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"I see lots of coins!"

As you may already know, this game is based on a very famous series, which is most of the times referred to only as ''sailormoon''. It talked about some girls who have special powers and using them they can become ''sailors'', then they have to fight some evil guys and try to save the world...

As you can see from the preview scenes before inputting a coin, you will have to defeat a couple of bad guys before being able to scroll the screen and enter the next section. However, they will be hard to defeat and will pose you a high threat, as they attack your sailor (you can choose from 1 of the 5 inner sailors each time you start or continue your game) and you loose energy and lives. After 2 lives, it's over, if you don't have more money... Also, in each level you are able to collect some crystals, which will enable your sailor to power up and release her special attack... if you get more crystals you will be able to release a more powerful attack, which will make you think if you should use the attack now or just keep it for a time later on.

At the end of each level you will be able to confront a more powerful enemy, which you will need to defeat in order to proceed to the next level. In there you will fight lots of known enemies from the TV series, as the final boss (the amazing Queen Beryl) or one of her lackeys. Unfortunately, it appears that the sailors can only punch, kick and jump (apart from the special move). Also, one thing that made me slightly sad was that you couldn't pick Tuxedo Kamen as a selectable character (he is cool!), although he is sometimes seen during the game.

The game doesn't appear to have any reference to a story, but I guess that it is based on the first sailormoon series, as all the enemies are monsters that appeared in that one.

This game's graphics are nice, you can clearly see all the sailors and their enemies. It also features some small sequences that appear to have been taken from the anime, I mean the movies that appear at the end of the levels and the animations which appear when you use the sailor's special attack.

As for the sound, it is great, as you can hear nice themes on the levels that you are playing and sometimes you can hear the voices from the actual people who made the voices of the characters in the original series (in Japan, of course!).

You will surely have to spend a lot of time (and money) in this game in order to finish it, since it becomes harder and harder when you advance farther in the game and you will need to pay more money if you want to give more lives to your sailor.

If you are a fan from the series, you must surely play this game. If you aren't, at least you can give it a try!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/01/04, Updated 05/24/06

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