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    Dio by Dio

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    Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Venture)
    Dio FAQ by Dio (vo_temjin@yahoo.com)
    Saturday, March 6th, 1999
    Version Notes
    0.1 (03/06/1999)
    - First version FAQ. Introduction to character and moves. Combos and Strategy.
    This is a character guide for the secret character Dio, in the new
    capcom CPIII game Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken. It will introduce you to 
    the character, his moves and strategies in the game. 
    If you want to read a general FAQ on the game, go to
    for more information. I won't rewrite any information about the game's
    system unless I find it necessary.
    Dio Brando
    Dio is the main bad guy of the game. He has been in the Jojo series 
    since the first chapter (the game is based on the third out of five 
    chapters). An abused child who was taken into the Joestar family, he
    schemed to take their power and destroy the family as well. In a battle
    with Jonathan Joestar, he put on an ancient Aztec mask and turned into
    a powerful vampire, but was almost destroyed by the power of the 
    "ripple" given to Jonathan.
    To the Joestar's suprise, Dio awakens again and develops a new psychic
    power called the "stand", based on the Tarot cards. Josef Joestar, the 
    grandson of Jonathan, senses this and finds that he and his grandson, 
    kujo Jotaro, have also developed the power of the stand as well. In a
    quest to save his daughter Holly, Josef and his party must travel to 
    Egypt to destroy Dio and end the feud between the two families. Much to
    Dio's conincedence, he also wants to rid the world of the Joestars and
    rule the world with his newfound power.
    Dio's stand is The World, one that is similar to the Jotaro's Star 
    Platinum, except that he has the power to stop time (Jotaro doesn't 
    realize this until near the end of the chapter). One thing you'll find
    about Dio is that his moves are quite similar to Jotaro's (since their
    stands are also similar doh...). People may say that Jotaro and Dio
    are the Ryu and Ken pair in the game. IMHO i don't think they're THAT
    similar, mostly because...
            a) The World is more powerful and a relatively bigger than 
               Star Platinum.
            b) Some of the moves are the same, whereas Dio has some new 
            c) Since Dio is slightly more powerful than Jotaro, he has a 
               little more lag time with his moves. This makes him less
               comboable and harder to use.
    How to get Dio in the game
    On the character select screen, perform the follwing steps:
    1) Highlight Alessi, press Start once
    2) Go to D'bo (left), press Start once
    3) Go to Chaca (bottom), press Start once
    4) Finally, highlight Midler and press Start 3 times.
    If you are successful, the artist will add Dio's potrait onto the bottom-
    right of the character select screen and you can now select him.
    Move List
    *They are taken from Kelvin Koh's FAQ, which are probably what Dio 
    shouts out when he does the move. I cannot find any reliable source for
    the names of the moves therefore my intention was not to plagirize
    Kelvin's FAQ. I find that the names he gives are the most accurate.
    - A (any attack button)
    - S (stand button)
    - A1 (light attack)
    - A2 (medium attack)
    - A3 (heavy attack)
    - F (forward)
    - B (back)
    - U (up)
    - D (down)
    - UF (up+forward)
    - UB (up+back)
    - DF (down+forward)
    - DB (down+back)
    - QCF (quarter circle forward)
    - QCB (quarder circle back)
    - DP (dragon punch motion, F-D-DF)
    - RDP (reverse dragon punch motion, B-D-DB)
    - Normal Mode (When your stand if OFF)
    - Stand Mode (When your stand is next to you, or ON)
    - Tandem Attack (QCB + S, hold S, input commands. Uses 1 level of your super
    QCF + A
    Normal Mode: The World comes out and does a multitude of rushing punches. I 
    think it comes out a little slower than Jotaro's Ora-Ora but it does much more
    damage and gives more hits as long as you keep pressing the attack button. I
    think I had The World punching for almost 2 seconds with a A3 Muda-Muda. A1
    will make The World punch without moving, A2 will cause him to move forward a 
    little, and A3 will make him move very far forward. Using the A3 version will 
    definitely be useful for corner pressures as it keeps moving forward for a long
    time and will chip off tons from the stand meter (STAND BREAK!).
    Stand Mode: Dio will follow The World as it rushes in punching. It can also be
    performed in the air.
    QCB + A
    Normal Mode: The World dashes out of nowhere and gives a powerful punch to the
    abdomen. A1 will make The World punch a short distance in front of Dio, A2 will
    go a little further, and A3 will go almost 2/3 of the screen. Good for suprise 
    attacks but it is not as useful as Jotaro's Mach-Ora because it hits lower.
    Stand Mode: Dio follows The World as it rushes into the opponent to deliver a 
    power punch. Do the move again to follow up with a low strike to the legs 
    (although it still can be blocked high). Good damage, but since Dio has the 
    extra lag time compared to Jotaro, I wouldn't go too far if I was playing 
    against a human opponent. 
    The World
    DP + A (Normal Mode only)
    Don't get confused, Capcom can't make Dio stop time THAT easily can they? It's
    basically Dio's version of the Ashura Warp (a la Gokui). Dio does a taunt,
    disappears and then reappears in a position determined by the button pressed.
