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    Glacius by JCulbert

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/11/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Character Guide version 2.0
    By John "CUL" Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com)
    July 11, '96
    Version Updates:
    -spelling/grammar corrections (hopefully all!)
    -proper margin settings--this FAQ is formatted with a right margin of 78;
     tab spacing is irrelevant.
    -New URL added for my homepage AND new e-mail address
    I have chosen to write this FAQ on Glacius because I like Glacius and I'm
    sick of seeing people use him really stupidly. This is quite in-depth, and
    I may update, but I doubt it, because Killer Instinct II is already out and
    kickin' ass, and I'm a little tired of KI1 myself. But, we have yet to get
    KI2 in our town, so this'll have to do for now... BTW, my research is done
    on the less-than-up to par SNES version, but most things should pertain to
    the arcade as well.
    Height: 6'3"     Weight: 300     Age: unknown
    An alien being from a distant planet. Crash landing on Earth, he was
    captured by Ultratech, hoping to prove the aliens are inferior, they
    force Glacius to fight for his life.
    Glacius is large and built powerfully, mostly white with swirling blue
    (I'm talking his first original color) and looks like he's actually carved
    out of ice. His rendered scenes make him look extremely cool... His arms are
    mostly blue and look almost transparent, and they can be extended as far as
    Glacius wants. He has green-glowing eyes and fang-like icicles hanging from
    his jaw. He has the ability to change shape, similar to T-1000 of Terminator
    2 fame.
    -QP: quick punch (jab)
    -MP: medium punch (strong)
    -FP: fierce punch (fierce)
    -QK: quick Kick (short)
    -MK: medium Kick (forward)
    -FK: fierce Kick (roundhouse)
    -QCT: roll joystick from the down position to toward
    -QCB: roll joystick from the down position to back
    -HCT: roll joystick from forward, to down, to back
    -HCB: roll joystick from back, to down, to toward
    -F, D/F, D, D/B: roll joystick from the forward position, to down, then to
                         diagonal down and back
    Triple: 3 hits
    Super: 4 hits
    Hyper: 5 hits
    Brutal: 6 hits
    Master: 7 hits
    Awesome: 8 hits
    Blaster: 9 hits
    Monster: 10 hits
    King: 11 hits
    Killer: 12-80+ hits
    Ultra: 14-80+ hits
    NO MERCY KEY:(eg.)
    -No Mercy 1: (description)distance: move
    *- close
    1/2- 1/2 character distance(approx. 1 step away)
    1- 1 character distance (approx. 2/3 steps away)
    2- 2 character distances away (approx. half screen away)
    Full screen- distance from corner to corner
    (The following is a general game techniques description; they will be
     explained in more detail pertaining to Glacius himself later on in the FAQ)
    ULTRA/ULTIMATE: Must be performed as part of a combo, finishing the combo.
                    The opponent must have a flashing red meter when the Ultra
                    or Ultimate is initiated at the end of the combo.
    HUMILIATION: Must have first meter (green) left. Done when screen turns red
                 and computer says "DANGER".
    NO MERCY: Kills opponent. Done when screen turns red and computer says
    SPECIAL MOVES: These are moves that require you to put a sequence of
                   joystick/pad movements and buttons to execute a character's
                   special powers. These moves are more powerful than regular
                   punches and Kicks, and are used a lot to begin combos.
    SKILL MOVES: These moves are much like Special Moves, but are easier to pull
                 off, and don't usually start combos.
    CHARGING: hold joystick in indicated direction for approx. 2 seconds, then
              tap in opposite direction+indicated button.
    MID-AIR JUGGLES: performed when opponent is launched in the air after a
                     combo, hitting him or her on the way down. This must be
                     correctly timed, and will add 1-3 extra hits to the
                     combo. Note that in my Combo sections I don't include the
                     juggle in the combo. In other words, somebody's 7 hit
                     MASTER might turn out to be an 8 hit or a 10 hit if it can
                     be followed with a juggle.
