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    Special Techniques FAQ by Johnson Or

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 05/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Cybertroopers Virtual-On "Force"
    Special Techniques FAQ v0.9
    (c) 2002 Johnson Or
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                       _,-'"'     '"'-._
                   CYBER TROOPERS VIRTUAL-ON
                  / |@@@@@@@m, | @@@@@@@@@| \
                 /  |@@@@@@@@@ | @@@@@@@@@|  \
                .   |@@@@@@@@@ | @@@@@@@@@|   .
                |   |@@@@@@@@@ | @@@@@@@@@|   |
                |   |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@|   |
                |   |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@|   |
                '   |          | @@@@@@@@@|   '
                 \  |          | @@@@@@@@@|  /
                  \ |__________|_@@@@@@@@@| /
                   '.                     ,'
                     '._    "FORCE"    _,-
                        "-.__     __,-"
    Virtual-On Force (c) SEGA Corp./Hitmaker Co. Ltd. 2000, 2001 
    Characters (c) SEGA Corp./Automuss 
    Character Design Katoki Hajime 
    | :CONTENTS |
    1. Version History
    2. Intro (TBA)
    3. Basic Control (TBA)
    4. Special Techniques
    	4.1. Status Conservation
    	4.2. Rotation Conservation
    	4.3. Fake Dash Attack
    	4.4. Aerial Yatsuhashi
    	4.5. Shinkuu
    	4.6. Circular Turbo CC
    	4.7. Zero Gun
    	4.8. Ukara Strike
    5. Credits
    | AREA: SECTION 1            |
    | -------------------------- |
    2002.05.04	v0.9	started gathering special techniques info
    | AREA: SECTION 4               |
    | ----------------------------- |
    (Pardon the "keypad" notation that only VO veterans can understand.
    I'll explain next time in Basic Control)
    4.1	Status Conservation
    Did you notice your VR stops the "Street Fighter style" up & down animation
    when you do an empty guard/crouch input outside CC range? In VOOM, this lead
    to techniques like Belgdor's "Cruise Control" and in VOOT, a technique known
    as "High Speed Moving".
    e.g. as Temjin 707J standing:
    1. 5-5 TRW		Fires turbo laser
    2. 6-4(hold)		Radical Zapper stays there as long as you hold the sticks together!
    4.2.	Rotation Conservation (RC)
    The dash attack rotation in Force has been reduced further,
    so VR pilots exploited new techniques to overcome this problem.
    Dash attack rotation up to 180 degrees just like Oratan 5.2!
    Sample input:
    1. 8-8 T(hold)		Forward dash
    2. 2-8 T(hold)  	Dash curves to left, VR rotates to left
    3. 3-7 T(hold)		"Status Conservation" applies and rotation motion is kept
    4. 6-4 T(hold)?W	Fire weapon of choice when lock-on enemy is within field of view
    Alternative input:
    1. 5-8 T(hold)		Forward dash
    2. 2-8 T(hold)		Dash curves, VR rotates
    3. 3-7 T(hold)?W	Fire weapon of choice
    4.3.	Fake Dash Attack
    You can switch lock-on during a dash, so make the most of it strategically!
    Case 1:
    1. 5-7 T		Forward-right dash
    2. 5-5 BT		You notice the other enemy within you field of view and switch target
    3. 5-5 ?W		You shoot at the unsuspecting enemy with a dash attack
    Case 2:
    1. 6-5 RT(hold)		Right dash
    2. 5-8 LT(hold RT)	V-turn to forward dash and switch target. Other enemy forced to
    			Resort to evasive maneuver, hence lending support to partner
    3. 2-8 LT(hold RT)	Curve + rotate left, switch target again
    4. 3-7 RT(hold)?W	Use RC dash attack to original enemy, hopefully off-guard by now
    4.4	Aerial Yatsuhashi
    Yes the Moonwalk is back, only this time it's in midair!
    1. Target enemy out of sight, preferably behind your VR
    2. Jump
    3. Before reaching the apex of the jump, forward dash
    4. Fire weapon of choice
    Forward dash attack and animation while moving away from lock-on enemy
    Variation 1 (ver. Sonic Dash):
    1. Target enemy out of sight
    2. Jump
    3. Before reaching apex, input the direction of choice
    4. Press turbo together with weapon of choice
    Variation 2 (ver. Super)
    1. Use VR with an aerial forward dash special that rushes forward
    2. Target enemy out of sight
    3. Jump
    4. Before reaching apex, use Sonic Dash (SD) CW (usually it's CW)
    5. The rush will now have homing property for a short period
       (which hasn't expired from the jump). And names such as
       "True SLC" and "True Gliding Ram" emerged.
    4.5.	Shinkuu
    Execute any CC attack, and as your VR step in close to enemy,
    simply guard. The Shinkuu(or vacuum/void) hit detection depends on
    the length of the activated CC weapon and the remaining distance
    to your opponent.
    4.6. 	Circular Turbo CC
    Normally Turbo CC would be executed from a standing position,
    but with this handy trick it can be combined with circular CC!
    Note that this maneuver cannot be cancelled like an ordinary
    circular CC attack or a regular turbo CC attack.
    Sample input:
    1. 6-4			Guard in CC
    2. 6-4 T(hold)		Press and hold a turbo button during the guard
    3. 4-4 T(hold)?W	Choose a direction and a Turbo CC move
    4.7. 	Zero Gun
    Fire your normal projectile shots in CC! The secret? None.
    Simply switch your target and fire! Can be considered dishonourable
    4.8	Ukara Strike
    Fire your Turbo projectile shots in CC in 1 step!
    Named after Ukara-sama who presented the method in BBS.
    Press both turbo buttons plus a weapon of your choice.
    A turbo shot with little or no preparation is advised,
    for you may get punished by enemy's CC attack.
    | AREA: SECTION 5    |
    | ------------------ |
    With reference and special thanks to:
    - Cybertroopers Virtual-On "Force" Handbook
    ISBN: 4-7973-1958-5
    - S-Rai sama's website "Stranger"
    - Yukke sama's website "BAL otsukae!!!" (You must use Bal series)
    - Contributors in various Force BBS
    Last but not the least, to quote the ending scroll of VO series,
    "All the players of Virtual-On"
    Without you why am I typing up this stuff? ^_-
    | :END OF FAQ |

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