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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Unleashed Vortex

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    Dynamite Dux- FAQ Version 0.2 :  Arcade- 
    Written by the Golden Vortex aka David Wilson
    Dynamite Dux is a trademark of Sega Enterprises inc.
    This FAQ is copyright of David Wilson and should only be on
    one Website which is Gamefaqs.com
    If you wish to contact me about this FAQ to add any
    information then feel free to e-mail me at Unleashed Vortex@aol.com.
    If you do give me any information I will say you did.
    However if I find out that anyone (for some pointless reason,
    I mean who's going to play this game now) has taken this FAQ and put
    it on another website then I will be VERY angry. (and you won't like me when
    I'm angry)
    You have been warned!!!
    Updates: Version 0.1 ( 9th June 2004) 
             Verison 0.2 (addition of enemy and weapon listing 2nd 
    September 2004)
    1. Introduction
    2.Basic controls
    3. Walkthrough
    4.Enemy and Weapon list
    5. Bye
    Dynamite Dux was an old school side scroller which no one except me has 
    actually played. 
    It was released in 1987 in the Arcades, the Sega Master system and the 
    Commodore-64. This FAQ  is for the arcade version of the game, mainly 
    because it's the best version out of the three.  
    If you have no idea what Dynamite Dux is then I don't blame you because 
    it wasn't that popular a game, although it has to be one of the best 
    platform games I've played. Anywho,if you have found this game in arcade 
    before and enjoyed it then this is dedicated to you!
    No takers! Didn't think so!
    The storyline of Dynamite Dux is about a young girl named Lucy and her 
    two pets Bin and Pin. One day they were all happily playing in the 
    flower garden when all of a sudden the evil monster, Achacha the Great 
    stole Lucy and dragged her into the Achacha world. Her brave pets Bin and Pin 
    opened a door to this mysterious world and followed the demon.
    The basic controls are as follows:
             Joystick-Tilt Left-    Walk left
             Tilt Right-   Walk Right
             Diagonal up/down & left/right- walk in the direction the 
                                            joystick points at
              Button A- Jump+ press B while jumping to kick in the air.
              Button B- Punch, fire gun, throw weapon
              Holding down Button B will allow you to charge up a super punch. 
              You can only charge your punch
    Stage 1.1
    Walk right down the street and you'll be attacked by a group of 5 dogs. 
    Punch or dropkick them all and continue forward.
    Collect the rock lying on the floor, this can be used as weapon 
    but you'll only be able to use six times.  You will be attacked by a
    group of 3 dogs,use the rock as a long distance weapon to kill them or avoid 
    them by simply jumping over them or walking down to the other end of the 
    street andjust mosey on past them.
    At the don't walk sign there is a treasure chest. Approach and open it,
    it will give you points.
    Follow the road, diagonal right and down where you will find five more dogs. 
    Punch them all or walk round them
    As you continue down the street another dog will approach you with a new 
    enemy, a sausage moose. Kill them both easily with the rock (if you still have 
    it or use your fists)
    You will then be attacked by a group of 5x Sausage Moose. Charge up a punch to 
    get multiple kills. 
    There will water spurting from the ground on various places and there will 
    be a bomb on the ground near them so collect the bomb, which will throw the 
    rock away.
    Three more Sausage Moose will approach. If you throw bomb in the middle of 
    them then you will take all three of them out at once.
    A new enemy will attack, a wolf on roller skates. Kill when they are close, 
    or use a bomb/rock (recommended). You can jump over him and collect the burger 
    on the floor which will top up your health.
    After collecting the burger a group of four skater wolves will come forward, 
    avoid or kill!
    You will see 3 manholes emitting water, lined almost vertically across the 
    road and behind these will be a wolf holding a grenade launcher. Avoid all of 
    his shots and walk through the gap in the water spouts and trounce the wolf 
    with a punch.
    Two groups of mice will dart towards you suddenly so quickly jump over 
    them or hit them, but only if you're exceedingly fast at doing so.
    Collect the bazooka lying on the ground and avoid the two skater wolves who 
    come at you or shoot them.
