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"Useless game ever"

64th Street was created by Jaleco (now they're defunct, if I'm not mistaken from the video game scene)for the Arcades in 1991 in response to Capcom's Final Fight which came out of the Arcade console and was slowly gaining popularity. I already played this game on the emulator and this was just a very bad, bad, bad game. The ending was the best thing, but the gameplay of it wasn't the best thing there.


It starts during the 1930's in the USA. Rick is a private detective and Allen is his partner working in the Rick Detective Agency. A rich businessman comes to his office one day and informs them about what happened to his own kidnapped daughter after the police came out clueless about her whereabouts. Inside the letter, the kidnappers demanded a huge amount of money for her own safety or else something would happen to her. During the analysis of the ransom letter, Rick noticed something similar between the ransom letter and some classified ads. Rick and Allen found out that there are hidden messages regarding the disappearances of certain people that are happening around the city. Being aware at this, they decide to investigate. As they leave, they were mysteriously attacked by unknown thugs. With this, they realize now that a mysterious syndicate was ready to eliminate them before they invade their hideout.


Has a control stick to move Rick or Allen around the screen and buttons for you to attack the enemy and jump. They can also utilize their own special techniques by combining the buttons that are used. But, they'll lower the energy meter until you'll have a sliver of energy left for you to take on the baddies in 1930's USA. As usual, conserve them as much as possible and unleash them on the bosses.


Audio and the video for this game is not good. I didn't like the music and the video. The graphics and the sounds are not good. I didn't really understand why the music and the graphics was used. The music is not nice and as for the graphics, it sucks.


DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT EVER EVER EVER play this game ever again if you see this in an arcade establishment, unless you're ready to waste all of your money and all of the coins of that establishment. Nobody should ever play this.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/02/02, Updated 04/02/03

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