  
    Again, this depends on your opponent ('cause they could just not be good enough 
    to defend against you), but if you're playing against someone who's good, you'd 
    probably want to stay away from this.  You'd be using a lot of jump-ins and 
    high-risk stuff here, along with some poking.  This mode isn't all bad- there 
    are some REALLY damaging combos you could do here, and the VC blowout (that 
    moment of invincibility you have when starting a VC) would let you get in and do 
    some serious damage.  And while Rose is more than capable of hurting someone, 
    the fact is that too much offense can get you hurt, a lot.  The opponent could 
    to an anti-air move (dragon punch etc), anti-air super, or if in V-ISM, they 
    could do a blowout, and your move would miss, landing you right in front of 
    them.  At their mercy.  No.  Of all the Roses, I'd have to say that V-ISM is the 
    best for being offensive, if for no other reason than the VC blowout.  But you 
    still would want to stay away from this when faced with someone good.
    This would be somewhere between total defense and total offense.  Some 
    poking, a little offense, a little turtling, and the RARE jump in.  This is one 
    of the best modes for Rose in general, I think.  But of course, there are always 
    exceptions, and I'll try to point those out later in the Versus Tactics section.  
    There's risk involved in this style of play, but that's true of any.  I'd say 
    this one is the LEAST risky, because if you turtle too much, your opponent can 
    get in your face and do some block damage/GC damage, and if you're too offense-
    minded...well I all ready went over that.  I'd have to say that Z-ISM is 
    generally the best for this style of play, with V and X tied for second place.  
    Not to say I think Z-ISM Rose is necessarily better than V-ISM, it's just that 
    any 3 levels of her Aura Soul Throw come in handy here.  Not quite as easy in V-
    ISM, because the opponent's mistake has to be a bit more pronounced- and in X/Z-
    ISM, an simply jumping in any direction qualifies as a bad mistake on their 
    part, if Rose is within about a half-screen's distance has a full meter.
    X. Versus Tactics
    In general: Don't forget the basics!  You can do a VC blowout through most 
    attacks in the game, don't block too much or you'll be Guard Crushed, and jump-
    ins, from ANYONE, yourself included, can lead to an incredible amount of damage.  
    The Standing JP (or standing b+FP), FP Soul Throw combo will keep the opponent 
    from jumping in too often, but beware that it will not work against ALL jumping 
    attacks, and some character's moves have more priority than others.  It's better 
    to either just block when Sakura comes at you with a jump-in (assuming she's 
    past the range of Rose's b+RK), or just blow through it by starting a VC, for 
    example.  You can be NAILED if you do a jump-in against the wrong character at 
    the wrong time, and so can they if they do the same to you.  Remember that X-ISM 
    characters can NOT air block, EVER, and take advantage of it (I usually do this 
    with a Soul Spark).  Forget who's supposed to be bad according "character 
    rankings," and who's not a "top tier" character,  as any good player can beat 
    you, with any character they happen to be good with.  Good luck!
    	1. Adon-
    Adon will poke at you.  Be prepared.  Not quite sure what else to say...  Hope 
    you're not to dependant on your jump-ins, because his Rising Jaguar is the 
    standard anti-air special that all characters have.  You can turtle if you'd 
    like, but be wary of tossing out too many Soul Sparks, as they leave you wide, 
    wide open for a Jaguar Tooth (wall bounce move).  You can start a VC after a 
    blocked Jaguar Tooth (though a throw isn't a bad idea either), by just skipping 
    the crouching SP, and doing the SK Soul Spiral right after you activate the VC.  
    Suppose you could just do the VC blowout right through the Jaguar Tooth, but 
    it's up to you.  Same applies for the Jaguar Kick.  Not an extremely difficult 
    match, in my opinion.
    	2. Akuma-
    I personally would turtle here too, but it depends on the player.  Beware of V-
    Akuma's, like anyone should.  Akuma takes more damage than many characters, and 
    is also easier to dizzy, so take advantage.  If he starts to turtle too much, 
    you might want to go on the offense, a little, and back him up into the corner. 
