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    Jago by JCulbert

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    Killer Instinct 2
    Character Guide version 2.0
    By John "CUL" Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com)
    Note: although this is a FAQ for Jago, I must make references to other 
          character's and their moves at times (i.e. proper counterattacks). So,
          I recommend reading a general KI2 FAQ, like Chris Blaney's.
    -Pressure System explanation MAJORLY CORRECTED
    -Other odds and ends
    -new URL and e-mail in credits
    WOW! When I saw the first Killer Instinct, I went crazy over it simply 
    because of the graphics, cool moves (especially the Ultras!), BGM and awesome 
    sound effects. I began to play it but because of the repetitive, uniform 
    combo system and annoying Combo Breakers, I eventually grew tired of it. 
    Another big problem with KI1 was that the 2-player mode basically sucked, 
    because the game was geared to be defensive, i.e. wait for the opponent to 
    screw up, block their move, and counter with a combo starter and off you go. 
    And the Combo Breaker made it so the whole match was pretty much "block move 
    -> counter with combo starter -> get combo broken early -> opponent blocks 
    move -> counters with combo starter -> breaks combo early -> etc..."
    But, boy did they make changes! The combo system has been greatly improved,
    so that pulling off 20+ hit combos takes a lot of time to build up, and that
    rarely happens except in Ultras. KI2 Combo Breakers are MUCH harder to time 
    (Except the CPU's, of course), making these combos last longer. The fights 
    are a little more interesting because combos rarely take off even 1/2 the 
    meter any more (unless Super Linkers are and Super Moves are used). Jump in 
    combos are much better and easier to use, so in general the game can now be 
    played offensively. There are specific moves to counter specific moves, 
    making it a highly technical fight of proper timing and technique. The 
    graphics have been improved slightly, and the backgrounds are now more 
    interactive. The stage finishing moves are spectacularily animated. Finishing 
    moves (No Mercies, Ultimates) are still there, although like the MK series 
    they appear to have been towned down, mind you not as badly. And just to make 
    the 1 player more worth while, you get different endings depending on who you 
    finish off, etc...
    Anyways, when I first started to play KI1, I did what most other fighting
    game players do; I picked out of all the characters which one I thought I
    would do good with. But, that's only how I start to play fightimg games-- 
    once I get to know the game a little better and have mastered my first 
    fighter, I'll go on to another, master them, then another...this makes the 
    game last longer and it's more fun for me. Anyway, I found myself using Jago
    the least to start off with, (my first character was Fulgore) because I had
    a lot of trouble pulling off his moves, namely the Wind Kick and Laser Blade.
    However, after getting used to Chief Thunder and Glacius, who each had one
    move with the same motions, I gave him a try. WEEE, did I enjoy myself! I
    soon found Jago was the best character in the game, both offensively and
    defensively. This is because his style of play is more of the traditional, 
    SF2 quality (i.e. DP, FB, etc...)
    Now, in KI2, I'm happy to see his changes were for the better. Jago is almost
    totally offensively geared, and yet if used properly has good defenses as 
    well. Once mastered, Jago is QUITE formidable. One must note, however, that
    if they haven't mastered the Wind Kick, Laser Blade and Ninja Slide motions,
    you're in trouble. Mind you, I find the motions much easier to perform in 
    LEGEND:          BUTTONS
                    .-------------Quick Punch (QP)
       JOYSTICK     | .-----------Medium Punch (MP)
                    | | .---------Fierce Punch (FP)
       U/B U U/F    | | |
          \|/       | | |
        B--o--F     | | |
          /|\       O O O
       D/B D D/F    O O O
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | ----------Fierce Kick (FK)
                    | ------------Medium Kick (MK)
                     -------------Quick Kick (QK)
    QCT= Quarter Circle Toward (roll the joystick from D to F)
    QCB= Quarter Circle Back (roll the joystick from D to B)
    HCT= Half Circle Toward (roll the joystick from B to D to F)
    HCB= Half Circle Back (roll the joystick from F to D to B)
     + = enter commands simultainiously
    J. = Jumping
    S. = Standing
    C. = Crouching
    CB = Combo Breaker
    Super Meter:
    Finally catching up to other fighting games, KI2 now has a Super Meter. This
    meter is in the form of six small squares below your health meter; by doing
    attacks on blocking opponents (see Pressure System) or getting hit, this 
    meter will slowly build up to six and flash red (1 level), then continue on 
    for up to 12 and flash (2 levels). Some Special Moves (that I call "Power 
    Moves") can only be done with a certain amount of blocks in the Super Meter, 
    and in addition each fighter has potent Super Moves that take one full level 
    (6 blocks). 
    Super Moves:
    Once you have at least 6 blocks on your Super Meter, you can perform a Super
    Move. A Super Move is generally a much more powerful version of a Special 
    Move, and because of this has complicated motions that can require practice.
    In addition, these Super Moves can be used as Recovery Moves (see Recovery
    Moves), and to juggle after combos! 
    Recovery Moves:
    After being knocked down, your character can perform an attack as he is
    rising that can surprise many foes, and is practically invincible from up
    close. In addition, a Super Move can double as a Recovery Move.
    Ultra Combos:
    One of the awesomest ideas to ever hit fighting games is still in KI2, and
    work in the same fashion. To make your character totally destroy the enemy
    with a huge automatic combo, perform the Ultra motion at the end of a combo 
    section to learn how to get maximum hits on the Ultra.
    Ultra Breakers:
    Yes it's true, you CAN break Ultra Combos! In order to break them, you must
    have at least one full level on the Super Meter, because your Super Move
    doubles as your Ultra Breaker. You can only break an Ultra during the first
    4 hits, before it begins to cycle into the Ultra's repeated hits. The Ultra
    Breaker does around 40% damage to your opponent and gives you a last chance
    to win!
    Assaults are 7 hit combo Finishers that can only be done at the end of the
    opponent's first life meter (green). You need to have performed at least one
    combo Finisher in that round, and the Assault requires six blocks of Super
    energy to perform. In addition, you can juggle afterward with a Super Move
    for an additional 4 hits by buffering the motions of the Super into the 
    Assault BEFORE Jago starts doing the repeated kicks (as with the normal 
    Overhead Attacks:
    Returning are Overhead Attacks, to further prevent turtling. An Overhead
    Attack will hit a crouching opponent from standing wether they are blocking
    low or not. This makes it so they can't just sit there and throw out low hits
    the whole round. Overheads can no longer be followed by an Auto-Double, but
    can be two-in-oned into an Opener, or a MANUAL Auto-Double.
    Unlike KI1, Overhead Attacks will come out wether the opponent is standing or 
    crouching, although remember that they can be blocked from standing.
    In addition to Overhead Attacks, Throws have now been added to KI2 to prevent
    turtling. You can throw a crouching or standing opponent, and they are 
    unblockable. However, Throws are PITIFULLY weak, so the only places to use
    them is on turtles, or inside of a combo (see below). The Throw can be 
    reversed by performing your character's Throw move during the first few 
    frames of your opponent's Throw animation.
    Somewhat like VF2 and Tekken 2, there is now a counter-attack system in KI2.
    When an opponent performs a Special Move, your character can counter that 
    move as it comes out with one of theirs. This is because that particular
    counter-attack has "priority" over the enemy's attack, and you will hit them
    first. Jago's counter-attacks are explained in each move's section.
