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"The case of....a mistaken identity?"

Now for this review, I want you to close your eyes and imagine. Let's go back to 1939. Video games weren't around at that time, so pinball machines were the rage. Now it's 1991 and we re-enact the events that happened in "64th Street: A Detective Story."

GAME PLAY: Rick is the private detective and owner of his agency and his partner, Allen investigate the kidnapping of a daughter. together, they fight crime with the use of placing ads in the newspaper and other media. The internet wasn't around at that time, IMHO. Anyways, we get to the game, and Rick is in the blue jacket with tie, and Allen wears the hat. The game spans from the streets to the blimp. If that wasn't enough, there are weapons to beat them up faster. However, the annoyance happens once you start to play within the first few minutes.

GRAPHICS: OK, so it's 1939, but why are the enemies dressed from another time zone? Maybe I'll never know. When you get to the next part of the stage, you get this whoosh graphic to continue with the game. During the blimp and the subway stages, the background scrolls over & over like some Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Sometimes, the enemies have their own look & feel. Confusing, isn't it? Whenever you throw an enemy, you send them to the water for a swim or into the windows of the blimp or the subway to get violent.

SOUND: The music can get repetitive once in a blue moon, but only the first stage fits the tone of the game. Everything else comes from another time zone like the graphics I just covered. Also, there is a loud shriek noise when you pick up an energy item or a weapon, and you can hear some grunts, but when you throw, you say "Dang!" with an echo. Very annoying.

REPLAY VALUE: Obviously, Yes. When your lives are gone, you start from wherever you last died. And I say, ain't no other game has the continue feature.

OVERALL PRESENTATION: When Jaleco garnered a bunch of people to make the game work, it would make a lot of money to become a hit, but unfortunately, it becomes more of a Final Fight ripoff. Way more of it, no less. I hereby declare this game guilty for not trying to act like it's 1939 and not 1991. Case closed.

Score: 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/22/09

Game Release: 64th Street: A Detective Story (US, 12/31/91)

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