    A1 will transport Dio the the back of the screen, A2 to the middle, and A3 to 
    the front. You're less vulnerable compared to it's other Capcom counterparts
    (e.g. Dhalsim and Gokui) because you flash in and out really quickly. It would
    be a useful move to get close to cheap fighters who "fireball" too much (e.g.
    Kakyoin! Kayioin!!! KAKYOIN!!!!).
    DP + A (Stand Mode only)
    Here's an interesting move. The World flies into the background and comes up 
    from behind to punch the opponent. Not very useful as The World comes out very
    slowly and it becomes very obvious to the opponent. I suppose this would be used
    to pressure the opponent as Dio comes in to give pressure.
    F, A3, A2, A1, F (Normal Mode Only)
    Another interesting move. Capcom must really like Cyclops as they have given
    Dio and eyebeam move! (I can't confirm this but it sure looks like it!) It's a 
    little annoying to input at first and Dio takes a long time to "charge" before
    it comes out. However, one advantage of this is that it's UNBLOCKABLE (pls. tell
    me if I'm wrong!) and it comes out quick. So use this to annoy characters like
    Kayoin, Kakyoin, and last, but not least, Kakyoin. ^_^
    D,DF,F + AA (at least Level 1 super gauge)
    Normal Mode: Dio takes out his endless collection of famous Egyptian cuttlery 
    and whips it at his opponent. The individial knives don't do a lot of damage,
    but when concentrated, they pack a wallop. It's also safe to do it up close 
    because the knives push your opponent away anyways. Just make sure you leave
    yourself enough room before because Dio spends about half a second to fish
    those knives out of his pockets. Use it as an air counter too because it covers
    a high area.
    Stand Mode: Pretty much the same as Normal Mode, but you can also do it in the 
    air. Do it when you're jumping in to suprise your opponent.
    Road Roller
    D,DB,B + AA (Normal Mode only)
    Remember the last scene where Dio picks up the Oil tanker and drops it on 
    Jotaro? Well those sweet memories come back as Dio floats up in the air and 
    drops a steam roller on his opponent. Pretty obvious to see and is VERY 
    blockable. It doesn't even do decent block damage! However, if it does connect,
    Dio lands a flurry of punches (24 hits to be exact) before he jumps away and 
    the steam roller explodes. The only time I've been able to connect this is when
    I've used The World on my opponent and it doesn't do a lot of damage in that
    state. I suppose it does a lot of damage otherwise I wouldn't know why Capcom
    would put such a useless move in the game. Maybe it's to satisfy those Dio 
    sadists out there. It sure brings a smile to my face! ^_^
    Yonoyo-tomare! a.k.a. THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!
    F, A3, A1, F, S (level 3 super gauge and above)
    This it! The mother of all moves! Dio leans back as The World spreads his arms
    out, showing the true power of the stand. Minimum, you get about 3-4 seconds of
    button mashing goodness before time goes back to normal. The only downside to 
    this is that the damage level is lowered and contrary to popular belief, you 
    don't have infinite supers (or at least I haven't done so). Capcom probably
    had to tone it down since it's cheap as it is.
    Because Dio doesn't have a lot of room for error (due to the longer lag time 
    compared to Jotaro), Dio has to be a little more agressive with his opponents.
    Good corner pressures include jumping A3, crouching A1x2 into Muda-Muda in 
    Normal Mode. Use it to either make you opponent Stand Break or to give yourself
    some room to breathe as The World will patiently punch, punch, punch. Use A1
    a lot because it has a good range and will stop your opponent quickly and it 
    also hits twice. In Stand Mode, use A3 as an air counter as The World will give
    a good, long range high kick. I haven't figured out how to get your break the
    opponent's guard using low attacks so I tend to find myself spending most of 
    my time using using the same old tactic as the opponent turtles away *sigh*.
    I'd probably switch into a throw once in a while to break that block.
    When you do get some hits, try to combo as much as possible becasuse Dio doesn't
    have a lot of options for moves.
     Normal Mode
     - Jumping A3, D+A1 x2, Muda-Muda or Mudaaa!!
     - Jumping A3, A1, A2
     Stand Mode
     - Jumping A3, A1, A1, A2, A3
     - Jumping A3, A1, A1, A2, Muda-Muda (press A repeatedly) or A3 Mudaa!!! x2
     - Jumping A3, D+A1, D+A2, D+A3
     - Jumping A3, D+A1, D+A2, Muda-Muda (press A repeatedly) or A3 Mudaa!!! x2
    Order Of Opponents
    1. Muhummad Avdol - Magician's Red
    2. Iggy - The Fool
    3. Kakyoin - Hierophant Green
    4. Josef Joestar - Hermit Purple
    5. (1st Round) Kujo Jotaro - Star Platinum, (2nd Round) Jean Pierre Polnareff
       - Silver Chariot
    6. Kujo Jotaro - Star Platinum
    This FAQ was made by Douglas Heung (email:vo_temjin@yahoo.com). Please feel free to email me with
    tips, rants, and lots of information that should be shared between all hardcore gamers!
    Plagirism of this FAQ is absolutely unacceptable by both the Internet community and the video 
    game community. Shame on you people who are unoriginal and lack the dignity to make your own 
    Jojo's Bizzare Adventure copyright of Capcom and Shueisha
    This FAQ copyright Douglas Heung (1999)
    FAQ's Written: Jotaro, Dio (this one), and Shadow Dio

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