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"Svcs Chaos Plus Feedback"

Svcs Chaos Plus Feedback

I remember playing Capcom vs. SNK on the Sega Dreamcast back when the consul was still alive. It was a good brawler. It wasn't anything stellar, but adequate. Back then, I like Capcom fighters better than the coin ops pump out by SNK. Over the year, 2D brawler became a rare find and I gradually move to the still updated King of Fighters series by SNK. Gradually, I grew fond of SNK and had better opinion of their products. As of 2006, SNK is one of the few company still making 2D brawlers in an age where they look all antique. I still like them because they have a certain charm and their game play is still quite addictive for old school gamer. So when SNK took the liberty to house SVCS Chaos, I had to take a look.

Gameplay (3/10)

SVCS Chaos is a simple, basic one on one match with the winner winning two out of three rounds. There is no team play, striker or other gimmick like the TOP system in Garou. There are four buttons set up with a weak punch, kick, and a strong punch, kick mix up. Unlike KOF, there is no evasive roll with the AB buttons or even a strong blow with the CD combine. Instead the AB and CD act as throw and that's pretty much it. In essence, it's very minimal and strip down to the basic. Sometime basic game play could work, but even as diehard as I am, I find it to be boring. Even boring game can have an old school nostalgic appeal and I can overlook a lame game for a pervasive and robust roster. The problem is SVSC Chaos doesn't have one.

The Fighter Roster (3/10)

Everybody know a good fighting game needs a good roster of diverse fighters with personality. SVSC Chaos has some interesting guys and girls like Shiki from Samurai Shodown 64 and Tessa from Red Earth (Warzard), the rest are the usual Mai, Kim, Terry, Guile, Chun Li, Bison that you had seen and play since a decade ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long and yes they are still the same sprites from all those years back. The roster isn't very robust, consider this is a game published in 2003 and both SNK and Capcom has tons of diverse good fighter in their library. It's not understandable why a weak and generally unfavorable fighter like Choi is in the line up? Even a weak line up could still play well as I try again to overlook the game's short coming. I decided to play it and this is exactly what happen in my first play through. I started off using Shiki as I have never play her before, after losing to my second opponent, I switch over to Ryu and along the way I fought the following: Mr. Karate, Ryo, Dan, Evil Ken, Akuma. Why is this list significant? That's because all these characters are essentially clones of Ryu. In a play through where you fight a handful of matches, if five to six are essentially the same character over and over, you would think what is this pile of rubbish that is SVSC Chaos? That's what I was thinking and it became very painful to battle all the way fighting clones of Ryu. There isn't much fun there. As a general rule, if you have Ken and Ryu, you don't need anymore carbon copies of these two, here it is done to excess. The only two clones missing are Kiri and Alan from the Street Fighter Ex series, I wonder why they aren't in the game. It's like a dream come true, I have always wanted a fighting game with nothing but Ryu's clones. It's like Mortal Kombat all over again, except this is SNK's version. After finishing it the first time, I was more than upset with what had transpire. I was upset enough to write a review. The game in one word blows.

Graphic (9/10)

The biggest draw and my favorite are the art works, I really love the artists behind the rendition of old Capcom fighters. They look very hardcore, tough and refreshing. This is the strongest point of this game and the art team should be given credit for their outstanding contribution. The only thing missing are the backgrounds. There really was a lack of it.

Sound Effect (8/10)
BGM (3/10)

The sound effect is pretty well done, your standard grunt and smack effects. The BGM however is a sorry bag. Nothing really stand out.

Overall Opinion

SVSC Chaos wasn't receive well back in 2003 and three years later, it still isn't received well with new gamer. I think this could had been a decent fighter but the poor roster, the minimal approach and all the clones (I didn't even mention the other clones like Iori, Evil Iori, Mr. Karate and Shin Mr. Karate or Shin Akuma and regular Akuma in the line up. You would think I'm making this up, but no, go get a copy and enrage yourself.) This game ended up as a budget title and was never release in North America. You know what, this is one title better left forgotten. There are more than one reason for it. I actually found Street Fighter Alpha 3 to be a better choice than this and that was an old game eons ago.

Overall Score: 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/16/06

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