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"Soul Calibur in the Arcade is as good as Soul Calibur on the DC!"

Soul Calibur is a wildly succesful game from Namco. It is the sequel to Soul Blade, which was released in both the arcades and Playstation. But Soul Calibur is instead going to the Dreamcast. It is now out on Dreamcast, and is definetly one of the better Dreamcast games out there. I may prefer the Dreamcast version to the original Arcade version, but overall any version of Soul Calibur would be great, because the game is so much fun to play! Anyways, enough clammer. On with the review!!

GRAPHICS (9.2/10)
Boy when you compare the Dreamcast and Arcade verions you can see a huge difference. First off, the characters are designed extrememly well but are sometimes blocky. There is also some graphical breakup as well. Regardless, the game still looks excellent, but pales in comparsion to the Dreamcast version. The backgrounds still look very nice, as the backgrounds of some of the stages appear very realistic. Also, the character designs in the game are great, and the boss designs are classic. Even the designs of the character selection screen and main title screen are great! Overall, Soul Calibur for the Arcade combines great character designs with great background designs to create a great graphical experience that has to be seen to be believed.

MUSIC/SOUND (9.1/10)
The music and sound effects in Soul Calibur are also pretty good as well. First off, the music is great, as each stage's music features an unique tune that fits the feel of the stages tournament. Sound effect wise, Soul Calibur is great as well, as the game features great sound effects that range from the clanging of swords to the unique voice acting in the game. Overall, Soul Calibur for Arcade has great music and sound effects that really add to the overall gameplay.

CONTROL (7.2/10)
My friend almost broke his wrist while playing the game because you can keep on mashing down on the buttons. Pushing a few buttons at the same time will gain you a soul charge, and the commands are your basic fighting game commands. Overall, the control in Soul Calibur for Arcade leads to too much button mashing to truly get a high score.

GAMEPLAY (9.3/10)
Soul Calibur is pretty much like Soul Blade, with some innovations. First off, there is no more weapon meter so you can block without worry. Secondly, there are soul charges now, which allow you to gain strength for a short amount of time. Also, there are a large variety of charcters to choose from, some new (Lizard Man) and some old (Siegfried!!). The game is great and features decent control, but their is a problem with overall fighting balance of the game, which is why I am not giving this category a score of 10/10. Overall, the gameplay is still fun and entertaining, however, and well worth a few dollars to play, even with the Dreamcast version out.

Now that the Dreamcast version is out, the Arcade version might not have as much innovation, or replay value, but it is still a great game that is definetly worth checking out, especially with friends.

The game is most challenging when played against some of the more advanced people at the Arcade.

OVERALL (9.2/10)
This is such an awesome game, and is even better on the Dreamcast. Well worth a few quarters or dollars to play this great game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/04/00, Updated 07/16/01

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