• Special Options without menu

    Enter the following cheats on the dance pad on the song selection screen:

    Left, Right, Down, UpBoost
    Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, RightCancel all Mods
    Left, Up, RightHidden, do twice for Sudden, do three times for Stealth
    Left, Down, RightLittle, do twice for Flat, three times for Solo, four times for Dark
    Down, left, right, left, rightReverse mode
    Right, left, down, upTurn freeze arrows off

    Contributed By: ohnoitschris, OmniSeph, and Thunderbird.


  • Change difficulty in Oni mode

    There is a way to adjust the difficulty of the songs in Oni mode courses. To do this you find the course you would like to play, and then highlight the course before, or after it (which ever one has the easier skill settings).
    Then press the arrow to move to the desired course and while the song list is collapsing press the start button.
    The timing is very hard, but possible.

    Note: If either of the courses use skill settings that don't exist in the other course you can cause the machine to crash.

    Contributed By: Lollybomb.


  • DDR: Extreme Unlock Codes

    1. Enter the service mode.
    2. Move the cursor to Game Options.
    3. Hold the 1P Down arrow and the service button, and press the 1P start. The Secret menu will appear.
    4. Select Append from the options.
    5. Using the 1P buttons, input the below codes.
    6. Hold the 1P left and right buttons, and press the 1P Start.
    7. Select Exit (do not choose Initialize).

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Final Songs Unlock CodeInput BWUVHBK-KVXFXYA
    Songs 1-15Input PVAGUPM-UALPOEZ
    Songs 1-18Input RVNYIXO-YKAWEM_ (underscore should be a space)
    Songs 1-24Input SQFRXYY-JSBERAH
    Songs 1-27Input JHEDXF_-ALZSMSH (underscore is a space)
    Songs 1-5Input JLEDKZT-KOZGDJJ
    Sync, Twinbee, Burnin' the Floor Momo MixInput UBNRXAO-UJGPQQI


  • Extra Stage

    To get the Extra Stage, obtain a grade of AA or higher on your Final Stage; it must be on Heavy or Oni. After the song, if obtained, the words ''Try Extra Stage!!!'' should appear onscreen. The Extra Stage is always played with 1.5x Speed, Reverse, and Pressure mode (The dance meter starts out full and will only drop; you cannot regain your meter), on Heavy or Oni difficulty.

    Contributed By: Gerk.

  • Hidden Song Selection Options

    To see the songs listed in different orders, press both your left and right arrows on the main console.

    1 Push will list the songs by the mix they were introduced in.

    2 Pushes will list songs in alpha-numeric order.

    3 Pushes will list songs in order of number of beats per minute.

    4 Pushes will list songs in order of most popular/most played on that machine.

    5 Pushes will bring you back to the original track listing.

    Contributed By: stonebg.

  • Modify Play Modes

    Hold down the green Start button on the arcade unit after selecting your song to be taken to a screen where you can alter your song in terms of speed, appearance, scrolling direction, and much more.

    Contributed By: LordAtomic.

  • One More Extra Stage: Dance Dance Revolution

    To play the 2nd Extra Stage, Dance Dance Revolution, by DDR All-Stars, play and obtain a grade of AA or higher on The Legend of Max, as your Extra Stage. Dance Dance Revolution (the song) is played on Oni difficulty with 3x Speed, Reverse, and Sudden Death ON (One Good/Boo/Miss/N.G. will fail you.) Good luck!

    Contributed By: Gerk.

  • Play Paranoia Survivor MAX

    To play PARANOiA Survivor MAX as your last song you must AA each song from the paranoia brothers oni course in reverse. It will be selectable as your last stage.

    I.E. AA PARANOiA Evolution, then PARANOiA Rebirth as a 3 song stage.

    If it's a four song stage, AA PARANOiA Evolution, then Rebirth, then KCET.

    If it's a five, Evolution, Rebirth, KCET, MAX.

    Contributed By: omg wtf Arch.

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