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    Iggi by Twelve

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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    -=Iggi Guide=- 
    By: Twelve
    V. 2.1
    -=Legal Notice=-
    This FAQ is copyright (c) by Robert Morrison 1999. Do not steal anything 
    from this Faq without written promision from the author. Jojo's Bizarre 
    Adventure is Copyright (c) by Capcom 1998. All rights reserved.
    About Jojo's Bizarre Venture:
    Jojo's is a Capcom CpIII fighter in the arcades. It will soon (or is) be 
    coming out for the Playstation and the DreamCast. The whole Jojo deal 
    was based on a manga by Hirohiko Araki called "JoJo-No-Kimyo-Na-Boken" . 
    The game is based on his third manga and the anime series is based on 
    the fourth. The anime just plain sucks in my humble oponion, but the 
    game is Capcom's #2 fighter next to Marvel Vs. Capcom.
    1. Iggi's Story
    2. Basic Controls
    3. Iggi's Moves
    4. Iggi's Combos
    5. Strategy
    6. Stage Walkthrough
    Iggi is the small annoying little dog on the game. He is a deascent 
    character with good moves and combos. He also annoys the heck out of 
    your opponent. In the anime he's the most annoying animal...if I could 
    only get my hands on that thing, I'd smash his tiny brain out of his eye 
    sockets... He loves to chew on people's hair and also to chew on coffee 
    flavored gum. He even has a move on the game where he urinates on his 
    opponent's head. He gets ripped in half in the anime.
    Game Story
    Jotaro and a couple others are on a mission to destoy the now Resurected 
    Dio (who is the last boss). They must go through several obsticals and 
    fights to get to him though. There is a different story and fighting 
    sequence for each person you play as.
    Iggi's Story
    Iggi is found by Avdol in the streets of New York. Avdol is amazed 
    becuase Iggi can Stand. So he thinks that Iggi will be a great help to 
    defeat everyone and destroy Dio. Read the rest of his story in Chapter 6 
    : Stage Walkthrough.
    Up-                   Jump
    Down-              Duck
    Foward-           Move Foward
    Back-                Move Back and block
    Up +  Foward- Jump foward
    Up +  Back-      Jump Back
    Down + Back- Crouch Block
    \ /-                     Land
    Dash-               Tap foward twice
    Back Step-       Tap back twice
    Middle Jump-  While dashing, tap Up
    Big jump-         While dashing, tap and hold Up
    Double Jump-  Tap up again while jumping (stand mode only)
          (a1)   (a2)   (a3)
          (s )
    A1- Light punch
    A2- Meduim punch
    A3- Hard punch
    S-   Stand Mode
    If you are close: foward + A3 = Throw
    -"The Fool" grabs your opponents legs and Iggi jumps up and urinates on 
    the opponents face.
    About Stand Mode:
    Stand Mode is an interesting concept that fits well with the manga. 
    Below your life bar there is a Stand Bar. By pressing the stand button 
    you bring your stand character out. In this case its 'The Fool'. During 
    this time, attacks to you take off from your stand bar. You can pull 
    moves and even combos. You can also pull of supers. I even pulled off a 
    41 hit combo with Jotaro. And even this isn't that good. For more 
    information check out Kelvin Koh's Faq at gamefaqs.com.
    Super Guage:
    This is the guage that when build up to past level one will allow you to 
    pull of Super combos. Just like Marvel Vs. Capcom.
    For any more additional information about the Controls of Jojo. Look at 
    Kelvin Koh's Faq. He should fill you in on the rest.
    3. IGGI'S MOVES:
    Sand Crush
    Charge Back, Foward + A
    -This is a cool and tricky move. Pull back and let them come at you. 
    Iggi's stand come's rushing at the       opponent really fast. The only 
    thing they can do is block (if there fast enough). This is also a good 
    way   to start off combos.
    Sand Attack
    Charge Down, Up + A
    - This is another cool move that is similar to Sand Crush. Iggi's Stand 
    "The Fool" comes rushing at the opponent, but from a different angle.
    Sand Clutch
    Foward, Down-Foward, Down, Down-Backward, Back + A
    Sand Magic
    Foward, Down, Down-Foward  or Back, Down, Down-Back + all 3 A buttons
    Press Up while jumping
    - "The Fool" puts Iggi on a hang glider and he levitates and shoots a 
    fireball. Good damage.
