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"Eat your heart out Namco, Konami's in the house...??"

(You want to try out a cool game, Police 911, at the arcades, but you want to learn about it first, so you take out your cell phone, and you call the Mogster Hotline where The Mogster gives you reviews on video games. Someone picks it up)

Mogster: Hey-ho, this is the Mogster hotline. What'd you want me to review? (huff puff)

You: Hi Mogster, I want you to review Police 911. Why are you panting?

Mogster: I'm talking to you and I'm running a mile too, and I'm almost half-done. Now, let me review to you Police 911.

(NES Donkey Kong music plays in the backround)

GamePlay (9 out of 10)
Well, you might think this game is no different than Police Trainer, or Time Crisis, but your way off. Sure, you have a light gun and shoot enemies, but Konami made their version of a ''Namco Pedal.'' Now, instead of stepping on a pedal to rise, you stand on a mat, which synchronizes your movements to make it go on the screen, so if you duck in real life, your also ducking in the game. And if you sidestep in real life, you sidestep in the game. The game moves for you when you finish off enemies, though, so you can't move around freely. This is an awesome technology Konami made. The light gun is not as accurate as the Time Crisis gun, but it's way more accurate than the Virtua Cop's gun. You normally have three lives, or in other words, three cops. If one dies, another takes over. Also there is no multiplayer. The game is very challenging.

Story (8 out of 10)
This kind of story isn't really used too much. You're a young LAPD Officer who's helping the S.W.A.T. team gun down Japan's most violent criminals. I gave this a pretty good rating because this plot is not commonly used.

Audio/Video (8 out of 10)
Graphics are smooth and look very impressive, but aren't at it's best. But that never bothers me. Music in the game is really trumpet playing or something like that, and that's ok. Shouts and gunfire is realistic too.

Replayability (10 out of 10)
If your a beginner in this game, you might get a low score, and you'd want to get a better one, right? The score system is very complicated in this game. From accuracy to how many shots fired and how many cops left, and more. This game is pretty hard. You'd love replaying this game.

Buy or Rent?
Well, you can only play this at arcades, but I've heard rumors that it might come to the PS2. Let's hope these are true! Everyone would want to take a Police 911 game, a pad, and a light gun to there home anyway, right? The game is DEFINETLY WORTH PLAYING! It is definetly worth your money/tokens.

Overall (9 out of 10)
Fun playing, cool graphics, cool sound, worth your money, but bad music makes this game definetly worth playing. PLAY IT!

Mogster: That pretty much sums it up. I've finished my mile, and I'm drinking a nice cold bottle of water.

You: Well, thanks Mogster, good luck to you!

Mogster: Same to you! And have a nice time playing the game!

Mogster: I've finished so far with Arcade reviews, see me reviewing Vandal Hearts II for Playstation.

(He hangs up, and so do you. You go to your transportation, and you drive off to your local arcades)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/01, Updated 06/02/01

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