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    Shadow Dio by Dio

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    Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Venture)
    Shadow Dio FAQ by Dio (vo_temjin@yahoo.com)
    Saturday, March 6th, 1999
    Version Notes
    0.1 (03/06/1999)
    - First version FAQ. Introduction to character and moves. Combos and Strategy.
      Order of opponents in story mode.
    0.11 (03/07/1999)
    - corrected order of opponents
    0.2 (03/07/1999)
    - finally finished the game with Shadow Dio. (Whoo hoo!) Now for strategy!
    Little is known about Shadow Dio. He has no real story in the game and he has no
    stand. Therefore, he loses the "stand combos" and takes all the block damage.
    This makes the game more interesting as it is harder to beat the game with him.
    The furthest i've ever gone is up to Jotaro and I usually get stuck on Kakyoin
    (boy do i hate him!). One interesting thing is that the Stand button acts like
    any other attack button. A direction on the joystick and the Stand button will
    send an image lunging forward, which opens a new world for the people who are
    used to having the stands for the normal characters.
    On the character select screen, perform the follwing steps:
    1) Highlight Alessi, press Start once
    2) Go to D'bo, press Start once
    3) Go to Chaca, press Start once
    4) Highlight Midler and press Start 3 times.
    Dio will appear. Now go to Dio and press the start button 10 times. Hold the 
    button on the tenth time and Shadow Dio will appear.
    Move List
    *They are taken from Kelvin Koh's FAQ. I cannot find any reliable source for
    the names of the moves therefore my intention was not to plagirize
    Kelvin's FAQ. I find that the names he gives are the most accurate.
    - A (any attack button)
    - S (stand button)
    - A1 (light attack)
    - A2 (medium attack)
    - A3 (heavy attack)
    - F (forward)
    - B (back)
    - U (up)
    - D (down)
    - UF (up+forward)
    - UB (up+back)
    - DF (down+forward)
    - DB (down+back)
    - HCF (half circle forward)
    - HCB (half circle back)
    - QCF (quarter circle forward)
    - QCB (quarter circle back)
    - DP (dragon punch motion, F-D-DF)
    - RDP (reverse dragon punch motion, B-D-DB)
    - Normal Mode (When your stand if OFF)
    - Stand Mode (When your stand is next to you, or ON)
    - Tandem Attack (QCB + S, hold S, input commands. Uses 1 level of your super
    Throw Knives
    HCF + A then HCB + A
    Boy does Dio have a taste for Egyptian cuttlery. For those who can't get enough
    of Dio's knife-throwing skills, he throws not only one, but two sets of knives
    at his opponent. A1 will send a wide spray of knives and cannot be followed up.
    A2 will send a meduim wave of knives, and A3 will send the knives to the lower
    half of your opponent's body and can be followed up with another wave of knives
    to your opponent's upper body. The good thing about this move is that Dio will
    recover quite quickly from this move and even though if has a little bit of lag
    time before the knives come out, human opponents will have to move very quickly
    to stop Dio or else they will get impaled. Plus, it looks godamn cool!
    HCB + A
    Same character, changed graphic, changed move, and you still have the same 
    "eyebeam" move from the original Dio. The major difference is that it comes 
    out even slower than normal Dio's version and it is blockable. So why use it?
    So that you can do something else other than throw knives from the other side 
    of the screen, as cheap as it already is.
    "Scales of Horror"
    RDP + A
    If it's one thing I like about a bad guy, it's one with an education. Shadow
    Dio takes out a book from nowhere and as soon as his opponent tries to hit him
    he suddenly disappears, leaving an ! in the original spot while Shadow Dio 
    appears behind his oppoent with a second to do whatever he wants. It's a pretty
    good move because it leaves you room for a free Nazimuzo! or even better, a 
    super! The problem is that it's hard to connect so don't use this move unless 
    you're absolutely sure it's gonna work.
    DP + A 
    Shadow Dio charges up his hand as he grabs his opponent in the neck and drains
    his opponent of his life forces. A very practical move as it does an insane 
    amount of damage and is also unblockable, so it's pretty much a command throw.
    One useful thing to do is start the move as you opponent is getting up. Since
    it cannot be blocked your opponent can't do anything but feel the pain. However,
    it takes a while before Shadow Dio grabs his opponent and it only has the range
    of one body's length. So don't do this move too far away or face retaliation.
    World 21
    HCF + S
    No again, he cannot stop time with this move. Since Shadow Dio has no stand, 
    Capcom decided to give the Stand button some use. Shadow Dio's "spirit" image
    lunges out and gives three strong punches from mid, to low, to high. Pretty
    good damage if all the hits get in, but if it's blocked the "spirit" can get
    hit by your opponent and Shadow Dio can take damage.