    4x dogs will appear as you continue on so kill them all if you wish 
    or avoid them.
    Replenish any lost health with the burger on the ground and 
    get some points by picking up the chest.
    Kill the dog and moose that approach you after this.
    Two Sausage moose will appear so avoid them to save ammo (recommended) 
    or kill them if you desire. They will drop a cake so collect it get any health 
    back if you need to.
    Walk around four water sports and kill all 3 moose who appear as you proceed.
    2 more moose will appear so kill them along with 2 dogs that come after 
    to face the first boss.
    Boss 1-Fireball
    As the fireball appears pick up the waterpistol on the ground put leave 
    the other one until later. The fireball will randomly throw fireballs 
    towards you so move all of the time to avoid the projectiles. Stop 
    occasionally and squirt 
    water on the fire, avoiding all projectiles. If you run out of water 
    collect the other pistol to continue. The fireball will shrink after 13 hits 
    and fall apart  spitting out a pile of fireballs which you should avoid.
    Stage 1.2 
    After the fireball dies proceed right. Two giant rabbits with springs 
    on their legs will leap towards you. Cut through the middle of them if you 
    want but killing the top one will give you a cake to boost health.
    Collect the rock again and go down the stairs. Pick up the bomb, which 
    will throw away your rock. 
    At the bottom you  will be attacked by a group of seven Sausage moose.  
    Kill them with a well aimed bomb.
    Collect the cake afterwards and proceed down the steps where you will find a 
    railway line and a platform.  
    As you go on the track eight skater wolves appear. 
    Kill them normally, you'll find that some of them will appear on the track 
    Eight Sausage moose will attack you afterwards so prepare yourself for that.
    Four red crocodiles will appear so kill them in the normal fashion.
    Jump off the platform onto the railway track and trash the group of eight 
    crocodiles and the further 3 crocodiles and six skater wolves.
    Open the treasure chest and kill the three more crocs that approach.
    Then collect the flamethrower and kill the two moose that appear.
    Twelve crocodiles will then come after you but they'll be a cinch if you flame 
    them all. 
    Then two sets of mice will come charging in so burn them or just jump over 
    Six skater wolves will abruptly follow so flame or punch them.  
    Then open the treasure chest to get some points.
    Walk on the Railway track and collect the burger. 
    Look out the for the three moose and the rabbit with springs.
    Two groups of mice will fly towards you so kill or avoid them 
    and then dodge the incoming group of mice who are double the size than normal. 
    You will then be attacked by eight crocodiles, 
    wipe them all out and collect the treasure chest.
    Go up the stairs, back to the street but look out for 6 dogs 
    that are coming up after you.
    You'll find a machine gun, pick it up and 
    avoid the water spouting from the manhole.
    Kill eight more crocs and one wolf with a rocket launcher to get to the boss.
    Boss-2 Rock
    A cluster of rocks will appear- 
    looking like this
     0 0
    0 O 0
    0 0 0
    The rocks encircling the rock in the middle will spin round and 
    spread out/return in a pattern.
    The rock in the middle(the one with the face) is the one you have to destroy 
    so use the machine gun (or fists) to break the rocks away. If you destroy all 
    of the rocks encircling the one in the middle the boss will die but if you 
    destroy three rocks and then attack the centre one it will be more effective. 
    Keep on hitting the centre rock 
    (the expression on the rocks face will indicate his health) but jump over any 
    other rocks that he rotates round at you.)
    When he dies a doorway will appear and you'll be sent to......
    Stage 2.1-Japan 
    Go forward and kill 3 dogs then collect the bomb lying on the floor.
    Use the bomb on the four dogs  and then kill the mole when he pops out 
    of the ground.
    After that you will be attacked by 3 more dogs and 5 Sumo Pigs. Hit the 
    pig once to make them go red  then they will charge at you. Two punches should 
    kill them easliy without the bomb.
    Collect the burger to replenish lost health and look out for the two pigs that 
    come towards you. Kill then like you did the last time and proceed to pick up 
    the machine gun.
    Kill the four pigs with the gun  and shoot the mole when he appears. 
    You can collect the rock but it is recommended to just keep the machine gun.