    Always remember that a character in V-ISM can VC blowout too, so be careful what 
    you use.  The price for any missed special move can be very high against V-ISM 
    characters, and this applies to just about anyone vs. anyone.  Akuma's Dragon 
    Punch is quick and high on priority, so you might want to wait until it's over 
    before starting a VC, instead of trying to interrupt it.  If he misses a 
    fireball while in the corner and you do a jump-in, somebody better pray for him.  
    Also keep in mind that there's a small period of vulnerability as his teleport 
    is starting and a touch of recovery time as it is ending, so do what you can.  
    	3. Balrog-
    Have yet to face a competent Balrog player, but despite what some people 
    believe, this guy is dangerous.  In X-ISM especially because of the sheer amount 
    of damage he can do.  If he lands a close JP, he can combo into an FP, and 
    cancel it into a super move, so watch out.  I believe a blocked Dash Straight 
    leaves him open for a VC, as does crouching to avoid his Dash Upper.  Not sure 
    about this though, will have to check...  Hell, you might just be able to do a 
    VC blowout right through either move- but that wouldn't be nice...  Not sure 
    about the properties of his Turn Punch.
    	4. Birdie-
    If you want an easy way to beat CPU Birdie in any ISM, just sit back and fire 
    off JP Soul Sparks the whole match...  Anyway, Birdie's Bull Horn (the turn 
    around headbutt) goes through jump-ins and most other moves, and he can psuedo-
    tick into his 360° throws with his jumping SK.  His supers aren't bad, but I'd 
    have to say his X-ISM "The Birdie" would have to be his best one.  Hits hard, 
    but his throw range is the worst of all of the grapplers.  His standing FP goes 
    through jump-ins pretty well, and if you want to get past it, I'd suggest you 
    either use a jumping SK, or just stop doing jump-ins and turtle.  If he's in Z-
    ISM you'll have to consider his Bull Revenger (leap and slam super) before 
    deciding to do any laggy moves while turtling.  A blocked Bull Head or Bull Horn 
    (charging headbutt moves) leave him lagging for a significant amount of time, 
    but don't wait too long, or he can either grab you or start a super.  Not a 
    really difficult fight, but it really depends on your experience with facing 
    Birdie in general, and your ability to play without relying on jump-ins.  One of 
    his major disadvantages in general, by the way, is that his Bull Horn is only 
    invulnerable during the turn-around part.  So he can be swept, or even thrown 
    after he turns around.
    	5. Blanka-
    Very, very cool character.  Just had to say that.  Anyhow, I've never really 
    faced a good Blanka player in person (not to say I haven't seen one), but poking 
    you, and then Guard Crushing you with a super seems to be a pretty good strategy 
    for him.  His Amazon River Run (crouching FP slide) will knock you off of your 
    feet, and it covers a lot of distance, as do most of his crouching moves do.  
    And his Surprise Forward and Surprise Back (leaping toward and away moves) 
    afford him a brief period of invincibility.  Also, his jumps are really, really 
    good.  Blanka can stay away well, but I really don't have any specific advice 
    for fighting him...just remember which air-to-air attacks have the best 
    priority, and the basic things you can do.  Find myself jumping quite a bit in 
    this match.
    	6. Cammy-
    Pretty dangerous, potentially, but I've never really been faced with a good 
    Cammy player.  Her Hooligan Combination (the overhead grab) is one of her best 
    attacks, and rightfully so, considering the priority on it.  I personally use 
    the crouching FK Slide to get under this move.  However, you can also get past 
    it using a crouching FP if she's close enough overhead, or just jump back with 
    an RK or something if she's too far.  Her jumping FP is one of her best jump-
    ins, but remember that a crouching SP (which you should follow with a FP Soul 
    Throw, by the way) beats Cammy's jumping FP, and easily.  Don't try to do 
    anything drastic if Cammy is knocked down, because a wakeup Cannon Spike will 
    nail you just about every time.  I play this match with pretty moderate offense, 
    though I'd suspect you could turtle your way through it too.  Should also be 
    noted that Cammy's Killer Bee Assault super (Only has it in Z-ISM) can NOT be 
    air blocked, so don't get too jumpy if you're unsure.