    QCF + AA
    An auto combo or nothing move. Shadow Dio's "spirit" delivers a punch which 
    stuns your opponent. Next, Shadow Dio freezes time and out of nowhere a circle
    of knives come out to stab your opponent for tons of damage. Pretty hard to use
    this move and i haven't been able to combo it yet. It's cool to look at becuase
    while you opponent gets hit, Shadow Dio reads his book while having a glass
    of red wine. Who says you can't kill a guy with class?
    QCB + AA (requires 2 Super Gauge Levels)
    Shadow Dio bends over and charges a bunch of needles (Dio's hair?) that fly 
    out of Dio's body and send sparks flying into the surrounding area. This move
    is unblockable and does good damage to your opponent, but the downside to it is
    that it takes a long time before he starts the move so it would be very hard to
    use as an air counter. Use this to break a turtler's guard.
    A1, Forward, A3, Back, S (requires 3 or more Super Gauge Levels)
    How could Dio be Dio without the ability to freeze time? Same as before, Shadow
    Dio freezes time for 3-4 seconds (minimum, at level 3) so that he can beat the 
    crap out of his helpless opponent. For some reason I can't do a super when I do
    this and inputting the command is even more awkward than the Jotaro/Dio 
    At first, one might find Shadow Dio quite hard to use because he doesn't have a proper stand like
    the other characters in the game. So what does the stand button do then? Well, Capcom remedied 
    this (in order to create character imbalance) by allowing Shadow Dio to have a "spirit" that will
    perform attacks outside of the body. By holding a direction (U, D, or F) and pressing the stand
    button, the "spirit" will come out of Shadow Dio's body and land a strong punch in that direction
    i.e. D+S while standing will hit to the lower half of the body (although i don't know if it
    counts as "low" on the hit detection). So far, it isn't comboable as with most "normal" moves 
    (hence Shadow Dio has lost his abilitiy to do Stand Combos) but it opens more opportunities to 
    land suprise hits (like in corner traps - explained in the next paragraph). Beware, however, that
    if the "spirit" gets stopped with a jab etc. then Shadow Dio will still take damage as usual, and
    of course, Shadow Dio will always take block damage because he has no stand to protect him.
    One of the things that troubled me the most about Shadow Dio when I first played him was the fact
    that the computer would always keep on blocking. No matter how much I tried, I wouldn't be able
    to break the block with corner traps, and it was hard to perform a Nazimuzo! because there was 
    too much lag time before and dragon punch motions are difficult to perform on American joysticks
    compared to Japanese ones IMHO. However, when I had started to use the Stand button more often, I
    realized the true power in Shadow Dio. My usual corner pressure starts with a jumping high A3,
    into a D+S while still in the air, D+A1 x2 while still in the ground into S again, and then 
    repeat. Not only will it make it difficult for the opponent to move, using your "spirit" will 
    chip away at the stand meter, which gives you a multitude of opportunities for free hits ^_^.
    Mix up when you use your "spirit" because it comes out fast and you want it to hit when your
    opponent's not blocking. I will describe this in further detail when I play more.
    Lastly, take advantage of your unblockables (Charisma! and Nazimuzo!) when using Shadow Dio 
    because most of your game will be predominantly fast-paced pressure traps and agressive
    attacks towards your opponent. If you let your opponent take control of the game, then you 
    leave yourself open to tons of block damage (oohh... I hate Kakyoin's 20 meter Emerald Splash!)
    Even though the unblockables take a while to start up, it is useful in a fast paced game because
    your opponent will not adjust to the sudden change in pace that quickly. Remember, fighting games
    are about mindgames and control, not scrubbing and random pressing of buttons.
     * Combos are limited for Shadow Dio becuase of the lag it takes for moves to start. However, I
       will try to see if his Punishment super will combo.
     - Jump S, A3 (in air), A1, A1, (A2 if close).
    Order of Opponents
    1. Jean Pierre Polnareff - Silver Chariot
    2. Muhummad Avdol - Magician's Red
    3. Kakyoin - Hierophant Green
    4. Iggy - The Fool
    5. Joesef Joestar - Hermit Purple
    6. Kujo Jotaro - Star Platinum
    This FAQ was made by Douglas Heung (email:vo_temjin@yahoo.com). Please feel free to email me with
    tips, rants, and lots of information that should be shared between all hardcore gamers!
    Plagirism of this FAQ is absolutely unacceptable by both the Internet community and the video 
    game community. Shame on you people who are unoriginal and lack the dignity to make your own 
    Jojo's Bizzare Adventure copyright of Capcom and Shueisha.
    This FAQ copyright Douglas Heung (1999)
    FAQ's Written: Jotaro, Dio, and Shadow Dio (this one)

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