    No Mercies:
    No Mercies are back, and are now performed at a different time. You must 
    perform a No Mercy DURING the match, when the opponent is down to flashing
    red on their life meter. Each No Mercy is different and you must time it 
    right for it to work. If it connects, wherever the enemy is, it will kill
    them. it can, however, be blocked, but if so it will still do decent block 
    Ultimates are done in the same was as in KI1; they are finishing moves done
    to finish a combo, and they will only work if the enemy's life meter is 
    flashing red when the time comes to finish a combo. The Ultimate will kill
    the opponent. Unlike in KI1, a character's Ultimate is different from their
    No Mercy.
    Spirit Moves:
    KI2's answer to the "last breath" from the first KI. By performing your 
    Spirit Move anytime during the fight, 1/8 of your meter will be taken and
    stored so you will automatically come back to life after being defeated (you
    cannot come back after being killed or defeated with an Ultra) as a ghost! 
    When you are a ghost, you are given around 1/8 of a meter of health back, 
    your attacks do monster damage, and you return with a full Super Meter!
    Openers are attacks that allow you to start combos, "opening" your opponent
    to further attacks. You can "open" an opponent with any move that doesn't
    knock down or too far away. This can include all jump-in attacks, all 
    standing and crouching close FIERCE attacks (Fierce only because you must 
    start into a Manual Auto-Double), and certain Special Moves. Standing and
    crouching Fierce attacks can either be chained into an auto-double for a 
    Manual Auto-Double two hit (then keep going), or they can be two-in-oned into
    a Special Move Opener. 
    In KI2, the Auto-Double system has changed, and now applies for ALL combo 
    Openers and Linkers. Auto-Doubles are CPU-controlled hits that follow any 
    Opener or Linker, and unlike KI1, award only two hits (KI1 gave you three). 
    This is because during the Auto-Double is the time to perform a Combo Breaker 
    (see Combo Breakers). To perform Auto-Doubles you must chain in any attack to 
    the left of the Opener/Linker button on the console. Meaning, if your 
    Opener/Linker uses a Fierce, chain into a Medium Punch or Kick, if you use a 
    Medium, chain into a Quick attack, and if you use a Quick, chain into a 
    Fierce. Note that you don't have to follow an Opener or Linker with an 
    Auto-Double. You can also go into the Finisher right off, or you can go into 
    Manual Auto-Doubles...
    Linkers are "transition" moves performed to extend combos to around twice 
    their length. Instead of performing a Finisher after an Auto-Double, you can 
    instead go into a Linker, which will allow you to continue into another 
    Auto-Double, then a Finisher. There are also other possibilities...
    Super Linkers:
    Super Linkers allow you to get 5 hits for your Linker, and require 3 blocks
    from the Super Meter. They act in exactly the same fashion as regular linkers
    except they get five hits, do more damage, and they can be done up to four 
    times within a combo! (This will only happen if you have a full 12 blocks on 
    your Meter).
    Manual Auto-Doubles:
    Since the Auto-Doubles only award two hits, the game gives players the option
    of performing MANUAL Auto-Doubles by themselves. These are up to two more
    chainable hits that you must input manually (hence the name--duh!), and 
    always follow the same pattern; a Fierce chained into a Medium. Manual 
    Auto-Doubles can be performed directly after Openers, but in order to get max 
    hits, you can follow the AUTO-DOUBLE with the Manual Auto-Doubles for four
    hits after the Opener (note that if you wish you can do just one manual hit). 
    After a Linker is used, you can then perform the Manual Auto-Doubles, or 
    again perform the Auto-Double and follow with the Manual for four more hits 
    after the Linker. Then you can perform the various Finishers. In addition, 
    you can actually start combos with the Manual Auto-Doubles. When up close, 
    you can connect with any crouching or standing Fierce attack (except C.FK, 
    which is a knockdown for Jago) and chain into a Medium attack, and continue 
    on from there. Since the Manual Auto-Doubles can only be done with Fierce -> 
    Medium patterns, you cannot start Manual Combos with any standing or 
    crouching Medium or Quick attack. Mind you, you can connect with a Quick or 
    Medium and two-in-one into a combo Opener...
    BTW, if you start a combo with a Manual Auto-Double, remember that this will
    make your combo breakable from the start.
    Finishers are moves that finish off the combo (duh.) The Finisher system has
    also been changed; each character has 4 normal Finishers, each doing only one
    hit at the beginning of the match. But, as the match progresses, each time
    you use a new Finisher, you are awarded an additional hit for all your 
    Finishers. Meaning, if you finish a combo with one Finisher, it'll do one 
    hit. But, the next time you perform a combo, finish it with ANOTHER Finisher.
    BOOM! All your Finishers now do two hits! Then, finish your next combo with
    a Finisher you haven't performed yet, and your Finishers will now do 3 hits.
    Now, when you perform your fourth Finisher, not only do you receive your 4
    hit Finishers, but this also allows you to perform a secret fifth Finisher,
    which will do five SPECTACULAR hits total! 
    In addition, performing a certain amount of Finishers in a fight will 
    determine how many hits you get on your Ultra. If you only perform the same
    damn Finisher over and over, or don't use any Finishers, you'll get 14 hits
    from the Ultra (plus however many hits you used to start the combo, of 
    course)--if you use all of your Finishers you can get 30 hits max out of the
    Ultra (you get four extra hits for each Finisher you perform). So basically, 
    if you want more hits, use more variety with your Finishers.
    Combo Breakers:
    Combo Breakers are back, but are thankfully much more difficult to do. You 
    can only break combos during their Auto-Doubles, manual or otherwise (so
    technically if your opponent STARTS a combo with a two-hit Manual Combo, you
    can break it right then and there). But because these Auto-Doubles don't last 
    very long, the Combo Breaker must be done fast. The Breaker system has been 
    simplified, so that all you have to do know is perform the motion for your 
    Breaker, and hit the opposite button of the hit you're breaking, i.e. break 
    kicks with punch, break punches with kick. Now, to make CBing even more 
    difficult, the Auto-Doubles can be done with EITHER kick or punch, so 
    alternating the Auto-Doubles makes it very difficult to break them, unless 
    you make a lucky guess between the two. Mind you, to help a little, all punch 
    auto-Doubles consist of all punches (all you'll see your opponent perform on 
    you is punching/hand attacks), and all kick Auto-Doubles are kick attacks. 
    So, if you see a kick starting to come out, you may be able to do a punch CB 
    in time, provided you have good reflexes. The window of opportunity for a CB 
    is between the first hit of the Auto-Double and the Linker, or second hit of 
    the Finisher. And of course, your window of opportunity will grow bigger if 
    the opponent does the full four hit Auto-Double -> Manual Auto-Double 
    Pressure Combos:
    This is the section that has been majorly updated! Whatever I said about the
    Pressure System before is almost totally wrong (it was some asshole at the 
    arcade who lead me astray). First off, I thought what a Pressure Move did was
    allow you to hit the opponent, and if it isn't blocked, go into a combo--if 
    it was blocked, you could instantly perform any Opener, mixing up the attack
    levels to confuse the opponent. 
