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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    --------------------------- [ EXED EXES FAQ/WALKTHROUGH]-----------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    --------------------------[Nintendo Entertainment System ]---------------------
    Just got my first FAQ (Folklore Beastiary/Karma Release FAQ) accepted and it is
    posted, go me ^v^. There is a NES Completion Project going on where the goal is
    to try to get a complete FAQ for every NES game in the GameFAQ library. I have
    decided to join in the fun and the first FAQ I am going to do for the project
    is the NES version of Exed Exes. Yeah it sucks compared to the Arcade but for a
    project, I'm willing to sacrifice my time FAQing this piece of crap.
    The planet called NEG-NIN is being taken over by inscet-type creatures called
    Exes and it's up to Colonel Issue and Seargent Issue to drive back their forces
    and free the planet from imminent doom.
    Exed Exes and its characters are trademarks of Capcom and all copyrights belong
    to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put
    on other sites or posted without given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o
    proper consent.
    D-pad moves your plane in whatever direction you hold in including diagonally.
    The Start button is used to pause the game.
    The B button is used to shoot.
    The A button functions as a frag that destroys all on-screen bullets.
    Yashici - Capcom's favorite icon. Just like in Vulgus before it, it is really
              an enemy in the game that tries to collide into you.
    Exes - This is the giant gun machine you fight at the end of most levels. Other
           times you might fight a more advanced version of it. More on these in
           the bosses area.
    Bees - Appears from the top and flies towards the bottom and shoots two bullets
           in two directions.
    Dragonflies - They come from the bottom and try to gang up on you when they are
                  in a swarm. Occasionally they shoot bullets in three directions.
    Beetles - Behaves similar to bees and dragonflies except they try to crash into
              you multiple times but at least they don't shoot.
    Flies - Before the boss battle they appear. They curve in then curve out.
    Stingrays - appear in a series of 8 in a line and dives at you.
    Skulls - appears during Hi-Point Areas. Takes numerous shots to kill.
    Skull Coins - same as Skulls but in later levels and take more shots.
    Cannon - these are located on the ground and tend to shoot occasionally. They
             come in different forms.
    Landmarks - they serve as just something to accidentally collide into or take a
                shot for other enemies. They will not shoot.
    Desura - they only materialize in a group of eight in cross formation.
    Big Bugs - giant versions of various incests that drop bombs at you. 
    Note: These bosses are described based on the arcade version. With the memory
    issue on the NES, the descriptions are the same but the targets may change.
    When fighting the exes, there are four types of things to destroy on it to beat
    the Exes. Skulls take five hits, guns take 10 hits, black guns take 25 hits and
    the radars take 5 hits. The first three are required to kill the Exes but if a
    radar is left standing, the boss might get away and you will receive no bonus
    at the end of the level.
    Hepcon - This is the first of the many Exes that you will encounter in the game
             and it is shaped like an H. It has a skull on each of its four corners
             as well as a gun in the middle and two radars. 
    Twin Cross - Shaped like two cross connected to each other. Contains six skulls
                 along with three guns and two radars.
    Triple Cross - Of course it looks like three conjoining crosses. There are two
                   radars, five skulls, and seven guns to destroy on it.
    EXED1 - The first in line of the Exed series. Has a radar in the middle. It is
            shaped like an octagon and has four skulls up front and two more skulls
            in the back and two guns also in the back.
    EXED2 - Hexagon shaped Exed with two radars in the middle and has a gun on the
            outer corners and a skull on the top and bottom wings.
    EXED3 - Looks like EXED2 turned sideways so the radars are showed in top and
            bottom formation. Has 2 guns on the wings and two skulls and two guns
            on both the top and bottom segments.
    Super EXES - Now things are tougher. This guy has a gun on each wing. Skulls on
                 the corners, a black gun in the middle and four radars around it.
    Prototype EXES - No skulls this time around but there are twelve guns in an X
                     formation with three a piece coming from each corner and it
                     also has four radars in a cross formation.
    EXED EXES - The ultimate EXES in the game. This guy is going to give you hell
                because the guns from Prototype Exes are replaced with black guns.
          SMALL NOTES
    -If the player runs out of lives then pressing the A button and the B button at
    the same time will continue the game but the score will reset itself back to 0.
    -There are a number of differences from the arcade version of the game and the
    NES version of the game.
        - The player moves faster and thus can manuever around shots much easier.
        - The enemy bullets move much slower.
        - The music and the graphics have been blanded down badly.
        - The game does not have a 16-stage completion reward like the arcade does.
        - Also missing is the 10 million point reward which in the arcade is consi-
          dered beating the game. When the score reaches a certain number then it
          will reset to 0.
        - You only fight the cross formation of Desura.
        - There are four code words to achieve based on how big your score is. See
          the codeword section for how to get them.
