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    FAQ/Move List by ninjadreams

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     ~~~[   ___      ____
         | |   \ \  ||  \\       ___         _____        
         | |    | | ||   ||    //   \\      //----\\      -----
         | |   / /  ||--\\    //_____\\    //     [-]   //     \\   
         | |  / /   ||   \\   ||_____||   ||           //   *   \\   [  ]    [  ]
         | | / /    ||    \\  ||     ||   ||  I----|| ||  *   *  ||   ||\\    ||
         |  /      [  ]  [  ] ||     ||   ||       // \\    *    //   || \\   ||
          --                 [  ]   [  ]   \\_____//   \\       //    ||  \\  ||
                                             -----      \\_____//     ||   \\ ||
                                                          -----      [  ]   \\/
                     ||--\\     _____                             
                     ||   \\   //   \\   [  ]        [  ]         _______________
                     ||  //   //_____\\   ||          ||         |  |_________  /
                     || ||    ||_____||   ||          ||         |__|        / /
                     ||  \\   ||     ||   ||          ||                    / /
                     ||   \\  ||     ||   ||      __  ||     __            / / 
                     ||___// [  ]   [  ]  ||------  | ||-----  |         / /
                    [ -----                -------__|  ------__|       / /
                                                                     / /
                                                                   / /         |-|
                                                                  / /__________| |
    Created by Alex "Ninjadreams" Hall   
    email - ninja.dreams@verizon.net
    Ver. 1.00
    This is my first faq so please go easy on me ^^.  I was having a hard time 
    finding the moves for this game. A lot like you are I figure (seeing as you 
    are here heh) so I sat down and did my best to gather game information.  Im a
    Dbz fan, and after hearing about this game I just had to play it and see all
    it had to offer.  I would also like to mention, if I have a name wrong or im 
    missing something please feel free to email me and I will be happy to add it 
    and give you credit.  So lets get down to the good stuff, I have talked far to
    -Table of contents-
    I.controller layout
    II.Basic moves
    III.charcter move lists
    -Son Goku
    -Son Gohan
    -Mr. Satan
    -Doctor gero
    -Android 18
    -Android 16
             UB    U    UF
               \   |   /
                \  |  /
           B----      ----F         ____     ____
                                   /    \   /    \
                /  |  \              WP       SP
               /   |   \           \    /   \    /
             DB    D    DF          
                                    ____     ____
                                   /    \   /    \
                                     WK       SK
                                   \    /   \    /
    U - up
    D - down
    B - Back
    F - forward
    P - any punch can be used
    K - any kick can be used
    , - to do the move one after the other
    + - to press them together
    / - to use either or
    UB - up and back
    UF - up and forward
    DB - down and back
    DF - down and forward
    WP - weak punch
    SP - strong punch
    WK - weak kick
    SK - strong kick
    PP - powerful punch (is done by pressing both punch's at the same time)
    PK - powerful kick  (done by pressing both kicks at the same time)
    (L) - this move launch's the opponent into the air, where you will continue the
          fight in mid air.
    (G) - this move will ground an air born opponent landing him back onto the 
    (JP) - this move can be done while in the middle of a jump
    (HOLD) - hold a direction for several seconds before making the next
    a quick note: a lot of the move names I have made up, the moves with real names 
    that I actually know will be used.
    -Throw - F + PP (G)
    This move is an auto grounder for most characters.  This does not work for 
    doctor gero and android 18
    -Charge - all four buttons
    Everyone with the exception of Mr.Satan can charge ki.  Although it seems funny
    to me that androids can charge ki when in the show this wasn't possible.
    -Melee clash - happens when two attacks meet.  Both players will then have to 
    mash on as many buttons as possible to win the clash.  Different outcomes 
    depend on what button is used more (not exactly sure which button does what 
    -Auto combo - WP, WP, WP, WP 
    Every character can do an easy 4 hit combo by just pressing Weak punch
    -Whenever a character is near death and their life gauge is flashing red Ki is
    automatically charged every other second.