    Chinese Dragon
    What's a Chinese Dragon doing in Japan?
    Anyway, keep hitting the head of the dragon but be quick to avoid the fire 
    that it breathes out. If you wish you can pick off the sections of the dragon 
    bit by bit. This, however takes a very long time to do so the best thing is to 
    hit the head a number of times until it dies. The colour of the head 
    will tell you what the health status of the boss is.
    Stage 2.2
    Walk down the ramp and make sure you don't go too close to the edge.
    On the ramp you'll be attacked by two moles and two dogs which are fairly 
    simple to overcome.
    Collect the bomb and proceed forward and defeat four dogs.
    Pick up the homing launcher and kill the next four dogs or avoid them to save 
    Look out for a mole and a dog. Also a new enemy-the ninja who will appear for 
    an instant and attack you. Be quick and clock him one.
    Then a pack of five dogs accompanied by a mole will show up and you can 
    dispose of them in the usual fashion.
    Then a group of 7 sumos with a ninja will come at you so be careful. 
    Kill the sumos and just jump over some of them after you hit one or two and 
    then simply beat the rest with a flying kick or a super punch.
    The ninja may prove tricky so when appears be ready to avoid his projectiles 
    and when he reappears smack him one.
    After that you'll get a group of six sumos which will be relatively 
    simple to defeat. Charge a super punch so you'll hit the first three and jump 
    over them when they charge at you. Also collect the bomb on the ground when 
    you have killed them all.
    After that a huge group of fifteen dogs will approach. Easy stuff when 
    you know how but be careful to look out for the ninja but kill him the same 
    way as before.
    One of those giant springy rabbits will approach but he'll just skim 
    past you so its easier to avoid him but kill him if you must.
    Four dogs will come out and a rock lies on the floor behind them. 
    Collectthe rock and proceed.
    Avoid the homing missle fired by the wolf by punching them and then 
    kick that guy in the head.
    Nine pigs will appear and the two ninjas will follow. After they have 
    been trashed pick up the flamethrower.
    Burn the two ninjas and then torch the four dog. Six moles will surface 
    and so smoke them out and walk up the ramp.
    Six pigs and two dogs will come after so punch them and continue.
    Collect the rock and use it on the three pigs and two dogs that comeafter you.
    Get ready to fight nine dogs and one spring rabbit as you continue, although 
    the bouncing bunny may go straight past you it's fun to kick his ass.
    Three wolves with homing launchers will be sat in a circle and a chest will 
    lie in the heart of the circle.  Defeat all three and open the chest for some 
    Keep going until you come across two moles which you can choose to kill or 
    just walk past. Kill the one dog and the two sumos that come past. Pick 
    up the bomb and proceed to...
    He's laid out a lot like the rock boss and will rotate the cloudsencircling 
    him. He will also throw out lightining towards you as you walk past. 
    Hitting the individual clouds will obviously kill him a lot slower than 
    hitting the centre circle but I recommended taking two of the clouds away and 
    hitting the middle one until he dies.
    Stage 3-1 Jungle
    Go forward and jump into the pit but make sure you jump over the four dogs.
    Kill all four dogs with a well charged super punch and jump out of the pit.
    Pick up the rock and avoid the incoming grenades 
    Destroy all of the five dogs and kill all the wolf with the grenade launcher
    Six more dogs will appear so defeat them in the usual fashion.
    Two more dogs will come after that.
    Collect the bomb and defeat seven more dogs.
    After 3 more dogs appear, defeat them and walk across the bridge.
    Kill 3 crocodiles will be on the bridge and pick up the cake that they drop 
    when you kill them.
    Avoid the incoming grenades and kill both of the wolves that are on the side 
    of the screen.
    Six dogs will come after that and two more. 
    Collect the bomb and defeat seven more dogs and three more dogs after that.
    Walk across the bridge and kill the three crocodiles that appear and collect 
    the cake that they drop.
    Avoid the grenades and kill the two grenade launcher dogs that hide behind the 
    Punch all of the homing missles that come at you and then kill the three 
    homing launcher wolves that appear.