        - The regular gun is not in the game. Only the black one.
        - You only fight Hepcon, Twin Cross, EXED2, and Super EXES in this game.
        - Big Bugs and Radars don't change color when hit. 
        - Bosses try to escape when there are only black guns instead of only the
          radars left.
        - In stage 16, you refight some of the bosses you fought earlier in the
    +++ ROUND 01 +++
    The game starts off with  waves of 4 bees appearing from the sides and from the
    top spitting two bullets each. The number of bee waves depends on how fast you
    get rid of or avoid the previous wave as a new wave will spawn the exact moment
    the bees from the previous wave are gone. This sequence continues until you get
    to some landmarks. Fight off a few more bees then you will go againt a Desura.
    After the Desura will be some dragonflies coming from below and more landmarks.
    You will face a couple big bugs and there is a yellow Pow for a double wave
    beam upgrade. You will enter a Hi-Point Area. During this time, another Big Bug
    will appear. Leave it alive long enough to get the flashing Pow and turn it
    into a large strawberry and as well as turning the skills in the area into
    strawberries themselves. Get through this area and fight out beetles, cannons
    and some Yashichis. Flies will swoop in and out before you face the Hepcon.
    Use your fraggers as much as necessary and destroy all the targets on the
    Hepcon to beat this level.
    +++ ROUND 02 +++
    The round begins with one wave of Stingrays coming down, followed by a short
    series of bee waves. After taking out a few landmarks, dragonflies will make
    their own series of waves. Skulls appear and they move in a ringed formation
    while shooting bullets at you. It's best to destroy as many as you can as they
    approach then retreat to the top to avoid the dragonfly waves. There are some
    cannons and landmarks to destroy while avoiding the bullets. Flies will appear
    along with a couple big bugs. Survive this assault to face a few waves of bee-
    tles and more cannons and landmarks. All is calm until more Yashichis appear.
    When they are all taken care of, you face an EXED 2 with Skulls and Radars on
    it only. Use whatever frags you got and take out the skulls. Now all you got to
    do is destroy the radars without any resistance and off to...
    +++ ROUND 03 +++
    Once again you are greeted by the stingrays followed by three waves of bees.
    Now you going against a variety of Big Bugs, sometimes two at the same time.
    This is a good way to make points. Dragonflies and flies may join the fray
    occassionally, but concentrate only on the Big Bugs. You'll enter a hi-point
    area soon. Shoot as many flies and skulls as you can as well as the strawberry
    bonuses you get from the flashing Pows. Beetles appear towards the end of the
    high point area. Clear out the beetles, landmarks, and cannons for a little bit
    of calm time before the usual, Yashichi assault. You will face a Hepcon with a
    black gun in the center. Take care of the skulls first to lessen the fire and
    destroy it when it's the only one left.
    +++ ROUND 04 +++
    As usual, the stingrays appear for one wave. Now the bees waves consists of a
    swarm of five. There are a few moving cannons at the beginning too. After the
    third bee wave, you fight a ring of skulls. You'll go through three rings then
    fight some dragonflies. A Pow with a Yellow Circle appears. It gives you triple
    wave beams. You will be dealing with lots of Big Bugs for a moment followed by
    moving cannons. Kill the flipping cannons and avoid that backwards Pow at all
    costs. You fight the Yashichis for three waves and then you fight a EXED2 with
    a black gun on top. It's not over yet after the battle. Defeat more Yashichis
    and fight a Twin Cross. This is a tough ass battle. Hopefully you have some of 
    your frags from the previous battle. This guy has two black guns.
    +++ ROUND 05 +++
    The stingray wave comes first then comes the multiple waves of bees. After a
    few rounds of this, dragonflies will come in and wreak more havoc on you. Now
    you have to fight numerous Big Bugs at the same time. If that is not enough,
    the stingrays finally appear during the middle of the stage too. Defeat two
    cannons and it is Hi-Point Area time. There are four Big Bugs at the start so
    that means four large strawberries to get. Defeat the skulls, stingrays and
    flies that are in this area. There was only one flashing Pow this time. After
    the hi-point area is a series of Yashichis. During the EXED2 fight, Yashichis
    will occasionally get in the way.
    +++ ROUND 06 +++
    The normal intro which you already know by now. Only two waves of bees appear
    at the beginning. Next, you fight numerous cannons for a little while before
    some more bee waves show up. Now you got Big Bugs and Desura to deal with. The
    beetles and cannons will come into play too. Many bullets to dodge. Good thing
    there are unlimited continues. The beetles also come in waves of five just like
    the bees. Dispatch of the many pairs of Big Bugs and some flies and cannons.
    Yashichis appear just before the TwinCross arrives. This is the first boss that
    will try to escape. Well, it is the first one to escape me at least.
