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"A fantastic sequel, beaten only by the original..."

The original Daytona USA was a truly fantastic game, being one of the most successful arcade games of all time with nothing to match it. Its great graphics, sound and perfect gameplay in multi-player makes it my #1 racing game of all time.

So how does this compare? Well, let's find out...


The graphics are superb, obviously beating the original but then most games by 1998 did. The damage effects are stunning, if you race well your car will look fine but crash a lot and the car will be a wreck. The sensation of speed is vastly increased in this game.


The sounds are generally inferior to the original (pity, as if they were better the feel would be incredible), but in terms of music there is no contest. Unlike the original, the music isn't annoying, in fact IMO it is some of the best video game music ever (excluding the Pinball Fantasies title music).


More cars, new tracks and monstrously hard techniques make Daytona USA 2 easily the superior single-player game. Mastering the Expert course in the Hard car is, well just about impossible. The game is very playable by the not-so hardcore players as well, with an Easy car that doesn't slide very much. The game is different to play but has the same feel that the original has, multiplied infinitely. But in terms of multi-player, the extra cars split beginners and experts more, meaning races are not as close as the original, destroying the game's streak of outclassing the original game in just about everything.


The single-player game will take forever to master. And that's just with the easy car. The techniques are mind-boggling difficult. If you thought Mario Kart is tough, you've never played this game before.


In single-player, this game is king. But multi-player is what made the original game my #1 racing game ever, so this game has to play second-fiddle. Add Gran Turismo to the equation and you have a game that is superb, but overlooked by some. The only reason why it isn't in my Top 10 racing games list is because of the rule that no two games of the same series can both be in the list. Without the original, this would actually be top. It's a pity there's no console release, so your best bet is the arcade. It's still worth the money, though. WELL worth the money.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/10/07

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