Review by Buff McNoggin

Reviewed: 05/02/04

The hood

Guardians of the Hood is made by Atari the same company that brought you classics like Pit Fighter. I like to think of Guardians of the Hood like Pit Fighters brother. The one who doesn't visit alot. I say that because I only saw this game once in my life. It was in a great place, in the hot state of Florida, known as Celebration Station.

A crime kingpin has gangs working for him and they are terrorizing the streets. Its your job to clean them off the streets. Your typical side scrolling story. Its been done before. 8/10

This is side scrolling fighter. You pick from only 4 characters in the begining. Javier a Spanish Kickboxer, Tanya an African-American kickboxer, Conner a white martial artist and Chief a big brute that smashes things.
There are 4 buttons. One for kicking,blocking,punching,and one for grab moves. Special moves can be done but they are difficult to learn. Controls are not easy to master. The enemies in this game are TOUGH! You have to make use of each button wisely or you will get beat into the ground.
As I mentioned you pick from just four characters in the beggining. As you beat the gang boss of each level they become a new ally for you to use or guardian as the game calls it. This game also has some other neat features besides the great violence. It is funny at times. I will tell one great thing from the first level. You can pick up a homeless guy and throw him at the enemy or you can kick him. 8/10

The character sounds are better than the music. Music in the intro is not really cool. It sounds like a cowbell and bad keyboard vibes. Character sounds have punching and mock sounds. For example one character goes, ''HEY MON'' when they beat you down. The beat down sound is awesome. It sounds like some kind of heavy exploding punching. While all these sounds are great they are very blurry at times. 6/10

Not too good. This game uses the same actor capture motion type graphics as Pit Fighter.
They seem choppy and not very smooth at all.
The backgrounds are nice with slum like areas. Subways and littered streets. Characters don't look well put together at all. They look sort of pointy at times at the edges of the figures. 5/10

You might play it for the violence and the funny parts of it. If you are not a hardcore sidescroller player you probably will not like it. 6/10

Final Reccomendation
Play it if you see it. You will either like it or you won't.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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