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"The sequel has changed the game cosmetically but the feel remains the same"

Although much of the flare of Daytona USA 2 has died out lately, it still stands tall as a tower of Sega's commitment to excellent gameplay. While Daytona USA 2 doesn't stand its promise to original gameplay, there has been some numerous improvements worth checking out.

The beginner track is a lot flashier than in the original Daytona USA, and it even places the Power Edition's Beginner Track to shame. There are waterfalls and a "Palm Rock" Cave that doubles up as a Main Straightaway for cars to "tailgate" into each other. Still it's a replica of the world-famous Daytona International Speedway at Daytona Beach, only it is looking better with a deadlier Turn 2 and with better looking pits, turn terminations, and all the enhancements you've come to expect with the Model 3 Type 2. The Advanced Track will throw the original's Advanced Track to shame as Sega will show you all their talent from this point on. Colorful "ride" sections supported by turns and harsh barriers invite all the 3750-pound, 750-bhp Stock Cars into a domain where all the Stock Car Drivers should be spending their offdays at. Even the Space Section of this track shows how cost-efficient the Model 3 could be. The Expert Track is the best-looking track in the game, complimented with blind turns, booby-traps, skyscrappers rich in detail, tunnels with great texture, and all the texture-mapping heaven you've expected from AM2. The cars have better detail this time around and the action moves at a smooth 60FPS. In fact, some cars may look like replicas of Ford Thunderbirds, Pontiac Grand Prixes, Chevrolet Monte Carloes, or even Ford Tauruses!!! You might get stunned at the cars since these cars are the reason why the game has changed itself cosmetically.

However, Daytona 2 really lives for retaining all the brutal gameplay from the original. You can select from three cars to race around three tracks. The cars now vary within speed, handling, and stability. The crashes have been adjusted so that you can't "lardy crash" anybody in a 2-player mode. The Computer Cars play a lot better this time around as they will now try to slow you down, slam you right into a barrier, force you right into the grass, or compel you to give them a speed boost. The cars are now more sensitive to sliding as with Super GT/Scud Race but since these are all-American Stock Cars, sliding sensitivity is done at a lesser degree. You still need to be really easy on the wheel as the wheel is highly responsive and is dependant on how fast you turn the wheel. The brakes and the steering wheel's responsive feel has been ported over from the original, only now the brakes now feel like it's been enhanced with carbon brakes.

You should try to give this game a test-drive if you have not already. Daytona is more popular than Daytona 2 but Daytona 2 has better graphics. Both have great gameplay, though. It's really hard to say which one is better.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/18/99, Updated 04/07/02

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