    THIS IS ONLY PARTIALLY CORRECT. First of all yes, you can go into an Opener
    (or Overhead Strike) after the Pressure Move is blocked, but this CAN BE  
    EASILY BLOCKED OR COUNTERED! If the Pressure Move isn't blocked you can still
    go into a combo. The idea behind the blocked Pressure Move is ONLY to build
    up your Super Meter--The fastest and most effective way of building up your
    Meter is if the opponent blocks a lot of your attacks; the Pressure Move will
    do this for you, because they will block BOTH HITS of the Pressure Move, plus
    a SAFE blocked Opener (in Jago's case, the Medium Laser Blade)--if they don't
    block, you've got a big combo. This promotes an offensive game and 
    discourages turtlers, because they have the choice of blocking and allowing 
    you to get up your Super Meter, so that you can perform other moves that 
    would be a distadvantage to them, or they can get hit by a combo.
    Throw Combos:
    The best place to use Throws in KI2 is within combos. To do this, perform the
    Throw motion of your character immediately after an Auto-Double. Your fighter 
    will Throw the opponent, where you can then follow up with an Air Combo, or 
    any juggle! BTW, a Throw out of a combo CANNOT be juggled after.
    Instead of the limited juggling system of KI1, you now have the ability to
    juggle with numerous moves, like your Pressure Move, most Special Moves, 
    Super Moves, and Air Combos.
    Parrying, Parry Dizzies and Parrying Combos:
    Another cool new feature is the ability to "parry" an attack. When performed,
    your character will block an attack, creating a large flash, and this will
    momentarily leave your opponent defenseless. During this period you can 
    either perform a combo with a certain specific "Parry Opener", or you can 
    perform a Parry Dizzy. Once the Parry has happened, performing a certain 
    Special Move will hit the opponent and instantly dizzy them! This may sound 
    pretty cool, but the option of going into a combo is IMO much better, because 
    connecting with a Parry Opener after using a Parry will charge the Opener up, 
    allowing it to do 3 hits! To perform a Parry, hold back and hit QP. Holding 
    QP will keep your character in the Parry stance. Note that standing there all 
    day in the Parry stance will not do you much good, because all attacks cannot 
    be parried. Instead, perform the Parry when you anticipate their move coming 
    You can Parry: any standing Fierce attack that hits low or high, an Overhead
    Attack or Pressure Attack, or Tusk's Back Stab and T.J. Combo's Skull Crusher
    Special Moves.
    Two-In Ones:
    Two-in-One involves single-button buffering, a term familiar to SFA players.
    The idea is to attack with a certain button, but continue to hold the button.
    Now, in KI2, you can perform attacks using their regular motions, or you can
    hold the button used, perform the joystick motions, then release the button,
    and the move WILL come out. This can be used to "two-in-one" a single attack
    into a Special Move using the same button. For example, with Jago, connect
    with a standing Fierce, but continue to hold the Fierce; then tap F, D, D/F
    as quickly as possible and release the Fierce. After connecting with the
    Fierce, Jago will QUICKLY go into a Fierce Shindouken.
    Note that you don't have to use single-button buffering. You can two-in-one 
    most attacks into most Special Moves, provided you're fast enough to 
    interrupt the animation. For example, connect with Jago's S.FP, then QUICKLY 
    perform the motion for his Ninja Slide (D/B, D, D/F+any kick). If you were 
    fast enough, the Ninja Slide will come out before Jago draws back his hand 
    from the FP.
    Air Doubles/Combos:
    After connecting against an airborne opponent with any jumping attack, you
    can immediately follow with your fighter's Air Double. This is a Special Move
    that will connect only after an air-to-air attack. These two-hit Air Combos
    can be used as juggles, especially after Throw Combos, and you can also 
    follow Air Combos with juggles when you land before them from the air. The
    Air Combo system follows the same system as Auto-Doubles; if you hit them
    with a Fierce jumping attack, follow with a Medium Air Double, if you connect
    with a Medium jumping attack, follow with a Quick Air Double, and connecting
    with a Quick jumping attack must be followed with a Fierce Air Double. Just
    to be fair, though, you can break a combo in mid-air between the first hit
    and the Air Double.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 190 lbs.
    Age: 22
    After destroying Fulgore, a furious Jago is betrayed by his one-time master
    the Tiger Spirit. The disguised demon lord used him to escape from the void,
    and now Jago swears vengeance.
    (Choose at character select screen by tapping U or D at Jago)
    -Light Red w/Yellow straps
    -Grey w/Red straps
    -Purple w/Red straps
    -Green w/red straps
    -White w/red straps (best looking IMO)
    -Yellow w/red straps
    Winning Pose 1: Jago puts his hands to his hips and bows to his fallen foe.
    Winning Pose 2: Jago raises his sword and cries in triumph.
    Victory Screen: Jago standing on his bridge, showing off his sword; the 
                    camera pans in and closes in on his mean-lookin' face and he
    Stage: beautifully animated bridge scene, with a waterfall in back near his
           dojo, and the bridge hangs over a river. If you perform any uppercut
           type move to finish the opponent, they will be knocked off the bridge
           and we get to see a beautiful sequence of them sinking to the depths 
           of the lake.
    -QP: palm jab
    -MP: palm strike
    -FP: palm thrust
    -QK: high instep kick
    -MK: side kick
    -FK: high side snap kick
    -QP: crouching jab
    -MP: low palm strike
    -FP: blade uppercut
    -QK: low side kick
    -MK: crouching toe kick
    -FK: half-leg roundhouse sweep
    -QP: palm jab
    -MP: backhand
    -FP: elbow trust
    -QK: shin kick
    -MK: knee kick
    -FK: high side knee
    -QP: jumping jab
    -MP: diving punch
    -FP: downward slash
    -QK: knee drop
    -MK: jumping forward kick
    -FK: jumping side kick
    -Shindouken: F, D, D/F+any punch
    -Endokouken: QCT+any punch
    -Red Endokouken: hold FP, QCT+release FP
    -Fake Endokouken: QCT+QK
    -Laser Blade: D/F, D, D/B+MP or QP 
    -Wind Kick: D/F, D, D/B+any kick
    -Ninja Slide: D/B, D, D/F+any kick
    -Air Double: D/F, D, D/B+any kick
    -Front Kick: B+FK
    -Overhead Throw: F+FP (close)
    -Overhead Attack; Sword Slash: B+FP
    -Pressure Move; Dashing Double Roundhouse: F+FK
    -Parry Dizzy; Quick Shindouken: F, D, D/F+QP
    -Parry Opener; Triple Wind Kick: D/F, D, D/B+MK
    -Recovery Move; Shindouken or Tiger Thrash: F, D, D/F+any punch
    -Combo Breaker/Air CB; Shindouken: F, D, D/F+any punch or kick
    -Spirit Move: HCB, F+QK
    Power Moves:
    -Super Red Endokouken: HCB+QP (requires four blocks)
    -Shadow Wind Kick: HCB, F+MK (requires three blocks)
    -Super-Linker; Super Ninja Slide: HCF, B+FK (requires three blocks) 
    -Super Linker; Super Windkick: HCB, F+MK (requires three blocks)
    Super Moves/Finishing Moves:
    -Super Move; Tiger Thrash: QCB, HCT+FP (requires 6 blocks)
    -Ultra Breaker: QCB, HCT+FP (requires six blocks)
    -Assault: D/B, D, D/F+QK (requires six blocks)
    -Ultra: D/F, D, D/B+QK
    -No Mercy; Charring Fireball: HCB, F+MP
    -Ultimate; Stab: F, D, D/F+FK
    -Palm Jab, Palm Strike, High Instep Kick, Crouching Jab, Low Palm Strike, Low 
     Side Kick, Backhand, Knee Kick, Jumping Jab, Diving Punch, Knee Drop:
    No big deal. As far as I know, these attacks aren't very useul when compared
    to others.
