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"Shoot the turkeys."

Turkey Hunting USA is an offshoot and a modification on Deer Hunting USA that features Turkey’s instead of deer that you’re shooting at. The game play mechanics, and the audio that you find are exactly like Deer Hunting only instead of nailing a 14-point buck, you’re shooting huge turkey’s and it actually takes a little more practice with a watchful eye to get what you’re aiming for. Through it isn’t a big leap ahead; it is a rather enjoyable variation for another hunting game, which is a rare breed in a gaming world full of zombies, criminals and robots!

The Game Play

It's rather simple. Aim at the turkey, and shoot to kill. It does have a twist. You only have so many shots before you quarry gets away from you. Also, you cannot shoot the hens, and the only way to get a truly high score, is to kick out a huge male turkey, and then try to take it down. You have four areas’ to hunt in, with four hunting spots apiece. To get a perfect score, you have to take down as many deer in the 16 area's as you can, and gain as many points as possible. This can be simple, or very hard, depending on how well the light gun is taken care of.

The game truly suffers in the control department though if you’re not able to adapt to it. Once you've played first person shooters, it's hard to get used to the fact that you have to use a loading slide on the underside of the gun to fire off a round at a fleeing turkey. On the other hand, for the most part, you'd have to reload anyway, just to gain a true feel for being in the woods with a rifle. It can get a little annoying, but you'll also get used to it after a couple of tries.

Another complaint here, is the fact that once the gun has been used a few times, the accuracy goes down. It doesn't match up with that of what's on the screen. You may be shooting to kill, and completely miss, or hit someplace else where you weren't aiming. It's rather frustrating when you start missing, and have to pump more tokens or quarters in to continue.

The Visuals

Not bad for a first person shooter, where you are the hunter and your prey are the turkeys. It gives you the real feel of being either in the woods, or the open grasslands, hunting down those elusive deer to hang on your wall as trophies. From the scrambling run of the turkey, to the detail of things blocking your path, you'll find much enjoyment in the thrill of the hunt, without the discomfort of sitting in the woods for 6 hours, and not seeing anything!

The Audio

A strange blend of country/hillbilly music, and the sound of the wind. Not such a bad thing and the actual effects of the weapons going off are a nice touch. However, this game suffers from something that was thought to have been erased from the face of gaming. The general stereotyping of your guide, who sounds like a hunter on a three day binge, complete with the southern drawl and infinite schooling level of a 2nd grader. The major complaints here would be with the lack of actual nature sounds that you would here. There are no birds, no hooves hitting the dirt while the turkey escapes, and nothing that would put you in the true environment of nature. This was rather disappointing for a game that was true to the theme, to have nothing of the sounds of what you would actually be hunting in!

Why you might not like this game:

It’s a hunting game and those really don’t have a lot going for it. With the fact that you’re forced to play the same stages over and over sometimes, the only way that you’re really going to spend some money on this is if you’re looking to get the top score on the machine. Like most other first-person shooters, once you’ve completed the game, then there is no reason to play through as everything is the same the second and subsequent times through!

The Verdict

Turkey Hunting USA is a strange game that has its merit for giving you a different way to shoot at things and instead of monsters, robots and criminals, you have little animals that you can blow away. However, with the lack of innovation outside of the gun control, there is nothing here that you haven’t played before and won’t play again at some point. If you like shooting games and you’re a avid hunter, then this one might be right up your alley. Otherwise, head for something a little more exciting and leave this one in the woods!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/03/02, Updated 06/03/02

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