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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ENAY

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/22/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ================= Crime Fighters : FAQ V1.0 =================
    A FAQ by ENAY
    V1.0 Feb/05th/1998 - Finished Crime Fighters FAQ
    V2.0 June/22nd/2001 - Complete rewrite
    This document is Copyrighted 2001 ENAY.
    Crime Fighters is a trademark of Konami (c)1989
    1.0 GAME INFO
    2.0 CONTROLS
      2.2 HOW TO FIGHT
        2.2.1 PUNCHING
        2.2.2 KICKING
        2.2.3 BACK KICKING
        2.2.4 JUMPING ATTACKS
        2.3.1 SWITCHBLADES
        2.3.2 DRAINPIPES
        2.3.3 GUNS
      3.1 REGULAR
        3.1.1 PUNKS
        3.1.2 COOL PUNKS
        3.1.3 COCKY PUNKS
        3.1.4 LARGE BLACK GUYS
        3.1.5 BOXERS
        3.1.6 GUN MEN
        3.1.7 NINJAS
        3.1.8 WOMEN
        3.1.9 BIKERS
        3.1.10 DOGS
        3.1.11 GAY DOGS
        3.1.12 GAY SAILORS
      3.2 BOSSES
        3.2.1 LEVEL 1 : MACE SWINGER
        3.2.2 LEVEL 2 : AXE WIELDER
        3.2.3 LEVEL 3 : MAD BIKER
        3.2.4 LEVEL 4 : CHAINSAW MANIAC
        3.2.5 LEVEL 5 : FREDDY
        3.2.6 LEVEL 6 : GIANT BOXER
        3.2.7 LEVEL 7 : ARMY GENERAL
    4.0 LEVELS
      4.1 LEVEL 1
      4.2 LEVEL 2
      4.3 LEVEL 3
      4.4 LEVEL 4
      4.5 LEVEL 5
      4.6 LEVEL 6
      4.7 LEVEL 7
      4.8 LEVEL 8
      4.9 BONUS ROUND
    6.0 WALKTHRU
      6.1 LEVEL 1
      6.2 LEVEL 2
      6.3 LEVEL 3
      6.4 LEVEL 4
      6.5 LEVEL 5
      6.6 LEVEL 6
      6.7 LEVEL 7
      6.8 LEVEL 8
      6.9 BONUS ROUND
      7.1 PCB TYPES
        7.2.1 COIN SWITCH NO 1
        7.2.2 COIN SWITCH NO 2
        7.2.3 COIN SWITCH NO 3
      7.3 ENERGY BARS
      7.4 SCORE
    8.0 HUMOUR
      8.1 LEVEL 1
      8.2 LEVEL 2
      8.3 LEVEL 3
      8.4 LEVEL 4
      8.5 LEVEL 5
      8.6 LEVEL 6
      8.7 LEVEL 7
      8.8 LEVEL 8
      8.9 BONUS ROUND
      9.1 GREEN VISION
      9.3 BOUNCE
      9.5 BOSS DANCE
    1.0 GAME INFO
    Title:   Crimefighters
    Format:  Arcade
    Intro: Crimefighters is a scrolling beat-em-up for 1 to 4
    Prepare for the most pointlessly indepth FAQ of this game ever.
    The story revolves around a mysterious bloke only named as
    "fat toad" as told on the introduction credits.
    Many girls have been kidnapped byhim and you must save them.
    When you insert a credit and press start a picture of a
    table appears with a large gun in the top right hand corner.
    There are photographs of young girls scattered on the table
    and as more start to appear a pair of hands set fire to a
    picture of a man
    Whilst all this is going on it also explains your mission.
    	   AT IT!
    Basically it's just an excuse for you to go and beat up some
    2.0 CONTROLS
    Crimefighters using a 4 way joystick with three buttons.
    You can move in eight directions using the joystick and attack
    with three buttons.
    The first button punches, the second kicks and the third back
    kicks. Pressing the kick and punch buttons together executes a
    flying knee and pressing both those buttons with left or right
    executes a flying kick in that direction.
    2.2 --HOW TO FIGHT--
    2.2.1 PUNCHING
    Punching is most effective on weaker enemies and is the best
    attack method to use most of the time. When you are punching
    you execute randomly either a face blow or a stomach blow.
    Depending on which of these blows hits an enemy first your
    character will execute a second similar blow with the opposite
    hand and on the third hit you will execute one of three moves:-
    1. A large uppercut knocking your opponent a fair distance away.
    2. A doublehanded hammer smash on the back of the head knocking
       your opponent down to the ground right next to your
    3. A shoulder throw hurtling your opponent behind you a big distance.
       (Only works on some enemies)
    If you press punch when you see a switchblade, drainpipe or gun
    on the floor whilst stood over that weapon you pick it up and
    punching again uses that weapon.
    2.2.2 KICKING
    When you are kicking you only have one type and when you execute
    two in quick succession the third will either be:-
    1. A spinning roundhouse kick knocking your opponent to the ground.
    2. A shin kick tripping your opponent up onto the ground.
    3. A big boot kicking your opponent very far away.
       (Distance depending on enemy)
    _____________________________________________________________ FLOOR KICKING
    If you start kicking next to an opponent laying on the ground
    you will start repeatedly kicking them. On the first level it'll
    highlight this feature to you with a big sign saying "Kick".
    Although the forward kicks have a long range I wouldn't
    recommend using them on most enemies because they are slow.
    _____________________________________________________________ GRAPPLE
    If you are kicking an enemy whilst standing close chances
    are you will suddenly grab them and start kneeing them in the head.
    (Only works on certain enemies)
    If you keep on pressing kick you will knee your opponent in the
    head twice then you will execute one of two moves:-
    1. A jumping knee on the spot whilst still grasping your enemy
       which will knock them a slight distance away to the ground.
    2. A swift knee into your opponents private parts sending your
       opponent jumping away in writhing agony.
      (This move does not knock your opponent down and doesn't work
       on large guys. Not surprisingly this move doesn't work on
       women, in fact you can't grab them at all)
    I would recommend only using this grappling technique on stunned
    2.2.3 BACK KICKING
    First you must face the opposite direction of your opponent
    and then press the back kick button to kick at your enemy. There
    is only one type of back kick and after two hits a backward
    roundhouse kick is executed.
    Back kicking is very effective against most enemies, especially
    large ones.
    There are two types of jumping attack.
    Both of these moves are very similar but both inflict very
    little damage. They are best used to knock down big opponents
    and ninja's for kicking whilst floored.
    ____________________________________________________________ FLYING KICK
    A flying kick knocks your opponent far away and to do it you
    must press punch and kick at the same time with either or left
    or right pressed. The move will send your opponent flying.
