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"Somehow Escaped The Manly Man Obsession of the 2000s..."

How far can exciting atmosphere take a game? Pretty far, actually. Edward Randy is one tough dude. He swings a whip like he thinks he's Indiana Jones, punches out the bad guys, and saves the day. That's what you do when you're Edward Randy. The game has a serious reliance on exciting levels and atmosphere, even if the gameplay doesn't have a lot of substance. Fortunately, the gameplay is fresh until the end, but after you tried it once or twice, don't expect to want to play it over and over again.

Story- With the internet's fixation on manly men and all those unfunny Chuck Norris jokes, I really am surprised Edward Randy didn't catch on more. Anyway, the story is about a macho man out to save the world from an army of bad guys. The bad guys are out to make a powerful weapon that they can use to take over the world. It doesn't get too much into character development, but this is an arcade game we're talking about. With those you're lucky to get any story at all!

Presentation- Pretty impressive, actually. Sprites are pretty big and detailed. There's some scaling too to really give you a sense of speed during the mobile segments. The music is very evocative of 30s and 40s movie serials. I had flashbacks to Flash Gordon when I heard it. There are also cool little voice clips too. “Here they come!”

Gameplay- Edward Randy, when it comes down to it, is a very average platformer. It does a lot to hide this though. For one, the game distracts you by changing up the “gameplay” every level. One level you might by piloting a boat. Another level you're on a car. In another you're climbing up a mountain of machinery. When it comes down to it, though, you're really just running, jumping, and hitting bad guys with your whip. It accounts for about 90% of what you'll be doing in Edward Randy.

There is limited swinging with the whip, which can make things a little more interesting. Like Indiana Jones, you can hold onto scenery with your whip and swing from it, kicking bad guys along the way. While this is pretty cool, it does very little to add to the gameplay. Sadly, once you get past the initial awe of the sense of scale and adventure the game has, you will notice that this game is very shallow. It has a very bad case of style over substance. At least the substance is good.

Cool Fact- Edward Randy can run faster than a car and can survive getting shot in the head multiple times. He is one tough dude.

Also Try- Castlevania series, Rusty, and Growl. As the band Devo put it best, “Whip it good!”

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/22/13, Updated 11/18/13

Game Release: Edward Randy (US, 12/31/90)

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