    These are Iggi's basic specials. They can be done at anytime, but they 
    mostly need to be done with the stand on.
    Iggy's Stand
    -These are Iggi's Super Combos that are only performed when his Super 
    Bar is past level 1, and his Stand bar is full.
    Big Sand Wave
    Down, Down-Foward, Foward + AA
    He gets on his Stand which becomes a giant sand wave. If successful is a 
    ten-hit combo, but it can become more if you are pulling off another 
    Sand Storm
    A1, A1, Foward, A2, A3
    Also like it sounds. A big storm of sand (which is the stand) flies at 
    your opponent. This is usually a 6-hit combo.
    But it takes off alot.
    There is a throw super combo also. 
    (Close up) Foward + AA
    Its his throw where he urinates on the opponents head, but the screen 
    goes fuzzy and its a 15-hit combo.
    There are two basic types of combos you can do. Regular ones and 
    juggling ones.
    Juggling Combos:
    These are done when the opponent gets thrown in the air. After they are 
    you have to juggle them. Keep kicking them when they land near your 
    feet. If they are near a corner I have been able to pull of 14-hit 
    Exampe: If they jump keep pressing A2 and juggle the opponent. Its 
    almost like an infinite combo on MvsC
    w/o Stand
    1. Jump, A1, \ /, A1, crouching A1, A1
    -This is the easiest combo to pull off. It doesn't do to much damage, 
    but it can add up. Watch out though, his kicks are short and can be 
    easily countered.
    With Stand
    A1, A1, A2
    Your basic 3-hit combo
     Jump, A2, \ /,  Crouch, A3, Big Sand Wave
     -If pulled off sucessfully (which can be hard) this is a 13-hit combo 
    that does a great deal of damage. Its hard to pull 
    off, but I have done it before, so its not impossible. Just remember it 
    has to be pulled off fast.
    A1 (x3), crouch A2, c. A1
    -His stand does three kicks with his hind legs and slides. The A1 will 
    be the last move for some damage, if they don't block, press A3, but it 
    wont count to the combo.
    Dash, A1, A2, A3, A2, A1
    -This (I think) works for every character. Like Marvel vs. Capcom has 
    the ZigZag combo. Its a nice combo and you can use it with any move, you 
    can also finish it off with any move. Try Big Sand Wave for a 15- hit 
    Dash, A2, crouch, A1, A2, A1,A2, A3 (throw) or Sand Clutch
    - Its a 6-hitter, but after its pulled off, the Sand Clutch is easy to 
    do, and it takes off alot of life.
    How to be good (and cheap) with Iggi
    When you start the fight jump kick your way into a combo. He jumps in 
    fast so your opponent won't have time to react. This is a good way to 
    start the fight. After this its wise to put on your Stand. But you don't 
    just have too. Iggi is good without his Stand, but you have to be cheap 
    with him. Jump kicking often and also Levitating are the best moves 
    without the Stand becuase he's so small. With characters with swords its 
    a little trickier. If your going to jump kick then, your going to want 
    to do a big jump. (While dashing press and hold UP)
    Then come down with a combo. Its also very wise to get behind the 
    opponent. This also catches them completley off guard. Here are some 
    more stratagies.
    -Block often. One thing I forgot that got me killed alot was the fact 
    that I did not block at all. I just kept on attacking and got hit by 
    almost every move.
    -Turn on Stand while in the middle of a combo. To continue and further 
    the damage of the combo.
    -Jump kick often. This may not sound like a good idea but it is. Take 
    off stand, and since Iggi is so hard to hit, he can annoy the crap out 
    of alot of people
    -Finish moves with A3. This adds for extra damage.
    -Sand Clutch  and Sand Magic are best performed at the end of a combo, 
    any other time it is easy to dodge.
    -Watch out for characters with swords. Thier sword can easily hit you 
    wheather you're on stand or not.
    -Learn combos, these listed and try to find more. Not only will they do 
    good damage, but they will also impress your opponent.
    -Another good time to pull of the Stand super combos is after you block 
    your opponents attack. They are left open and will suffer what you deal 
    to them... if you fast enough. This goes for almost any fighting game, 
    but you have to be quick.