    -Palm Thrust-
    (Jago lunges forward to strike with his palm)
    Good range, but pretty slow. It's pretty good if the opponent is throwing 
    quick attacks at you from a step or two, as this has better priority and when
    it connects, chain into a medium and off you go. Note that this can be ducked
    and countered, and it can also be parried.
    -Side Kick-
    (Jago turns to the side and thrusts his foot up to the side of the enemy's
    This is one of his better attacks, simply because of range and speed. A good
    all around attack to use from a few steps away, and if it connects, 
    two-in-one into a Ninja Slide and combo. It can be ducked, but its recovery
    is quite speedy.
    -High Side Snap Kick-
    (Jago leans to the side, brings his knee up, then snaps his foot out to the
     side of the opponent's head)
    A fairly slow attack, its advantage is range. If blocked the enemy may be 
    able to get you with a real quick attack, but it is ideal as an air counter
    against deep jump-ins, and just to surprise opponents from a few steps. Use 
    in moderation however, because of its speed and the fact that it can be
    parried. If it connects from a step or two, two-in-one into a Fierce Ninja 
    Slide or Medium Wind Kick.
    -Blade Uppercut-
    (Jago thrusts his fist, plam down, upwards with his blade across)
    This is also pretty slow, but it is IMO his best air counter, and its 
    horizontal range isn't too bad either. It can be parried remember, so use it
    best as an air counter. Up close it is actually quite effective; if you 
    manage to duck a high attack, counter with this and chain into a Medium punch
    or kick for a Manual-Auto Double Opener.
    -Crouching Toe Kick-
    (Jago slides his foot forward to hit in the foot area)
    The reason this is important is range and speed. This is Jago's best 
    crouching attack and quite easy to pester the enemy with it. A good part of
    your up-close game, use it especially after ducking a high attack. Then 
    two-in-one into a Ninja Slide and combo.
    -Half-Leg Roundhouse Sweep-
    (Jago crouches low and swings his leg forward and across the enemy's legs)
    This is Jago's only regular move that knocks down, and does decent damage for
    a single hit. Its advantage is range, but remember it can be paried (or can 
    it?). It has a greater range than the C.MK, so use it to counter high attacks 
    from max distance. It's a good way to calm things down when it gets 
    nitty-gritty (i.e. repeated mixed-up quick attacks and Pressure Combos 
    between fighters).
    -Elbow Thrust-
    (Jago puts fist in hand and brings his elbow into the enemy's head)
    This is probably his most powerful regular attack, and if it connects chain
    into a medium and combo, or two-in-one simply into a Shindouken, or Ninja
    Slide and combo. Bear in mind it can be parried.
    -Shin Kick-
    (Jago brings his foot into the opponent's shin from standing)
    Boy, is this kick annoying. In KI1 it was the CPU Jago's favorite attack from
    up close. The deal with it is it has instant recovery and initiation speed,
    ideal for pecking away from up close. But in addition, despite being a 
    standing attack, it must be blocked low! For this reason it is ideal in your
    up close game, as after a few of these your opponent should get wise and low
    block, then it's time for an Overhead attack two-in-one into Ninja Slide or
    Laser Blade+combo!
    -High Side Knee-
    (Jago stretches to bring his knee into the side of his foe's head)
    A cool looking and powerful attack, it comes out and recovers slow and can be
    parried. If it connects up close go into a medium and combo, or two-in-one
    into Shindouken, or Ninja Slide+combo. use in moderation.
    -Downward Slash-
    (Jago slashes his sword downward in mid-air)
    This is Jago's best jump-in attack, and does decent damage. In the air when
    the opponent is on the ground, this should be your only attack if fairly 
    close. Follow with alternating S.medium attacks to lessen CB chances.
    -Jumping Forward Kick-
    (Jago kicks forward in mid-air)
    This is a downward-directed hit, so it is also ideal for jump-ins. However,
    it is weaker than J.FP, but has greater range. It is therefore better to use
    this if you're jumping over a fireball from a far distance, where you think
    the J.FP won't connect. If this connects in this case, an Auto-Double medium
    may not connect from this range, so it's better to use the Pressure Move, or
    just a Ninja Slide.
    -Jumping Side Kick-
    (Jago performs a side kick in mid-air)
    Poor for jump-ins, but has phenomenal horizontal range. So, it is ideal for
    air-to-air combat, and if it connects, the Wind Kick Air Double will too. Go
    for it, especially in a Throw combo.
    (Jago exclaims "Shindouken!" and rises into the air with a terrific uppercut)
    The usual stereo-typical DP move, it is a great all around air counter, does
    good damage, passes through projectiles (maybe not all Super Moves) and can 
    finish combos well. But, like all other DPs, if blocked the opponent has 
    quite a while to figure out what to do to you before you land, totally 
    vulnerable. To put it simply, make sure this connects. Now, by far one of 
    your best weapons is the QP Shindouken. This is your best Shindouken because 
    if it is blocked, there's a good chance you'll recover in time to block an 
    attempted counter (not always, just usually). It also comes out faster than 
    the other two Shindoukens, so it's better for air countering as well. 
    Note that the Shindouken is pretty much invulnerable until its apex (some 
    Super Moves may connect, I think), so it cannot be countered, but will
    counter a lot of moves.
    BTW, unlike a lot of other DP moves in fighting games, the strength of the
    button WILL determine a significant change in damage. The FP Shindouken does
    a noticable amount more than the QP version.
    (Jago draws his hands back, then exclaims "Endokouken!" and releases a ball
     of flying green energy towards the opponent)
    Variable speeds; QP throws it real slow, MP fast and FP quite fast. Your 
    basic fireball, use the different speeds when playing defensive to keep the
    opponent back. Try to do this from full screen, that way a lot of the attacks
    your opponent possesses to go through fireballs won't reach you. Try not to
    throw these very often within half a screen, not only for the anti-projectile
    attacks, but because they can simply jump over and attack before Jago 
    -Red Endokouken-
    (Jago draws his hands back, then exclaims "Endokouken!" and releases a FAST
     ball of flying red energy towards the opponent)
    It is no longer a Super Move, and can be done at any time. This is one of his
    better attacks; the recovery is as bad as the regular fireball, but boy is it
    FAST! If this connects, it will knock the opponent flipping slightly up then 
    down. And what's even better is that you can actually juggle before they hit 
    the ground with another Endokouken, Ninja Slide or Pressure Move if you're 
    close enough! Remember not to use this very often when the enemy is too 
    close, because they can pass through in a lot of cases, or jump and combo.
    Despite it only hitting once no matter what, it is actually pretty good in a
    two-in-one combo.