    -I would also like to note that all specials can be done with one super gauge.  
    even the ones I call two gauge supers.  The two gauge supers are most effective
    when used with two full super gauges.
    III.Move lists
    ~~~~Son Goku~~~~
    What can I really say bout goku that you don't already know?  The main 
    character of the show and of any DBZ game.  He his balanced moves and is 
    rather quick.
    -D + PP (L)            
    a ducking uppercut    
    -F + PK (L)  
    An Ax kick
    Goku's Jumping PP is also a grounder
    -Scatter shot - B, D, DB + P
    A stream of ki blasts along the ground.  This must be blocked low, but has a
    start up time so be careful when using it.
    -Flip kick - D, DB, B + K (G) (JP)
    Goku flips forward landing both heels on his opponent's head
    -Kamehameha - D, DF, F + P/K (JP)
    Goku's trade mark move.  Can be shot downward using Kick,  but the downward 
    version is meant to be done in the air.
    -Rising spin kick - F, B, DB, D, DF + K (L)
    Goku does a spin kick rise's into the air, the name says it all ^_^ lol
    Chou kamehameha (uses 1 super gauge) - D, DF, F, D, DF, F + PP
    Goku does a much stronger version of his kamehameha, and creates an actual
    beam rather than just a ball.
    Shinron blast (best with 2 super gauges) - F, B, DB, D, DF, F + PP 
    Goku summons shinron to attack for him.  And fires a dragon shaped blast at his 
    ~~~~Son Gohan~~~~
    The young but very powerful son of goku.  Gohan fights as a SSJ2, has great 
    moves and speed.  But that's what you should expect from Saiyajin of his lvl
    -F + PK (L)
    An ax kick much like goku's
    Gohan's jumping PP is also one of his grounders
    -Dive punch - (hold) B, then F + P (G)
    Gohan flies into the air and comes down onto his enemy with a flaming punch 
    hitting several times as he falls.
    -Dragon cartwheel - D, DB, B + K 
    Gohan raises both hands into the air, then proceeds to roll forward with a
    dragon flowing around him.  This move hits several times during his roll, but
    has a start up time, which means your enemy will see it coming. 
    -Kamehameha - D, DF, F + P/K (JP)
    Gohan uses his families trademark attack with powerful results.  This attack
    just like goku can be fired at the ground with kick, but the kick version is 
    mainly for jumping attacks
    -Scatter shot - B, D, DB + P 
    Gohan fires a stream of ki blasts at the ground.  Must be blocked low, but has
    a start up time so be careful.
    -Rising ki wave - D, F, DF + K (L)
    Gohan raises his hand which is followed by a wave of ki that travels along the 
    ground.  Can only be done on the ground.
    Chou Kamehameha (uses 1 super gauge) - D, DF, F, D, DF, F + PP
    Fires off a powerful beam rather than the weak ball of the normal attack.
    Super Izumi drop (best with 2 super gauges, Close range) - F, D, DF + PK (G)
    Gohan grabs his opponent, flips backwards and brings his opponent into the
    ground headfirst.  This is a great move and does nearly half a bar of damage.
    Plus it just looks much cooler if done when fighting in the air.
    While the prince of all saiyajins doesn't come with as many moves as goku and 
    gohan, he's still very powerful and has some good moves to boot.
    -D + PP (L) 
    Very much like goku's and gohans launcher of this nature.  Vegita swings
    upwards knocking his enemy into the air for mid air fighting.
    Also of note vegita's jumping PK is also a grounder.
    -Burning rage - F, DF, D, DB, B + P (L)
    Vegita, engulfed in flames rises into the air.  This hits several times and 
    works as his anti air and launcher.
    -Burning kick- D, DB, B + K  (G)
    Vegita does a flying kick while engulfed in flames.  The Power kick version of
    this move hits allot of times dealing lots of damage blocked or not. This move
    will ground an enemy.