    	7. Charlie-
    Dangerous guy.  Really dangerous.  Standing JP works well as anti-air against 
    some normals, but watch out for that far jumping RK.  Also, keep in mind that 
    good players might not even appear to be charging when they charge for his 
    specials/supers-  So don't expect him not to pop out with a Somersault Justice 
    or Crossfire Blitz, just because you didn't see him go into a crouching block 
    for an eternity.
    	8. Chun Li-
    Beware the X-ISM Chun Li.  Always.  That said, I personally would play 
    defensively against X-Chun (remember her super goes through just about 
    anything), and a bit more offensively against Z-Chun.  Never played a good V-
    Chun Li.  CL vs Rose is not an easy match for Rose, so you're gonna have to put 
    in work here- depending on how good the opponent is, of course.  Chun Li has 
    that CROUCHING ROUNDHOUSE OF DOOM thing going on (which you can roll after, if 
    hit by), so keep that in mind if you plan on doing jump-ins (not a good idea, 
    IMO).  Should also be noted that if you get caught blocking the Spinning Bird 
    Kick from X-Chun, it does a ton of block damage, so stay away from that if at 
    all possible.  Good luck, and don't forget about the VC blowout.
    	9. Cody-
    I think you sort of have to be offensive here.  Not too much, of course, but you 
    can get close and poke him to death.  And if he keeps dodging, nail him with a 
    VC...Not sure what else to say...  You can slide under the Bad Stone with the 
    crouching FK slide.
    	10. Dan Hibiki-
    Ah.  The Ruiner of "Perfect" rounds, but just BARELY.  Anyway, never faced a 
    good Dan, but his Hisshou Burai Ken (X-ISM Super, that Punch/Kick/DP super in Z-
    ISM) has good range, and excellent priority- especially considering it's one of 
    DAN'S moves.  Koryuken is the basic Dragon Punch move, so the priority is pretty 
    good.  Range is bad though.  Fear not the Gadoken.  Duck his Danku Kyaku (Flying 
    kicks/Hurricane Kick type move), and nail him for it.  The Shinkuu Gadokuen can 
    be reflected/absorbed with the Soul Reflect, if you want to try it.  No real 
    advice on how to fight him...
    	11. Dhalsim- 
    Your crouching SP/JP will beat Dhalsim's limbs if he sticks them out.  Don't 
    jump at an X/Z-Dhalsim often at all if he has a meter.  If you block one of his 
    foot/head drills, you can jump and air-throw him if he tries for a second.  
    Don't let V-Dhalsim get you in the corner, ever.  If he starts a VC with you in 
    the corner, you might just want to Zero Counter if you block it.  You can 
    seriously turtle this match away, as he really can't do much of anything against 
    you from a distance, priority wise...  Don't forget about his teleport, but he 
    also is at a disadvantage (in my opinion, at least) close up.  Dhalsim is 
    usually a good character, but he's at a disadvantage against Rose.  Wouldn't 
    call it an "easy" fight, but there's nothing he can do on the ground (without 
    using a super) that you can't beat.  This is not to say a Dhalsim who's better 
    than you won't kick your ass, of course.
    	12. Dee Jay-
    Can't say I've fought any Dee Jay other than the CPU's.  Not an especially 
    difficult fight, but doesn't seem to be an easy one either.  Feel free to throw 
    him when possible.
    	13. E. Honda-
    You can time it so that the end of your JP Soul Reflect will knock Honda out of 
    his Super Zutsuki (flying headbutt special move).  Never seen a good Honda, so I 
    don't know.  If he does a jump-in, you might just want to block.  Remember that 
    the Level 2/3/X-ISM Headbutt super goes through projectiles.
