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    Glacius by CSuh

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    == GLACIUS GUIDE == 
    Version 1.4
    Killer Instinct
    Newest version always available 
    via WWW at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~csuh/glacius.html
    and via ftp at ftp.netcom.com
    and at ftp://brawl.mindlink.net/pub/ki/guides
    Height: 6'3"     Weight: 300     Age: UNKNOWN
    An alien being from a distant planet. Crash landing on Earth, he was
    captured by Ultratech, hoping to prove the aliens are inferior, they 
    force Glacius to fight for his life.
    He has a powerful frame, mostly white as if carved of ice, but with 
    transparent arms which look like they're made of blue glass. They glimmer 
    with light like the ripples in the bottom of a swimming pool, and can 
    extend as far as Glacius wishes. His face is rather featureless, except 
    for icicle-like "fangs" which protrude down from his jaw and angry 
    glowing eyes. His powers are a cross between Iceman of the X-Men and the 
    T-1000 from Terminator 2. Thus, at times his powers appear related to the 
    cold, and other times he acts amoeba-like.
    -- Section 2A: GUIDE TO TERMINOLOGY --
    ( / ): Or      (+):  And      (,):  Then      (?): Unconfirmed/Unknown
    1: Quick High Attack    2: Medium High Attack    3: Fierce High 
    4: Quick Low Attack     5: Medium Low Attack     4: Fierce 
    =: Charge joystick in that position or hold that hold button down 
    R: Release charged button
    F:  Forward     
    DB:  Down Back     D:  Down     DF:  Down Forward
    QCB:  Quarter Circle Back           (D,DB,B)
    QCT:  Quarter Circle Toward         (D,DF,F)
    HCB:  Half Circle Back              (F,DF,D,DB,B)
    HCT:  Half Circle Toward            (B,DB,D,DF,F)
    QCDB: Quarter Circle Down/Back      (DF,D,DB)
    -- 2B: SPECIAL MOVES --
    Blade             QCDB+1
    Glacius' hand turns into a huge ice pick which he thrusts upwards with. 
    This move is unblockable at the right range.
    Fist Extension    Tap 1 multiple times
    Glacius' punches get extended range. A pretty weak move, but it's 
    Hammerhands       B+3 while opponent is crouching
    Both of Glacius' hands morph into hammers, with which he clobbers his 
    crouching opponent on the head.
    Iceball           QCT+(1/2/3)   
    Glacius kneels down, and slams his fist to the ground, creating an 
    amoeba-like projectile which bounces forward.
    Rush              =B,F+(1/2/3)
    Glacius rushes forward suddenly, slamming his opponent with his shoulder. 
    Great for starting combos. If you have trouble doing this move, try 
    hitting F a split second before the (1/2/3)
    Teleport          QCT+4
    Glacius melts into a silvery puddle, sinks into the ground, and reforms 
    behind his opponent. A great way to confuse opponents is to do the 
    Teleport three or four times in a row, then after the last Teleport do an 
    Uppercut.  The opponent will almost always be blocking in the opposite 
    direction (anticipating another Teleport). For a cheap hit, Teleport 
    before the second round starts, and hit your opponent hard before he gets 
    a chance to move. An interesting glitch is as follows: Play Glacius 
    verses Glacius on a nonscrolling stage.  Get both Glacii in the corner 
    next to each other and have them do a Teleport at the same time.  They 
    will both appear in the same place and they will be stuck together.  You 
    can get unstuck by jumping.
    Uppercut          QCT+(5/6)     
    Glacius melts into his puddle form and slides towards his opponent. When 
    he reaches his opponent he hits his opponent with a powerful uppercut. 
    This move goes under projectiles. Don't do the Uppercut too often, as it 
    is easily blocked and leaves Glacius open to attack.
    -- 2C: SHADOW MOVES --
    Doing a combo breaker will cause the white vertical bar at the tip of 
    your energy bar to start flashing. This is your Power Up line. You are 
    now able to do Shadow moves and combos.
    Shadow moves not only go faster than normal, but they take off more 
    damage. To do most shadow moves/combos simply hold the button, do the 
    motion, then release the button. See (3D) for info on Shadow Combos. All 
    of those have to be performed as endings. Glacius' Shadow Iceball, 
    however, doesn't have to be done in the middle of a combo. The move is as 
    Shadow Iceball: =1,QCT+R1
    Doesn't have a cool shadow special effects, but is much faster than a 
    normal Iceball.
    Transition moves are special moves which start then immediately switch to 
    another special move in the middle.  Transition moves are useful for 
    confusing opponents.