    ____________________________________________________________ FLYING KNEE
    The flying knee is similar to the flying kick except that it does
    not let you jump as far. The knee is also better at close range
    However, both need to be timed just right and at first are quite
    easy to miss.
    The flying kick is best used for distant enemies whilst the knee
    is best for close range.
    Pressing punch when standing on top of a weapon allows you
    to pick it up. If you are carrying a weapon one hit from
    anybody and you will lose it.
    This weapon is everywhere, a lot of enemies have them and
    leave one behind when they die. Unfortunately when you
    pick one up you have to swing it around a bit to flick the
    blade out and you are left vulnerable, an enemy close can
    easily knock it out of your hands and then you lose it
    before you've had a chance to even use it. It is best to
    lure the enemies away from the blade then quickly run
    towards it and pick up.
    The switchblades are quite effective, it will knock an
    enemy down straight away but has a very short range and
    precision timing is needed. However it is still a good
    weapon and can get the job done in many levels.
    Switchblades can be found on every Level except for the
    Bonus Round.
    2.3.2 DRAINPIPES
    No beat-em-up would be complete without the classic drainpipe.
    They can be obtained only from punks. The drainpipe has a
    long range and can be an effective weapon even for a novice.
    Precision is not needed as much with this weapon as with the
    switchblade but it is still possible to lose it. If you are
    very close to the enemy you will swing the pipe into the
    opponents face instead of the regular swing.
    Drainpipes are on Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8.
    2.3.3 GUNS
    Guns can be collected when you killed a gun man. When you
    have the gun you can shoot at enemies at the other end of
    the screen. When firing continuously at an enemy the first
    two shots hurt the enemy but the first acts as a killer blow
    which will knock them down onto the floor.
    If you walk up to a floored enemy you can shoot them but
    becareful because if they get up they will very likely hit
    the gun out of your hands. It is often too risky to shoot at
    floored enemies.
    During the game it is best to scroll the screen then run
    away as far as possible and shoot every enemy from a great
    On the 4 player version of the game the gun has a limited
    number of bullets. On the 2 player version the gun
    has infinite.
    Guns can be found on Levels 2, 3, 6 and 8.
    3.1 REGULAR
    ( All the of the names I madeup myself
     NB All statistics are taken from the 2
     player Japanese version.
     They differ slightly from each board. )
    3.1.1 PUNKS
    These guys either come in green or blue suits.
    These guys are pretty easy although the green ones sometimes
    carry Drainpipes and can be quite difficult, if they whack you
    down don't repeatedly press the buttons because you will get
    up as quickly as possible because you will be instantly whacked
    down again.
    Back Kicks and Flying attacks followed by Repeated Kicks are
    probably the best technique for Drain Pipe punks. You can use
    any other moves for killing regular punks although I wouldn't
    recommend using forward kicks.
    Punks are on every Level.
    Drainpipe Punks are on Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8
    3.1.2 COOL PUNKS
    This punk thinks he is cool and styles his hair where ever he
    walks and is quite a slow attacker, he is quite easy to defeat
    and comes in two varieties,
    Blonde hair, Blue Jeans and Green hair, Grey Jeans.
    Any attacking methods except for forward kicks should be used
    to defeat this guy. When you kill him he will leave behind
    a switchblade.
    Cool Punks are on Levels 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7
    3.1.3 COCKY PUNKS
    This guy juggles his switchblade where ever he walks about and
    has very fast swipes with it when he gets in close.
    Use Back Kicks, Flying Attacks followed by Kicks or repeated
    Punching to defeat this guy.
    But be aware that this guy is quite agile and can sometimes
    stab you through your punches, use Back Kicks if unsure or on
    low energy.
    This guy is either dressed in a Grey or Black suit and will
    leave behind a switchblade when defeated.
    Cocky Punks are on Levels 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7
    These guys are larger than the average enemy and come in two
    varieties, one has Grey jeans and a White t-shirt and the other
    has Red Jeans and a Grey T-Shirt (Which is also the costume
    colour scheme for Player 2).
    These guys have the annoying ability to grab you and
    throw you about in the middle of you hitting them and also
    kick and punch you down with ease.
    _____________________________________________________________ GREY
    For the Grey Guy it is best to Back Kick or Flying Attack him
    down and kick him on the floor. Both these guys have quite a
    lot of energy.
    Grey Large Black Guys are on Levels 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8
    _____________________________________________________________ RED
    The Red guy however is by far the most annoying and difficult
    enemy in the entire game. When you are not close to him he will
    charge you down. He is hard enough to defeat on his own but
    when you are fighting any other enemies he can be very annoying
    He will aalways interrupt your combat with any other enemies.
    It is best to play the game a lot and get to know where abouts
    these guys will appear and dispose of the enemies first so you
    can fight him alone. They are not too hard on their own or if
    you have a gun or drain pipe.
    Otherwise it is best to run as far away as possible from him
    and time a flying kick or knee to hit him while he is running
    at you and then give him as many kicks as possible whilst he is
    floored. In close they fight like a Grey Guy but sometimes
    charge you down anyway so hand to hand combat is not recommended
    unless you have a weapon or have tons of energy to spare.
    Red Large Black Guys Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
    3.1.5 BOXERS
    This guy walks around with his fists close to his face and wears
    Red or Green Jeans.
    This guy can easily knock you down at close range and can whack
    you right up to the top of the screen with one swipe and if they
    do this on the fifth level you can get fried on the electric signs.
    They also have a mean kick and punch. And can grasp you into a
    throw and sometimes they will grab you in a head lock in which
    you must repeatedly press the buttons and wiggle the joystick
    as fast as you can to break free.
    Use back kicks and kick on the floor to defeat.
    Boxers are on Levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8
    Red Boxers are on Level 2
    Green Boxers are on Levels 3, 4, 5 and 8
    3.1.6 GUN MEN
    These guys are quite easy to defeat, they take ages to shoot
    and you can see them aiming at you a mile off. They're only a real
    threat to you if there are many other enemies on screen at once.
    When you are fighting other enemies you have to keep moving
    as he will keep getting an aim on you. Any technique can be used
    on this guy because when you get close to him he won't do much.
    He's so weak that you can even use forward kicks against him.
    I highly recommend doing so if he is the only enemy on screen.
    When this guy is dead he will leave behind a gun. He has only
    one suit in which he wears a grey jacket.
    Gun men are on Levels 2, 3, 6 and 8
    3.1.7 NINJAS
    These ninjas are extremely tough and are almost impossible to
    knock down in hand to hand combat, he will either trip you up
    and try to jump on you or will jump out of the way. His
    combinational blows are are very damaging also.
