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    Joseph by TalbainEric

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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure(Arcade,DC)
    Character FAQ
    Joesph Joestar
    All Capcom characters and this game,copyright,Capcom,1998.
    Disclaimer: This FAQ is ONLY to be used at GameFaq's.com. No other. Do not
    steal without my permission. Do not alter,edit,or modify it in ANY way.
    Thank you!
    Well,this is an FAQ for one of the coolest characters in the game,the cool
    Joesph Joestar! Here,you'll find all the basics on this British dude.
    He may be old,and may not have the coolest moves or Stand in the game,
    but,he'll still kick your ass! So,without further ado,Joesph Joestar's FAQ!
    1.0-Joesph Joestar's Bio
    2.0-Colors and Win poses
    3.0-Moves List
    4.0-How to use Joesph Joestar effectively
    5.0-Credits and Thanks
    DB-Down Back
    HCF-Half Circle Forward
    HCB-Half Circle Back
    A-Attack Button
    360/720-A full clockwise rotation with the joystick/controller.720
    is done the same way,except twice.
    There are only 3 attacks buttons in the game. Light,Medium and Heavy.
    The moves listed won't matter which ones you press. However,you will
    get a different amount of damage out of that move.
    For example,a light attack will produce weak damage,e.t.c.
    1.0-Joesph Joestar's Bio
    Joesph Joestar
    Country: England
    Height: 195 cm
    Weight: 97 kg
    Relations to anyone: Jotaro's grandfather
    Stand: Hermit Purple
    "It's not age, it's experience!" Joseph Jostar is the elderly grandfather of
    He uses a mass of living vines known as Hermit Purple as his Stand.
    Since the revival of Dio, Joseph has been searching the world to trying to
    destroy the vampire who caused his daughter Holly to become ill.
    Joseph uses a Weapon Stand, but he fights fairly effectively without it as
    His biggest weakness is the lack of range in his Super Combos.
    After a run in with Alessi, Joseph Joestar got a second chance at youth.
    And since Alessi ran away like the coward he is, Joseph was forced to stay
    that way for awhile.
    In this form, Joseph loses his Stand and all related moves, but he gains
    numerous weapons.
    All the art for this character is from the second series, when Joseph was
    the star of the story.
    2.0-Colors and Win Poses
    Joesph doesn't really have any other colors in this game,Except when
    you press the Stand Button.
    Win Poses
    1.Joesph mutters something,while holding a camera,then smashing it.
    2.Joesph again mutters something,while throwing an unknown picture at the
    3.Joesph raises his hand in triumph.
    3.0-Moves List
    Hamon Beat- 360+A
    Joesph attacks with his Stand,surrounding and enclosing the opponent,
    and hitting them with energy. In his Stand mode,he deals a little
    more damage.
    Strategist's Profession-D,DB,B+A
    Joesph touches his shoulder and sparks venture forth. If Joesph is hit
    while doing this,he counters by wrapping his stand around him while
    sending energy out of him.
    Turquoise Blue Overdrive-D,DF,F+A
    Joesph swipes his arm forward,producing an energy wave.
    Hermit Web-D,DF,F+A
    In Stand mode only,Joesph brings forth his stand,and if it connects,
    the stand wraps around them.
    Sunlight Yellow Overdrive-F,D,DF+A
    Joesph,in stand form,summons his stand and creates a powerful arc of
    energy around them.
    Forward Roll-press and hold 2 Attack buttons
    Nothing special,Joesph just rolls to avoid attacks.
    Masters Teachings-D,DF,F+2 Attack buttons
    Joesph does a punch upward,if it connects,Joesph knocks the opponent in
    the air,as many panels from the JoJo comic appear while blasting them
    with energy.
    Hamon OverDrive-720+2 Attack buttons
    Joesph makes his stand surround the opponent with energy,afterwards he
    knocks them around the screen a bit.
    4.0-How to use Joesph Joestar effectively
    Joesph Joestar,at first,may seem like a hard character to use,especially
    the 360 moves. But,once you get the feel of him,you can let loose. Try
    to not to use his Hermit Web to often,as it always usually gets blocked.
    Joesph's Hop Kick(F+A) is excellent when you feel like "poking",but
    don't use it to often,as it can be countered easily.
    Joesph's jumping Heavy attack is perfect for jumping in. Use this to
    your advantage,such as comboing into a Masters Teachings super.
    Without his stand,Joesph is just as good. Use the Turqouise Blue
    Overdrive if you want to keep your enemy away.
    His Master Teachings is one of the dopest supers in the whole game.
    So flashy and cool,although it's not really that powerful. Use it
    when the you see an opening,and when the opponent is near death,for
    some good results. A good way to set up a Masters Teachings is to
    go up to them,press the Medium Attack button,Joesph will uppercut them
    into the air,then before the land,do the command for the Masters
    Teachings,and BAM! You've just shown them that age has plenty of
    A good stragety against Vanilla Ice(Iced) is right before he activates
    his stand,jump up quickly to him,and press the medium attack button.
    Joesph will do a sort of uppercut move that will knock him into the
    air,then,just keep on doing this until he runs out of life! This works
    ESPECIALLY WELL in the corner. He'll keep trying to break out of it,
    which is actually pretty funny. But once you start,don't stop! If you
    do,he'll just recover quickly and hit you easily.
    5.0-Credits and Thanks
    First off,I'd like to thanks FighterMania for the info I found
    on Joesph Joestar.
    And to Geki for letting me use his FAQ for reference on
    Joesph Joestar's moves. Thanks again!
    GameFaq's for hosting my FAQ's. Thank you!
    All my friends at the following forums:
    The Forum of the Wolfman and Princess
    MadMan's Cafe
    Rival Schools Network
    CammyFan's EZBoard
    Parents,for giving me the money to get the games,and other stuff.
    To all the people I've battled at the arcades,you've been cool! Well,
    some of you. Not all!
    And that's it! Later!
    BE SURE TO VISIT MY SITE,Talbain and Cammy Forever!
    My e-mail is:
    Peace out!

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