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"Bring your coins to this one!"

My introduction:

Well, welcome to my first review. And I'm proud to say that it is for the Sailor Moon arcade game! I had heard about this game for a while, and only saw screenshots...looked kinda like the Genesis for the Sailor Moon SF2 clone...but BOY is it better. You can choose from the 5 inner senshi, but if you loose two lives (and have enough coincs) you can continue your game and choose another senshi if you want. I like to cycle from moon, to venus, back to moon as each enemy progresses, just because I'm a Sailor Moon purist!

Gameplay: 9/10

One word: fast. Unlike the SFC and Genesis version, you'll have at least 7 enemies on top of you during most points of the game. And they aren't wussy either..these things will shock you, burn you, choke you, and even do something that looks like immoral violation (but i'm sure its not). Do not MESS with these youma. Have your fingers ready to SLAM the punch button at a mile a minute. And remember - the more money you put in that machine, the more beating the senshi are subject to, your choice.
Controls are pretty simple, the joystick makes you move, the other controls are punch/kick, jump, and special attack. punch. Jump, is a nice jump. And special attack has 4 (maybe 5) levels for each character:
You get these little crystals, and for every crystal you get (I'e gotten four, but I've heard of five) your attacks get stronger and stronger! Something that the SFC or Genesis NEVER had! BUT, something they DO have is if you hold down the attack button, you'll sling your tiara at a youma with no cost. This game doesn't have a powered regular attack, but you almost don't need it.

Story: 6/10

Sailor Moon (original season) is a classic. The first famous sentai Shoujo series, with a monster-of-the day plot, and I think the game portrays that well. You walk down 3 streets, then face a BIIIG youma. Exactly like the original series, which I still hold dear to my heart. I only score it so low because one of the big bosses is Bakene, which was just a minor youma in the show. Big bosses include Castor and Pullux (the twins), Morga, Bakene, Garoben (Mercury's boss), Zoizite, Kunzite, and Beryl. There might be others, but what I'm getting at is that the game SHOWS Jadeite, but you never fight him. And Nephrite is ignored in all the games...-_-

Graphics: 9/10

Incredible. The special attack sequences are close-up anime sequences (but not the same, because many attacks are new for the game) and are well done and you give you the anime feel. The youma are all EXACLTY like in the show...I can name everyone of them w/o question. The senshi looks a little harsher, as if it was called Pretty Fighter Sailor Moon, I mean, Jupiter and Venus look like they could beat up the world. And the scenery is gorgeous for a Fighter game; if follows the SM plot, as well as look nice.

Replayablity: 8/10

Its a different endings, etc. But I do like to make it through the game with different Senshi on different bosses, etc, so thats wicked fun to do. As well as that, try to get each senshi's power crystals up to four or higher...thats a mini-challenge game on its own. Ive gotten up to four on Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Also, the end bosses are really a challenge, and I think they are fun to beat over and over again. Finally, the graphics are great, so play it once more JUST to see the Kunzite and Beryl sprites at the end.

Conclusion: 9/10

The latest Sailor Moon game I played and far better than any of them. I've yet to play the PCE and 3DO versions, but over Genesis, Gameboy, and SFC, this thing rocks! Sega-saturn level graphics (almost) with great voices, sound, story, and a faithfulness to the original. I'd say a must-play for any Sailor Moon fan, or somebody looking for a quick, intense, fast-paced fighter.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/03, Updated 09/07/03

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