    -Scatter shot- B, D, DB + P
    Vegita charges for a sec then fires several ki blasts at the ground in a
    stream of fire and smoke.  This must be blocked low.  This just like goku it
    has a start up time.  
    -Big bang attack - D, DF ,F + P/K (JP)
    Vegita fires his big bang attack.  Just like all the others, the kick version
    is meant to be fired while jumping.
    Super Galik Ho (uses 1 super gauge)- D, DF, F, D ,DF ,F +PP
    Vegita fires off his Galik Ho beam.  An oldie but goodie,  vegita actually 
    doesn't use this attack very often in the show.
    Final Flash (best with 2 super gauges)- F, D, DF + PP
    Vegita flies into the air and Fires his final flash downwards towards his 
    enemy.  The ever-powerful Final flash is somewhat lacking in this game sadly
    to say.  I would love for someone to prove me wrong about this one.  The 
    problem with this attack is that before Vegita fires his final flash a small 
    beam comes out and burns the other person right before the actual final flash
    is shot.  And they don't combo so it's very hard to get full damage from both
    The proud time traveling son of Vegita arrives in this game with even fewer 
    moves than Vegita.  That's not to say he's weak by any means, he's still very 
    fast and has some cool eye candy attacks.
    -Powerful punch is a grounder for trunks.  He doesn't have any other easy 
    launchers like the rest of the saiyajin.
    -Flying grab - (Hold) B, Then F + K (G)
    Trunks will fly forward and an angle quickly grabbing his enemy and throwing 
    them.  Since Trunks fly's upwards, this can be used as an anti air move.  It 
    also can grab an opponent if they are on the ground if Trunks is close enough.
    -Energy Shield - (Hold) D, Then U + P (L)
    Trunks will shout and a shield will appear around him.  This is trunks only 
    launcher I could find. 
    Finish Buster (uses 1 super gauge)- D, DB, B, F, D, DF +PP (G)
    Trunks will swing his sword in a downward motion causing a huge ki blast to fly
    from his sword.  This while big in size doesn't actually go full screen.  
    Saber twin (best with 2 super gauges)- F, B, F + PP
    Trunks charges up for a bit then unleashes twin ki blasts in two directions.
    This is Trunk's two gauge special and it isn't very strong although it does
    look cool.  He fires one blast towards his enemy and the other in the complete
    other direction >_< So each time this is used only one blast will actually hit.
    As with the Final flash I would love for someone to actually find a purpose for 
    this move.
    Everyone's favorite Namek comes to us in this game as a tough fighter with
    his own unique brand of moves.  
    -D + PP (L)
    True to the easy launcher,  Piccolo swings upwards launching his enemy into the
    Also of note piccolo's Jumping Powerful kick is also a grounder.
    -Rushing combo - D, F, DF + P
    Piccolo slides across the ground with his arm extended in a punch.  If the 
    punch is not blocked piccolo will grab his opponent and punch him several times
    with the final punch sending the other person flying.
    -Scatter shot - B, D, DB +P
    Piccolo charges for a sec then fires several ki blasts at the ground in a
    stream of fire and smoke.  This must be blocked low.  This just like everyone
    else's has a start up time.  
    -Shocking Dive kick - F, D, DF + K
    Piccolo charges for a slight sec then leaps into the air where he does a flying
    towards his enemy.  This is a great ki blast counter seeing as piccolo will fly
    above the blast and hit the other person before they can counter.  A classic
    piccolo move.
    -Makensosanpo - B, DB, D, DF, F + P/K (JP)
    Piccolo fires his special beam cannon.  The kick version can be done while
    Hurricane slam (close range, best with 2 super gauges) - D, DB, B, F + PP  (G)
    Piccolo creates a hurricane to surround his enemy.  He then lifts his opponent 
    into the air and slams them into the ground.  If fighting in mid air this 
    special will ground the opponent.