    -Fake Endokouken-
    (Jago draws his hands back as if to throw a fireball, but instead stops short
    A very effective technique, this should be mixed up with Red and regular 
    Endokoukens; this is because this fake-out can be cancelled by any other
    Special Move! So, throw a few other fireballs here and there, and then toss
    this one off--if the opponent stays where they are, you can try for a Ninja
    Slide if you want, but if they think you're going to throw a real Endokouken
    and try to jump in at you, cancel with a QP Shindouken for an instant air
    counter! Another great place to use it is after your blocked Pressure Move;
    after they block it, they'll see you start the Fireball motion and think 
    you've screwed up, but you can then quickly cancel into a Laser Blade or 
    Ninja Slide as they try to go through your "fireball".
    -Laser Blade-
    (In a lighting fast motion, Jago flips his hand behind his back, unsheaths 
     his sword, and brings it back around to slash upward once or twice)
    Also a pretty improved attack, it's OK as an air counter, but its primary use
    is as an up-close Combo Opener. This mixed up with other quick up close 
    attacks, Pressure Moves and the Ninja Slide makes up your up-close ground
    game. If blocked you're RELATIVELY safe, except from some real fast attacks.
    This is great from an up close two-in-one, because unlike Jago's other 
    Openers, this hits twice, but because of its range it's not as easy to 
    connect with. Try it simply after a single up close attack or jump-in for a
    two-in-one, three hit Opener.
    Vs. Kim Wu:                             Vs. Orchid:
    -Laser Blade counters Tornado Kick      -Laser Blade counters Flik Flak
    -Laser Blade countered by Split Kick    -Laser Blade countered by Tiger Slide
    Vs. Tusk:                               Vs. Fulgore: 
    -Laser Blade counters Boot Kick      -Laser Blade counters Claw Dash
    -Laser Blade countered by Skull      -Laser blade countered by Optic Beam   
    Vs. Sabrewulf:                          Vs. Spinal:
    -Laser Blade counters Sabre Wheel       -Laser Blade counters Skeleskewer
    -Laser Blade countered by Sabre Pounce  -Laser Blade countered by Skull 
    Vs. Jago:                               Vs. Maya:
    -Laser Blade counters Wind Kick         -Laser Blade counters Flip Kick
    -Laser Blade countered by Ninja Slide   -Laser Blade countered by Mantis
    Vs. Glacius:                            Vs. T.J. Combo:
    -Laser Blade counters Cold Shoulder     -none
    -Laser Blade countered by Icy Grip      -Laser Blade countered by
    -Wind Kick-
    (Jago spins around back to front and flies through the air to connect with a
     high split kick)
    Because of the Laser Blade and Ninja Slide, and the fact that it no longer
    passes through projectiles, this move is all but useless. The only use for 
    the FK version is from far away and the opponent either performs a really 
    slow recovering move, or a move the Wind Kick counters. Other than that, the 
    Fierce version's recovery is too great (although better than in KI1, I have
    still been hit after blocking by real fast moves like Glacius' Cold Shoulder)
    and it moves way to slow so they can counter with the appropriate attack 
    fairly easily. The QK Wind Kick is lightning fast, but has virtually no range 
    and the motions are annoying to just pull out of nowhere up close. One good
    way to use the QK Wind Kick is if the opponent blocks your Manual Opener (eg.
    Jump-in or standing/crouching Fierce); continue into the combo and finish 
    with the Quick Wind Kick--good block damage and lots of Super Meter energy.
    The only useful strength is the MK Wind Kick, because it has decent range, 
    speed and recovery. Good from mid-range when the opponent is throwing out 
    just about anything, especially a move the Wind Kick counters. If blocked 
    you're USUALLY quite safe, but watch for the counter Special Moves when you 
    first do it. Otherwise, the MK version should only be used in two-in-ones to 
    start combos. 
    NOTE: Do not try to counter specific Special Moves (below) with the FK Wind 
    Kick, as it's much too slow coming out. The MK version is ideal in this case.
    Vs. Kim Wu:                             Vs. Orchid:
    -Wind Kick counters Split Kick      -Wind Kick counters Tiger Slide
    -Wind Kick countered by Firecracker -Wind Kick countered by San
    Vs. Tusk:                               Vs. Fulgore: 
    -Wind Kick counters Skull Splitter      -none
    -Wind Kick countered by Web of Death    -Wind Kick countered by Plasma Shield
    Vs. Sabrewulf:                          Vs. Spinal:
    -Wind Kick counters Sabre Pounce       -Wind Kick counters Skull Scrape
    -Wind Kick countered by Sabre Spin     -Wind Kick countered by Flame Blade
    Vs. Jago:                               Vs. Maya:
    -Wind Kick counters Ninja Slide        -Wind Kick counters Mantis
    -Wind Kick countered by Laser Blade    -Wind Kick countered by Savage Blades
    Vs. Glacius:                            Vs. T.J. Combo:
    -Wind Kick counters Icy Grip            -Wind Kick counters Rollercoaster
    -Wind Kick countered by Liquidize       -Wind Kick countered by Backfist
    -Ninja Slide-
    (Jago slides along the ground, foot extended)
    Boy, where would Jago be without this move? This is his best move because it
    hits low and passes under most projectiles to start combos. This mixed up 
    with the Laser Blade after a Pressure Combo comprises Jago's Pressure Combo 
    techniques. All versions of the Slide come out quite fast, and the recovery 
    on the QK and MK is exceptional. Use the FK version only to counter specific 
    Special Moves or slow recovering moves in general, or to go under 
    projectiles. The FK version travels almost full screen, MK around 1/2 and QK 
    a few steps. The MK version is ideal in Pressure Combos or just to surprise 
    overly-offensive opponents from a few steps.
    Vs. Kim Wu:                             Vs. Orchid:
    -Ninja Slide counters Firecracker      -Ninja Slide counters San 
    -Ninja Slide countered by Tornado Kick -Ninja Slide countered by Flik Flak
    Vs. Tusk:                               Vs. Fulgore: 
    -Ninja Slide counters Web of Death      -Ninja Slide counters Eye Laser and
    -Ninja Slide countered by Boot Kick      Plasma Shield
                                            -Ninja Slide countered by Claw Dash
    Vs. Sabrewulf:                          Vs. Spinal:
    -Ninja Slide counters Sabre Spin       -Ninja Slide counters Flame Blade
    -Ninja Slide countered by Sabre Wheel  -Ninja Slide countered by Skeleskewer
    Vs. Jago:                               Vs. Maya:
    -Ninja Slide counters Laser Blade       -Ninja Slide counters Savage Blades
    -Ninja Slide countered by Wind Kick     -Ninja Slide countered by Flip Kick
    Vs. Glacius:                            Vs. T.J. Combo:
    -Ninja Slide counters Liquidize          -Ninja Slide counters Backfist
    -Ninja Slide countered by Cold Shoulder  -Ninja Slide countered by TJ Tremor
    -Air Double-
    (After connecting with an air attack, Jago continues into a mid-air Wind 
    Because of the Wind Kick's range you can connect with it even after hitting
    an airborne opponent at the max range of your J.FK. Note that the Air Double
    WILL NOT come out if the opponent is on the ground. You can follow this two
    hit Air Combo with the Tiger Thrash to juggle, if you buffer the motions JUST
    as you're landing, before they land. Other moves will work as well. 
    -Front Kick-
    (Jago thrusts his foot straight forward at waist level)
    I don't really see the need for this, as it is way to slow all around. It has
    decent range, but if you can connect with this you can connect with the Ninja
    Slide and combo just as easily. Mind you, because of its range it can be used
    in some juggle/throw combos (see combos), and it also hits twice, BTW. Maybe 
    more later...
