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"Good, back in the day, maybe even today."

The original Ninja Gaiden title is a side-scrolling beat-em up that characterized the 80's cooperative play game world. This game was actually quite innovative for it's time and can hold it's own against Double Dragon and even Streets of Rage 2. You can be the blue ninja or the red ninja. Then you get to fight black ninjas, some sumo wrestlers, some leather clad wrestlers, and some other equally stupid looking bosses. Along the way you will vist such stages as a back alley, Las Vegas back alley, a common freeway, a forest and the back alley of a warehouse. And of course, this gang always has a castle for you to infiltrate at the end.
GRAPHICS 8/10: By today's standards, these graphics are crap, but back then... They were the best of the best. You get some decent animation of the characters and even some strange cinematic sequences which make no sense but are still fun to watch. Your ninjas have more animations than most of that time.
SOUND 10/10: The soundtrack is great. From the first stages, rock beat to the last stage's eerie music. This is one example of classic music. Classic 80's synthesizer and your old school grunts and ninja ''Huahh''s.
GAMEPLAY 9/10: You have basically an attack button to beat up baddies. You can flip over them and throw them in the process. You can throw them into objects to reveal power ups such as the ninja swords. Or you can grab onto a bar and swing and kick. Not bad for early 80's. Actually, still quite fun even today. The game is pretty hard since you get a lot of enemies on screen and they know hoe to back each other up. The bosses are pretty cool too and rather humorous.
STORY 7/10: Okay, so this game doesn't have a real story other than a ninja beating up street gangs that are in legue with some satan worshipers. This is your typical ninja movie of the eighties where if anything has to be done, you put on your black pijamas and slice your way till everything is dead. From the begining cinematic display where you kill a Jason Vorhies hopefull to the Newspaper advertisement that reads ''Ninja in the USA'' you get some interesting yet silly cinematic momments. Among the most interesting gameover screens ever. You see your ninja tied down with a circular sawblade decending towards his chest, begging you to put in another quater. I should add that he is also surrounded by hungry rats ready for their daily meal.
FUNFACTOR 9/10: A simple beat them up game that is interesting and fun to kill time on even today.
OVERALL 7/10: A great game that never made it big. To bad it's so hard to find. Perhaps now that the X=-Box version came out, this will become more common. Next time you see it. Spend the best quater you ever will.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/06/04

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