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    FAQ by CGrey

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 08/12/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ** Golden Tee '99**
    ** The Arcade FAQ**
    **  Version 1.20 **
    *** 08/12/1999 ****
    By Charles Grey (iceout0002@aol.com)
     1) Update History
     2) Game Info
     3) Control
     4) The Courses
     5) Club List
     6) Strategy
     7) Hazards
     8) Records and Bonuses
     9) Secrets
    10) Golfer Poses
    11) Playing Options
    12) Credits
    1.00 (07/29/1999): First version
    1.10 (08/06/1999): Added "Playing Options" and "Skins Game", new golfer pose,
                       and quit game code.
    1.20 (08/12/1999): Added "Instant Replay" code, 5 wood to club list,
                       another golfer pose, more announcer voices, par for each 
    2) GAME INFO
    Title        : Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee '99
    Published By : Incredible Technologies
    Released     : Spring 1999
    This is the fourth version of the Golden Tee arcade series, the first three 
    were Golden Tee 3-D Golf (1995), Golden Tee '97 (1997) and Golden Tee '98 
    (1998). I haven't played Golden Tee until '99 came along. I first saw it at a 
    new golf center a few months ago and got hooked on it.
    The only differences I could spot from the earlier versions were the 
    different title screens, different courses, and the "hit things" feature.
    3) CONTROL
    To adjust your forward view, press FACE LEFT or FACE RIGHT. The screen will 
    take about a second to change the angle. Use this if you need to get a better 
    view of the green.
    Before swinging, roll the trackball directly left or right to scroll through 
    the club list, roll lightly to avoid accidental swings.
    To pull the club back for a swing, swiftly roll the trackball in the down or 
    down-diagonal direction. Once you pull back, you can't cancel it back.
    Roll the trackball in the up or up-diagonal direction to finish the swing and 
    send the ball.
    The direction the ball goes depends on three factors: The wind, the direction 
    rolled downward when you pulled back to swing, and the angle rolled upward 
    when completing the swing. If you roll down then up, it will be a straight 
    shot. If roll down-right then up-left, the shot will be aimed to the left. If 
    you roll down then up-right, the ball will "curve" slightly to the right.
    (There is a complete diagram of shot styles printed on the machine, see that 
    for more details.)
    Tap START while ball is flying to see a replay.
    Aspen Lake (Par = 72)
    Pretty standard stuff. Trees, a few sandtraps, and some water hazards.
    Holes 4,7, and 14 have island greens surronded by water.
    Coconut Cove (Par = 72)
    Similar to Aspen Lake in look and feel.
    If you're just learning the game, choose one of these. There are only a 
    moderate amount of hazards in the first few holes. Coconut Cove has at least 
    one tree trap that I know of, though.
    Rancho Saguaro (Par = 64)
    This is my personal favorite and perhaps the most challenging course. This 
    one has lots of cactus, snadtraps, and ravines. I played all 18 holes of this 
    one and it gets tough later on. For example, on hole 15, the green is on an 
    embankment surronded by a huge ravine.
    5) CLUB LIST
    To scroll through your clubs, roll the trackball to the right or the left. To 
    avoid accidental swings, roll lightly.
    CLUB         RANGE
    Putter       --
    Sand Wedge   60    (use to get out of sand traps)
    Wedge        80    (also known as pitching wedge, use to get up hills)
    9 Iron      100
    8 Iron      125
    7 Iron      140       
    6 Iron      150
    5 Iron      160
    4 iron      180
    3 Iron      200
    5 Wood      225
    3 Wood      250
    2 Wood      275
    Driver      300
    The game will automatically set you up with the club that is nearest to the 
    range of the hole or nearest green.
    TIP #1
    When in doubt, stick with the club displayed.
    However, if you are just outside the green the game will suggest the Sand 
    Wedge, switch to the Putter and moderately aim for the hole.
    TIP #2
    Don't switch to a Driver if the game suggests a Wood, because hitting past 
    the green usually is "Out of Bounds."
    TIP #3
    If you're in the woods or shooting over a pond or a ravine, a well-aimed hard 
    swing with the club best for that range works. If you're falling short, 
    you're not rolling hard enough!
    TIP #4
    When going for the putt, hit lightly, just hard enough for the ball to reach 
    the hole. Then if it misses because of the slope or your aim was off, the 
    ball will be very close to the hole, and you avoid the "criss-cross" 
    TIP #5
    If the hole is off center or behind trees, you may want to make a risky angle 
    shot. Check the wind indicator, and adjust the angle of your shot 
    accordingly. Or learn how to do a curve shot (see CONTROL).