    14. Evil Ryu-
    Ryu.  With a teleport.  Ouch.  In any event, you should always know what's what 
    when facing a V-ISM Ryu, especially one with a teleport.  Keep your guard up, 
    and take your time.  Don't under estimate this guy, in X-ISM either.  All he has 
    to do is hit you with a crouching jab while your anywhere close to the corner 
    and follow it with 2 RK Hurricane Kicks.  If he gets you dizzy, that' means you 
    	15. Fei Long-
    Fei Long's Rekka Ken Super has a lot of priority, so keep that in mind when 
    facing an X or Z-ISM version.  That flaming dragon kick of his also seems to be 
    invincible at start up, so watch what you do.  Other than that, he doesn't seem 
    to cause Rose too much of a problem...
    	16. Gen-
    Block.  Don't do too many jump ins, and remember that if you're knocked down, 
    and Gen is doing his SP of FP Hyakurenkou (blurry hand special), then there's 
    nothing you can do but block.  If he tries to hit you with that over head punch, 
    you can hit him back (or VC him) whether you block it or not.  Stay on guard.
    	17. Guile-
    Your crouching SP beats his jumping RK, and your standing JP beats his jumping 
    FK.  His standing FK (Standing neutral FK, in his V-ISM form) is a pretty good 
    move to have, and works as anti-air against some attacks, as will his standing 
    close FK in X/Z-ISM, his crouching FP, along with his Sonic Knee (f or b+FK in 
    V-ISM, f or b+SK in Z/X-ISM).  If he misses a flash kick, you get to either land 
    a Soul Throw, or a VC, depending on the distance.  Same things about charging 
    apply with Guile as they do with Charlie, and neither of them has to do much to 
    land a rather damaging VC.  Have yet to fight a non-CPU Guile in A3.
    	18. Guy-
    Similar to Gen, in that one hit from this guy can land you into serious trouble.  
    Fortunately, it's not as easy for Guy to capitalize on this as it is for Gen 
    (You'll land Gen's crouching SK a lot more often than you will Guy's standing 
    JP, for example).  He has some moves that confuse and are unorthodox, so watch 
    out.  Hope your reflexes are good.
    19. Juli & Juni
    20. Karin
    21. Ken
    22. M. Bison
    23. Rainbow Mika
    24. Rolento
    25. Rose
    26. Ryu
    27. Sagat
    28. Sakura
    29. Shin Akuma
    30. Shin Bison
    31. Sodom
    32. T. Hawk
    33. Vega
    34. Zangief
    XI. Misc. VCs
    Just some other stuff I found...
    	1. General VCs-
    		Shadow Revolver Stab-
    (VC2) Crouching FK, (crouching FP, SK Jaguar Kick)x8, Jaguar Throw.  About 60% 
    There's a little half-second pause between the crouching FK and that first 
    crouching FP, but after that, the whole thing moves pretty smoothly, and fairly 
    quickly.  The Jaguar Throw basically means you can end the combo with any of 
    Adon's throws...they won't technically combo though.  Several times when I've 
    done this combo, the VC ends right before the last Jaguar Kick (Adon's b, d, d/b 
    + K move), so it can be blocked.  If this is so, you could go for a throw 
    attempt if they do, but they could also do the same to you.  For some mild 
    illusion of saftey, you could replace the last crouch FP, SK Jag Kick and the 
    Jag Throw, with an SK Jag Tooth (hcb + K wall poke move).  You could also remove 
    them and do a Roundhouse Rising Jaguar.  Or to do it a simpler way, you could 
    replace them with a crouching Roundhouse, and just jump back as the VC is 
    Adon's standing FP actually does a little bit more damage than his crouching 
    one...but as standing FPs have a tendency to miss crouching opponents 
    completely, I opted for the crouching FK/FP as opposed to the standing ones.  Of 
    course you can feel free to do it any way you want though...
    		Rising Jaguar Assasin-
    (VC3) (RK Rising Jaguar, standing FP)x7.  About 50% damage.