    MID-AIR COUNTER: counter-attack performed when opponent jumps in your
    OVERHEAD SLAM: performed when opponent is close and ducking. Hold back and
                   press FP; attack varies with character. These can also start
                   combos. To deliver a fake-out Overhead Slam, hold back and
                   hit MP; this will cause the character to do the Slam, but
                   quickly pull it back before hitting.
    RECOVERY MOVES: These are moves done JUST as you are about to rise from a
    INTERRUPT MOVES: These are moves that if done during certain other moves,
                     will "cancel" them and go into the move.
    PROJECTILE COUNTER: A move that allows you to evade certain projectiles.
    COMBO BREAKERS: Performed at certain point during opponent's combo, stopping
                    it. Must be correctly timed (cannot break combos in mid-air;
                    also cannot break a combo if you have no energy left on your
                    meter! Ultra and Ultimate combos cannot be broken.) When
                    Combo Breakers are performed, they give the fighter extra
                    powers. Turbo or Release moves can be used, as well as
                    enabling Triple mid-air juggles. You are limited to the use
                    of only three Turbo or Release moves, so they must be used
                    wisely. You can tell if the character has done a Combo
                    Breaker when the small vertical line at the end of his/her
                    energy bar is flashing white.
    TURBO MOVES: These moves, depending on the character, can be done before or
                 after a Combo Breaker, and are much faster then the regular
    COMBO BREAKER THEORY: If you're not using the Combo Breaker Code, you must
                          use a specific button to break at specific times
                          during the enemy's combo. The theory is as follows:
    Quick breaks Medium
    Medium breaks Fierce
    Fierce breaks Quick
    So, in a nutshell, if the opponent is doing a move involving a fierce (for
    example, Jago's Sword Slash) in their combo, you break that particular
    move with a medium. When the enemy is doing their Bridge Move (eg. Spinal's
    Sword Slash) you can break with any button. So if you're confused as to which
    button your opponent is using, wait 'till they do their Bridge move, then go
    for it.
    AIR DOUBLES: These are two hits performed in the air meeting the opponent.
    THE AUTO-SECOND THEORY: The Auto-Second Theory applies to Jump-in combos. In
                            Killer Instinct, all the buttons are joined together
                            in a certain order. For example, when you jump in
                            with FK, you must automatically follow with a MP;
                            from there you can finish the combo, or start into
                            a bridge combo... This theory does not apply to
                            combos started on the ground. With these, each
                            character's specific combo starters are followed with
                            certain buttons, but it don't necessarily follow the
                            AS theory.
    The Theory is as follows:
    JUMP-IN COMBOS: As stated above, Jump-in combos apply to the AS theory. I
                    will not list jump-ins except in the Misc. Combos section.
                    I won't because you simply have to follow the AS theory; I
                    will provide one example with Fulgore: one way to do a
                    Jump-in with Fulgore would be to jump in with MK, then hit FP
                    as its corresponding auto-second according to the AS theory,
                    then take your choice of a finisher...let's say a fierce Claw
                    Uppercut. Jump-ins can also start bridge combos by following
                    the first auto button with a Bridge move, then another auto
                    button, then the finisher. Let's take the above example: to
                    do a Bridge Jump-in combo with Fulgore, we'll use MK again,
                    then FP as the auto, then his Eyebeams for his Bridge move,
                    then FK as the Eyebeam's auto-second, then we'll finish again
                    with a fierce Claw Uppercut.
    COMBO STARTERS: These are the moves that begin a combo on the ground. I will
                    list them and the auto-second hits that can follow beside.
    BRIDGE MOVE: This move can follow the auto-second after the starter. This in
                 can be followed by a finisher or another auto-second hit, which
                 I have listed. BTW, in other FAQs this may be called a "linker".
    FINISHERS: These are the moves that finish a combo. I have listed their
               amount of hits and if they can be followed with a juggle.
    TURBO COMBOS: I won't waste time putting in Glacius' Turbo Combos,
                  because they are done the same way as regular combos
                  (all of them, including Jump-Ins) except that the
                  finisher is done as a release. For example, one of T.J.