    -Overhead Throw-
    (Jago grabs the opponent under the arm, falls back while twisting and tosses 
     them over him)
    All by itself its only real use is against persistant turtlers. Mixing this 
    up when in close is basically the same thing as with the Overhead attack.
    Inside of a combo, the Overhead Throw is awesome to say the least 
    (see combos.)
    -Overhead Attack; Sword Slash-
    (Jago quickly unsheathes his sword and brings it down on the opponent's head)
    This is Jago's Overhead attack, and is essential to your up close game; if it
    connects against a croucher, you can two-in-one into a Ninja Slide or Laser
    Blade and combo, or a Manual Auto-Double and into a combo. This should be 
    mixed up with quick low attacks that force the opponent to want to block low, 
    then BAM! you got him with this. If blocked the enemy can sometimes counter 
    very quickly.
    -Pressure Move; Dashing Double Roundhouse-
    (Jago dashes forward, swivels around to face front again with a half 
     roundhouse to the head, then follows with another)
    Both hits of this connect high, so it can be ducked. However, because it is a
    Pressure Move, you will be awarded Super Meter energy if it is blocked, and
    from there you can go into your Medium Laser Blade for even more energy, or a
    combo if they decide to stop blocking. In addition, this can be used to open 
    a combo, or inside a combo. It cannot be followed with an Auto-Double because 
    it more or less acts like one; follow with a Linker or Super Linker (or 
    Finisher) and move on with the rest of the combo. The Pressure move also acts 
    well as an Air Juggle for BOTH hits. See the Pressure Combo section for more
    -Parry Dizzy-
    (After parrying an attack, Jago counters with a QP Shindouken, producing an
     instant dizzy)
    Fairly easy to perform, and is IMO the best thing to do after parrying, 
    unless you're going for your multi-hit Opener. 
    -Parry Opener-
    (After parrying an attack, Jago counters with a three-hit Wind Kick)
    In Vs. battles and battles where you may be in trouble, it's better to dizzy
    the opponent and go for a big combo. But, if you're trying to get your name
    in the combo rankings, then you must start the Ultra with this.
    -Recovery Move; Shindouken or Tiger Thrash-
    (Jago performs a Shindouken or Tiger Thrash as he recovers from a knockdown)
    This can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you use it. If blocked 
    you can be in a little bit of trouble, as with the regular Shindouken and 
    Tiger Thrash (especially the Tiger Thrash!) The best place to use it is 
    either when the opponent foolishly jumps in at you as you're recovering, or
    if they throw an attack out too early when they're standing above you. When
    possible try and connect with the Fierce Shindouken as it does the most 
    damage. Be VERY careful when using the Tiger Thrash, and make DAMN sure it
    -Combo Breaker/Air CB; Shindouken-
    (Jago breaks a combo with a Fierce Shindouken)
    You know how to do it, nothing special in this case. See the Combo Breaker
    section for details.
    -Spirit Move: HCB, F+QK
    (Jago stands fuming as green energy slowly envelopes his whole body)
    Just remember to do it when the opponent is either dizzy, or after you've 
    just knocked them down really bad. All in all use rarely because of its 
    speed. Jago is NOT invulnerable when is this move is done. See Spirit Move
    for more info on what it actually does.
    -Super Red Endokouken-
    (Jago exclaims "Endokouken!" and fires off a large ball of red energy)
    One of his better moves, this will use up four blocks of your Super Meter.
    Not only does it work wonders as an air juggle and do decent damage, but it 
    will also drain a large portion of your opponent's Super Meter, blocked or 
    not! Using this constantly when the enemy misses an attack from a distance is 
    quite effective at making sure they don't hit you with big Super Moves. 
    Master the motion, it's very important to get it off perhaps even faster than 
    a regular Endokouken. Note that it is slightly wider on screen than the 
    regular fireballs, so it can take out airborne opponents as they begin a 
    jump, or as they're about to land from a distance. The main reason this 
    fireball is a great asset is that it will nullify other fireballs, then 
    CONTINUE through to hit the opponent! Great against turtling opponents who 
    throw a lot of projectiles. USE THIS MOVE OFTEN. 
    And here is IMO its best feature; like the regular Red Endouken, this knocks
    the enemy into the air when it connects, and you CAN juggle afterwards! If
    you're using the Super Red Endokouken as part of your distancing game, a FK
    Wind Kick will ALWAYS connect (unless you're REALLY far away, i.e. on TJ 
    Combo's 'hood stage where there are no corners). If you're up close, you can
    connect with a Shindouken, Air Double or even Tiger Thrash!
    -Shadow Wind Kick-
    (Jago performs a super fast Wind Kick, trailing multi-shadows behind him)
    It doesn't do more damage than the regular Wind Kick, but it not only starts
    off a Shadow Combo (see combos), but will pass through most projectiles, as
    well as countering any Special Move that the regular Wind Kick counters. Use
    it if you want, but I'd save my Super Meter for better things (i.e. Super Red
    -Super-Linker; Super Ninja Slide-
    (Jago slides along the ground, foot extended, then kicks low with his other
     foot, then back with the first, then again with the other, then finishes 
     with the first)
    -Super Linker; Super Windkick-
    (Jago performs multi-hitting Wind Kicks)
    Once you've built up three blocks of Super energy, replace your regular 
    Linker with a Super Linker for five hits instead of one. To get the maximum
    possible hits out of an Ultra, you must put four Super Linkers in the combo,
    meaning you need a full 12 blocks of Super Meter energy. If you've already
    gotten your max Ultra, and most likely have gotten your name in the rankings,
    you can use them throughout the round. Vs. the CPU, it's a good idea to use
    these in simple, low-hitting combos, that way you can keep the Auto-Doubles
    down to prevent CBing, but you can still get some good hits and damage. 
    -Super Move; Tiger Thrash-
    (Jago performs a powerful 5-hit Shindouken)
    Very good all around attack; if it connects, it does GREAT damage. It can act
    as an air juggle, air counter (with GOOD timing), or even a combo Finisher.
    By this I mean instead of performing one of your five Finishers, go into this
    and it will work (you can only perform it after Linkers or Super Linkers, a
    Pressure Move or two-in-oned from a single attack, as far as I can tell). As 
    I said, if buffered into the Ultra or Assault before the fourth frame of the 
    animation (before Jago begins to repeat his kicking attacks; perform it 
    around 2 seconds after starting your Ultra), Jago will finish the Ultra with 
    the Tiger Thrash for four additional hits. 
    Note that the Tiger Thrash can also be used as your Recovery Move, just like 
    the Shindouken; time it as the enemy jumps in or just throws an attack out of 
    nowhere over your fallen body.
    -Ultra Breaker-
    (Jago performs his Tiger Thrash to break the opponent's Ultra)
    Basically, this is just Jago's Super Move to break an Ultra. If you break it,
    it does the same great damage as the Tiger Thrash. Just like the buffered 
    Super Move in an Ultra, you must break the Ultra within the first four hits.
    (Jago performs six high roundhouses, then finishes with a Shindouken)
    Basically a sort of Ultra, this is performed only to finish off the enemy's
    first, green meter. You must have six blocks on the Super Meter, and in
    addition you can also perform the Tiger Thrash during the first four hits of
    the Assualt, and it will juggle for an additional four hits.