    ~~~~Mr. Satan~~~~
    Love him or hate him,  the main comic relief of DBZ is right here.  Much to my
    surprise Satan comes packing some nasty attacks.  His main weakness being 
    that he has no ki to charge so doing his special is a rare thing.  The rest of 
    his moves more than make up for this.
    -F + PK (L)
    Also of note, Satan's jumping Powerful kick and Powerful punch are both 
    -Satan kick - D, DF, F + K
    Mr.Satan taunts his opponent then does a flying kick.
    -Roll - B, D, DB + K
    Mr. Satan roll along the ground causing damage as he goes.
    -Satan crusher - B, DB, D, DF, F + P (G)
    Mr.Satan twirls though the air horizontally ala M.bison from street fighter.
    -Rising twirl - D, F, DF + P
    Mr.Satan spins like a ballerina and twirls into the air with his jetpack
    blazing.  Satan at his best funny best ^^ this is a great anti air attack.
    -Jetpack Burn - D, DB, B + P
    Mr.Satan turns around and burns his opponent with his jetpack.  The fire covers
    allot of distance and hit several times.
    Satan on the loose (best at two gauges) - D, DB, B, UB + PK
    Mr.Satan lets loose and fly's around the screen in a zig-zag pattern.  This 
    move has a high chance of causing dizziness from my experience.
    ~~~~Doctor Gero aka #20~~~~
    The old doctor and one of many nemesis to goku, appears to have very few moves 
    but the ones he does have are interesting.  Unlike the show he can charge 
    KI, but banpresto was clever to have Doctor gero using 19 for his attacks 
    seeing as he wasn't really a much of a real fighter.  
    -D + PP (L)
    -F + PK (L)
    Doc gero comes with two easy launchers and his jumping powerful punch is also
    a grounder.
    -Absorb - D, DB, B + P
    Doc gero extends his hand as fire ignites surrounding his hand for several 
    seconds.  This can be used as a close range attack,  or to serve its real 
    purpose and absorb ki blasts.  Im not quite sure as to if it can absorb real 
    beams (the ones that use a super gauge) but i would assume not.
    - #19 head butt - D, DF, F + P
    #19 fly's into to attack for doc gero.  This is the doc's long range attack.
    Ball drop (uses 1 super gauge) - D, F, DF + PP
    Doc gero pulls out and presses a switch to have a metal ball with his face on
    it fall onto his opponents head.  
    Junk throw (best used with 2 super gauges) - F, B, F + PP
    The doc reaches into his vest and starts throwing every explosive item he can 
    find.  This move does quite a bit of tick damage and lasts twice as long with
    two full gauges.
    Everyone's favorite blonde bombshell is here to kick butt as usual.  While she
    doesn't come packing tons of moves she is to be feared with the moves she does 
    -D + PK (L)
    Also of note,  her Jumping PP and PK are both grounders for miss 18.
    -Aerial rave - D, DF, F, UF + K (L)
    18 Kicks into the air at a sharp angle.  Meant to be used as an anti air attack
    and as her launcher as well.
    -Fury attack - (Hold) B, Then F + P
    18 slides forward,  if she connects with her enemy she will proceed to pummel 
    them with punches and kicks.
    -Ki blast/Ki slider - D, DF, F + P (JP)
    18 fires a single Ki blast forward.  18's ki blast isn't like the others air 
    attacks.  For starters 18 can fire in the air with punch instead of switching 
    over to kick.  Not only that but each punch has completely different effects on
    her attack.  WP causing her air attack to go strait, SP causing her blast to 
    actually travel along the ground.
    -backhand smash (close to mid range)- D, DB, B, F + P 
    18 does a powerful backhand followed by a flip kick.  This is a great move and
    it covers some ground.  
    Death beam (Use's one super gauge)- D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P
    18 charges for a sec the screams DIE!!! then fires a beam.
