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    Akuma by Ramagamma

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    Street Fighter Alpha 3, Akuma guide.
    Written by Ramagamma.
    Final Version...Never to be updated again.
    Last updated - 11th October 2000.
    Whats New
    Corrected some errors. Aded T.hawks strategy.
    1. A little about me.
    2. A little about Akuma.
    3. Moves list.
    4. Special Moves.
    5. Super Combos.
    6. Which ISM.
    7. Individual Strategies.
    1. A little about me.
    Well where should i start. I am a kid living in Scotland
    who lives and breathes Street Fighter. I got the game a
    month and a half ago really really cheap off the internet
    and i just cant stop playing. I invite my friends round
    just to beat them time and time again. As i played and
    got better i realised that Akuma was the god of characters.
    So many people pick him because he is so easy to play with
    but the real reason is because he kicks ass. He has power
    like Birdie and E.Honda but he balances it with speed like
    Ryu and Rolento. He has some mad combos yet he still has
    some good normal moves. 
    2. A little about Akuma.
    So do you know who Akuma is.
    Hes the guy who plays a lot like Ryu and Ken but
    still has his own unique quality. He has the same basic
    moves as Ryu and Ken but also has some very neat specials
    and is fast enouch to get out of a tricky situation.
    Generally a lot of people would agree that Akuma is the
    most well balanced and most used character in the game.
    3. Basic Moves List.
    QCF - Quarter Cirle Forward
    QCB - Quarter Circle Back
    HCF - Half Circle Forward
    HCB - Half Circle Back
    DF - Diagonally Down and Foward
    BF - Diagonally Down and Backward
    U - Jump up
    UF - Jump Forward 
    UB - Jump Backward
    C - Crouch/Down
    F or > - Foward 
    B or < - Backward
    WP - Weak Puncb
    MP - Medium Punch
    FP - Fierce Punch
    WK - Weak Kick
    MK - Medium Kick
    FK - Fierce Kick
    WP (weak punch)
    A very quick jab which not surprisingly knocks off
    hardly any life. Still quite good for annoying human
    opponents though and can be hit 2 or 3 times to make
    a nice simple combo. Use it againt human opponents
    to annoy them.
    MP (medium punch)
    Surprigly quick for a weak move and does a relativley
    large amount of damage for a weak move. Cant really
    be comobed after anything than a small dragon punch
    but none the less a good move. If you hold foward
    just before hitting the button Akuma will chop the
    air in front of him.
    FP (fierce punch)
    Akuma stands to one side and punches into the guts
    of the opponent. Good range and good damage so use
    it wisley. If you hit someone who blocks then it will
    nearly knock off a whole notch on the guard meter so
    use againt constant blockers combined with a hurricane kick.
    WK (weak kick)
    Akuma will swing his leg down with a very weak kick.
    Still, its very useful for throwing a opponents wits
    of the battle and its very easy to combo this into a
    fireball for a nice 2 hit combo.
    MK (medium kick)
    Slower and more damagine version of the above move.
    FK (fierce kick)
    Akuma swings his foot upwards in a sort of stupid way.
    I dont really use this at all he has much better and 
    quicker moves.
    WP (weak punch)
    Akuma throws out a quick left which can be combed
    into between 2-3 hits. Not exactly very powerful. 
    MP (medium punch)
    Just the same as above except Akuma uses a different 
    hand and its slower and more powerful.
    FP (fierce punch)
    Akuma stand up and does a brief little uppercut. A nice
    little tactic is to use a move that knocks the opponent
    in the air and as they are landing hold down and hit FP
    to uppercut them from the air. :)
    WK (weak kick)
    A small toe poke. What i like to do is hit them with
    this move and then stand up and hit a standing WK and
    follow it up with a strong fireball for a nice easy 3 hit combo.
    MK (medium kick)
    Exactly the same as above except its a little slower 
    to come out and does slightly more damage. Not to hot
    for doing combos.
    FK (fierce kick)
    A highly used and very useful move. Akuma will sweep 
    his leg underneath him and knock the enemy down. Its
    all to easy to confuse amateurs by jumping in with a FK
    and then hittin the crouching FK (sweep) for a nice 2 hit combo.