    (Jago performs a crouching Toe Kick into a Shin Kick, then a High Side Knee;
     he then cycles through up to 26 roundhouse kicks, depending on what combo 
     Finishers you used, then finishes with a Rising flaming uppercut, or a 4
     hit rising uppercut with the buffered Super Move)
    Performing this at the end of a combo when the opponent's meter is flashing
    red pretty much means goodbye, unless they have six Super Meter blocks and 
    real fast reflexes. This is a spectacular multi-hit auto-combo, meaning once
    you've performed the motions (and possibly the Tiger Thrash for more hits if
    you desire) it does the rest for you. Just like his Ultra in KI1, I think
    this is the best looking Ultra in the game.
    -No Mercy; Charring Fireball-
    (Jago draws back, then fires a stream of red energy at the opponent; if it 
     isn't blocked, it will fry the opponent; they then fall to the ground like
     a charred lump o' chicken)
    Despite it not being very gory, it's still a pretty cool finishing move. 
    Try only to connect with it from full screen unless the opponent is dizzy,
    because it can be jumped over and Jago'll get nailed. If blocked up close he
    has PHENOMINALLY BAD recovery time (well over 1 second!), so the enemy can do 
    just about anything. If it is blocked, it still does healthy block damage. 
    Watch for the following moves that can go under the No Mercy: Orchid's Tiger 
    Slide, another Jago's Ninja Slide, Glacius' Liquidize, TJ Combo's 
    Note of course that if blocked, sometimes even from full screen, you can 
    still be countered because of the recovery time (eg. with a fireball, or 
    another Jago's Fierce Wind Kick, etc).
    In addition, be VERY careful when fighting a competant Fulgore player, for
    Fulgore can actually REFLECT the No Mercy with his Plasma Shield and kill 
    One good thing about this No Mercy is that because it lasts so long, your foe
    WILL get caught and dragged to the ground for the barbecue if they try AT ALL
    to jump it.
    -Ultimate; Stab-
    (Jago sends his sword toward his enemy, stabbing them in the stomach)
    This is IMO the cooler of his two finishing moves. Perform this like an Ultra
    at the end of a combo when the opponent's meter is flashing red. It is IMO
    better to perform the Ultra, because you get more points, and it looks a LOT
    Special Move Combo Openers:
    -D/F, D, D/B+any kick
    -D/B, D, D/F+any kick
    -D/F, D, D/B+MP or FP
    -HCB, F+MK
    -Pressure Move (F+FK)
    -D/F, D, D/B+MP
    -D/F, D, D/B+QK or MK
    -D/B, D, D/F+QK or MK
    -HCB, F+MK
    -HCT, B+FK
    -F, D, D/F+FP 
    1 hit: Fierce Shindouken
    2 hit: 2 hit Fierce Shindouken
    3 hit: 3 hit Fierce Shindouken
    4 hit: 4 hit Fierce Shindouken
    1 hit: Red Endokouken 
    2 hit: Kick+Red Endokouken
    3 hit: Double Hit Front Kick+Red Endokouken
    4 hit: Double Hit Front Kick+2 Red Endokoukens
    1 hit: Rising Laser Spin 
    2 hit: 2 hit Rising Laser Spin 
    3 hit: 3 hit Rising Laser Spin 
    4 hit: 4 hit Rising Laser Spin 
    -D/F, D, D/B+FK
    1 hit: Roundhouse kick knock-away
    2 hit: Wind Kick+Roundhouse knock-away
    3 hit: High Side Snap Kick+Wind Kick+Roundhouse knock-away
    4 hit: High Side Snap Kick+Wind Kick+High Side Knee+Roundhouse knock-away
    -F, D, D/F+MP (secret 5th)
    5 hit: Blade Uppercut (knocks 'em up)+jumping kick+jumping side kick+jump
    Here I will basically try and list all the possible combo patterns that Jago
    1. Two-in-one Jump-in attack -> any Special Move 
    2. Two-in-one standing attack -> any Special Move
    3. Two-in-one crouching attack -> any Special Move
    4. Two-in-one Jump-in attack -> Opener into combo
    5. Two-in-one standing attack -> Opener into combo
    6. Two-in-one crouching attack -> Opener into combo
    1. S.FP or FK -> MP or MK -> Finisher
    2. S.FP or FK -> MP or MK -> Linker into combo
    3. S.FP or FK -> MP or MK -> Super Linker into combo
    4. C.FP or FK -> MP or MK -> Finisher
    5. C.FP or FK -> MP or MK -> Linker into combo
    6. C.FP or FK -> MP or MK -> Super Linker into combo
    7. S.FP or FL -> MP or MK -> Special Move (non-finisher or linker)
    COMBO FLOW CHART: (Sorry, you may not be able to see this all on screen at
    -----------------  once; scrolling shouldn't be too confusing; just follow
                       the lines)
                                                    MISC FINISHERS
            OPENERS                   _________________________________________
     ______________________          |                                         |
    |                      |---------|F, D, D/F+any P or QCT+P or hold or      |
    |-D/F, D, D/B+MP or FP |         |hold FP, QCT+release FP or HCB+QP or QCB,|
    |-D/F, D, D/B+any kick |         |HCT+FP                                   |
    |-D/B, D, D/F+any kick |         |_________________________________________|
    |-Jump-in attack       |           
    |                      |----------------------------------------.
    |                      |                                        |
    |______________________|--------------------.                   |
            |                                   |                   |
     _______|_____________________    __________|_________   _______|_______
    |                             |  |                    | |               |
    |_____________________________|  |____________________| |_______________|
        |             |     |           |                \   |      |
        |             |     |           |             ____|__|      |
        |             |  ___|___________|____________|__  |         |
     ___|___          | |                               | |         |
    |       |         | |                               | |    _____|_______      
    | THROW |         | | FINISHER, ULTRA or ULTIMATE   | |   |             |
    |_______|         | |                               | |   | QCB, HCT+FP |
        |             | |_______________________________| |   |     or      |                                  
     ___|____         |                                   |   |   HCB+QP    |
    |        |        |                       ____________|   |_____________|
    | JUGGLE |        |   ___________________|_             _____________ 
    |________|         \-|                     |           |             |
                         | LINKER or           |-----------| QCB, HCT+FP |
                         |                     |           |_____________|
                         | SUPER LINKER        |
     _______________________|_____    _______|____________   _______|_______
    |                             |  |                    | |               |
    |_____________________________|  |____________________| |_______________|
         |                  |           |                    |      |
         |                  |           |             ____ __|      |
         |               ___|___________|____________|__       _____|_______
         |              |                               |     |             |
         |              |                               |     | QCB, HCT+FP |
         |              | FINISHER, ULTRA or ULTIMATE   |     |     or      |
         |              |                               |     |   HCB+QP    |
         |              |_______________________________|     |_____________|                                    
     |       |
     | THROW |
     |        |
     | JUGGLE |
    1) Jago's FP Laser Blade Opener hits twice, technically making it a two-hit
    combo; therefore, you can actually go straight into an Ultra or Ultimate 
    after this and they will work!
    2) Jago's Tiger Thrash and Super Red Endokouken for some reason cannot be 
    done out of an Auto-Double as far as I know. You can only perform the Super 
    Moves as two-in-ones out of a single attack, or following an Opener, Linker, 
    Super Linker or Pressure Move. So, if you wanna put the Tiger Thrash or Super
    Red Endokouken in a big combo replace the last Auto-Double with a Pressure 
    Move and then go into it.