    Flying attacks and repeated floor kicking would be the best
    technique to use. For the expert player it is possible to catch
    a ninja as he lands from a jump and knee him in the head. With
    practice this can be done with ease. These ninjas are either
    dressed in Black, Red and Purple.
    Ninjas are on Levels 5, 6, 7 and 8
    Black Ninjas are on Level 5
    Red Ninjas are on Level 7
    Purple Ninjas are on Levels 6 and 8
    3.1.8 WOMEN
    These kinky dressed women unleash a devasting whip. They can
    be difficult if they are too close to you and they can whip
    you while you are on the floor. These women have a lot of
    energy but are not too hard if you get in the first blow.
    These women come in one color, a Red and Black
    leather outfit.
    These women are on Levels 5 and 8.
    3.1.9 BIKERS
    These guys at set positions in the game drive in from the right
    and run you over and throw some dynamite at you, just make sure
    you don't stand still when they come on and don't go back through
    the same area that you have just run from.
    Keep moving whilst the dynmite is on screen otherwise it will hit
    and make sure you don't stand still.
    These guys only have one costume which is a regular biker
    uniform. They look similar to the 3rd Level
    Boss and they do not get off their bikes to fight.
    Bikers are on Levels 3 and 7
    3.1.10 DOGS
    These dogs either jump at you or eat at your leg.
    If they jump at you then you can can forward kick them in mid
    air killing them , back kick them in mid air stunning them or
    hitting them with a weapon killing them in mid air. It is
    probably best to move up or down so they approach you from a
    diagonal so you can kick on the floor with forward kick.
    On level 8 you can shoot them in mid air and on the floor.
    They're not too difficult to handle unless there are other
    enemies to fight with as well.
    Dogs are on Levels 7 and 8
    3.1.11 GAY DOGS (Japanese Version Only)
    For starters this enemy is very strange. These dogs walk on
    the screen wagging their tails and panting with their tongues
    and attempt to lick you to death and jump your leg.
    They're very annoying and difficult to kill when they come on.
    Especially since the only time they are on the game they are
    accompanied by a Charging Big Red Guy.
    Forward kick them when they close but only give them one kick
    at a time otherwise they will get a hold of you.
    Gay dogs are only on Level 7.
    3.1.12 GAY SAILORS (Japanese Version Only)
    These guys were taken out of any other version of the game
    obviously because it would have offended gay people.
    This guy walks about the screen in a sailors outfit and
    occassionaly mimics pelvip thrusts.
    He will walk up to you and try to toungue you to death
    so you must press the buttons repeatedly to shrug him off.
    This guy is quite weak but it isn't advised to use hand to
    hand combat with him because whilst you are attacking he will
    continuously move up to you and grab you every time
    Flying kick him or whack him with a weapon or, then kick him on
    the floor.
    Most people will never have to face him.
    Gay people are found on Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
    3.2 BOSSES
    (All the of the names I madeup myself)
    3.2.1 LEVEL 1 : MACE SWINGER
    This guy will walk out of the train with a totally mad hair
    punk rocker hair style and when he is standing near to you
    he will start to swing his mace and he will swing faster
    and faster until he gets exhausted. He will very rarely hit
    you because once he starts to swing he never moves in close.
    Patience is the key here.
    Wait till he gets tired and the give him a few blows. When
    he starts to move run away and repeat the process when he
    gets tired again.
    3.2.2 LEVEL 2 : AXE WIELDER
    Quickly run in front of this guys face and let him swing at
    you, if he is diagonally away from you just move straight up
    or down past his face and he'll take a swing at you but you'll
    have walked past him. Use this technique until he gets his axe
    stuck in the train then give him a few smacks, preferabbly from
    behing. Then run away and repeat the process.
    If you have a gun then just shoot at him and when he gets
    close to you let him get his axe stuck and run across to the
    other side of the train and start to shoot him again.
    It is possible if you are fast enough on the punch button to
    just repeatedly punch him to death. This is also possible on
    most other bosses.
    (To see this in action look at the demo where Player 1 fights
    in the "Bosses Strike Back BONUS ROUND", the Level 2 and 5 bosses
    are killed with repeated Punching before the demo ends.)
    3.2.3 LEVEL 3 : MAD BIKER
    This guy is about as difficult as the previous boss except he
    can't get his weapon stuck anywhere, shoot him if you have
    a gun or use a weapon, otherwise repeated punching should
    kill him.
    If you do get knocked down by his chain it is possible to
    get out of the way of another attack as soon as you get up
    by repeatedly pressing the buttons and holding down a
    direction to run away to. Otherwise you'll be instantly be
    bashed onto the floor again.
    3.2.4 LEVEL 4 : Chainsaw Maniac
    This guy is pretty hard, hopefully you should have a drainpipe
    or a knife, let him walk up too you and quickly hit him with
    a weapon once and run away and repeat this process about 7
    or 8 times to kill him. If you have no weapon dive in front
    of him similar to the second level boss and when he swings
    he should swing very slowly allowing you to run behind
    him and give him a few smacks. Make sure you down run behind
    him when he unleashes a mid chainsaw attack because you won't
    have enough time to get there. You can use this method with
    a weapon if you want to. Don't try to stab him more than once
    because you'll miss.
    3.2.5 LEVEL 5 : Freddy
    This guy look like Freddy out of the Nightmare on Elm Street film
    and he attempts to claw you down with his deadly fingers.
    This guy is not too hard if you use repeated punches techniuq,
    use techniques similar to the third level boss. Unfortunately no
    guns or drain pipes on this level make this boss slightly
    harder. Get a switchblade and use the single stab and run away
    technique used as decribed on the fourth level boss except
    just make him walk up to you and stab him, dont let him approach
    from a diagonal because he might get too close to hit.
    The heardest part of this boss is that he is accompanied by
    one or two ninjas. Kill the ninjas first if you can with knives
    before tackling the boss.
    3.2.6 LEVEL 6 : Giant Boxer
    Definitely make sure you have a weapon with this boss as he
    has one of the fastest swipes in the whole game.
    You will most certainly love a life is you have no weapons.
    Make sure you have a weapon, either to shoot him down or
    get a drainpipe or switchblade and use the stab and run
    technique, but be warned it can be very easy to lose your
    weapon due to his high speed swipes. Get him to approach you
    from a horizontal position rather than a diagonal because
    chances are he will be too close and punch you first. If
    you do lose your weapon get him to approach you and give
    him a single back kick and run away quickly. Repeat this
    tedious process until he becomes stunned, then move in for
    the kill.
    Just make sure you don't lose your gun on this level and
    you'll be OK.