                  Combo's Turbo combos would be done like this; first, before
                  going into the combo, hold MP just to be safe. Then, start the
                  combo with a Turn Punch, follow with QP, then charge back,
                  forward, and then release MP. This produces a finisher which
                  goes much faster or is more powerful, or both. Also, it is
                  more difficult for your opponent to break these combos. Just
                  remember, perform the finisher as a release move. Note that you
                  can begin to hold the required button during the combo, it's
                  just a little easier to to start outside of the combo with it.
    MISC. COMBOS: These are combos that don't always follow the AS theory, and
                  involve a bit of creativity. They are a mix up of many various
                  that can deliver an interesting combo. You may find a way to
                  add more hits to an Ultra here. NOTE: some of these combos have
                  not been tested at the arcade, but they work for sure on the
    HERE WE GO...
    STRENGTHS: Glacius is one of the strongest characters in the game, and has
               good defense. His Arm Blade is lightning fast. It can be used as a
               mid-air counter, but is also a very quick surprise to close in
               opponents. His Puddle Teleport or Uppercut are very slow but quite
               powerful. I find them pretty useless, except maybe the Teleport to
               get out of corners, but they can both be used to evade
               projectiles, if done quickly enough. His Arm Pummel is good to
               drain energy, but is useless in a combo. He slowness can take some
               getting used to. Average difficulty for use.
    WEAKNESSES: Glacius, except for his Arm Blade, FK and Shoulder Slam, is
                pitifully slow. If he attempts a Puddle Uppercut, it can be
                easily blocked and, in my opinion, is a pretty much useless move,
                except for as a Combo Finisher. His Puddle Teleport is good for
                getting out of corners, and the opponent can't tell when he's a
                puddle whether or not he's doing the Uppercut or the Teleport.
                But, if he appears behind you, quickly hold in the opposite
                direction to block whatever he'll throw at you then.
    -Easy Dizzy: Do a fierce Shoulder Slam, then a standing fierce Kick or fierce
                 punch (produces a Headbutt) then jump over 'em with FK (this
                 usually works)
    -Easy Dizzy 2: hold D/B and hit 'em up close with FP, then a fierce Shoulder
                   Slam, then another ducking FP.
    -Easy Dizzy 3: Medium Shoulder Slam, then hold B+FP, then another medium
                   Shoulder Slam.
    -Starting Combos: It is preferable to start with a Shoulder Slam, but it is
                      possible to begin a combo with the medium Puddle Uppercut.
                      This is not recommended unless the opponent is dizzy.
    -Counter-Attacking: Counter an opponent's charge with a Shoulder Slam, and
                        when the attack from the air, use an Arm Blade, not the
                        Puddle Uppercut (it's a little to slow.)
    -VS. Eyedol:  Keep your distance, and counter his jump with the Arm Blade.
                  When in the corner, Puddle Teleport out. When he charges, block
                  and counter with the Easy Dizzy tactic. This sometimes dizzies.
    ENDING:  After he escapes from Ultratech's grasp, Glacius returns to the site
             of his crashed ship. With the advanced technology present at
             Ultratech, Glacius can take the materials he needs to repair his
             damaged ship. As the memories of the evil he faced at Ultratech
             slowly fade, Glacius begins the long, arduous trek back to his
             homeworld. (Cool Graphics with this one!)