    Here I'll try to list at least one example of every possible type of combo 
    Jago can do. Combos marked with a * are DEFINITELY worth using.
    1. S.FP -> F, D, D/F+FP (2 hits)
    2. S.FP (hold) -> QCT+release FP, F, D, D/F+QP (3 hits) or F+FK (4 hits) or
       QCB, QCT+FP (7 hits+GOOD damage!)
    Comments: when the Red Endokouken connects it will throw the opponent up and
              towards you slightly. Juggle with the QP Shindouken, Pressure Move
              or even Tiger Thrash! BTW, it may not always be exactly 7 hits in
              that case--sometimes some of the Tiger Thrash will miss.
    3. J.FP -> F ,D, D/F+QP (2 hits)
    *4. J.FP -> S.FP -> HCB+QP -> QCB, HCT+FP (8 hits)
    Comments: OUCH! Two Super Moves in one combo! the Super Red Endouken will
              knock the opponent up far enough to QUICKLY juggle with the Tiger
              Thrash, or a Shindouken or Pressure Move if you don't have the 
              Super Meter energy, or don't wanna waste it. BTW, it may not always
              be exactly 8 hits--sometimes some of the Tiger Thrash will miss.
    1. J.FK -> MK -> F, D, D/F+FP (4-7 hits)
    Comments: basic jump-in combo. Remember to mix up the MK with MP to 
              discourage CBs.
    2. J.MK -> QP -> D/F, D, D/B+MP -> QK -> D/F, D, D/B+FK (7-10 hits)
    Comments: involves a Linker now. Again, mix up those two Auto-Doubles!
    3. S.FP -> MK -> D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QP -> QCT+FP (6-9 hits)
    Comments: beginning with a Manual Auto-Double, remember that it can be broken
    4. C.FP -> MP -> D/F, D, D/B+FP, D/B, D, D/F+FK (4-7 hits)
    Comments: same as above, but started from a crouch; great after ducking a
              high attack up close. And yes, you CAN juggle after the Laser Blade
    5. F+FK -> D/B, D, D/F+MK -> QK -> F, D, D/F+FP (6-9 hits)
    Comments: starts off with a Pressure Move.
    *6. J.FP -> F+FK -> D/F, D, D/B+MP -> QP -> FK -> MP -> QCT+FP (9-12 hits)
    Comments: a jump-in followed by the Pressure Move (remember it can double for
              the Auto-Double), and this also shows how the Manual Auto-Double 
              works after an Auto Double.
    7. D/F, D, D/B+FK -> MK -> D/F, D, D/B+FK (4-7 hits)
    8. D/B, D, D/F+FK -> MP -> F, D, D/F+FP (4-7 hits)
    9. D/F, D, D/B+FP -> MK -> D/F, D, D/B+FP (5-8 hits)
    *10. D/B, D, D/F+FK -> MP -> FP -> MK -> D/F, D, D/B+MP -> QP -> FK -> MK ->
         F, D, D/F+MP (15 hit)
    Comments: You must have performed all four other Finishers, as this finishes
              with the 5 hit secret Finisher. This demonstrates a full 
              Auto-Double/Manual Auto Double/Linker/Auto-Double/Manual Auto 
              Double chain and secret Finisher.
    11. D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QP -> F+FP -> D/F, D, D/B+MK (5 hits)
    Comments: demonstrating the idea of a Throw/Juggle combo. After the 
              Auto-Double press F+FP and Jago will throw the opponent; you will
              reverse sides and then perform a MK Wind Kick to juggle.
    12. D/B, D, D/F+FK -> MK -> HCT, B+FK -> MP -> F, D, D/F+FP (11-14 hits)
    Comments: utilizing the Super Linker. The motion can be difficult, but it 
              must be mastered to perform any really big combos.
    *13. D/F, D, D/B+MP -> F+FK -> D/F, D, D/B+MP -> F+FK -> QCB, HCT+FP (11 
    Comments: this shows that the Pressure Move can be used in place of an 
              Auto-Double. Note that the Tiger Thrash Finisher can ONLY be done
              in this case, or after a Linker/Super Linker; the Super cannot be
              done following an Auto-Double.
    14. B+QP (parry) -> D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QP -> D/F, D, D/B+FP (6-9 hits)
    Comments: the first hit must be a parry for the MK Wind Kick to hit 3 times.
    15. D/B, D, D/F+MK -> QP -> F+FP -> F, D, D/F+QP (5 hits)
    *1. D/B, D, D/F+FK -> MK -> FP -> MK -> HCB, F+MK -> QCB, HCT+FP (15 hits)
    Comments: MAJOR, MAJOR DAMGE!
    *2. D/B, D, D/F+FK -> MK -> FP -> MK -> HCB, F+MK -> HCB+QP -> QCB, HCT+FP 
        (16 hits)
    *3. D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QK -> FK -> MK -> D/F, D, D/B+MP -> QP -> F+FP -> J.FK
        -> D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QCB, HCT+FP (15 hits)
    Comments: a great looking Throw combo that does great damage. Time the Tiger
              Thrash motion so you hit FP JUST as YOU land from the Air Combo; 
              the opponent's body should be about Jago's eye height when the 
              Super Move comes out. Note that the max hits may vary depending on
              what hits of the Super Move connect.
    *4. B+QP (parry) D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QK -> FP -> MP -> HCT, B+FK -> MK -> F+FP
        -> F+FK -> QCB+QP -> D/F, D, D/B+MK (19 hits)
    Comments: To juggle the opponent after a Throw in this awesome combo, connect
              with the Pressure Move and cancel into the Super Red Fireball (GOOD
              damage) and then juggling them from that with the Wind Kick. OUCH!
              VERY stylish-looking combo.
    *5. Maximum hit combo: B+QP (parry) D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QP -> FK -> MP ->
        HCT, B+FK -> MK -> FP -> MK -> HCB, F+MK -> QK -> FP -> MP -> HCT, B+FK
        -> MK -> FP -> MK -> HCB, F+MK -> QK -> FK -> MK -> F, D, D/F+MP 
        (48 hits)
    Comments: WHEW! If your opponent doesn't CB this sometime, they must be a 
              button-masher! Nice to look at though, and impresses the hell outta
              everyone. You must have a full 12 blocks on the Super Meter for the
              4 Super Linkers, and you must have performed all 4 Finishers for 
              the secret Fifth Finisher.
    *6. Maximum Ultra combo: B+QP (parry) D/F, D, D/B+MK -> QP -> FK -> MP ->
        HCT, B+FK -> MK -> FP -> MK -> HCB, F+MK -> QK -> FP -> MP -> HCT, B+FK
        -> F+FK -> HCB, F+MK -> F+FK -> D/F, D, D/B+QK -> QCB, HCT+FP (73 hits) 
    Special Thanks to Rare for an AWESOME fighting game, and thanks to the 
    following FAQ writers for their info: 
    -Trevor Nelson and Rajiv Kothari
    -Anthony Festino
    -Chris Blaney
    This and other FAQs can be accessed at my homepage:
    You can also e-mail me at: 
    "I said it before and I'll say it again--democracy simply doesn't work!"
                                              -Kent Brockman, the Simpsons

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