    Done with the opponent in the corner, like most VCs that do 50% or more.  The 
    standing FPs hit too, contributing considerably to the amount of damage this VC 
    does.  Unfortunately, this VC doesn't work on Cammy, Juli or Juni.  You'd have 
    to change it to VC1, and just do (RK Rising Jaguar, standing FK)x7.  The 
    standing FKs will miss, but this VC can't be flipped out of because of them.  
    Only does 40% though.
    There's a fancy, but less damaging version of this VC that goes like
    (RK Rising Jaguar, standing FP, RK Jaguar Tooth, Standing FP, RK Jaguar Kick)x2
    in VC3.  Does like 48% damage, but really isn't worth the effort for me 
    personally.  Looks cool though.  All sorts of things you can do with the Jaguar 
    Kick/Tooth/Rising Jaguar to edit it.
    		Head Stomp-
    (VC1) Crouching SK, (JP Bull Head, standing RK)x8, Taunt, Bad Hammer.  About 60% 
    damage, and up to 65%.
    The Bad Hammer is a move Birdie gets when you press b+FP.  The Bull Head is 
    Birdie's charge b, f+p move.  But of course, during a VC you don't have to 
    charge.  This VC can also be done in VC2, but I find the timing much easier 
    here, and the damage is about the same.  To do it in VC2, you'd need to replace 
    the crouching SK at the beginning with crouching SP.
    The taunt I mentioned was the one you get by just pressing the chouhatsu button, 
    and not a direction.  He has 3 of them, total.  Like always, you can replace the 
    taunt with something more useful, for example a standing FP.
    With a certain timing, you can hit the opponent with all hits of both the Bull 
    Head, and standing RK.
    Dee Jay: 
    		Fierce Maximum Jackknife Juggle-
    (VC3) Crouching JP, SK Jackknife Maximum, (Standing or Crouching FP, SK 
    Jackknife Maximum)x?? repeat until VC ends, air throw and/or taunt.  Does 60-65% 
    The Jackknife Maximum is Dee Jay's "charge down, up+k" move.  But since you 
    don't have to charge for charge moves during a VC, you just need to press d, u, 
    SK during this one.  The timing is a little strange, but it just takes a little 
    getting used to.  Easier to do on some people than on others...  And if you make 
    a mistake, and they do an air-recovery, just keep going.  Chances are you can 
    hit them with a standing FP before they can do much.
    The taunt obviously isn't necessary, and the air throw can be escaped...they 
    just look cool...
    Speaking of the standing FP...you can do this combo using either a standing or 
    crouching FP...but there is a catch.  The standing FP does a bit more damage, 
    but is harder to land.  Likewise, there are some situations when doing the combo 
    with just the crouching FP, where the standing FP would work better.  So my 
    suggestion would be that you mix up the crouching FPs and standing FPs...  Takes 
    some practice though.
    Finally, the big limitation on this VC- the opponent has to be standing for it 
    to hit.  If the opponent is crouching, or in a crouching hit stun, the Jackknife 
    Maximum won't hit.  This isn't a huge deal, though I do find it a bit  
    inconvenient myself.  It means you have to wait until someone either misses a 
    move (by either doing a VC blowout, or just waiting), or just go low when they 
    go high.  Seems to work as anti-air (skipping the crouching JP if you want to), 
    but not as well.
    		Jackknife Sunrise-
    Roughly 60%.  This is basically the same VC listed above, but it's done in the 
    corner, and with crouching FPs.  This combo can be flipped out of unless you hit 
    the opponent with the crouching FP as soon as possible- or in other words, to 
    juggle them as high as you can with the first crouching FP.  Charlie seems to be 
    able to flip out of it anyway.  I hear he bounces higher than other characters 
    when he's juggled, so maybe that's it.  This one is easier to land than the 
    other, because you can combo it easier...  Jump Fp, stand SP, FP Air Slasher, 
    activate VC and go...