    3.2.7 LEVEL 7 : Army General
    This guy has very fast swipes with his knife and there are no
    guns or drainpipes on this level. Use the stab and run
    technique with a switchblade and get the boss to approach
    you from a horizontal position. Don't try to stab him or
    any other boss more than once otherwise you are risking
    being hit.
    If you do lose your weapon on this boss punches are recommended
    to use. Stand right at the bottom of the screen and punch him
    there as sometimes while you're hitting him he might wobble about
    and if you miss a punch he will most certainly move back into
    your range and stab you.
    If you do get knocked down don't repeatedly press the buttons
    or you'll never get up as he will stab you straight away.
    Instead press up or down and do not touch the buttons.
    You should also use the single back kick technique as
    described in the previous boss if there are no switchblades
    3.2.8 LEVEL 8 : Syndicate hitmen and Fat Toad
    The syndicate bosses are very difficult, sometimes there are
    two of them. Depending on the amount of players and/or the
    difficulty setting.
    They will get out of the back seat of the car and attack you.
    They have the annoying ability to just throw you no matter
    what you were doing and they
    also have a gun which you can't knock out of their hands.
    Hand to hand combat must be avoided but if you must then the
    single back kick technique should be used. You should
    hopefully have a gun in which you use very carefully
    when firing. Usually there are other enemies on the screen
    and if you are shooting them and the bosses are behind they
    will shoot you whilst you are shooting the other enemies so
    it is best to run around and only shoot when you are not in
    danger of being shot by anyone else.
    When you kill these guys the fat toad should get out of the
    back seat of the car and throw you the key to unlock the jail
    cell for the girls in the background.
    Don't just stand there and forgive him when he begs for
    forgiveness and don't get the key because he will get out a
    machine gun and blast everywhere and there is no escape, he
    will even blast holes in his car. If he kills you and you
    lose all your lives then it is game over and the game
    will not let you continue. Run up to him and knock him down,
    then get the key if you wish but it isn't essential. When you
    knock him down ignore his begs for mercy and repeatedly
    kick or shoot him.
    4.0 LEVELS
    There are 8 levels and a bonus round to this game.
    4.1 LEVEL 1
    This level starts on a subway, if you look at the background
    it shows you an office where you could buy a train ticket,
    when you proceed you must proceed through a turnstile where
    there is a billboard. Watch out as it will fall on your head
    The first few couple of enemies that fall down have an arrow
    prompting for you to give them a good kicking. Make sure you
    do so. Also in the background is an advertisement showing
    the "fat toad". Progression a bit further into the level
    reveals a railway and the boarding platform that you must
    fight on.
    Eventually at the end of the level a train pulls up and
    out steps the boss. The train will then go on its journey
    after the boss has stepped off it and once the boss is dead
    another train will pull up and in you get to Level 2.
    4.2 LEVEL 2
    On the train you must proceed to the front and encounter the
    boss, the must pass through the vandalised carriages to get
    to the front carriage.
    The first half of the level shows you in the subway and once
    get halfway through the second carriage the background
    changes to a city. When the boss is killed the train stops
    and off you get onto Level 3.
    4.3 LEVEL 3
    In the town you must proceed to the right down the high
    street passing fire hydrants, telephone boxes, shops,
    cinemas and an exotic dancing club, becareful of punks
    as they have a nasty habit of jumping out of shop windows.
    When you are halfway through the level gun guys start
    appearing, get onto the pavement otherwise bikers will run
    you over and watch out for when they throw fire bombs.
    At the end of the street corner there are lots of motorbikes
    and one of them is stood there having a drink of alcohol.
    He suddenly gets angry for no particular reason and he
    becomes the boss. Kill him and then you can proceed through
    the bikers turf into Level 4.
    4.4 LEVEL 4
    This level is a building site, massive girders sometimes block
    your vision so scroll the screen around to find a good spot to
    fight in.
    At the beginning of the level becareful of the steam rollers
    that are passing by, stand right at the top to avoid all three.
    Halfway through the level you cross a bridge and at the end the
    boss comes down on a lift wielding a chainsaw.
    This guy is tough to beat but once you kill him and then I
    presume that you go up on his lift to Level 5.
    4.5 LEVEL 5
    Here you are fighting on the top of a building, that is
    why I think on the previous level you go up on a lift.
    As soon as you start becareful of the big billboard
    otherwise you will be electrocuted, also becareful of
    the green boxers because they can whack you right into
    the sign and that is even worse.
    After you've progressed past a bridge and many other
    billboards you will encounter the boss who thinks he is
    Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street Films, he is a
    bit of a hunchback and he has knives on the ends of his
    fingers. After you have killed him you proceed down the
    steps on the right to Level 6.
    4.6 LEVEL 6
    Once you've gone down the steps you arrive in a back alley
    where some drunken tramps are laying around. Proceed down
    this street to the Boss who
    thinks he's some sort of professional boxer, this boss is
    very difficult to kill, make sure you have a gun to kill him
    Avoid the poster with the big lips two thirds of the way
    through the level otherwise you'll lose your gun. Although
    not dangerous look out for the three
    mice running across the pavement, one of them has a pink
    bracelet. Once you've killed this boss you proceed to Level 7.
    4.7 LEVEL 7
    On this level you are on the harbour, with warehouses in the
    background, a thin bridge is slightly ahead and then you are
    on a big road, don't stand in the middle of the road because
    there are bikers on this level and they will run you over.
    Don't worry you can't fall into the water.
    At the end of this level a Boss will emerge out of the
    warehouse, this Army General is armed with a knife.
    Once this guy is dead you proceed into the warehouse to the
    right where the boss emerged from.
    4.8 LEVEL 8
    Inside this warehouse is where all the women are being held
    captive. Becareful of the boxes at the top of the screen at
    the beginning of the level, as soon as you walk underneath
    them they will crush you so stay at the bottom.
    Walking right you pass conveyor belts and boxes until at the
    end of the level. there is a big jail cell where the girls
    are being held hostage.
    A car suddenly pulls up and a couple of large syndicate
    bosses emerge from the car, amount of guys depends on the
    difficulty level and or the amount of players.
    Kill the bosses then it's Game Complete.
    4.9 BONUS ROUND:- The Bosses Strike Back
    After the ending credits the hardest level of the game
    emerges, you must fight all of the bosses at once which as
    you can imagine is very hard and there are no weapons either.
    To most people this is not a bonus round at all. The
    background is from Level 6 but with no tramps in the background.
    Every boss you kill an is replaced with a normal enemy
    from the game and once you have killed a few of them the last
    boss comes on. At any one time there are always 7 enemies
    to fight.