    Destruction (Best with 2 super gauges close range)- D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F + PK 
    18 grabs then tosses her enemy into the air where she lets loose with ki blast
    after another.  She then finishes her opponent off with a final shot.
    The strong, silent 16 comes with allot of his trade mark moves you would expect 
    him to have.
    -F + PK (L)
    Also of note 16's jumping PK is also a launcher.
    - Rocket punch - D, DB, B + P
    16 fires off his fist to knock some sense into his enemies.
    -Running grab - DB, B, F + P
    16 rushes up to his enemy and if he connects he will grab and slam his enemy 
    into the ground after spinning into the air.
    -Rapid shot (close range)- F, DF, D, DB, B + P
    16 grabs then tosses his enemy into the air where he proceeds to blast them 
    over and over again.  Much like 18's final attack minus the actual super usage.
    Ground explosion (uses 1 super gauge)- D, DF, F, D, DF, F + PP
    Always one of the more dramatic looking attacks in DBZ games,  16 removes both 
    hands and keeps them under his arms as he fires into the ground causing 
    fiery columns of erupt from the ground.
    -Rocket charge (Best with 2 super gauges)- D, DF, F, B, D, F +PP
    16 fires up his arm blasters and leans forward then fly's towards his enemy.
    Cant say I ever say him do this in the show but an extra super is always a good
    The Ultimate creation of Dr. Gero, Cell come's packing the most moves of anyone
    and carries goku's kamehameha and piccolo's makensosenpo.  He also comes with 
    plenty of his own creations.
    -PK (mid range) (L)
    Cell's launcher is just his standing PK.  But if done too close the result will
    be a completely different attack.  His jumping PP acts as he easy grounder.
    Also of interesting note,  cell's normal PP and PK ignite his enemies 
    -Roll of death - D, DF, F, DB, F + P (G)
    Cell rolls forward dealing damage along the way.  He ends his roll with an 
    elbow sending his enemy towards the ground.
    - Rising Phoenix - D, DF, F, UF + P (L)
    Cell leaps into the air with his arms extended and catches fire as he does so.
    This is Cell's anti air and a good one similar to vegita's.
    - Makensosenpo (close range)- D, DB, B, F + P
    Not a normal ki attack like piccolo's, cell first grabs his enemy then tosses 
    them into the air before doing his makensosenpo.
    - Scatter shot - B, D, DB + P 
    Cell charges for a sec then fires several ki blasts at the ground in a
    stream of fire and smoke.  This must be blocked low.  
    - Kamehameha - D, DF, F + P
    Having the cells of goku in his body cell is able to launch his own version of
    the famous kamehameha.  His version does not have a kick version and cant be 
    done in the air.
    - Ki blast combo - F, D, DF + P
    One of cells more nasty attacks,  cell fires off three powerful ki attacks one
    right after the other.  Finishing the combo off with a huge wave similar to
    trunk's saber twin.
    Chou kamehameha (uses 1 super gauge) - D, DF, F, D ,DF ,F + PP
    Cell fires off his version of goku's kamehameha.  This is cells beam special 
    Super energy shield (best with 2 super gauges) - B, DB, D, U +PP
    This is cells strongest attack and it completely fills the entire screen.  Its 
    major weakness is the fact that it has a huge start up time and as with any 
    move this can make or brake it.
    IV. credits
    There aren't many people to thank here but every good faq needs one regardless 
    hehe I would like to give allot of credit to the game itself for providing the 
    helpful in game move list for getting my started.  I would also like to think 
    Scopius for making continue working when I didn't want to. 
    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or have any anything to 
    add.  I would be happy to give you credit for your addition.  Also if you would
    like to post my guide anywhere please email me and let me know before hand.  I 
    don't have any problem with having this shared.  But please show some manners 
    and ask first.  Thanx
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances other than personal, private 
    use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed without 
    advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any web site or as a part of 
    any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2003 Alex Hall

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