    (That above was the section I took from my old FAQ; now, on to more in-depth
    -Bounding Fireball: QCT, any punch
    -Puddle Teleport: QCT, QK
    -Puddle Uppercut: QCT, MK or FK
    -Shoulder Slam: charge B, F, any punch
    -Arm Blade: F, D/F, D, D/B, QP
    -Arm Pummel: tap QP repeatedly
    -Low Roundhouse Punch: F+FP (Close)
    -Gut Punch: B+FP
    -Headbutt: F+FK (Close)
    -Knee: F+MK (Close)
    -Short Uppercut: F+MP (Close)
    -No Mercy 1: (Freezing Ice Needle)1/2: HCT, MP
    -No Mercy 2: (Body Bag)1/2: HCB, MK (Note: as far as I know, this doesn't
                 exist in the SNES version)
    -No Mercy 3: (Puddle Suck)1/2: B, B, B, FK
    -Humiliation: F, F, B, QK
    -Ultimate: QCB, QP
    -Recovery Move: Puddle Uppercut or Teleport
    -Interrupt Move:
    1. (During fierce Puddle Uppercut) QCT, MK (Weak Uppercut behind)
    2. (During medium Puddle Uppercut) QCT, FK (Knockdown Uppercut behind)
    -Counter-Projectiles: Puddle Teleport, Puddle Uppercut
    -Air Counter: Puddle Uppercut, Blade Arm
    -Mid-air Juggle: fierce Puddle Uppercut
    -Combo Breaker: Shoulder Slam
    Turbo Moves/Release Moves:
    -Quick Fireball: hold QP, QCT, release QP (produces disgustingly fast
                     Fireball which nullifies most Counter-Projectile moves)
    -Bounding Fireball-
    (Glacius rears back, then slams his fist into the ground with a grunt,
     sending a ball of energy bouncing toward the opponent)
    A slow but powerful projectile, with proper timing it will hit jumping foes.
    Try not to throw it if the enemy is over your head, because it will miss
    completely and you'll get nailed with a jump-in combo. It's not a good idea
    to use this on a lot of opponents out of blue, especially Jago, because he
    can easily do his Wind Kick through it. Another example would be not to use
    it on Cinder if he's in his outline form, because he'll Torpedo through and
    nail Glacius.
    -Puddle Teleport-
    (Glacius melts into a small pool of liquid and slips along the ground,
     reforming behind his opponent)
    This can be used repeatedly to confuse the enemy, and mix it up with the
    other Puddle moves, so that they think you're going to Teleport behind and
    they'll hold in the opposite direction; this will of course cause them to
    walk right into Puddle Uppercut. This is one of Glacius' best techniques,
    because it allows him to get out of any corner trap.
    -Puddle Uppercut-
    (Glacius melts into a small pool of liquid and slips along the ground,
     reforming in front of his opponent with a stretching uppercut)
    The MK version starts combos, and the FK will always knock down. You can use
    the later as a well-timed air counter as it comes out fairly fast. The medium
    is slower, so you must mix it up with confusing Puddle Teleports as explained
    above to connect best with it. Also mix these up with Glacius' two Interrupt
    Moves (read on for more info...).
    -Shoulder Slam-
    (Glacius slides along the ground with a growl and slams his shoulder into the
    This is IMO Glacius' best move, because it comes out FAST and also starts
    combos with medium or Fierce. It also has good recovery and can act quite
    well as an air counter. The Shoulder Slam also allows Glacius' to block while
    charging it, making it a great counterattack if you block anything or the
    enemy misses a move, especially a DP. Always have one of these charged, and
    stay defensive.
    -Arm Blade-
    (Glacius morphs his arm into a sharp blade and juts it upward in front of
    This is Glacius' best air counter, and comes out quite fast. It knocks the
    enemy quite a distance as well, so use it if you're in a pinch. Its recovery
    isn't all that great, though, so try and make sure it connects or you'll get
    -Arm Pummel-
    Actually, I don't really think of this as a Special Move, but others seem to.
    All it is is a lot of QPs, and since Glacius' are so fast, they become
    unblockable after the first punch; as well, it doesn't actually count as a
    combo, so it therefore cannot be broken. Use it if you need to gain some
    distance and need to even out the health between you and your foe.
    -Skill Moves-
    the only two you really need to know are the Headbutt and the Gut Punch; the
    Headbutt is his most powerful up-close move, and is powerful enough to do
    only a few times to dizzy the enemy. The Gut Punch has GREAT range, so use it
    if you wanna peck away at the enemy; just don't use it when they're airborne
    because its recovery is horrible.
