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    Jotaro by Dio

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    JoJo's Bizzare Venture Jotaro FAQ by Dio (vo_temjin@yahoo.com)
    Tuesday, Febuary 9th, 1999
    Version notes
    0.1 (02/09/1999)
    - First version of FAQ. Still lots missing.
    0.2 (02/23/1999)
    - minor updates
    0.25 (03/06/1999)
    - combos and opponent order added
    Since this is a character guide, i assume you've read the other general FAQs on the internet
    about Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and know about the story, controls, system etc. (although i 
    will repost some of them to refresh your memory). Therefore, I won't bore with you with the 
    basic stuff and get straight to the strategy.
    If you haven't, read Kelvin Koh's Strategy guide in gamefaqs.com...
    If you still don't have a clue what Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is about, go to...
    Kujo Jotaro
    The hero of the game, holder of the Star Platinum Stand, without a doubt we will bow down
    to him in awe. He's a great character to start off with because his moves are straightforward
    and easy to use in the actual game. However, the fun part comes when you use their advantages
    to play around with your opponent, and punish him heavily when he makes a fatal mistake. And
    for your ultimate pleasure (just to piss the other guy off)... Asobiwa Owareda! THE WORLD!!!!
    Move List
    *They are taken from Kelvin Koh's FAQ, which is an excellent translation of the list posted in
    Capcom FAX Tushin Vol.88 (Dec 11). English versions come from Labels for the American arcade
    - A (any attack button)
    - S (stand button)
    - A1 (light attack)
    - A2 (medium attack)
    - A3 (heavy attack)
    - F (forward)
    - B (back)
    - U (up)
    - D (down)
    - UF (up+forward)
    - UB (up+back)
    - DF (down+forward)
    - DB (down+back)
    - QCF (quarter circle forward)
    - QCB (quarder circle back)
    - DP (dragon punch motion, F-D-DF)
    - RDP (reverse dragon punch motion, B-D-DB)
    - Normal Mode (When your stand if OFF)
    - Stand Mode (When your stand is next to you, or ON)
    - Tandem Attack (QCB + S, hold S, input commands. Uses 1 level of your super meter)
    Ora-Ora or Blazing Fists
    QCF + A
    Normal Mode: Star Platinum comes out and does a flurry of rushing punches. Excellent for making 
    suprise attacks and pressuring. Good air counter also. A1 makes Star Platinum do it without
    moving, A2 makes him move a little. A3 makes him move even further (perfect for corner traps,
    but more delay). One cool thing to try out is to have two Jotaros do Ora-Ora (or maybe Ora-Ora) 
    at the same time. What happens is that the two have a big fist fight where the two have to jam 
    the buttons repeated in order to overpower their opponent (Dragon Ball Cho Butoden anyone?). 
    The screen turns yellow (like when you do a Tandem Attack), Jotaros' black and white faces come
    out from both sides (like the VS. screen), and continues to go on until someone wins (not 
    forever of course). It may not happen often against the computer (it only happened to me once 
    on a machine in Hong Kong that was rigged for VS. play) but it's mad fun! So far two "fight"-able
    attacks have been confirmed by me: Ora-Ora and Fire Wall (Avodol's "Dragon Punch").
    Stand Mode: Pretty much the same as in Normal Mode, but Jotaro follows Star Platinum as he 
    pummels the opponent. Press A repeatedly for more hits.
    Mach-Ora or Blazing Strike
    QCB + A
    Normal Mode: Star Platinum comes out like lightning and delivers a heavy punch to the opponent.
    Distance is determined on the level of attack used. Even better than using Ora-Ora for suprise
    attacks and will send you opponent flying to the other side of the playing area 
    (not the screen!!) plus heavy damage. The thing that makes it  better in Normal Mode than 
    Stand Mode is that if you miss you won't be left open considering you'd want to do it from a 
    Stand Mode: Jotaro and Star Platinum both fly at the opponent and deliver a smashing blow. 
    Follow up with another QCB + A for a 2 hit combo! Again, distance is determined by the level
    of attack used. Beware, there is a lot of lag time after the move so if you miss, you're pretty
    open for attack. One useful way is to rush at you opponent once, and then if he flinches do 
    the follow up for a suprise. Careful on the timing though. Make sure your opponent moves while
    you can still cancel.
    Star Finger
    DP + A (hold A, release A to attack)
    Normal Mode: Pretty wierd move. Haven't found a great use for it yet. Star Platinum sticks
    something out of his arm (???) and pulls his opponent in. Works even if your opponent blocks. 
    Must be good for corner traps/pressure. Wouldn't be useful though because of the slight lag. 
    More later as i play more...
    Stand Mode: Same as Normal Mode.
    Patsun-Ora or Super Blazing Fists(???)