    After that, kill a grenade launcher wolf and then collect the burger he 
    drops.  Then go on ot defeat five crocodliles.
    Continue on and avoid all of the projectiles that are fired at you and 
    then kill the moles and spring rabbit that comes from the right.
    Top up your health with the cake and burger dropped.
    Walk up the stairs to open chests and jump off the cliff to the lower 
    platform, kill the homing wolf and open the chest. 
    Proceed onward and kill the two crocodiles to get to the 
    Boss-5 Rock statue
    Keep on punching the legs of  the rock man but don't stay in the same 
    position for too long because fire will rain down on you. Also the rockman may 
    punch you if you get too close so hit and back off. When the rocks become 
    really cracked hit them with a super punch to end this reasonably easy boss.
    Stage 3-2
    walk down the ramp and kill the crocodile on the ramp. 
    At the bottom kill yet another four crocs.
    Collect the flamethrower and use to burn down seven crocodiles and then use it 
    to burn out five moles.
    If you wish you can collect the machine gun instead of the flamethrower. 
    Open the chest and continue.
    You'll be attacked by an unlimited amount of moles so just kill all the 
    ones that get in front of you. Collect the burger and walk up the ramp where 
    you will be attacked by tw dogs and 2 wolves with homing launchers.
    After defeating these walk up the ramp and kill five dogs and two moose. 
    Then replenish health by collecting the burger.
    Jump into the pit to avoid the homing missiles and jump up and kick the three 
    homing launcher wolves.
    Fall into the next trench and jump kick the next set of three homing wolves.
    Kill five dogs and collect the cake, open the chest and look out for moles.
    Then proceed, but look out for the fire that spurts out of the ground. 
    The fire shooting up first will look like a mole emerging. Avoid all the 
    flames and continue until you get to
    Boss-6 Fire Wheel 
    Pick up the water pistol and shoot the wheel as it spins round the area 
    squirt the fire, which will turn to rock. If you avoid the fire and keep 
    shooting the parts of the wheel that are on fire then you'll have no 
    4-1 Brooklyn
    Kill four rhinos, watch out for the tackle that they do and collect the 
    homing launcher.
    Kill one rhino and two skater wolves.
    Continue and kill the nine wolves that come out one after another.
    Use the homing launcherand kill the four grenade wolves sitting on the 
    Collect the burger that the first one drops.
    Avoid or kill the dogs that approach
    One dog and six homing launcher wolves will block your path, so charge 
    up a super punch to kill them all.
    After that one spring rabbit will come from the right so jump kick him 
    or just let him go by.
    A group of four rhinos will attack and once you've defeated them 
    another group of four will follow. Kill them with a charged up punch to kill 
    them all. After that reasonably quick level you'll fight
    Boss-7 Star
    The star will throw out heaps of little stars in any direction but from 
    behind. If you go behind the star and keep hitting it with charged up 
    punches then you'll defeat him easily.
    Stage 4-2 
    Avoid the falling grenades that the wolves at the top of the stairs are 
    throwing at you. 
    Kill 1 rhinos and the kill the 3 grenade launcher wolves
    Then kill 3 dogs, two grenade launcher wolves are on a set of drums, so 
    jump-kick them to kill them. Open the two chests on the ground.
    Collect either the bomb or the machine gun (recommended)
    Kill the three homing launcher wolves and open the chest.
    Then proceed and defeat 4 rhinos, 3 dogs and look out for the 2 grenade 
    launcher wolves on the upper platform.
    Then you will be attacked by six rhinos and as you continue you'll be able see 
    two homing wolves  and five dogs.
    After crushing them three more dogs will appear with a homing wolf. So 
    defeat them and go on forth to fight 2 skater wolves and 7 dogs.
    The go on to kill 4 more wolves, collect a treasure chest and go up the stairs.
    The you'll be attacked by 4 wolves and then 9 more individually after that.
    Pick up the flamethrower and contine to the bomb-man. When he explodes 
    jump over the shrapnel.
    5 more skater wolves will follow and then one spring rabbit.
    Follwed by nine dogs and then, after that you'll have to deal with 6 homing 
    wolves and 3 dogs.