    +++ ROUND 07 +++
    You got two waves of stingrays here and the usual flies and cannons. The Big
    Bugs appear early and they come in pairs. Cannons will fire at will and the
    dragonflies try to sneak up on you. Near the Hi-Point area, Skull Coins make
    their debut. They come down in a zigzag pattern. There is a downgrade Pow in
    this area too. If you are already at your default weapon, go ahead and take it
    for extra points. Destroy the cannons at the end and deal with the Yashichis
    and of course you know, it's boss time. This time you take on the Super Exes.
    Can't really give you a perfect strategy here but all I got to say is you must
    bring your "A" game if you want to survive this fight.
    +++ ROUND 08 +++
    A wave of stingrays and this time, landmarks show up without the bees. Beetles
    will come in on you in waves of six and the Big Bugs appear in sets of three.
    Sometimes six Big Bugs will be onscreen. Dragonflies appear next and they also
    appear in waves of six. The Big Bug trio along with the dragonflies are really
    going to keep you on your toes. Same with the Desura and beetles. The creators
    really threw a lot of shit at you in this level. When the flies and Yashichis
    arrive, consider it your salvation for the time being. You fight and EXED2. As
    with Round 4, the round don't end with EXED2's defeat. Next you have to fight
    the Super EXES.
    +++ ROUND 09 +++
    Stingrays appear followed by many waves of six bees. While you are dealing with
    them, you face many waves of Big Bug trios. Landmarks and cannons will also get
    in the way. A Hi-Point Area will come soon. This is a good chance to get three
    big strawberries and more smaller strawberries. While fighting the skulls, the
    dragonflies will appear but will not shoot at you nor will the cannons until 
    you reach the end of the area. Immediately after the screen comes back, you'll
    fight a Hepcon while the Yashichis and dragonflies are in the area. Next, you
    will fight more Yashichis then a EXED2.
    +++ ROUND 10 +++
    You fight three waves of stingrays at the start. Then you take on the fly waves
    and moving cannons, landmarks and Big Bug trios. Skulls will also come in and
    add more hell. One Desura later and you got dragonflies on your ass and some
    flies. You face a Hepcon, then a TwinCross.
    +++ ROUND 11 +++
    Ah yes, the stingrays and the fly waves and the Big Bug trio sometimes coming
    in a set of six. A couple cannons later and here comes some Skull Coins that
    are swerving at you. In the Hi-point area, all kinds of enemy are coming at you
    but that is big points to get there. You fight a EXED2 and a Super EXES. I get
    the feeling that next round is a triple boss battle.
    +++ ROUND 12 +++
    The stingray wave and then some cannons. The flies come out in waves of seven
    now. Big Bugs now come out in waves of four and eight can be on the screen at
    once. Dragonflies come out in waves of seven also. You fight a Hepcon first.
    A Desura appears as well as the returning Beetles who had been absent for a
    while. Next you fight a Twin Cross then a Super EXES. I was right about the
    triple boss battle. LOL!
    +++ ROUND 13 +++
    Fuck this shit! From Round 13-16, I'll just give you the changes to look out
    for. A flash Pow appears for the first time outside of the Hi-Point area. In
    fact there is no Hi-Point area this round as opposed to the odd-numbered rounds
    before it. You fight a Twin Cross and a Super EXES here. Stingrays will join in
    the fight.
    +++ ROUND 14 +++
    You fight an EXED2 and a Super EXES.
    +++ ROUND 15 +++
    The Skull ring appears early. As with Round 13, no Hi-Point area. Yashichis do
    appear in the middle of the stage. Your fight is against a Twin Cross and a 
    Super EXES.
    +++ ROUND 16 +++
    Round 16 is a boss-a-thon. You fight a Hepcon, then a EXED2. Smaller enemies
    will attack in between bosses. You will fight another Hepcon. The bees waves
    appear in waves of eight. You fight a Twin Cross and a EXED2 next. You fight
    another Twin Cross then a Super EXES. This super EXES is tough since it has all
    black gun targets. The game keeps going after this but this is where I'll stop.
    Reach a certain amount of points for these codewords
    BABYBOY - 500 thousand to less than 2 million points.
    TOUCHME - 2 million points to less than 5 million points
    KICKPOP - 5 million points to less than 9 million points
    RAPYTUA - 9 million to max points
    Capcom for this game.
    GameFAQs and SBAllen for hosting my FAQ as well as my reviews.
    AdamL - his NES Ending FAQ gave me an idea where to stop FAQing the game and he
            is also the one who submitted the codewords to GameFAQs.
    The readers for reading this FAQ.
        	CONTACT ME
    I appreciate any feedback or help you can provide. My email is
    [at] = @ and [dot] = .
    Don't want any email bots.
    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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