    -When your hear Iggi yipe, you know your getting hurt
    Stage 1 
    Polnareff- Silver Chariot
    He thinks that your a weak little dog and he doesn't want you to help 
    join, so he challenges you.
    He bieng the first opponent is a big wuss. When he and his Stand 
    seperate, go underneath the stand and approach him, then pull of a 
    super, he cant block cause he's attacking with only the stand. He also 
    has an annoying 6-hit combo with his sword. I used it when I tried it 
    out, its just hitting A2 rapidly. Many vs. players will use this. Other 
    than that he's not to hard.
    After you beat him Polnareff is amazed at Iggi's stregnth and is also 
    Stage 2
    Muhammad Avdol- Magician's Red
    -After you beat Polnareff, Avdol comes in and says that Iggi needs to be 
    trained. So you fight him
    He's annoying, but not much of a challenge. He'll keep himself and his 
    Stand seperated alot, so duck under his Stand and attack only him. Keep 
    throwing sand (A3) and when his Stand gets near, throw him.
    Stage 3
    N'doul- Geb
    After Avdol is deafeted he complains that Iggy can't be trainded. Iggi 
    then hears N'doul, and you see N'dould say "he can hear me"
    N'doul is what the anime is based on. This bieng more of a bonus stage 
    rather than a stage at all. Iggi is real fast so its easy just to walk 
    past and jump over the water. So easy I get a Perfect almost everytime. 
    Just kick him at the end and he dies. Iggi is the easiest charater to 
    beat this stage, no joke!
    Stage 4
    Midler- High Priestess
    She is the bitch of the century. Her Stand is strange and down right 
    annoying. She does have a neat throw, however. Her stand goes in the 
    opponents mouth and bangs them around for a while.
    Man, I hate her. Her moves are strange... and she can get annoying. I do 
    better on her without the Stand on, thats just a suggestion.
    Stage 5
    Chaca- Anubis
    You go into Chaca's fighting area and face him. He says that you are not 
    even worthy to be one of Dio's enemies.
    Iggi is insulted.
    He's pretty tough (and gay looking). Every time you Sand Crash (take 
    thier stand out) he puts it right back on. He uses a sword, so its even 
    more diffucult. You might want to try backing up and having him follow 
    you, and when he gets close, sand swipe(A3) him. You can keep doing this 
    over and over and it takes them a good while to figure it out. Practice 
    and you should be able to beat him.
    Stage 6
    Alesi- Sethan
    He's wondering around looking for Jotaro and happens to find Iggi 
    instead, this leads to a fight. 
    He is  very annoying. He keeps shooting a gun at you that if you dont 
    block, can be three 15-hit combos in a row! Keep pulling back and 
    pressing A3 (when he shoots sand with his legs) and he will get fooled 
    by it. Remember just tpo block constantly. He's also pretty easy to 
    throw. He shouldnt be to hard.
    Stage 7
    Vanilla Iced- Cream
    You finally find Dio's castle and he is the first guy you fight. 
    He is the biggest pain. The first round is easy. Keep swiping sand at 
    him (A3) and he wont ever get to attack. You will always get a perfect. 
    The next round is harder. He starts attacking and when he does, Iggi's 
    speed comes into play. He will tuen into a ball and fly at you. If he 
    hits you, you lose alot of life, but walk to the other end of the screen 
    really fast and he'll never be able to get you. Then sand swipe with A3.
    Stage 8
    Dio- The World
    Well... he looks gay, and he's basically a stronger version of Jotaro. 
    His Stand is the most similar thing to it. He's a discrace for a last 
    boss. Beat him like you would beat any other character.
    This is a big time SPOILER.
    He goes back to New York to become the street dog that he was. He lives 
    a happier life with his girlfriend. Yep thats right, he has a 
    girlfriend. Then there are credits and some neat pics of Iggi and "The 
    And if anyone has any info that would be of use to this Faq,  please 
    tell me. Any info will do, but combos (and I will test them) would be 
    most obliged.
    Thank you very much, Kelvin Koh, for letting me take some of the info 
    from your page.
    If you have'nt visited his FAQ, I suggest that you do. Its located at 
    Thank you Capcom for making a game for this cool series.
    This is my second FAQ and if I get bored I will write more.
    E-mail me for suggestions.
    Copyright (c) 1999 

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