    WP (weak punch)
    Akuma sticks out his fist at a 60° angle. Just avoid it
    and use a mid-air fireball instead.
    MP (medium punch)
    Same story, same as above and slower.
    FP (fierce punch)
    Yet again same as the above 2 except it comes out
    slower and is a little stronger.
    WK (weak kick)
    Akuma sort of falls down knee first into the opponent.
    Like most jumping moves its not really used much by pros.
    MK (medium kick)
    Akuma jumps with his foot at a 60°. Use the fierce
    version instead because its the same but more powerful.
    FK (fierce kick)
    See above.
    4. Special moves.
    QCP, any punch.
    The standard Shotakan (Akuma, Ryu, Ken) fireball. 
    Been in the Street Fighter games since its birth.
    The punch button used affects the speed and power
    of the fireball. (FP = strong and slow, WP = fast
    and weak). A particularly good tactic is to hit the
    opponent up in the air with a weak dragon punch
    and then him them in while they are in mid air with a
    fireball. Never ever use this when the opponent is
    withing jumping distance because they will clear your
    head and attack you before you can recover. If your
    against a human opponent mix up the speeds to confuse them.
    Flaming Fireball
    HCB, any punch.
    A more advanced form of the firball.
    Basically its Akumas fireball except its really on
    fire this time. Again the punch button used affects the speed and power.
    It can hit up to 3 times with a bit of luck but considering
    its fairly difficult to use its best left alone.
    Dragon Punch
    F, D, DF.
    Akuma leaps in the air first first.
    The button used affects the height and amount of hits.
    This is Akumas number one anti-air attack move.
    Time it right and you will be laughing as your knock
    the opponent from the sky. A easier method is to hit
    forward the then the fireball motion.
    Hurricane Kick
    QCB, any kick.
    Akuma jumps forward kind of spinning about with one
    leg sticking out. The button used affects the distance
    covered and the amount of possilbe hits.  If the
    opponent blocks it your dead meat. Can also be used in
    the air but beware of being countered.
    Air Roll
    QCF, UP, FP, any punch or kick
    This is a cool move. You can use WP or MP instead
    of FP but Akuma doesnt travel nearly as far so it
    isnt usefull. What he does is do a huge
    roll/somersault in the air and then you can attack
    with either punch, kick, or a mid-air fireball.
    While in the air if you hit any punch then Akuma tries
    to punch their head BUT if you hit kick he tries to hit
    them in the head with his foot. Very good against human
    opponents. Also after the roll you can do a fireball in mid air.
    Mid Air Fireball
    (in air) QCF, any punch.
    While your in the air do a normal fireball move. 
    Akuma sends a fireball from the air. Has to be done 
    quickly or it will go below the opponent and has 
    to be done not to fast or it will go over their head.
    If you get knocked in the air do a air recovery (2 punch buttons)
    and then use this and you might just get a nice little hit 
    stopping them from juggling your in the air.
    F, D, DF, the 3 punches or 3 kicks.
    This is a cool move for gettin out of tricky situations. 
    It can also be done backwards if you reverse the movements. 
    If you use the punches you travel further than if you used the 
    kicks. This move has a bit of start up where you can get hit 
    but when Akuma is actually travelling your invincible making 
    it very useful to get out against supers. Use this one wisley.
    5. Super Combos
    You know what i am talking about dont you. 
    When the screen goes dark for a second and 
    then you unleash a brilliant move which 
    knocks half the life of the opponent away. 
    Since i am mainly writing this guide for 
    A-ISM (more later) you can use different 
    strenghts of the button for less powerful 
    moves but you can do more of them. For 
    example you can do 3 level 1 supers or 
    just 1 level 3 super or 1 level 2 super 
    and a level 1 super. Capeish.
    Double/Triple Uppercut
    QCF x 2, FP.
    Now this is neat. If you use WP or MP then Akuma will do 2 
    Dragon uppercuts in a row (the first one is a weak one and 
    the second is medium) however if you use FP then Akuma hits 
    a weak DU (dragon uppercut) followed by a medium DU. To top 
    it off he finished them with a Fierce DU. If you can catch 
    the opponent with every hit of this move you get a 8 hit 
    combo and at least 50 percent of their energy taken off. 