    Another Bombman will appear so just jump over him when he blows up.
    Boss-8 Fireball
    This guy is identical to boss one. No kidding!
    Stage 5- Texas
    Collect the bomb, kill the four moles and the two chilli dogs, but 
    they'll shoot you so when they stop moving be ready to jump over.
    More moles will appear so keep on walking or kill them if they get in 
    your way. Two homing wolves are hiding behind rocks to look out for them and 
    kill them if need be.
    Pick up the rocket launcher and shoot the two chilli dogs, two homingwolves 
    who are hiding in the rocks and two moles that come  after you.
    Jump over the spike pit and kill the 2 homing wolves and three grenade 
    launcher wolves.Go on the lower route and kill the two red Indians that come 
    after you. 
    Look out for the homing missiles.
    Kill the two dogs and look out for another dog that falls out from the 
    upper platform.
    Kill another dog and jump over the fire.
    Look out for the cow as it will suddenly charge at you so be prepared 
    to leap over it.
    Two Wolves, three dogs and two chilli dogs will come at you so charge 
    up a punch to kill them.
    Penguin King
    Avoid all of the other penguins and ice cubes by jumping over them and 
    continually hit the King Penguin the the middle until he dies.  Just 
    keep on avoiding the bad guys that attack from all sides.
    Stage 5-2
    Kill the two grenade launcher wolves and look out for two moles.
    Collect the falmethrower and torch the seven dogs that approach you.
    Five homing wolves will block the path so just trash them all.
    Two dogs will come out and three indians will follow, who are 
    reasonably easy to beat.Five dogs will then appear, followed by three indians
    Four homing wolves are next so defeat them and open the treasure chest 
    that they drop.
    Kill the two grenade launcher wolves and collect the burger.
    Kill two dogs and three Homing launcher wolves
    Kill two homing launcher wolves and one grenade launcher wolf.
    Jump over the pit and kill two Homing launcher wolves and the grenade 
    launcher wolf
    Collect the treasure chest.
    Walk up the ramp and kill the four dogs.
    Kill the three homing wolves and four moles.
    Collect the rocket launcher and kill the four dogs and three cows.
    Kill three more cows to get to
    This boss is the same as the second boss of stage 1.
    Stage 6- Achacha
    Kill 8 dogs and pick up the rock.
    Kill 13 dogsand continue until you see a flamethrower.
    Pick up the flamethrower and kill 13 moose
    One grey mole will appear so kill him with a punch and aviod oncoming 
    homing missiles.
    Fall in the trench and jump and flame the three homing wolves
    Collect the bazooka in the trench and kill all three of the homing 
    Fall in the trench and kill the three other wolves.
    Collect the rocket launcher and kill the twelve skater wolves.
    Walk upstairs and kill the crocodile and the ninja.
    Kill two other crocodiles and another ninja.
    Jump over the first group of mice that charge, one comes from the top 
    and the other attacks the bottom.
    Kill the six chilli dogs and avoid the two ninjas that will appear in a 
    wisp of cloud so hit them when they appear.
    Jump on the platform and killl the three homing wolves.
    Collect the bomb and kill three grenade launcher wolves.
    Walk off the step and kill three more launcher wolves.
    Kill five indians but beware of the fourth one down as it will fire a 
    projectile at you.
    Kill five more indians
    Avoid 19 charging cows, who will appear in sets of three and then on by 
    jumping over them or hittin them with a super punch.
    Kill the grey mole that pops up and jump in the trench to allow the 
    missiles to pass over you.
    Avoid the missiles and jump into the next trench.
    Collect the machine gun and kill three sets of three homing launcher 
    Kill the three grenade launcher wolves and seven spring rabbits.
    Kill six rhinos that approach and avoid more homing missiles.
    Collect the bomb and defeat six pig sumos and three wolves.
    Kill three more sumos and continue, avoiding the homing missiles.
    Eight homing wolves will be in two groups, four on one side and four on 
    the other. Defeat them all
    A group of mice will fill up the whole path so jump over them or 
    perform a super punch.