    Teleport Uppercut                     QCT+5, (QCT+6/QCB+6)
    Teleport Uppercut #2                  QCT+6, (QCT+5/QCB+5)
    Glacius starts to do his normal Uppercut, but hits his opponent from 
    behind instead of in front.
    Special Teleport Uppercut             Teleport Uppercut #2, QCT+6
    After doing the Teleport Uppercut, Glacius will do his Uppercut again 
    really quickly. It's almost unblockable. 
    Teleport to Any Special Move          QCT+4, any special move
    Teleport first, then do whatever special move you like as if you were 
    facing forwards. In the case of the Rush, though, do B+(1/2/3) without 
    charging first.
    -- 2E: OTHER MOVES --
    Air Combo        Jump6,=F,B+5    
    Do this in mid-air.
    Retaliation      QCT+(4/5/6)     
    This move can only be performed while you are getting up after
    falling. The Retaliation often catches your opponent off guard and can be 
    used to defend against any unblockable moves opponents may use while you 
    are getting up.
    Double Rush      =B,=F+1
    Double Uppercut  QCT6,QCT+5,=F
    By holding the joystick forwards at the end of these moves, you will get 
    a double move. You must hit opponent with the first hit for the second 
    one to start, though. 
    After defeating your opponent for the second time in a fight, you have 
    the chance to perform one of the following Finishing Moves. Do it 
    quickly, though, because if you wait too long your opponent can recover 
    by wiggling his joystick.
    Needle Stab    HCT+2      
    1" away. Glacius stabs opponent with a needle extending from his hand, 
    and freezes them.
    Humiliation    F,F,B,4    (1-4")
    Make your dweeb of an opponent dance. When this move is done to Glacius, 
    he turns to the players and does a shuffling, running-man type dance.
    Blob Engulf    HCB+5      (1")
    Glacius turns amoeba-like, and engulfs his opponent. You can see your 
    opponent's attempts to get out, to no avail.
    Acid Puddle    B,B,B,6    (1-4")
    Glacius turns into a puddle, slides under opponent, and makes them dissolve.
    -- SECTION 3A: COMBOS --
    Combos are several moves strung together which are unblockable after the 
    first hit.  After you perform a combo, the announcer will yell out what 
    type of combo it was. The components of a high hit combo are as follows:
         1) A first hit (from a typical approach)          3B
         2) its autosecond                                 3B
         3) the linker with its autosecond (=F,B+2,2)      3C
         4) an ending, ultimate or ultra (=B,F+3)          3D,3E
    Alot of autoseconds may look like other moves
    1           4               Crouch
    2           2/3             Rush 2
    3           1/2             Rush 3
    5           4/6             Uppercut 5
    6           2               Jump 6
    For really big combos, =F during the autosecond. Then Rush back with B+2, 
    and enter 2's autosecond (2). The key is to charge up the Rush linker 
    while the previous auto-second is running. Look at the example below (3G) 
    if you have trouble understanding this. Finish the combo with one of the 
    following moves:
    -- 3D: COMBO ENDINGS --
    To do a Shadow Combo, you first need to have to have a flashing Power Up 
    line. Then, simply hold the button, do the ending motion, then release 
    the button. For example, to perform the Blade Turbo Combo do: =1,QCDB+R1 
    as the ending. See (2C) for more information. Do the same thing when you 
    don't have a flashing line and you will do a turbo combo instead. Turbo 
    Combos are like Shadow combos, but not as powerful. 
    Uppercut 5            
    Uppercut 6           	juggle
    Blade                   juggle
    Iceball                 juggle
    These are special types of combos which can only be activated by a 
    certain joystick and button combination after you have strung together at 
    least 2 hits. They hit the opponent twenty times and can only be 
    performed when the opponent's energy bar is flashing red. 
    ULTRA: =B+F+3
    After stringing together at least 2 hits, do another Rush 3 (=B, F+3). 
    Glacius goes house on his opponent, chopping him repeatedly with his 
    blade. This juggles your opponent.
    Ultimate: HCB+1
    After stringing together at least 2 hits, do a HCB+1. Glacius' combo 
    should end with his Acid Puddle Finishing move (2F). If you perform the 
    Ultimate Combo with 6 hits or more, then when the opponent is about to be 
    engulfed by the puddle, he bounces away instead and remains dizzy 
    instead. It still counts as an Ultimate Combo but the opponent doesn't 
    die. This glitch is corrected in the most recent KI chip.