    Another good tactic to use if the opponent is low on 
    energy is to knock the opponent in the air using any 
    move and as long as they dont have much energy left do 
    the weak or medium version and you can juggle them 2 
    or 3 times in the air which has a high chance of killing them.
    Super Fireball
    QCB x 2, any punch.
    Gee this move alone is hard enough to do but couple it
    with the fact its almost useless and youve got a very
    crappy super. Basically Akuma sends out a massive
    rainbow colored (?) fireball. Its way to easy for an
    opponent to avoid this or just block it coupled with 
    the fact that it will take a few tries to get the 
    move done makes this a very usless move. Unless you 
    want to be flashy by knocking them in the air and 
    timing this fireball so they land on it dont use this.
    Super Mid Air Fireball
    (in air) QCF x 2, any punch.
    Well lets start with the basics for this move. 
    You HAVE to be in the air but it really doesnt 
    matter which height. I have fired this thing 
    from the top of the screen and hit a opponent 
    on the head and near the ground and hit their 
    shin. The thing is that you have to be realy 
    fast to get this out in the air. A nice little 
    tactic is to get knocked up into the air by 
    your opponent and then do a air recovery and 
    hit them with this.
    Raging Demon
    Lp, LP, >, LK, FP.
    Ah the most famous and generally greatest move ever.
    Go into practise mode and try doing the button presses 
    for the move until you have them memorised. At first 
    its hard as hell to do but within 5 minutes you will 
    be pulling them off at will. Remember thought that 
    you do need 3 bars of your super full (or a entire X-ism bar) 
    before you unlease the power of the raging demon. 
    What Akuma does is sort of move forward on one leg as if 
    he was teleporting and he grabs the opponent (unless they counter). 
    The screen then turns white and little flashes of light 
    blue indicate that Akuma is kicking the living crap 
    out of their opponent. If one correctley you earn 
    15 hits and at least 60% of their life drained away. 
    The main problem with the raging demon is that it can 
    be countered fairly easy unless you are real close to 
    the opponent. If you are playing against someone who 
    doesnt know the "mechanics" of Akuma then you can easily 
    pull of this move and they will block. Given that this move 
    is unblockable you can pretty much guess what will happen. 
    6. Which ISM
    Well since i am making this guide for people who already
     have a little experience in Street Fighter Alpha 3 so 
    you know what i mean by the various ISMs. It never 
    hurts to refresh your memory though. This Akuma guide 
    is mostly written coming from the viewpoint of a 
    A-ims (Z-ism in America and Japan) style. Lets go.
    Ah its clearly the best ISM out there for miles although 
    some people want to stick with the others. Basically 
    A-ism has everything. Air Recoveries, Air Blocking, 
    Ground Rolls, Air Throws. 3 levels of supercombo meter. 
    Its really good for some characters such as ones that do 
    above average damage. However there are some characters 
    that dont suit this because there not really as based 
    on Super Combos as Akuma is. People like Guy or Vega 
    or Blanka would be more suited to V-ISM, while i use 
    Zangief or M. Bison in X-ism. Oh wait a second were 
    going off the point. Back to Akuma. Yes akuma on A-ism 
    is as deadly as they come. For one you have the handy 
    addition of throwing out up to 3 super combos. Theres 
    no real disadvantages to A-ism excpet you cant do custom 
    combos ala V-ism but there not really that good anyways. 
    Plus with Akuma on V-ism you cant do a Raging Demon.
    Well like i said V-ism isnt that good. Its better for quick 
    characters such as Vega or Guy. Since Akuma is a mid speed 
    character you really are much better of with A-Ism. However 
    if you learn the proper strategies it is possible to beat 
    the living daylights out of your opponent. So i suppose 
    V-Ism has its uses but its really not as good for Akuma as 
    A-Ism. The main gripe is the loss of Super Combos of which 
    Akuma is very good with. 
    Two Words, Oh No. X-Isms disadvantages outshine its one advantage. 
