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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rsaturn

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    Armored Warriors/Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment 
    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rainier Taufik aka Rs@turn (rsaturn@hotmail.com)
    Table of Contents:
    0. FAQ version
    1. Introduction
    2. Story
    3. Gameplay
    4. Pilots/ VA Data
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Credits
    0. FAQ version
    - Initial version : 1.0
      Starting FAQ, doing it from the Japanese version so things might be missing..:)
      Help will be greatly appreciated, especially on the story part. Finished the game
      but haven't really put the walkthrough part properly (Sorry..;). Almost get the Chara/
      VA section complete, just missing some minor stuff and their bio-datas. Oh, and the 
      arms section. Haven't describe all the specials. I'll get this done in the next 
    1. Introduction
    Hi all!!! Welcome to my FAQ on this great Capcom beat-em-up game called Powered Gear 
    (also known as Armored Warriors in the west). This is my first faq ever so please forgive 
    me if there is a lot of errors here and there.
    I decided to do this FAQ since no one has done it yet ;). Also, this is one of the greatest 
    Capcom games that I've ever played (heh, a bit of a robot freak ;). If you played Cyberbots, 
    you must have recognised all (well almost) the VA (Variant Armor) in the game. This is becauce 
    Cyberbots is based on this game (thats my theory since this game came out first). I remembered 
    playing it with my friends in the local arcade and was amazed when the VA joined together..:) 
    I played this game twice on the arcade before they replace it with Double Dragons (SNK one). 
    Now, thanks to the wonderful world of emulation, we all can enjoy this classic game once more.
    Well anyway, enough of my rambling and hope you find this faq to be useful and 
    if you have any suggestion or info, please don't hesitate to mail me. 
    2. Story
    * Under Construction *
    (Well can't read the text...:)
    3. Gameplay
    Basic Control
         |		   O	    O	       O
    (Joystick)      (Attack)  (Jump)  (Sub Weapons)	 
    Joystick = Move your VA around the field
    Attack = Start an attack, pick up items
    Jump = Make your VA jump
    Sub Weapons  = Fire your attached gun, disabled when ammo supply is 0
    * Note : Punch, Jump, Shoot will be reffered to A, B, C from now on.
    Advanced Control
    Dash = Tap the joystick forward twice.
    Dashing Attack = While dashing, hit A
    Special Attack = Press A, then immediately tap the joystick Forward
    Jump Attack = Press B to jump, then press A (Can be done while jumping forward/back0
    Stomp Attack = Press B to jump, then press Down+A simultaneously
    Mega = Press A+B simulataneously, will use up life bar when enemy is hit
    Super Mega = Press B+C simultaneously, will use up life-bar. Up to 3 uses when life is full
    Hold = Stand next to an opponent and press A. Can be followed by more A when holding
    Throw = When holding tap Forward/Backward+A
    Powered Gear Mode (Combined Mode)
    Move = Use the joystick, all 3 players can move the VA
    Attack 1 = A
    Attack 2 = B
    4. Pilots/VA Data
    a. Name = Jeff Perkins
       Call Sign = Rash
       Height = 184.5 cm
       Weight = 78.4 kg
       D.O.B = 15/8/2260
       Age = 22
       Blood Type = B
       Nationality = America
       Bio Data = *Under Construction*
       VA = AEX-10M 'Blodia'
       Type = Middle Unit
       Height = 4675 mm
       Weight = 8264 kg
       Speed (Top) = 54 (98) km/h
       Power Output = 2160 Hp    
       VA Data = *Under Construction*
    b. Name = Rey Tana
       Call Sign = Justice
       Height = 192.7 cm
       Weight = 72.7 kg
       D.O.B = 31/1/2254
       Age = 28
       Blood Type = AR
       Nationality = Raia
       Bio Data = *Under Construction*
       VA = SVA-6L 'Reptos'
       Type = Riot Unit
       Height = 5100 mm
       Weight = 6277 kg
       Speed (Top) = 60 (112) km/h
       Power Output = 1590 Hp    
       VA Data = *Under Construction*
    c. Name = Glen Reed
       Call Sign = Gray
       Height = 216.4 cm
       Weight = 137.2 kg
       D.O.B = 12/2/2247
       Age = 35
       Blood Type = O
       Nationality = Canada
       Bio Data = *Under Construction*
       VA  = AEX-10H 'Guldin'
       Type = Heavy Unit
       Height = 4250 mm
       Weight = 9754 kg
       Speed (Top) = 45 (76) km/h
       Power Output = 3504 Hp     
       VA Data = *Under Construction*
    d. Name = Sarah White
       Call Sign = Siren	
       Height = 156.1 cm
       Weight = 40.3 kg
       D.O.B = 3/12/2262
       Age = 20
       Blood Type = A
       Nationality = France
       Bio Data = *Under Construction*
       VA  = AEX-12J 'Fordy'
       Type = Junior Unit (??)
       Height = 3825 mm
       Weight = 6780 kg
       Speed (Top) = 60 (106) km/h
       Power Output = 1798 Hp   
       VA Data = *Under Construction*
    The most interesting feature in the game is the ability to interchange parts 
    that is dropped by the enemy.Each Part has different advantages and some have added 
    special attacks. *still under construction*
    ARMS options: 
    - Power Knuckle
    - Death Drill
    - Force Claw
    - Chain Spark
    - Laser Blade
    - Shield
    SUB WEAPONS options:
    - Vulcan 
    - Guided 
    - Laser 
    - Bomb 
    - Missile 
    - Flame 
    LEGS options:
    - Treads
    - Turbo Jet
    - Power Bug
    6. Walkthrough *under construction*
    Stage 1: Deserted Town
    This stage is just plain easy. Just keep on moving and whacking the enemies.
    Don't forget to get the D.Drill for Boss Fight at the end.
    Boss: Warlock
    I found using the drill is very useful. Just keep on drilling and dodging 
    his attacks and you'll toast him in no time. add a bit of Mega Special if 
    you like. After you beat it, He'll run away.
    Stage 2: Win Back
    Boss: Agmiss
    Stage 3: Chase
    Boss: Rad
    Stage 4: Forgotten Ruins
    Boss: Sculd
    Stage 5: Railroad in Flames
    Sub-Boss: Warlock 2
    Boss: Helion
    Stage 6: Truth
    Boss: Warlock 3
    Stage 7: Starry Ocean
    Boss: Mother Brain (1&2)
    7. Credits
    I would like to thanks the following ppl:
    - My sister for helping me translating some stuff..Thanks ;)
    - CAPCOM for making this game.
    - GAMEFAQS and CjayC for hosting this file.
    - The nice ppl of Retrogames that provided me with the daily emulation bread
    - Dayvee, The creator of Final Burn..^_^..
    - You...for reading this...^_^...
    Armored Warriors/ Powered Gear are Copyright by CAPCOM.

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