    Yes it's true. I find it unbelievable that Konami has let this
    bug in the game pass. It is a shame that you need to be good
    at the game to get the cheat working.
    This cheat is activated by completing the game twice in a row.
    There are not any extra codes or commands you need to type in.
    You only need to complete it twice.
    This may sound difficult but after reading my WALKTHRU you should
    be able to do it in about 2 credits. This cost me 40p when I
    used to do it. The bit in the game where I lose my lives is
    when the bosses strike back. Once you've completed the game
    once it is all downhill from there.
    On the second time round you can cheat on the entire game by
    carrying your gun to the next level. See the next section.
    When you've completed the game twice it will show the ending
    credits as usual and then it will say "GAME OVER". As soon as
    your score has been put on the highscore table it will say
    "PRESS START" at every player and once you do so the "CREDIT 0"
    at the top of the screen will change to "CREDIT" and hey
    presto infinite credits.
    It isn't a true "FREEPLAY" as when you turn it onto "FREEPLAY"
    it says "FREEPLAY" at the top of the screen.
    You may think after all this effort what is the point, you have
    just played the game for over an hour and you may feel tired
    of playing it again.
    It depends on how much you like the game. You must like the game
    a fair bit since you're reading through this FAQ.
    I used to go the arcade where I played it at about 09:00 when
    it opened I'd turn it onto "FREEPLAY" by about 10:00, it was
    then on "FREE PLAY" until 23:30pm.
    Plenty of time to come back later and have another go. I found
    it enjoyable watching people playing it. Even the little kids
    who patrol the arcades and pressing all the buttons didn't
    believe that they were playing the game.
    One time when it wasn't in use a guy walked up to it and stared
    at the screen for ages, all it says is "PRESS START" and he
    just walked off.
    Here are some fun things you can do while the game is in this
    1. Obviously play the game as much as you want until the machine
       is turned off.
    2. If you have a mate with you play together and act really
       agressively on him/her. Smack each other for a laugh, have a
       big fight. Have a tournment with your mates. Have a good luagh.
       After all it's free.
    3. Invite a stranger who happens to watching to play with you.
       Play with or against the person. I doubt they'd care since they
       will think it is your money that they are wasting.
    4. Use the stunning technique on every enemy you encounter and
       try to get as many people on the screen as possible.
       This is described at section 5.4. I managed to get 10
       enemies on the screen once and just walked about weaving in
       and out of them occasionally giving one of them a few hits,
       I pulled quite a big crowd as they thought I was a
       master of the game not getting hit by so many enemies.
       Little did they know none of them would actually fight back.
    5. Check out the pointless stuff section at 9.0 to find out more
       about other pointless stuff to try out.
    To carry your weapon to the next level you must be playing the
    game through the second time around.
    (After you've completed the bonus round)
    A weapon that you had in your hand just appears with you at the
    beginning of the next level. Simple
    To tell what difficulty setting the game is on you must perform
    two simple tests. There are certain characteristics of the
    game that determine what difficulty setting the game is on.
    There are four difficulty setting on the board altogether.
    These are:-
    Here are a few tests to perform when playing the game:-
    1. Hit down any punk on any level with a Switchblade or Drain Pipe.
       The punk will either die straight away or fall down and require
       an additional kick on the floor to kill him.
       If he dies straight away it is on EASY or NORMAL.
       If he needs an additional kick then it is on DIFFICULT
       This simple test has narrowed it down slightly. It's likely
       that the game is on NORMAL as this is the default facory setting.
    2. Make sure you have a weapon in your hand when the first
       boss appears. Wait for him to get tired of swinging before
       hitting him.
       The boss will take as many hits with the Switchblade or Drain
       Pipe as follows:-
       7 Hits - EASY
       9 Hits - NORMAL
       9 Hits - DIFFICULT
       10 Hits - VERY DIFFICULT
    eg If the first Boss takes 9 Hits with the Switchblade and the
    punks die straight away from a hit of the Switchblade then the
    game is on NORMAL.
    If you keep hitting an enemy but you don't knock them down they
    become stunned.
    That's as long as you don't hit them with an end of combo attack,
    weapon attack or flying attack.
    Then you will notice that the enemy will not fight back, the
    enemy will chase after you as usual but when in range of attack
    he/she will just stand there, on the spot and wobble around a bit.
    This is a successfully stunned enemy.
    With a bit of practice it is possible to knock your enemy down
    and kick them just enough times so they are stunned straight
    away as soon as they next getback up.
    I use this technique near the end of the level so I can carry
    some spare switchblades and pipes with me for the boss.
    If you whack down a punk with a weapon and he doesn't die he
    will get up stunned. This is only works on DIFFICULT and the
    VERY DIFFICULT settings. Stunning any enemy is effective as you
    can play about with them or use them as fighting practice.
    eg Timing Flying Kicks, using forward kicks and their combo's
    and kneeing them in the head with no worry of being hit.
    6.0 WALKTHRU
    This guide is only for the 2 player version.
    The 4 player version sucks so much that it is impossible to
    get very far without dieing because your energy continuously
    depletes. Avoid the 4 player version like the plague.
    General Hints
    It is best to scroll the screen as little as possible so that
    you can dispose of your enemies 1 or 2 at a time. Even on the
    easiest setting the game can be ten times more difficult if
    you scroll the screen as far as possible and then fight your
    enemies. Make sure you don't scroll the screen backwards
    because this can bring more enemies on the screen.
    Just before a big boss stun as many enemies as possible that
    hold weapons, that way if you lose your weapon you can
    retrieve another one from the stunned enemies. Especially on
    the last level as you can keep a spare gun with you for the
    syndicate bosses.
    It should be noted that getting hit by things like steamrollers,
    signs, being squished against a door etc does not make you lose
    health. You only lose your weapon but in some cases losing a
    gun is devastating.
    The trick is to complete each level without losing a life
    because you can get all of your health back on the next level.
    I play this game on the hardest difficulty setting, chances are
    no arcade machine in the world is on this setting so the solution
    is purposely overkill and indepth. Just incase.
    I have written this guide assuming that you are playing the cut
    2 player version of the PCB since this is the most common version.
    I also played the game alone so use extra caution on a 2 player
    game. I have tried to add extra hints to the best of my knowledge
    when I have played the game on a 2 player. Good Luck!
    LEVEL 1
    This level is pretty simple, just make sure you walk above the
    sign that falls onto your head if you have a weapon you want
    to keep.
    LEVEL 2
    This level is also not too difficult except for a few parts.
    Half way through the level a number of big guys should come
    on all together be aware of this bit and as always try not to
    have too many other enemies on screen, just make sure you
    retain the drainpipe from the beginning of this level.