    The only good thing about X-Ism is that your able to hit harder 
    and receive less damage. Oh and you get a very large Guard Meter 
    Bar but unless your playing against someone who hits a lot and 
    very quickly OR very hard (Vega, Zangief, Balrog, Guy) isnt that 
    much use anyway. Actually i have never been guard crushed by the 
    computer. You can still do a raging demon but lets face it. You lose: 
    Air Recoveries, Ground Rolls, Air Blocking, Custom Combos and 
    you only get one super. Stick with A-Ism.
    7. Individual Strategies
    This section is all about the strategies you should 
    use as Akuma against every character in the game. 
    The characters are (or at least should be) in alphabetical order. Enjoy.
    Ouch. This guy can hit really fast even if it dont do much 
    damage. Watch out if your going to jump in because its 
    very likeley you will be countered with a Jaguar Knee. 
    Also if he does the super where he performs a few jumping 
    kicks BLOCK, do not try and counter because it comes out 
    so fast its way too likley you will get hit and then comboed. 
    Keep the guy at a distance and pummel him with fireballs and 
    if you do jump in make sure to hit a mid air fireball then your 
    free to hit that super that uses 3 uppercuts and your laughing.
    Ah, Mirror matchs. You know all the stuff ive told you to use 
    against yourself but theres still a few pointers. Watch out 
    for a Raging Demon coming your way or youll be near dead. 
    Watch out for fireballs and if you jump in prepare for a dragon punch.
    When this guy hits he hits hard. Because he uses his charging 
    move a lot it should be fairly easy to hit a counter attack. 
    Watch out for his big long punches and follow up with a sweep then a super. 
    Laughable. I dont think youll have any problem with him. 
    Use a similar strategy as with Balrog attacking him while 
    he rushes forward charging his Bull Horn. Hes a hard 
    hitter but too dumb to follow through. Also do jump kicks
    a lot.
    Not too much can be said for dumbasses like this. 
    If he insists on using his electric attack then do 
    a sweep so the edge of Akumas foot just touches Blanka 
    and no more and youll get a nice counter hit for your 
    troubles. Use plenty fireballs against him incase he 
    even thinks of doing his rolling attack.
    Damm this woman to eternal hell. She hits so fast its does your head in. 
    You just cant hit her out of most of her moves including her 
    annoying ground spikey thingey. Dont be afraid to use plently 
    of mid air fireballs and dont be surprised if you miss a super or 2.
    God this guy is pathetic. Sure he has a fairly good Anti Air Attack 
    (the somersault/flash kick) but come on one move does not make 
    this move good. If you see him crouching and not doing anything 
    be prepared for either a sonic boom of if you jump in, a flash kick.
    Almost as fast as Cammy but not as strong. Aint really much 
    strategy for her except just hit a mid air fireball in her face for fun.
    This guy doesnt have any really good anti air attacks 
    so jump in a lot with your mid air fireballs. You can 
    see his projectiles coming from miles. Once he picks 
    up the knife throw a few fireballs to knock it from 
    him and hit your supers to hit him. Cody is one of the 
    easiet people to pull off a raging demon against. Watch 
    out for his tornado uppercut because it can hurt and be 
    cautious of his funny kick.
    Dan is useless. He only has one decent move and its way easy
    to counter. He overuses that 3 kick combo of his so just 
    try and knock him out of the air or try for a mid air 
    fireball super. Dont even be worried by his punny fireball.
    Dee Jay
    This guy isnt particulalrly good either. 
    He uses one crappy projectile called the Air Slasher 
    that is as avoidable as the Sonic Boom. Sweep this 
    guy often because he has a 2 hit kicking combo that 
    hurts if you get hit with it all.
    This guy has great great range but suffers with pathetic speed. 
    Watch out when he jumps in the air because he will probably go 
    for a very fast spear type manouver. Its really easy to dragon 
    punch him out of the air though. Jump over his fireballs with 
    are very very slow and watch out for his anti air flame move. 
    E Honda
    Ah, this guy is so so simple once you know how. Firstly when 
    he does a sweep its extremley likley that he is going to 
    follow it up with that flying headbutt. Its not certain but 
    at least 60% of the time he will do meaning you can hit a 
    fireball right in his face. Also when he does the hundred 
    hand slap watch out because it can sting. If your ever in a 
    situation where you are fighting 2 Hondas watch out for being 
    caught in the middle and slapped to death.