    -Finishing Moves-
    Freezing Ice Needle: Glacius shapes his finger into a long thin needle and
                         pokes the enemy with it. They go all icy and fall over.
                         If you poke another Glacius, he crumbles into chunks of
                         ice; looks REALLY cool)
    Body Bag: Glacius morphs into a large glob of liquid and surrounds his foe;
              they appear to struggle under him for a time, then he melts them
              into a puddle, then reforms.
    Puddle Melt: Glacius melts into a puddle, slides under his opponent, and
                 melts them into it.
    Humiliation: Glacius makes his opponent dance
    Ultimate: Glacius performs your combo then finishes with a Puddle Melt
    -Recovery Moves-
    If you've been knocked down, perform a Puddle Teleport or Uppercut as he
    begins to stand. You will return to standing with a super fast Puddle
    Uppercut, great if the enemy jumps in as you get up. Bear in mind it still
    has a recovery time and if it misses Glacius can be hit quickly.
    -Interrupt Moves-
    These can make Glacius' opponent really careful about when and where to
    block. If you perform a Medium Puddle Uppercut before Glacius gets to his
    opponent with a Fierce one, Glacius will quickly appear behind the opponent
    with a Medium Uppercut, which you can follow with a combo. This is very
    difficult for the enemy to block, because if they think you're coming at them
    with a Puddle Uppercut in front of them, they'll hold back, and instead walk
    into your Uppercut behind them. Use this technique OFTEN against human
    players. You can also interrupt a Medium Uppercut with the Fierce in the same
    fashion, but you of course cannot combo with it.
    -Counter Projectiles-
    Glacius, sadly, is very difficult to counterattack projectiles with. He can
    avoid them easily with any of his Puddle move, but the majority of characters
    are fast enough to recover from their fireball in time to block an Uppercut.
    The only for sure way you might connect is if you do his Medium Interrupt
    Move and it may catch slow fireballers. Otherwise just jump or block, but
    watch for Chief Thunder's Phoenix directed upward!.
    -Air Counters-
    Glacius can hold his own against jumpers; if they're up there for a while,
    your best to use a Puddle Uppercut, but all in all the Arm Blade is the
    easiest one to use, and it is essential in the fight against Eyedol. If they
    try to cross you up, hit F+MP and the side uppercut should come out, unless
    they're already too far over you.
    -Mid-Air Juggles-
    To tack on up to three extra hits and a little more damage to a combo,
    perform Glacius' Fierce Puddle Uppercut; if timed correctly, he will do a
    fast Uppercut to juggle the enemy before they land. If you've done a Combo
    Breaker, this will become a Triple Puddle Uppercut which can be done up to
    three times.
    -Combo Breaker-
    To perform Glacius' Combo Breaker, do the motions for the Shoulder Slam and
    hit the appropriate punch (See A WORD ABOUT... The Combo Breaker Theory);
    Glacius will perform a fast Arm Blade and the announcer will exclaim
    "C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!". Glacius' Breaker does good damage and can prevent
    severe damage to himself. It requires a charge back so does not come out as
    fast as others, but its charge time is a little shorter than the Shoulder
    -Turbo Move-
    Glacius' Turbo Move is a lightning fast Bounding Fireball that does (as far
    as I know) the same damage as the regular version. This is Glacius' only
    Turbo/Shadow move out of a combo, but it should be used to its fullest; if
    you have done a Combo Breaker, stay defensive on the other side of the screen
    and whenever the enemy tries a projectile, whip this one off; it will absorb
    theirs and bounce right into their face! Also whip it off IMMEDIATELY as they