    Otherwise use back kicks.
    The second difficult bit is two thirds of the way through
    the level. A guy with a gun will come on with about 3 or 4
    punks. Be aware of him aiming to fire at you whilst you kill
    the other punk, then kill the guy with the gun. When you
    have the gun scroll the screen and when some enemies come on
    run to the far left of the screen and shoot them. You can if
    you're sneaky run up to a floored enemy and shoot them but it
    is not recommended if you are a novice or if there are any
    other enemies on the screen.
    Beware because the guy can even shoot through the carriage wall
    at you. Luckily you can do the same too.
    Becareful you don't accidentally pick up a switchblade whilst
    shooting. It is easily done, especially if you've been shooting
    enemies behind the scenery.
    LEVEL 3
    On this level proceed up to the part where there are some
    telephone boxes in the middle of the screen. Then scroll the
    screen slowly until the guy with the gun comes on. Don't run
    after him, lure him towards you by walking up and down so he
    moves diagonally towards you. Then kill him, this is because
    very slightly further on is a Charging Red Guy so now you can
    just shoot him. Proceed on until the two punks jump out
    of the shop and be aware of the gun guy(s) that will next
    come on. Don't kill them, if you shoot at any enemy the third
    shot will knock them down. So shoot at the gun guy(s) with two
    shots then pause until the gun guy attempts to shoot back,
    then shoot another two bullets, repeat until the gun guy is
    stunned, do the same if there are two gun guys.
    Then stand on the edge of the pavement right next to the road
    and run right as fast as you can. Loads of bike men will drive
    on in the road and throw dynamite at you, as soon as they throw
    the dyanamite walk up and you should be drawn to the woman in
    the window, which will enable you to be invulnerable.
    The dynamite will hid you but luckily you'll be invulnerable.
    You now have passed all the bikers safely, you can now get your
    gun back also. If you're on a 2 player then both players can
    successfully get a gun. Be warned of the other 3 or 4 enemies
    that will have walked on to the screen though.
    Either kill them first or get the gun first, when killing a
    guy with a gun use back kicks or a flying attack as there is
    nothing more annoying than power booting or throwing the gun
    guy off the screen so the gun is out of reach. You should have
    no problems with the rest of the level providing you have the
    gun. Just make sure to split up on a 2 player game and not
    shoot each other.
    LEVEL 4
    It is very easy to lose a life on this level so be very careful.
    Becareful of massive girders in the way of your vision, move to
    a spot where you can see yourself. There is one guy with a
    drainpipe on this level so when you get it don't lose it.
    Otherwise the rest of the level will be extremely hard to complete.
    When the steam rollers come on just stand at the top of the
    screen to avoid them. Once you have crossed the bridge becareful
    of the Red and Grey Big Black Guys because they come on together
    and there is a massive girder in the way of your fighting view.
    There is also one or two other red guys in the level so be ready
    for them, scroll the screen slowly and run back to a part of the
    screen where you can see what you're doing.
    When the boss comes on a guy with a drainpipe will come on also
    so kill the drainpipe punk whilst the boss is coming down in the
    lift and then use the drainpipe to defeat him. Otherwise use
    the stunned switchblade guys that you should have prepared
    Level 5
    As soon as you come on try to get and retain a switchblade for
    the whole level. Becareful of that sign above you at the
    beginning and don't go too near it or it the electricity will
    tend to jump toward you if you stand too near for too long.
    Scroll the screen slowly as their are a couple of ninjas and
    boxers at the beginning of this level and if you get them on
    the screen all at once then you are in big trouble.
    Use the stab and run technique on everyone. Or use back kicks
    on the boxers away from the signs.
    Stab everyone down and kick them whilst on the floor. If you
    lose your switchblade backkick a switchblade guy and get
    another one as soon as possible, you need to reain as much
    energy as possible for the boss and his ninjas. You really need
    to get past this sign without getting hit to fully ensure you
    won't lose alife. After you've crossed the bridge you will
    face a woman, and then a ninja and a boxer. Beware as a Red
    charging guy might be on this level.
    After you've killed him stun all the switchblade
    guys that come on next. You can then carry about 4 or 5 spare
    switchblades to the boss. Then when the boss comes on with
    his 1 or 2 ninjas use the stab and run technique and avoid
    all the switchblade guys. You can also surround yourself
    with switchblade guys so you can have some privacy from
    the boss when kicking the ninjas.
    The best technique to use here is to try and get as many people
    on the screen before the boss comes on. I've managed to get
    only the boss and one ninja to arrive. There are so many
    switchblades guys on the screen that there is no room for any
    more enemies. You still have to kill them eventually but
    use this to your advantage. Kill the switchblade guys last.
    Level 6
    Firstly get a switchblade and use it on everyone, and get the gun
    from the gun guy that comes on very early. Then shoot your way
    through the level. Two thirds of the way through the level there
    is a poster that will make you lose your gun, so stay at the
    very bottom of the screen or stun the gun guy(s) that you meet
    later in the level and carry them with you, run into the sign
    and retrieve another. Make sure you don't lose your gun and
    you'll be fine on this level.
    Level 7
    A few cool punks come on at the beginning of this level , this
    is another level where it is essential you use back kicks to
    avoid stabs and punches from enemies mounting up so you quite
    a chink of energy. With no guns available you'll need to bring
    together all your best skill to not lose any lives on this level.
    Even I lose a life sometimes during this level.
    Get a switchblade and proceed slowly at all times, when the
    small pathway of the level emerges proceed very slowly as a
    red ninja will come on and adog will come come on very close by.
    If they get on together then you'll lose tons of energy trying
    to rid of them both. Firstly when the ninja comes on go to
    the back of screen and fight the ninja there.
    Then kill the dog, using back kicks as they are the quickest
    and most accurate attack to use. There might be two dogs so
    be careful. Slightly further on is a road and avoid the four
    motor bikes by standing at the far bottom of the screen for
    the first and second and at the far top for the other two.
    A red guy appears halfway thorugh the road section with some
    happy dogs (If Japanese version) so get the running guy to
    charge over to you knock him down then quickly kill the dogs
    whilst he is down. Then you can dispose of him on his own.
    Once you've killed him start to collect a collection of
    switchblade guys and carry them with you, there could be a
    ninja and a red charging guy close together and very near
    the boss so scroll the screen slowly when you see the opening
    the ware house to the right to dispose of each on their own.
    If you get a red charging guy, ninja, a dog and the boss all
    at the same time by scrolling too fast then you can pretty
    much kiss a life or even two goodbye.
