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"Silly rabbit, Air Trix are for kids."

Air Trix is Sega's sequel to it's arcade skateboarding simulator, Top Skater.

Game Play-

The majority of tricks are on the ground, not in the air

The game is the most realistic arcade skateboarder ever. You use a skateboard connected to the machine, and you use certain tricks with your feet to do certain moves. I like the scoring system too. When you do a trick succesfully, you get a few coins. Doing the same trick over and over again will net you less and less coins. You move on to the next level when you get enough coins in the time alloted. The game has an easy learning curve, making it so your first dollar in the machine won't go to waste.


The skateboard is much easier to use than it was in Top Skater. It's very easy to use, but a lot harder to master. There are three basic moves. Grind, Ollie, and Flip. You can combine the different kinds of moves to get more coins.


The music was barely hearable, but I think they used Pennywise again, and I like most anything Pennywise does. This section is to be taken lightly, for when I find another Air Trix machine, I'll update this section of the review. The sound effects were okay, though.


MUCH better than Tony Hawk's graphics. The framerate is smooth, the polygons are nice, and everything is done in something I've dubbed ''Sega Animation'', because when you look at a game from Sega, you immediately know it's from Sega, because everything is done in great 3D and looks really lively.


The game is one of the most enjoyable arcade games today. Imagine Tony Hawk, except more realistic. The game is one of the best arcade games today, and although I already said that, it's just true.

Score Rundown-

Game Play-9/10 - Tony Hawk in the arcade? Why not?
Control-8/10 - Much better than in Top Skater
Audio-6/10 - Not to be taken seriously
Graphics-10/10 - Kicks the crap out of Tony Hawk's graphics
Enjoyability-9/10 - One of the arcade's best



One point away from a bronze. It's still a really good game, despite the minor flaws. This looks like the next arcade hit, and hopefully so, because the game deserves to be played by everyone. Play this immediately. It's worth a buck a play. Go out, find a machine, play this now. Are you still reading this? GO!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/12/01, Updated 05/20/02

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