    -- 3F: JUGGLING: QCT+6 --
    After you perform a combo that knocks the opponent high into the air, you 
    can hit them as they are falling with an air juggle move. Glacius' air 
    juggle is his Uppercut. It hits three times when you have a flashing 
    Power Up line.
    Let's start with a Rush 3, which is =B, F+3. According to section 3B, one 
    should hit either a 1 or 2 for the autosecond. Let's use a 2. Meantime, 
    we should keep the joystick held forward after the Rush, so we are 
    charging it up while the autosecond gives you extra hits. Now complete 
    the linker with B+2, and its autosecond, 2. Finally, let's complete with 
    an Iceball 3 to juggle your opponent. Wait a bit and do an Uppercut 6 to 
    hit him one last time. 14 hit Combo!
    EXAMPLE COMBO: =B,=F+3,2,B+2,2,Iceball 3,wait,Uppercut 6
    -- 3H: GOOD COMBOS --
    No Linker Combos
     6:   =B,F+2,3,Uppercut 6 
     8:   =B,F+2,3,Blade,wait,Uppercut 6
    Linker Combos
    14:   =B,=F+3,2,B+2,2,Iceball 3,wait,Uppercut 6
    14:   Uppercut 5,=F,6,B+2,2,Iceball 3,wait,Uppercut 6
    Ultra Combos
    28:   =B,=F+3,2,=B+2,2,F+3,wait,Uppercut 6 		
    28:   Uppercut 5,=F,6,=B+2,2,F+3,wait,Uppercut 6 	
    Stun Combo: 
     ?:   =B,3,F+(2/3),3     
     ?:   =B,6,F+2,6,(Uppercut 6/Blade)
     ?:   =B,6,F+2,3 
     ?:   =B,6,F+2,=B,F+2
     4:   =B,F+2,=B,(3/6),F+2
    Other cool combos
     ?:   Uppercut 5,4,Blade
    =B,(3/6),F+2,6,Iceball 3 
    =B,6,F+3,6,Iceball 3
    Do one of these combos, and when you end them with the Iceball 3, the 
    combo gets put into slow motion. Timing is very important, and make sure 
    not to ruin the combo by linking extra autoseconds.
    -- SECTION 4: COMBO BREAKING: B,F+(1/2/3) -- 
    Looks like Glacius' blade, but done with a different motion. Combo 
    Breakers are special moves which are used to stop combos.  They must be 
    performed between hits in a combo.  After you do the combo breaker, the 
    line on your energy bar will start flashing. You do not need to charge 
    Combo Breaker moves. The button of combo breaker depends on the button 
    being used in the combo against you. Yes, I know that you can also use 
    the Blade motion to break combos, but that's much harder.
    1                 3
    2                 1
    3                 2
    4                 3
    5                 1
    6                 2
    Cinder            1/3
    Fulgore           2
    Glacius           1 
    Jago              1
    Orchid            2/3
    Riptor            1/2
    Saberwulf         1
    Spinal            2/3
    Thunder           2
    TJ Combo          1
    On the offensive side, sometimes it's better to use many short quick 
    combos than long ones, to avoid getting a C-C-C-Combo Breaker!
    -- SECTION 5: Unblockable Attacks --
         Fist Extension
         Low punch (=D+2) 
         Blade (At the right distances!)
         Special Teleport Uppercut (see 2D)
    Hit Up and 1, when you select your character to get Glacius' home stage
    Still working on it, but it's definitely possible. I think it's HCT and 
    4, right after a combo. Can anyone confirm? 
    Apparently, you can do the Uppercut in midair. Never seen it, and have no 
    clue how to do it. 
    -- Section 8: THE HAPPY ENDING --
    After he escapes from Ultratech's grasp, Glacius returns to the
    site of his crashed spaceship. With the advanced technology present at
    Ultratech, Glacius can take the materials he needs and repair his damaged 
    ship. As the memories of the evil he faced at Ultratech slowly fade, 
    Glacius begins the long arduous trek back to his home world.
    -- Section 9: CREDITS --
    Written in Courier 10, Complied by Chris Suh (csuh@mail.sas.upenn.edu)
    Please send any information or suggestions!
    Thanks to Dr. Daytona, Brett De Jesus, Henry Ha, Henry Vo, David Charles, 
    Jon Coates (Thumper), Dave (Ether), Dave Kirsch (Mindlink), John Corey 
    (Kunglao), Andy Eddy (ftp.netcom.com), Patrick (Punk), Son Nguyen and the 
    people at University Pinball

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