    Level 8
    Get the drainpipe at the beginning of this level and then
    also get the gun soon afterwards, quickly shoot the dog that
    comes on straight after you've got your gun while it jumps
    at you, stay at the bottom of the screen to avoid the boxes
    and losing your gun and you should have no problems with the
    rest the level, near the end of the level are lots of stacked
    boxes and then a gap where you can the jail cell. At this
    point is a gun man, stun him and take him with you and fight
    the last boss and you can have a spare gun if you lose your own.
    BONUS ROUND:- The Bosses Strike Back
    Now you must work very hard to get through this level, losing
    lives is inevitable but you will lose less if you follow these
    next hints. Don't kill the first seven bosses that come on,
    stun them.
    If you manage to get 5 or 6 full combinations punches without
    hitting them with a single punch here or there they should be
    stunned without you accidentally killing them. Is you stun all
    7 bosses then you can kill one and fight the rest of the
    enemies seperately reducing the difficulty of this bit.
    If you accidentally kill a boss don't worry, stun the green
    boxer that will come on next.
    But don't kill two guys or a red guy will come on and will be
    very difficult to kill with all the bosses on and you will
    lose tons of lives trying to kill him.
    Firstly stun the weaker bosses from Level 2, 3 and 5. Try to
    position the Level 1 boss on one side so while he's swinging
    you can fight another boss on the other side without fear of
    being surrounded. Always use punches on this bit.
    If you lose a life try to get as many cheap shots against the
    Giant Boxer and Army General while you have some invulnerabilty,
    Having no weapons also increases the difficulty of this bit.
    Once you've stunned all seven kill a boss of your choice and
    then kill each enemy that arrives next. When the syndicate boss
    comes on quickly all of the other bosses so that it is easier
    to fight him one and one. Then try and kill him losing the least
    amount of energy possible. Use kicks or back kicks. Do not use
    flying attacks or forward kicks.
    Levels 1 to 8 the Second Time Around
    Use the techniques previously described on this page except
    you can carry a drainpipe onto Level 2 to make things easier.
    Then carry the gun onto Level 3, Level 4 and basically through
    the rest of the game. Level 4, 5 and 7 will be simple as long
    as you don't lose your gun. Try to get your friend to carry a
    gun if you're working together.
    the current to the next level if you have it in your hands
    when the boss dies, be extra careful when handling your gun
    at the end of the third level as
    you can carry it throughout the fourth and fifth level. Only
    the Humour Aspect:will be of a problem on these levels.
    Be also extra careful when you have your gun on the seventh level
    as dogs can be quick and can catch you unaware and you'll lose
    your gun. On the levels with no guns don't risk shooting guys
    on the floor and becareful of picking up other weapons.
    Also be extra cautious of the steamrollers on Level 4, the big sign
    on Level 5 and the Motorbikes on Level 7 as one slip as you will
    lose your gun again.
    At the end of the eighth level there will be no Bonus Round and
    then you have infinite credits. Well Done!
    7.1 PCB TYPES
    There are four versions of this game, there is a seperate
    board for each version, there are more than 4 but only these
    are only area versions and many of these are the same.
    For instance the USA and UK 2 player version will be the same
    except for the copyright laws.
    There is a japanese version with all the features included
    and that is available in a 4 player or 2 player board version.
    There is an edited and cut version that the rest of the world
    will use and this is also available in a 4 player or 2 player
    board version.
    I own the 2 player japanese version which in my opinion of the
    best of all 4.
    Below are the exact words of some of the instructions to
    Crime Fighters, if you use the information provided below
    you are using it at your own risk. I can not be held
    responsible for any damage that you may cause to your board
    etc etc. Although I do not think you will have any problems
    I just thought I'd make myself clear. All the information
    below is a trademark of Konami
    Play Instructions
    - 1 or 2 players
    - Second Player can join at anytime - Control the player's
    movements/action with the 8-way joystick and three buttons.
    Press PUNCH and KICK buttons simultaneously to make a jump
    - Hit buttons repeatedly to give different techniques.
      You can kick the knocked down enemies as well.
    - Destroy the enemy holding a weapon. Pick up weapon by
      pressing the PUNCH button.
    - You are given 3 lives at the beginning (changeable by DIP
      SWITCH setting). Each life is indicated by LIFE METER.
      The game is over when you have lost all lives.
    - Continuation is available by inserting additional coin(s).
    - There are 8 stages. There is also an extra stage in which
      all the BOSS enemies come back for revenge. After
      completing this stage the game restarts from the first stage.
    Gauntlet can be converted to a Crimefighters PCB.
    Crime Fighter Dip Switch Settings
    0 = Off
    1 = On
    # = shows default factory settings
    7.2.1 COIN SWITCH NO 1
    1. Coin Switch No 1 Settings
      1  2  3  4       Setting
    # 0  0  0  0    1 Coin 1 Play #
      1  0  0  0    1 Coin 2 Play
      0  1  0  0    1 Coin 3 Play
      1  1  0  0    1 Coin 4 Play
      0  0  1  0    1 Coin 5 Play
      1  0  1  0    1 Coin 6 Play
      0  1  1  0    1 Coin 7 Play
      1  1  1  0    1 Coin 1 Play
      0  0  0  1    1 Coin 3 Play
      1  0  0  1    1 Coin 5 Play
      0  1  0  1    1 Coin 1 Play
      1  1  0  1    1 Coin 2 Play
      0  0  1  1    1 Coin 4 Play
      1  0  1  1    1 Coin 1 Play
      0  1  1  1    1 Coin 3 Play
      1  1  1  1      Freeplay
    2. Coin Switch No 2 Settings
      5  6  7  8       Setting
    # 0  0  0  0    1 Coin 1 Play #
      1  0  0  0    1 Coin 2 Play
      0  1  0  0    1 Coin 3 Play
      1  1  0  0    1 Coin 4 Play
      0  0  1  0    1 Coin 5 Play
      1  0  1  0    1 Coin 6 Play
      0  1  1  0    1 Coin 7 Play
      1  1  1  0    1 Coin 1 Play
      0  0  0  1    1 Coin 3 Play
      1  0  0  1    1 Coin 5 Play
      0  1  0  1    1 Coin 1 Play
      1  1  0  1    1 Coin 2 Play
      0  0  1  1    1 Coin 4 Play
      1  0  1  1    1 Coin 1 Play
      0  1  1  1    1 Coin 3 Play
      1  1  1  1      Freeplay
    7.2.2 COIN SWITCH NO 2
    1. The number of player's life
      1  2    		Setting
      0  0    		1 Life
      1  0    		2 Lives
    # 0  1    		3 Lives #
      1  1    		4 Lives
    2. Difficulty of the game
      6  7    		Setting
      0  0    		Easy
    # 1  0    		Normal #
      0  1    		Difficult
      1  1    		Very Difficult
    3. Sound in attractive mode
      8    		Setting
      0    		Sound Off
    # 1    		Sound On #
    SW3, SW4 and SW5 are not used and should be kept off.