    try to jump, and it comes out so fast that it usually catches them in
    OK, by now I hope you've read A WORD ABOUT... so you know the twists and
    turns of combos with Glacius. Here's the beginning general info, including
    the Auto-second buttons for them:
    Combo Starters:
    -any Jump-in (auto-buttons: follow Auto-Second theory)
    -Medium Puddle Uppercut (auto-buttons: QK, FK)
    -Quick Shoulder Slam (auto-buttons: MP, FK)
    -Medium Shoulder Slam (auto-buttons: MP, FP)
    -Fierce Shoulder Slam (auto-buttons: QP, MP)
    Bridge Move: charge F, B+MP (QP, MP, FK, or finisher)
    -F, D/F, D, D/B+QP: Punch/Knee/Arm Blades (can be followed up with juggle)
    -QCT+FP: Multi-Hit Rising Fireball (can be followed up with juggle)
    -QCT+MK: Punch/Knee/Backhand/Shoulder Slam (cannot be juggled)
    -QCT+FK: Multi-hit Puddle Uppercut (can be followed up with juggle)
    So, let's take an example to start us off:
    First hit the opponent with a Fierce Shoulder Slam, and CONTINUE to hold
    Forward. Then hit MP auto-second for a total of 4 hits, then hit B+MP (this
    will give you the Bridge Move, because you were already holding forward, so
    the first part of it is done) for a total of 6 hits, then hit FK auto-second
    for another 3 hits for a total of 9 hits, then finish with QCT+FP for a big
    4 hit finish, bringing you a total of 13 hits, a KILLER Combo! After you've
    knocked them up in the air, wait for a brief moment then do his Mid-air
    Juggle for up to 3 more hits...
    This is the basic way you do a combo; start with any of Glacius' Combo
    Starters, then hit one of its Auto-Second buttons, then perform his Bridge
    Move (to do his Bridge, you must continue to hold F after the Start comes out
    and during the auto-second so that you need only hit B+MP), followed by its
    Auto-Second, then finish anyway you like. My favorite Finisher is QCT+3, as
    Glacius produces an upward fireball that sends you sky high.
    Now, for Ultras, simply replace the last hit (Finisher) with charge B, F+FP;
    Glacius will punch the enemy repeatedly, then perform multiple Arm Blades
    with blood flying all over, then finish with a Puddle Uppercut high into the
    For an Ultimate; just replace your Finisher with QCB+QP
    And also for Turbo Combos, just perform any finisher as a release move (eg.
    hold FP, QCT, release FP will give a super-fast Multi-Fireball)
    So, from this example I would hope you can piece together your own combos;
    simply follow the pattern:
    *Starter -> Auto-second -> Bridge -> Auto-Second -> Finisher -> maybe juggle
    Either way, here are some miscellaneous combos I have compiled, including
    some basic ones in case you need more examples:
    (NOTE: remember, I don't include juggles with these, so some can have more
    1. Medium Shoulder Slam, FP, Fierce Puddle Uppercut (6 hits)
    2. Medium Shoulder Slam, FP, Arm Blade (7 hits)
    3. Fierce Shoulder Slam, MP, charge F, B+MP, MP, Fierce Bounding Fireball
       (13 hits)
    4. Fierce Shoulder Slam, MP, charge F, B+MP, MP, charge B, F+FP (27 hit ULTRA
    5) Medium Puddle Uppercut, QK, Arm Blade (7 hits)
    6) Medium Puddle Uppercut, QK, charge F, B+MP, FK, Arm Blade (13 hits)
    7) Fierce Shoulder Slam, MP, charge F, B+MP, Fierce Puddle Uppercut (9 hits)
    8) Medium Shoulder Slam, FP, hold MK, QCT, release MK (7 hit TURBO combo)
    9) Fierce Shoulder Slam, MP, charge F, B+MP, FK, QB+QP (10 hit ULTIMATE)
    Thanks to Jason Jamieson, Derek Speck, Jarvis, Steve and all the guys at the
    arcade for hours of KI fun. Also special thanks to Derek Kisman for his SNES 
    KI FAQ. 
    You can access this FAQ and many others at my homepage:
    You can also e-mail me at:
    "I said it before and I'll say it again--democracy simply doesn't work!"
                                              -Kent Brockman, the Simpsons

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