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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ----------------------------------[EIGHT MAN]----------------------------------
    ------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]------------------------------
    -----------------------------------[Neo Geo]-----------------------------------
    This is a rewrite of one of mom's old guides with her permission. It is for the
    game Eight Man for the Neo Geo. It is based off the Japanese action hero with
    the same name. You are out to rescue the world from annhilation. 
    Eight Man and its characters is a copyright of SNK all copyrights belong to 
    them. This FAQ is the copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka IceQueenZer0
    and cannot be posted on any website without my permission.
    A = punch or kick
    A + B = Special kick
    B = Jump
    C = special attack
    D-pad = move
    Down + B = slide
    C (2-player) = 2 player special attack
    You have 3 lifebars and 3 bombs. 
    The bombs are your special attacks (C)
    You'll also pick up power ups: B=Bomb, L=life, and P=points
                                     | Stage 1-1 |
    The stage starts with missiles blowing up the city then you swoop in. There are
    green enemies that are easily defeated as you run right. Red enemies show too
    and they are just as easy. Wait for them to jump out the building and kick them
    before they have a chance. Some green enemies come out swinging but keep your
    distance with your attack. The green and purple enemies require 2 hits. As you
    are about to chase a tank, a nasty creatures busts out of the vile in the back
    and attacks. The boss looks like the predator almost. Not much of a strategy as
    you can punch and kick him to death and just sacrifice some spare life. He was
    not much of a fight. His life bar went down quick.
                                     | Stage 1-2 |
    This is a running stage. Alien pods come in swarms and enemies in the background
    and foreground will dive in front of you or behind you and it is better to back
    up as they jump if they were behind you, then attack. After two waves of alien
    pods, the boss appears and its another easy fight. This is the tank you were 
    chasing at the end of 1-1 but was rudely interrupted. Use whatever bombs you 
    got. You should have them all at point and the boss doesn't stand a chance.
    ~Big Boss Fight: Super Robot 005~
    A little easy. Super Robot 005 starts out trying to stomp you and he'll follow
    up by either vanishing or charging up his purple flame attack. If the former,
    move away from his landing area. If the latter, just stay down and the attack
    will miss. Keep attacking him between his attacks and he's outta here.
                                     | Stage 2-1 |
    There are cliffs in the background. More minor enemies appear and a new red
    animal type enemy appears too. It takes 3 hits to kill. You'll also see an
    enemy juggling a spiked wheel. Stay on the ledge and kick it away and keep
    going. You'll reach a pit with flame geyers coming out. Hop over the pits
    carefully and kill any enemies in the way. Now there are spots where the are
    enemies throw spiked wheels get rid of them quick. More enemies appear
    including one blue animal type. Let it charge past you and it's gone. There are
    more pits to hop across and a nasty tank shooting spiked wheels. Duck and kill
    it. An 8-power appears. use it and you will be invincible. Run as far right as
    you can till the power wears off. Kill the tank at the end shooting spiked
    wheels and stage over.
                                     | Stage 2-2 |
    A new enemy appears and you must kill both parts of its body. Now hop on the
    platforms over the pits. Watch for the pods with revolving spike wheels. More
    of the same enemies appear and soon you'll see Hurry Scurry. Avoid the rocket
    thrusts on the bottom of it. Hop on the platform marked with the down arrow and
    use a bomb from here to kill the guns. The ship flies over a pit and when on
    solid ground, watch out for the thrusts and gun blasts. Hop on the platform on
    the far right as the screen scrolls down. Hop left and stay in the corner and
    kill the balls coming from the left and a red nerve appears.
    ~Big Boss Fight: Hurry Scurry~
    Use a special up close and that is it. Didn't even have to break a sweat.
                                     | Stage 3-1 |
    Another running stage which has enemies hopping back and forth till a helicopter
    appears and shoots at you. It will leave on its own then as usual the enemies 
    just hop around then new enemies fly by and bounces black balls at you. Another
    tank appears as you chase it and as usual 2-3 bombs and it's over. No need for
    a boss fight description here. 
                                     | Stage 3-2 |
    A lot of splitting enemies fight here. Soon you're back to the conventional
    robots and a rolly polly enemy as well as a spaceship that doesn't stick around
    long. Hop the pits and kill the enemies. There are a lot of pits coming. Watch
    for the spaceships above and kill the split enemies. Only their top half are
    attacking. Remember the boss of level 1-1? There are many of them here. Use
    as much bombs as you can. You fight 4 total. At the end, the real boss appears
    and it's a dog like creature hops around and shoots at you too. It's a little
    more difficult than the bosses you've faced up to this point. Try to attack it
    between jumps and avoid its landings and the fire it blows at you. 
                                     | Stage 3-3 |
    A lot of zombies appear and sink in the ground and rise up again. Be careful as
    they take many hits to die. Head right for the 8-power and run right as fast as
    you can and kill any enemy in the way. Hop the pits and kill a tank and more
    zombies. Don't stop for nothing unless you have too in this case hop over pits
    and avoid the spaceships. reach the end to end the stage.
    ~Boss Fight: Kozuma~
    Use your bombs and bye bye Kozuma. You will end up chasing another tank. It'll
    only take two bombs here and you're off to the next level.
                                     | Stage 4-1 |
    Just another running stage with alien pod waves coming at you. Pick up whatever
    powerups appear. Dodge the bombs being dropped by the saucers above. After a 
    series of running robots the boss appears.
                                     | Stage 4-2 |
    It helps to hop over the blue charging enemies and hop on the higher ledge to
    avoid the last ones. More robots and zombies appear. Just keep heading right
    and don't stop for nothing except to kill the tank shooting spiked wheels. The
    dog like boss from 3-2 appears. Kill it as before. It is much slower than
    it was last time. After there are two Super Robot 005s (Big Boss of Level 1).
    It's a tougher fight but fight them the same way by staying down often.
                                     | Stage 4-3 |
    YAY! New enemies! These guys look like your character only purple. They require
    more hits than the average enemy and got the same power as you almost so be
    careful. A green version of Kozuma (big boss of Level 3) appears and he is much
    tougher than he was earlier. He has massive lightning strikes which are very 
    damaging. Beat him to beat the stage.
                                     | Stage 4-4 |
    The boss is one huge machine. You start on a platform that rises while you
    fight enemies coming out from the background and foreground. Watch out for the
    hand coming from theside. Stay on the opposite side of whatever hand comes out.
    After you reach the top the head appears.
    ~Boss Fight: Cyber~
    Just keep walking at the head and use your bombs. This is one of the tougher
    bosses so you might lose a couple lives. During the fight, it will turn into a
    brain and shoot purple lightning pillars at you from the background before it
    becomes a face again. After the fight, a wierd skeleton with no bottom flies
    away. That is a preview of the game's final boss.
                                     | Stage 4-5 |
    This is just a running state that is real short. All you do is whack at the
    skeleton guy till it flies off. Avoid it's firreballs that it shoots from the
                                     | Stage 4-6 |
    This is the final boss and it is not a pushover like the other bosses. You have
    to avoid its charges and its fireballs. You'll lose a couple lives but just bomb
    on him till he his defeated and you get an ending sequence of your characters 
    returning to civilian clothes and credits.
    GameFAQs and other sites for hosting
    SNK for making this game.
    My mother, C. Lampher (Ice Queen Xtreme) for letting me rewrite her old guide.
    You for reading. See you again in Walter Payton Football for Sega Master System.
          CONTACT ME
    [at] = @ and [dot] = .
    Don't want any email bots.
    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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