    		Fierce Flash Corner Juggle-
    (VC3) Crouching SP, SK Flash Kick, (Crouching FP, FK Flash kick)x5, Crouching 
    FP, VC ends, back breaker (KK air throw) or taunt.  About 58% damage without the 
    back breaker.
    I know SOMEBODY else had to have come up with this VC before me (I've only been 
    using it for around 2 months).  So if somebody else claims discovery for this 
    before that, let me know, because I wouldn't want to take credit for something 
    that isn't mine.
    Like the vast majority of combos with taunts in them, it isn't necessary here.  
    Looks cool though.  Also, if the opponent does an air-recovery after the 
    crouching FP, the back breaker can be avoided.
    		Anywhere To Corner FP Juggle-
    (VC3) Crouching SP, SK Flash Kick, (standing FP, SK Flash Kick)x6, VC ends, 
    crouching FP, standing RK.  About 60%
    This combo can also be done with some FK flash kicks thrown in instead of some 
    of the SK ones, but this is the basic VC.  This is assuming your back is to the 
    corner, by the way.  The FPs hit twice, I believe.  In place of the standing RK 
    at the end, you could toss out a f+FP in place, or after it.  If the opponent is 
    in the corner when the VC ends, you can do a back breaker.  Those things really 
    do a lot of damage, but anything after the crouching FP can be escaped by either 
    tech-hitting the throw, in the case of the back breaker, or performing an air-
    recovery immediately after the crouching FP.
    		Quadruple Roundhouse Tiger Beating-
    (VC1) JP Tiger Blow aka Tiger Uppercut, (RK Tiger Shot, Standing RK)x6, Standing 
    RK, (FP Tiger Blow)x2.  About 57% damage.
    Done in the corner.  Timing on this VC takes some getting used to.  You let both 
    parts of the standing RK hit, for a total of 4 hits per each standing RK.  None 
    of the Tiger Shots HAVE to hit, they're just there to keep the opponent from 
    moving (too complicated to explain right now).  You may exchange the standing 
    RK/FP Tiger Blow at the end for a standing FP, or whatever you want, basically.  
    I personally go with Standing RK, FP Tiger Blow, FP Tiger blow.  Sagat has a 
    more damaging corner VC (repeated low RK Tiger Shots), so this is basically just 
    for showing off and getting a high score.
    		Atomic Flat-
    (VC1/VC2) Cross up FP Body Press, crouching JP, standing SK, JP Banishing Flat, 
    Atomic Suplex.  Around 50% if all hits connect
    The Body Press is the flying splash Zangief does when he presses f or b or d+FP 
    while jumping, the Banishing Flat is his f, d/f, f+P glowing hand move, and his 
    Atomic Suplex is his 360° + k  move from close Range.
    This VC works weather blocked or not, because you can do 360° throws during 
    almost any circumstance and grab the opponent from close range, during a VC.  
    This isn't a particularly useful VC, just thought it looked cool.
    	2. Scrub Torture VCs (Pseudo-Infinite Combos)-
    Two, rather important things- the pseudo infinites for Guile and Fei Long, only 
    seem to work against Blanka and Sodom for some reason.  Apparently, he has some 
    sort of special juggle property going on, or something.  Anyway, since you're 
    chances of finding a scrubbish Sodom player outside of Japan are mightily slim, 
    and just about Nobody plays Blanka, I guess these first two VCs are just for 
    exhibition purposes.  I've only tried these VCs on about two thirds of the cast, 
    so if I find these first 2 work on anyone else, I'll be sure to update.
    		Somersault Buster- 
    (VC2) RK Somersault Shell, Flying Buster Drop
    Started in the corner, though you can sort of bounce them in other directions.  
    Flying Buster Drop is Charlie's PP air throw, and the Somersault Shell is his 
    Flash Kick.
    Fei Long:
    		Kyaku Toss-
    (VC1) SK Shien Kyaku, standing FP, KK air throw
    Pretty simple.  You just keep jumping and throwing them after the standing FP.  