    Fei Long
    If your playing against a human Fei Long you can be ripped 
    apart very quickly. The computer version is a little more 
    dumb. He only has one decent anti air attack and thats a 
    rising flaming foot type manouver. If he ever misses that 
    either do a dragon punch or if your feeling flashy try and 
    catch him in a raging demon.
    You would think that this dude would be hard but he is surprisingly
    easy. He has no realy groundbreaking moves. When he does the super 
    when he crouches down and rushes forwrd block for a second or so 
    AFTER he hits you because that super combo hits while he has 
    finished the move and not during like you would excpet.
    Not only is this guy fast he is also extrmeley annoying. This would 
    probably be a good time to practise that Super Combo with the uppercuts.
    When guy does his version of the Hurricane kick watch out because 
    he is very likley to juggle you up in the air time and time again
    which is very annoying. Apart from Vega he is the only guy who
    can rebound off walls so just because you have him in a corner
    doesnt mean hes going to be easy.
    These guys are no problem. I might update in the next update on a 
    strategy for them but i dont think youll need it.
    Same as above. You wont have any problem with her.
    This guy is harder than Ryu. He throws a lot of fireballs so either
    retaliate with your own fireballs or do a mid air roll and hit him in the 
    head with yer feet. If he does this Funny kicking combo into rising 
    Hurricane kick your dead meet. Thats why god invented Reset buttons.
    M. Bison
    Ah the big boss. Hard as hell if you dont know but easy if you know how.
    There are some basic strategies i have noticed with this guy. If see him crouching
    for a seond or 2 its a very likley chance that he is going to fling
    a fireball your way. Oh and lets not forget his Super Phyco crusher. If he hits you 
    fully with that you can say goodbye to more than half your life bar. If he ever
    jumps in on you and then flys down at you with his fists on fire it probably means 
    he is going to do the phyco crusher so BLOCK. 
    R. Mika
    Not a particularly hard to beat individual. If she jumps at you never jump 
    at her as she might try out her wingless aeroplane and if she ever get you
    in the headlock hit the buttons like mad to reduce the amount of damage you
    will take from her bulldog.
    Most of this guys arsenal comes from jumping attacks so dragon punches
    and hurricane kicks are your best offence. If you ever see him rolling backwards
    in a corner get ready to dragon punch him out of the air. Fireball him from
    a distance and this is the one occasion i would recomend that you use 
    your mid air fireball.
    No problem. Just watch out when you jump in at her and be careful while 
    you use fireballs incase she deflects them back at you.
    Ryu is good and theres no doubt about it. He uses Hurricane kicks a lot
    more than any other move and he has a hurricane kick
    super that really does hurt if it hits your full force. Like you he has
    a super fireball combo which should be teleported through just to be flashy.
    Next to M. Bison this gut is without a doubt the hardest guy in the game.
    Not only does he have 2 fireballs at his disposal but he also has 2 Anti Air 
    attacks. The Tiger Blow that can hit up to 7 times and the Tiger Crush 
    that hits once but shows it in the damage. Never jump in on this guy 
    unless your feeling lucky. Use fireballs frequentley and hurricane kicks
    as they go through fireballs.
    You could call her the female version of Ryu but you would be surprised to hear
    that she is no where near as good. She has a version of the Dragon Uppercut that 
    hits a lot but it doesnt do much damage. Counter her speed and youll have 
    no problem.
    You might just have some problems with this guy. Most of his attacks are throws
    but when they hit you they hurt you. This guy is the easiest to pull off your
    Raging Demon against.
    T. Hawk
    Watch out when this guy jumps in the air because he just might be going for a condor dive
    He also has a good anti air attack so watch out when jumping.
    This guy is the fastest in the game. He has no solid anti air attacks though so you 
    can knock him about the place with hurricane kicks to your hearts content.
    The Russian Cyclone as he likes to call himself is bloody hard.
    If you jump in at him dont be surprised to be caught with an Aerial Russian Slam.
    If he does the spinning clothesline dont use fireballs as they will pass
    right through him. Good luck with Gief.
    Version 1 complete.
    E-mail me if you have questions at ramagamma@hotmail.com

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