    7) HAZARDS
    Trees / Cactus
    Aim well or they can block your shot. Hitting a hard shot past these on the 
    green can earn you "Great Shot" points.
    Represented by brown on the course map. No big deal, these just slow you up.
    Water Hazard
    Water-ball! You'll get a Penalty Stroke but will often take the next shot 
    past the water.
    Unplayable Shots
    You'll get a "Unplayable Lie" Penalty Stroke and usually have to take shot 
    again from the same spot. Get your swing down because there are a LOT of 
    opportunities for these in second half of Rancho Saguaro (hole #14 comes to 
    Unplayable shots are balls that fall into ravines, end up against walls, or 
    in extremely dense groups of trees.
    Out of Bounds
    This is what happens when you use the Driver a little too often. If the ball 
    goes outside the boundaries on the course map, for example, way past the 
    green, you get a "Out of Bounds" penalty stroke and hit again from the same 
    Stroke Limit
    This happens if you haven't sunk the ball in 10 strokes. You just move on to 
    the next one.
    Course Records
    There is one of these for each of the three courses.
    It lists the total number of strokes over/under par. If it says +37 you were 
    37 shots above the total par for the courses. If it says -11 you shot 11 
    better than par. Your score is temporarily shown on the leader board between 
    holes. To have it up permanently, you must play a full 18-hole game.
    Lists the number of other records, such as the number of times you hit a 
    green from one stroke, longest shot, longest putt, and total number of 
    Greatest Shot points.
    Shows highest money scores from a full skins game.
    Hole in One
    Finish the hole in just one shot and the distance is recorded here. It is re-
    played after the "Hole In One Club" scoreboard is shown:
    #1 (Initals)(Course)(Hole Number)(Number of Yards)
    #2  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #3  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #4  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #5  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #6  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #7  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #8  ""       ""      ""           "" 
    Longest Putt
    The longest shots to make the hole using the putter. It is re-played between 
    the attract modes.
    Longest Shot
    The longest distance swing that doesn't land on a hazard, period. It is re-
    played between the attract modes.
    Greatest Shot
    The greatest comeback and risk shots, measured in yards. One of the 
    requirements to get these is that it has to land on the green. Other factors 
    might be hitting from a sand trap, from behind trees, or across water. If you 
    get one, your shot is re-played and you receive a point value based on the 
    stroke. There is also a high score kept for the total point value of Greatest 
    Shots during a full 18-hole game. The "greatest shot" from each course is 
    randomly re-played after the "Greatest Shots Club" scoreboard is shown:
    #1 (Initals)(Course)(Hole Number)(Number of Yards)
    #2  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #3  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #4  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #5  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #6  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #7  ""       ""      ""           ""
    #8  ""       ""      ""           ""
    I did until recently have the local Greatest Shot record -
    Rancho Saguaro, Hole #2, 70 yards (now it #4)
    9) SECRETS
    Hit a tree with a hard shot - "Get a chainsaw!"
    Hit a sandtrap - "Someone get the sand bucket!" or "It's in the ditch!"
    Hit a water-ball - "Get the snorkel!", "Oh well!" or "It's wet!"
    Hit a good shot over 280 yards - "A good bounty shot!"
    (conditions unknown) - "He's on the dancefloor!"
    There are also people, objects, windows, and an ice machine you can hit.
    Anyone know what happens if you hit one?
    Tap START while ball is flying to see a replay.
    Watch your golfers' reaction to see if you hit one of those hazards or not.
    Hit 2 over par         : Just shrugs.
    Hit par or lower       : Raises his arm.
    Hits waterball         : Throws down his club.
    Hits a sandtrap        : Stoops over and shakes head.
    Hits hazard past green : Breaks club in half
    Miss sandtrap shot or  : Bends back as if to say "Noooo."
    putt twice in a row
    1 full credit  = 3 holes per player
    5 full credits = 18 holes per player
    SKINS GAME (4-player only)
    Never have used this mode!
    Best score for each hole wins money.
    QUIT GAME (Free-play only)
    Tap Start twice and "YES" to confirm.
    (sent in by psu19257@odin.cc.pdx.edu -
    this code was confirmed on Golden Tee '97-98; it should work here.)
    12) CREDITS
     FAQ maintained Charles Grey (iceout0002@aol.com)
    -psu19257@odin.cc.pdx.edu - Free-play quit code
    -Pasadena Golf Center in Pasadena, MD for stocking this game.
    Golden Tee is (c) 1995-1999 Incredible Technologies
    "Talking minus thinking equals rambling."
    "What is worse? - no purpose or no point?"
    "If you reach the top of one mountain, climb yet another!" - Fei Long, SFA3

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