    7.2.3 COIN SWITCH NO 3
    1. Video Screen Flip
      1    		Setting
    # 0 			Normal #
      1 			Upside Down
    2. Change of mode
      3    		Setting
    # 0			Game Mode
      1			Test Mode
    SW2 and SW4 are not used and should be kept off.
    On a 2 player version you have lives and energy bars. In each
    life you have 4 pieces of energy. Once you have lost all 4 you
    will die in the next hit.
    Your energy will be replenished at the end of each level.
    On the 4 player version you have numbered health.
    Ridiculously your halth gradually depletes every few seconds
    and even when you get hit you only lose 1 or 2 hit points.
    So basically you are in theory getting hit once every 3 seconds.
    The best technique to employ here is to sprint through the level
    and use punches. Attacking everyone wildly is suprisingly
    the best tactic since you lose so much health doing nothing.
    Also on the 4 player version if there is more than 1 person
    you will be allowed to pointlessly fight each other.
    In this way you can make your credit dissapear even faster.
    The result is that your go lasts for about 2 or 3 minutes.
    Once you are on 1 hit point you will die in the next hit.
    You also can't cheat using the hand gun as it had a limited
    number of bullets.
    In short the 4 player version sucks exponentially compared to
    the 2 player version.
    7.4 SCORE
    Simple this, you score 1 point for every enemy you kill, even
    bosses. Also when you have knocked down the "fat toad" at the
    end of the game you get bonus points for kicking or shooting
    him while he is dead, I would recommend kicking him as it is
    faster than shooting him.
    8.0 HUMOUR
    Konami often tend to add bits of humour into their games and
    Crimefighters is no exception.
    There is something to see on nearly every level and although
    they are funny sometimes it is best to avoid them as they make
    you lose your weapons and if you lose your gun often there are
    no more on the level to get. There is plenty to see on most
    It should be noted again that none of these humourous features
    of the game inflict any damage to the characters health.
    Level 1
    The bank billboard in the middle of the screen saying
    "Are you covered?" showing a topless woman in a bikini will
    break in half and fall on you when you walk underneath it.
    When it lands on you your character will walk out from
    underneath very squashed and after a short time you will
    suddenly grow out of your squished status back into your
    proper size.
    Level 2
    Inside the train all the picture of women are animated. The
    posters on this level do not affect you at all. There are
    three of them altogether:-
    1. The first poster shows you a picture of a woman dressed
       in a bikini relaxing besides a swimming pool occasionally
       taking a sip of her softdrink.
    2. The second poster shows a picture of a womans face
       occasionally winking at you.
    3. The final poster shows the behind of a woman wearing a
       bikini and she occasionally pulls her bikibi out towards
       you to reveal more of her bottom.
    Level 3
    The dancing club at the end of the level shows a woman in the
    window of a door posing for people passing by to see.
    If you get too close your character moves over to the window
    without your consent and will press his face against the window
    and stare at her.
    The woman will turn away in disgust and a guy will come to the
    door and open the door violently and you will be squashed
    against the wall and the door will bounce back and close itself.
    Leaving you flat as a pancake on the wall for a bit and then
    you peel down into a puddle on the pavement.
    You will then suddenly get up and reappear as you was before.
    This is my favourite.
    Level 4
    At the beginning of this level a couple of steam rollers are
    driving past and if you are standing in their way then you get
    squashed as flat as a pancake across the floor.
    Level 5
    The billboards at the beginning of this level will electrocute
    you if you go near them and unobviously they don't kill you.
    It will only damage you if a green boxer whacks you into it.
    Level 6
    There could be two on this level, three mice run past half way
    through the level and one of them is wearing a pink bracelet.
    I don't think this is it but I thought I would mention it anyway.
    The other one is a poster almost at the end of the level.
    It is a dating agency poster and it shows a picture of some
    big lips.
    When you go near it you are drawn towards it and then it gives
    you a good licking and afterwards you fall over.
    Level 7
    I can't seem to find one on this level, I've tried walking
    into the sea but you can't. It might be the gay dogs that
    you must fight on this level.
    If you happen to know what it is please contact me
    at enay@polplex.co.uk and inform me what it is.
    Level 8
    At the beginning of this level there are some boxes at the top
    of the screen hovering above you, if you walk underneath they
    will be dropped on you and taken away vertically upwards. You
    will walk away squished similar to as on the first Level.
    BONUS ROUND:- The Bosses Strike Back
    There isn't one on this level and I'm not surprised because
    you can't move very far and it is a bonus round.
    It's basically just Level 6 anyway.
    This is where I have found out loads of pointless things about
    the game that are of no importance what so ever but I think
    are worth mentioning for you try out. Especially when you have
    turned the game onto "FREE PLAY".
    Some of the graphics on the screen namely "PRESS START", "KICK"
    and "TIME" are surrounded in a transparent green box.
    On Level 1 it is possible to go to the top of the screen and
    flying attack yourself into the TIME box and see yourself green.
    Also you can stand behind a KICK prompt on an enemy right at
    the beginning of the game.
    It is possible to flying kick or knee off the screen. If you move
    as far as possible to the back of the screen and then move slighly
    to the right then you can flying kick or knee off the screen.
    There is normally a limit to how far you can walk off the
    left but you can just jump over it.
    9.3 BOUNCE
    If you do a flying attack against an object you bounce off
    the object in the opposite direction. Looks odd/
    At the end of the first level when the train pulls up, the
    doors will open and you'll walk into the train. If you make
    sure you are in the air when the doors open you will walk in
    the air for a bit towards the train before you land.
    9.5 BOSS DANCE
    Unless this game is played a lot in the arcades then you'll
    never see it. Simply get a high score not large enough to put
    on the score board. But as the lowest score when the machine
    is turned on is 1 then you have must die without killing
    If you do score lower than the high score then instead
    of your bloke hitting the enemies into the high score all
    the bosses will come on and line up in a row and do a dance
    for about 20 seconds to the music. Then they'll stroll off.
    How pointless, entertaining but pointless.
    This is best done when the game is on FREE PLAY.
    ================= Crimefighters : FAQ V1.0 ==================
    A FAQ by ENAY
    V1.0 June/20th/2001
    This document is Copyrighted 2001 ENAY.
    Crime Fighters is a trademark of Konami (c)1989
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