    Which can be replaced by a b+FP, or b+RK, by the way.  The throws don't combo in 
    this VC.  The opponent can air-recover after whatever you decide to toss after 
    the Shien Kyaku.  Performed with opponent in corner.
    		Corner Break-
    Do the first VC listed above and do a crouching FP after/as the VC ends.  Jump 
    toward them as they fall, and grab them with his KK throw.  After you grab them 
    with it, they'll bounce off of your shoulder, and you can keep grabbing them 
    over and over again.  Considering that throws are what do a ton of damage in 
    this combo, it can obviously be ended by just Tech. Hitting out of any of the 
    throws.  Also, doing an air-recovery after the crouching FP will make it 
    impossible to be grabbed by Guile.  I'd also like to note that I think I did 
    this VC on Dhalsim once, but it was very difficult.
    		Otoshi: Kage Sukui-
    (VC1) SK Bushin Senpuu Kyaku, Izuna Otoshi
    Simple, like all of the combos in this section.  The Bushin Senpuu Kyaku is 
    Guy's qcb+k move.  From there you just jump and throw, again and again.  Done in 
    the corner.  Opponent can air-recover after the Bushing Senpuu Kyaku.
    T. Hawk:
    		Buster Typhoon-
    (VC3) Standing SK, standing FK, (FP Mexican Typhoon, FP Tomahawk Buster)x??
    Scrub torture OF THE GODS.  I don't know how to explain it better.  Easily 
    countered by any sort of wake-up move (Dragon Punch for example) that is done 
    quickly.  You can actually replace the T Busters with some sort of jumping 
    attack.  Or you can do both, and alternate between the Tomahawk Busters and 
    jumping attacks, to further scare the opponent into blocking.  This combo is 
    basically 100% intimidation.
    XII. Closing and Thanks
    Thanks to the arcade I go to, The Game Room in Citrus Heights, CA.  No money at 
    the moment, but since nobody plays SFA3 there anymore (bastards!) I guess that's 
    ok.  And thanks for getting CvS, finally.
    To Capcom, for making fun games.
    To everyone who's ever written an FAQ for any game I've played, ever.  That 
    about covers it, right?  Special thanks go out to Kao Megura, for the wealth of 
    info in his SFA3 FAQs- got some of the more obscure move names from them, 
    actually.  And also to James Chen, for making his Combo Systems FAQ for SFA3.  
    An interesting read...
    To everyone who attended and put together the B4 Street Fighter tournament on 
    July 15 and 16, 2000.  First tourney I've been to, and it was pretty nice.  Took 
    a thrashing in SFA3 (a combination of not being able to work the sticks, and 
    just not being as good as I am now), but did surprisingly well in SSF2T, even 
    though I didn't enter the tourney.  Used to play Super SF2 all the time, but I'd 
    actually never gotten to play SSF2T before the tournament.  Not quite what I 
    expected...  Good game though.  *ramble ramble ramble*
    To the two ladies who frequent the previously mentioned arcade I go to.  The 
    chances of either of them reading this are about nil (luckily), but I'd like to 
    thank them anyway.  Thanks for restoring my faith in the female species, by 
    being both female, and at the same time good in fighting games. 
    XIII.  Revision History
    Version 1.0-  Initial posting.  Majority of the FAQ was up. (August 7, 2000)
    Version 2.0-  First update.  Added the first half of the character Vs 
    strategies, made a few edits here and there, and added/finished the Generall VCs 
    part of the Misc. VCs section.
    Version 3.0- Almost done!!  All right, finished the Misc VCs section (probably), 
    and made some minor edits here and there.  Incorrectly mislabeled version 2.0.
    Version 3.5- Aaaalllllllmost done.  Made some grammar edits and whatnot from the 
    previous version, and also changed some of the damage percentages in the Misc. 
    VCs section.
    Next Update:  Gonna finish the VS character stragies, probably make some more 
    minor edits, and that'll be all.  School is killing me, so I don't know when it 
    will be up...  Probably about a month.

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