    Final Boss-Achacha
    A statue will appear that is similar to the rock man in the jungle 
    except that he is now made of metal.
    Achacha will be perched on the bosses hand. Jump and hit Achacha and 
    avoid the attacks by the robot, which moves and breathes fire like the 
    rockman. After hitting him 12 times the robot will collapse and Achacha will 
    begin to run around on the floor.
    He will run through the field to a corner where he will stop and fire 
    projectiles from all sides, which are simple to jump over. When he 
    stops hit him and keep on hitting him until he dies.
    After this he will shrink to a little devil and start to chase you. The 
    best thing is to jump so he runs underneath you, therefore you'll land 
    behind him, so clock him one after this.
    And congratulations, you've just beaten Dynamite Dux.
    Enemy list
    Enemy      Difficulty    
    Dog:        Easy, The dog is slow moving and can be killed with one 
                quick punch easily enough
    Crocodile: Easy, will attack in large groups which may produce a problem but   
    with a charged up punch or a good weapon they will fall easily enough.
    Moose:Easy, this enemy will attack in a group also and will move 
    quite fast,one hit will destroy him so he is nog big deal although in 
    large groups they can be a hazard.
    Wolf: Normal, these enemies tend to be quite fast and will go zipping across 
    the screen in large groups, if many attack at once it may be difficult to 
    attack one while dodging another
    G-Wolf: Normal, will fire a weapon that will attack you form far away, 
    the projectiles are fast but can be dodged easily enough if you follow 
    the shadow of the grenade on the floor.
    Mice: Hard, these mice will run across the screen at breakneck 
    speed and can catch you off guard sometimes they can be in large or 
    multiple groups that make them very hard to avoid.
    Rabbit:Normal, these enemies are fairly big and go at a medium speed. They 
    also have no special attacks so just punch them if they jump into you
    H-Wolf:Hard, these will fire homing missles at you which are 
    fairly hard to dodge, jump over the missiles and hit them but they attack in 
    groups so you may have four missiles coming at you at once.
    Mole:Hard, since they travel underground it is very difficult to 
    follow them, they may pop near you making it hard for you judge there 
    whereabouts. Kill them as quick as you can.
    Pig: Hard, at first they are slow and leave themslves open for attack but when 
    you hit them they'll charge without warning which will do a lot of 
    Ninja:Hard, will appear in front of you without warning and 
    vanish again quickly.  
    Rhino: Hard, they will walk forward and jump into you, althouhg 
    when alone they are normal but they attack in large groups which makes it 
    harder to conquer them all.
    Bombs:Normal, they flash to indicate when they are going to 
    explode and throw shrapnel in every direction so just jump over them when they 
    come close.
    Chilli dog:  Normal, these attack in groups and fire very fast 
    projectiles without any warning.To defeat them use a jump kick to avoid 
    getting shot
    Indians:Hard, they run past you at high speed without warning 
    giving you little time to get out of the way. A quick hit will stop them though
    Cows: Hard, they seem docile at first and will move around  
    slowly but as you go near them they will charge at you with extreme speed 
    without warning. Jump kicking them is the best option.     
    Bosses:For full boss descriptions and tactics look at their respective areas 
    in the FAQ
    Weapon guide
    Bomb: effective throwing weapon which can do damage to those who are 
    close to it's explosion
    Double Bomb: Does twice the normal damage of a regular bomb
    Water Pistol: puts out fires and kills fire type enemies
    Tommy Gun: Rapid firing machine gun that kills anything in its path
    Rocket Launcher: Fires slow yet powerful projectiles that do impeccable 
    damage on enemies
    Homing Launcher: Similar to the previous weapon although it locks on to 
    Homing Gun: Fires a set of three blue balls that lock onto enemies and 
    kill them in a shot
    Flamethrower: Great weapon that sweeps large amount of enemies off the 
    This was my guide for Dynamite Dux. Pointless yet fun!
    Thanks go to:
    CJayC: for putting the FAQ up.
    Everyone at the RCB!
    Sega, for making one cool game!!
    IGN, for the FAQ format
    This FAQ Copyright David Wilson June 2004

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