    QCF + AA
    Normal Mode: The same as Ora-Ora, but Star Platinum rushes out for an even longer duration of 
    time and the hits are more powerful (i think...). Meanwhile, Jotaro can either stand in the
    background and have a smoke, or he could follow Star Platinum and pressure the opponent from
    behind. Gives more hits than the Stand mode (max around 30).
    Stand Mode: Jotaro walks with Star Platinum for a flurry of punches. Max around 15 hits.
    Star Breaker
    QCB + AA (hold AA, release AA to attack)
    Normal Mode: Similar to Mach-Ora, Star Platinum comes out of nowhere and takes a BIG swipe at 
    his opponent. Does massive damage but has lag time. Luckily, Jotaro can watch his opponent
    whinge because he's a certain distance away. Charge this when your in THE WORLD (i dunno if it
    does more damage though). One good thing about it is that it can change the balance of the game
    severely it hits your opponent. I had a close game where my opponent had slightly more energy
    than i did (although we were almost dead) and i suprisingly finished him off by using a Star
    Breaker as he jumped in.
    Stand Mode: Same as Normal Mode, but Jotaro rushes in with Star Platinum. Don't do this if you 
    know you're gonna miss or get blocked because you're in for some severe punishment.
    Star Platinum "THE WORLD"
    F,A2,A1,F,S (Level 3 and above)
    Oooohhhh baby... i love this move! The fact that you can freeze your opponent and do whatever 
    you want to him makes me want to scream! Oh, did i mention that you have INFINITE SUPERS???
    Did i mention that your opponent will be frozen longer if you have more levels on your super 
    meter?  It looks kinda cheap but hey, it's Jotaro. Don't piss this guy off! When you pummel
    your opponent (my favourite is two Star Breakers), he doesn't flinch at all and his energy meter 
    stays unchanged. However, when time returns to normal, watch him fly away in the death sequence
    as he wonders what hit him. The only downside (BOO!) to it is that after you initiate the move,
    Jotaro says some Japanese for almost one second before THE WORLD takes its effect. So you're 
    open for any type of punishment from opponent. I don't think you'd like it if you started THE
    WORLD and while you were muttering, Kakyoin does his 20 Meter Emerald Splash super on you. Ouch!
    What people do for good sadistic fun these days....
    *Note*: I still haven't confirmed the damage levels using THE WORLD yet. Unfortunately, i haven't
    been successful at taking off huge amounts of life, even with a fully charged Star Breaker.
    Hmm... how do i use Jotaro? IMHO, you just have to be really agressive and constantly do Stand
    Combos (e.g. A1,A1,A2,A3 or D+A1,D+A2,D+A3 etc.) and mix-up. When i mean mix-up, switch between
    high, meduim, and low attacks to fool your opponent into blocking the wrong way. I lost to a 
    scrub once because i didn't know the ranges of Star Platinum's regular attacks. Somehow, one of
    Star Platinum's Stand combos finishes off with a standing trip (A1, A1, A2, D+A3) which is 
    pretty useful against human opponents, but gets predictable sooner or later.
    I also annoyed someone once by starting the round with a Normal Mode A3, a D+A1 which 
    connected 2-in-1 into A3 Ora-Ora, which is a really good combo on it's own. Against humans,
    always try to use more normal moves than specials, because that's enough to piss the other guy
    off. An wasy way to prevent jump ins is to press B+A3 (in normal mode) in which Star Platinum
    does a stomach punch while Jotaro leans back.
    More later as i continue practicing... need to practice against more humans because the computer
    is too easy (thanks a lot Capcom!) ;(
     Normal Mode
      - Jumping A3, D+A1, Ora-Ora, or Mach-Ora + A3
     Stand Mode
      - Jumping A3, A1, A1, A2, A3
      - Jumping A3, A1, A1, A2, D+A3
      - Jumping A3, A1, A1, A2, Ora-Ora (press A repeatedly) or A1 Mach-Ora x2
      - Jumping A3, D+A1, D+A2, D+A3 (into air combo, like QCB + AA)
    Order of Opponents
    1. Muhammad Avdol - Magician's Red
    2. Kakyoin - Hierophant Green
    3. D'Bo - Ebony Devil
    4. Bonus Stage: N'Doul - Geb (or Death 13 if you finish your opponents with a 
       super, no rounds lost)
    5. Chaca - Anubis
    6. Alessi - Sethan
    7. Vanilla Iced - Cream
    8. Dio - The World
    This FAQ was made by Douglas Heung (email:vo_temjin@yahoo.com). Please feel free to email me with
    tips, rants, and lots of information that should be shared between all hardcore gamers!
    Plagirism of this FAQ is absolutely unacceptable by both the Internet community and the video 
    game community. Shame on you people who are unoriginal and lack the dignity to make your own 
    Jojo's Bizzare Adventure copyright of Capcom and Shueisha.
    This FAQ copyright Douglas Heung (1999)
    FAQ's Written: Jotaro (this one), Dio, Shadow Dio

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