• Elephant Command, Real Halberd with Fire Element and Elephant Command

    This can only be done using the 1st Player controller. At the character select screen:

    Highlight Alternate Guan Yu and press CDCDCDElephant Command
    Highlight Normal Sunquan and press BDBDBDFire Halberd
    Highlight Alternate Huang Zhong and press BCBCBCWooden Dummy Command

    Contributed By: Hypervision.

  • Internet Ranking Mode for Kov2 (o)

    Before game begin, move joystick 1P to left + AB ; move joystick 2P to right + BCThen, push START button to the table of Character selection.

    Contributed By: Yuki chan.

  • Standard Codes for the expansion nine dragons

    ***English (Nine Dragons)
    ----Hold ''CD'',press B4B6B
    ***Chinese (Traditional)(FeiLongZaiTian)
    ----Hold ''BC'', press 4D6D4
    ***Chinese (Simplified)(QunXiongZhengBa)
    ----Hold ''CD'', press 6BBB4
    +++Elephant, Wooden man, and the Real Halberd
    ---press BCD many times at SunQuan, Courageous HuangZhong and Rebellious GuanYu.
    The timer will turn back to 9 if you had succeeded in pressing the codes.

    Contributed By: dralf.


  • Characters Codes

    Hold the start button at character selection and enter the code:

    BCDDCC4466DiaoChan (English)
    CDBBCD8282DiaoChan (Simplified)
    88CDDC4466DiaoChan (Traditional)
    CCBBDBBD88PangTong (English)
    BCD82446CDPangTong (Simplified)
    DCB82DC88BPangTong (Traditional)
    46BCDBBC46SunQuan (English)
    BBBCDCBB22SunQuan (Simplified)
    8822B6BCCDSunQuan (Traditional)
    8822BBCCBCZhuge (English)
    DBDCCBDB82Zhuge (Simplified)
    88BDCBD44BZhuge (Traditional)

    Contributed By: dralf.


  • Item Duplicate ( For English Version Only)

    (You must have a armour in order to do this code)
    Here's how you can duplicate your items :

    1) Throw the item you want to duplicate by pressing BC.
    2) Pick the item you just throw back.
    3) Use a useless item(I mean really use nine of them if there's nine)
    4) Throw all the items out of your inventory.
    5) Press start,(you'll see the armour you're wearing) and press LEFT+B and then press THROW
    6) You'll see the item on the floor you're duplicating.
    7) Continue duplicate by pressing RIGHT+B
    Repeat this to get more items.
    Note:You can't do this with Diao Chan cause you need to press LEFT or RIGHT + A.

    Contributed By: FANTAZY.


  • Unlocking Generals

    Note that after a correct requirement is done, the general will drop a picture of his face. Pick it up to make them usable. You can increse the use of them by collecting white old man statues or use the duplication cheat. This is only for the 'nine dragon' version.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cao CaoWith the Black Beast and White Beast in place, kill Cao Cao with the civilans scroll (dropped by Xu Huang)
    Cao RenFight him quickly and use either magics (lightning, blizzard) or special moves as the finishing blow.
    Cheng YuWith a score of 80 million, defeat him, then when Cao Cao dashes to kill him, stand in front of him and block the attack.
    Fake Lu BuDefeat him in the secret Chamber and choose not to kill him.
    Gan NingKill him with the score of 45 million.
    Meng HuoComplete the game once, the 2nd time you defeat him, he will drop the item or you can do the elephant command cheat.
    Niu JinKill him within a minute +.
    Taishi Cikill him with the score of 50 million.
    XiaHou DuanReduce his life to a quater, then light up all 4 dynamites by throwing bombs, then choose to persuade him to surrender. Finally, kill him.
    Xiahou YuanDeathblow with Xiahou Duan, then when he is flashing, enter berserk mode (A+B)
    Xu ZhuAfter making Xu Huang surrender, he will make open a path. Inside, deathblow Xu Zhu with Xu Huang, then switch back to your character and kneel.
    Xuang HuangKill him before he escape.
    Zhang HeDefeat him and when he is flashing, throw a holy pot (knocked from xiahou duan) on his body. Defeat him again.

    Contributed By: UJO253.


  • 18 bosses code for the expansion nine dragons

    If you had played over 2 players in boss challenge, you will automatically fight 18 bosses.
    If not, then you have to press this code to fight double bosses.
    The code is to hold CD at character selection, press A at the character you wanted to choose (Remember to keep holding CD), then there will be 18 bosses to fight with.

    Contributed By: dralf.

  • Boss Challenge Secret for the expansion nine dragons

    Play multi-players. After defeating the last boss, set your icon as the boss you wanted to use. At Boss Challenge, press the button D at the right moment, or you can just keep on hitting it all the way, to summon the boss.

    Contributed By: dralf.

  • DiaoChan's TigerClaws Bugs

    While using TigerClaws, Specials aren't allowed. But by doing the following steps, you can override the restriction.

    Use Butterfly Dance (41236B) with RedDagger or Dagger, then switch to TigerClaws. You are then in fast mode with TigerClaws equipped.

    While equipped with TigerClaws, jump and press LightningKick(46B). Can do multiple hits.

    Contributed By: dralf.

  • Fighting Real/ Demon Lu Bu

    You need to have a score of 80 million if you are playing alone and over 100 million when playing multiplayer. At the part where you can chose to fight the fake Lu Bu, choose to advance to Zuo Ci, then when he is defeated, enter the fortress. Zuo Ci will fly by and drop a seal if the requirements are there. Pick the seal and advance. If done correctly, real Lu Bu will appear and kill Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Zuo Ci before they are revived and you will face a stronger version of Lu Bu with red eyes and 1 hit kills attacks. This works only in the 'nine dragon' version.

    Contributed By: UJO253.

  • Getting XiaHouYuan

    When getting XiaHouYuan, you need to have XiaHouDun. Have the last blow kill by XiaHouDun with the 2 level Special by pressing BC together and you'll get XiaHouYuan after you see XiaHouYuan holding his weapon high up in the mid air.

    Contributed By: FANTAZY.

  • Racing Bonus Stage Trick

    Just press 6ABCD simultaneously to activate the Super Horse status. Then, press B all the way.

    Contributed By: dralf.

  • Tips on Getting Xia Hou Dun

    Xia Hou Dun is a MUST if you wants XiaHouYuan. First, fight XiaHouDun till you see 4 things on the floor. Then, throw FOUR bombs on it(XiaHouDun's life need to be lesser than HALF) There will be a screen which has two line of words. Select the one with the command for not killing him. Then, you just need to kill him and you'll get him.

    Contributed By: FANTAZY.

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